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00:19 Hello and welcome to Give Me The Bible.
00:21 And welcome to the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:24 And we just thank you for
00:26 joining us tonight. This is a live program
00:28 so as I always like to encourage you to call your friends,
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00:35 Elder Kenneth Cox is going to be here
00:37 bringing us a message tonight,
00:38 and the topic is on pagan Rome.
00:41 And it's... he's talking about, of course, end-time events.
00:44 And I believe that we are living...
00:45 don't you all believe we are living in the end times
00:47 of earth's history?
00:49 And I'm thankful for people... men of God like Elder Cox
00:52 who have been traveling for many, many years
00:54 literally to many countries around the world.
00:57 God has given him a gift.
00:58 He's given him a burden for souls.
01:00 And He's given him, I think, a great gift for communication.
01:04 And I'm thankful and 3ABN is very thankful
01:08 to be able to work with the Cox Evangelistic Team.
01:11 And of course Dona is here, and she's going to be playing
01:14 and quite a few other folk. And tonight Emily Felts-Jones
01:18 is going to be singing for us in just a moment.
01:20 And I appreciate it, and Dona, I told Emily tonight...
01:23 I said: "I think you're getting better with age. "
01:25 And every time I hear this lady sing she so blesses me.
01:28 And aren't you glad for people that know...
01:30 It's not about singing, it's about communicating, isn't it?
01:34 And that's what Elder Cox does with the gospel.
01:36 That's what Dona does here on the keyboard.
01:38 But Emily does that because I told her... I said:
01:40 "It goes from here from you to right here when I listen. "
01:44 And tonight she's going to be doing a beautiful song
01:46 It's entitled: What a Friend.
01:48 Jesus - What a Friend for Sinners.
02:08 Oh Jesus, what a friend
02:13 for sinners.
02:16 Jesus, lover of my soul.
02:22 Friends may fail me,
02:25 foes assail me,
02:29 but He - my Savior - makes me whole.
02:35 Hallelujah,
02:38 what a Savior.
02:42 Hallelujah, what a friend.
02:48 Saving, helping,
02:51 keeping, loving...
02:55 He is with me to the end.
03:06 Oh Jesus, I do now
03:11 receive Him.
03:17 More than all in Him I find.
03:23 He has granted me
03:26 forgiveness.
03:29 And I am His,
03:32 and He is mine.
03:37 Jesus, what a help
03:42 in sorrow
03:44 while the billows o'er me roll.
03:50 Even when my heart
03:55 is breaking,
03:57 He - my comfort - helps my soul.
04:03 Hallelujah,
04:07 what a Savior.
04:11 Hallelujah,
04:14 what a friend.
04:17 Saving, helping,
04:20 keeping, loving...
04:24 He is with me to the end.
04:31 Hallelujah,
04:33 oh what a Savior.
04:37 Hallelujah, yes...
04:40 Yes, what a friend.
04:43 Saving, helping,
04:47 keeping, loving...
04:50 He is with me
04:53 to the end.
04:58 Hallelujah,
05:00 oh what a Savior He is!
05:08 Amen.
05:11 Thank you, Emily. Appreciate that.
05:13 And good evening to each one of you.
05:15 Good evening. Very happy to welcome you back again tonight.
05:19 We hope that you are following
05:22 as we are going through this series on Bible prophecy.
05:26 We hope it's helpful.
05:27 Those of you who are watching
05:29 by television, we'd like to welcome you.
05:32 Hope that you're finding
05:34 the scriptures that we're going through
05:37 to help you understand how God is taking us just step by step
05:41 down through time. And we're looking at the subject
05:46 entitled Five Have Fallen.
05:49 In Revelation the 17th chapter
05:53 it speaks about five that have fallen.
05:57 And that's what we're looking at.
05:58 And we've studied on Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece.
06:04 And tonight we're taking a look at pagan Rome.
06:08 We have one more of those to fall,
06:11 and we'll take a look at that in our next presentation
06:14 which is entitled Papal Rome.
06:17 Take a look and see just exactly how these all fit together
06:22 step by step by step.
06:24 So we hope that you'll be able to be with us
06:27 as we finish up this series on Five Have Fallen.
06:32 To look at God's Word... see what it has to say.
06:35 Little poem that we try to quote that helps you, we hope,
06:41 see things: What says the Bible,
06:44 the blessed Bible?
06:46 This my only question be.
06:49 Search the scriptures for the waymarks...
06:52 the great prophetic waymarks.
06:55 What says the Word of God to me?
06:58 That's what we want to know.
07:00 So we hope that you'll follow as we continue
07:03 to study God's Word in each one of our sessions here.
07:07 We thank you for being with us.
07:09 And we've been delighted to have Emily Felts-Jones
07:13 with us. Enjoyed her music.
