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What In Their World Is Going On?

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Caleb Rayne, Hannah Rayne


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Program Code: HTH00002B

00:03 So today it's your opportunity to begin
00:05 tuning into their world if you haven't been
00:07 tuned in before, don't feel like today
00:10 you're gonna get all the answers
00:12 to your questions you have to find out
00:13 every last thing, but start the process.
00:16 You're gonna be go into their rooms,
00:18 finding out what's going on there
00:20 gathering data what who they are if you've
00:23 lost track with who they are?
00:25 When you're next time in social engage
00:27 maybe your children with friends seek
00:29 who your friends are associating with.
00:30 Cruise by and listen to their conversations
00:33 not because you're snoop,
00:34 but because you wanna become part
00:36 of their world. You know,
00:38 that really what you're doing there is
00:39 outlining the step forward for this
00:43 program, the step forward as Carolyn
00:45 was saying is start investigating the
00:49 associations, the likes and dislikes of
00:53 your children, so that you can take
00:56 that information and move on. You know, it,
00:59 we've covered it all in the program,
01:02 we're just kind of reviewing here
01:04 the music, the techie world,
01:08 it's invisible to some parents,
01:12 because they don't wanna have any to do with it,
01:14 but if, if maybe the husband is more techie,
01:17 you say hey if your husband is not watching
01:19 the program maybe, say hey sweetie
01:21 I need you to just do some investigation,
01:23 find out what the kids are listening to on
01:25 their iPods or whatever devices they have,
01:28 so please don't rush into this like a bull
01:32 in a China shop like we got to find out
01:34 everything about our children. Just,
01:36 just know the your children are like
01:39 3ABN television, they are constantly
01:42 transmitting and now you wanna tune in,
01:45 just as Carolyn said, be observant,
01:49 find out all those different things
01:51 so that you can, then we're gonna
01:53 take this information in the next
01:54 couple of programs we're going to the develop it.
01:56 It's been great having with us, join us for
01:59 the next program on Happy the Home.


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