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What We Need To Succeed

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Participants: Paul & Carolyn Rayne (Host), Hannah Rayne, Caleb Rayne


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00:02 You now as we close up this first
00:04 Happy the Home program, I realized
00:07 we didn't tell you what it was called,
00:09 what we need to succeed?
00:11 We need that power and determination,
00:13 the commitment, but you know a lot of the
00:16 strength that we need as Christian parents
00:19 comes from God's word. And I know there are
00:22 people who say oh we don't need the scriptures.
00:25 Well you know that's fine.
00:27 I'm not here to tell you, you've got to
00:29 but it's where the power is.
00:32 And it was God's word that spoke worlds into
00:35 existence in the first place. So there is power
00:37 in his word. And as we ask God for those
00:41 particular character traits, he will give
00:45 them to as I wanted to read to you Ecclesiastes
00:48 chapter 9:10 it says, whatever your hand
00:52 finds to do, do it with your might.
00:56 And you know what's that gonna do with
00:58 parenting, you know parenting can be a
01:01 half-hearted endeavor or it can be a wholehearted
01:07 endeavor, and I think as we put our whole heart
01:10 into it, we can have different kinds of families.
01:13 So let me tell you about the step forward.
01:15 The step forward is just a challenge,
01:17 and as we've alluded to all the way through
01:19 the program, today's challenge is two steps,
01:22 just very simple, we wanna challenge you
01:26 between now and the next Happy the Home
01:28 program to every day or as often as you
01:31 remember it pray for power, pray for God's
01:35 power in your parenting. But you can be a
01:37 different kind of parent through this next
01:39 26 weeks, so we are gonna have together,
01:41 praying for determination and
01:44 praying for commitment.
01:45 Just ask God to give you those three simple things.
01:48 You know we have thought all this through
01:50 and it's kind of like the first piece of
01:52 the puzzle. We are gonna need these
01:54 prayers to be answered in the very near future.
01:56 So start praying, what's another thing
01:58 we are gonna praying for Carolyn?
01:59 We want to be praying for our children,
02:02 specifically name by name each child pray
02:06 about their weaknesses, the areas that maybe
02:08 you the two of you kind repel against each other
02:11 and but pray specifically for them.
02:13 Why don't we pray now?
02:15 Well before we do, just, this isn't the point
02:18 that we really want you; we are not on the
02:19 point in the program where we want you to
02:21 start challenging your children.
02:23 So if you are praying and you say
02:25 oh God please help them to be more
02:27 committed in such and such in area that's
02:29 not the pray we want you to pray,
02:31 we want you to pray for you to be committed
02:33 to them. We are not trying to fix them yet.
02:35 We are tying to fix ourselves,
02:37 which is a good time to pray.
02:38 So let's pray sweetie. We are gonna kneel down.
02:46 Father in heaven we pray and thank
02:49 you first of all that we can pray to you
02:52 in any situation and circumstance and
02:54 we pray father that you would give us
02:57 the power that we need, the commitment
03:00 and the determination to raise these children
03:03 to be in heaven one day with you.
03:05 Father we pray for our children specifically
03:09 by name, we pray for Hannah, and for Caleb
03:12 and for all the dear families that are
03:14 watching this, they pray for their children.
03:16 Father we might be able to raise them for you
03:20 and we thank you for your great love and this
03:22 opportunity, in Jesus name amen. Amen.
03:27 You know we want to invite you to join us for
03:30 another episode of Happy the Home and
03:33 the next episode, the next program is entitled,
03:35 "What in the World is Going On?"
03:38 Another important step into leading
03:41 our children in the right direction.


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