07:15 She's going to sing for us tonight This Is The Way.
07:27 Jesus says "I am the Way. "
07:29 And to the one who's still wandering He says:
07:33 "I know you must be weary,
07:37 so tired and turned around.
07:41 Down every dark and sinful street your heart
07:46 has cried out loud.
07:49 So I have come to show you
07:53 the way, the truth, the life.
07:57 Don't wander in the darkness
08:01 when you can walk in light.
08:06 This is the way, My child.
08:10 This is the way.
08:14 This narrow road leads home...
08:17 it's not far away.
08:22 And that voice inside of you
08:26 is saying 'I died for you. '
08:29 Don't turn away.
08:32 I promise today...
08:34 this is the way. "
08:43 So many destinations
08:46 and different roads to choose.
08:50 The world will leave your searching soul
08:55 so empty and confused.
08:58 But there is one direction
09:02 and the signs are very clear.
09:06 It is the path of perfect peace,
09:11 and it begins right here. Yes it does.
09:16 "This is the way, My child.
09:19 This is the way.
09:23 This narrow road leads home...
09:27 it's not far away.
09:31 And that voice inside of you
09:35 is saying 'I died for you. '
09:39 Don't turn away.
09:41 I promise today...
09:43 this is the way. "
09:48 "Lost and lonely traveler
09:52 you've traveled far too long.
09:56 Just reach out and take My hand
10:00 and I will lead you home. "
10:03 "This is the way, My child.
10:07 this is the way.
10:10 This narrow road leads home...
10:14 but it's not far away.
10:18 And that voice inside of you
10:23 is saying 'I died for you. '
10:27 Don't turn away.
10:29 I promise today...
10:31 this is the way.
10:35 Oh, I promise today
10:41 I am the Way. "
11:08 Our Heavenly Father, tonight
11:12 we come to You thankful
11:15 that indeed You are the Way.
11:19 Help us to see and to understand
11:22 the way that You lead.
11:24 May we walk in the light of Your Word.
11:29 May our hearts be open.
11:32 May they be soft; may they be receptive
11:34 to the Spirit of God.
11:36 Give us understanding tonight
11:39 we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
11:47 Well, we've been looking at this text
11:50 in Revelation because
11:52 this kind of takes everything
11:54 and wraps it up
11:56 right down at the end.
11:57 And so we read here in Revelation the 17th chapter
12:01 and verse 10... It says:
12:13 And we're going to be looking at that.
12:15 We're going to establish the one that is...
12:17 the one that's yet to come.
12:24 So you have here these seven kings.
12:27 Five of them have fallen.
12:30 And we'll look at those five during this series
12:35 and then in the next series we're going to continue on
12:38 and we're going to bring you step by step right down
12:42 to our present day and what is happening.
12:46 So we hope that the subject on prophecy
12:49 will give you an insight
12:51 to what is taking place in the world today
12:54 and that you and I may prepare our hearts
12:58 for the coming of the Lord.
12:59 So we hope that all of you will be able to continue to follow
13:02 as we go through this series.
13:05 So we have looked at those five that have fallen.
13:09 We've looked at Babylon.
13:11 And remember how that God gave directions
13:15 to Nebuchadnezzar. And through prophets such as Isaiah
13:19 and Jeremiah and Ezekiel He told exactly what we going to happen.
13:24 And it took place just exactly as God said it would.
13:29 Right on time.
13:31 And then Babylon fell to Medo-Persia...
13:36 which was the bear.
13:38 Remember it said that this beast had seven heads.
13:41 One of those heads is the bear.
13:43 And again, God in His Word
13:46 prophesied hundreds and hundreds of years before it happened
13:50 exactly what was going to happen.
13:52 And we looked at those prophecies concerning
13:55 Medo-Persia... what took place with that.
13:57 And then we found that Medo-Persia fell to Greece.
14:02 And again, God outlined clearly in His Word...
14:07 said what would happen... what would take place.
14:09 It said that this power would be a world power.
14:12 All the others had been tremendous powers, but
14:14 they didn't control like Greece did.
14:17 And Greece just took everything before it.
14:21 We found that took place just like that.
14:24 And then it said that after Greece there would be another
14:29 kingdom. And that's what we're looking at tonight
14:31 in that of pagan Rome.
14:34 Pagan Rome, folks... totally different.
14:39 When we went to Babylon, we had Nebuchadnezzar.
14:44 I mean, he was the figure.
14:46 He's the one that promoted the kingdom.
14:50 He's the one that fought the battles.
14:52 He's the main figure.
14:54 When you come to Medo-Persia,
14:56 Cyrus.
14:58 He's the main figure.
14:59 He's the one that united the kingdom, brought it together.
15:02 Fought. Did all those things.
15:04 When you come to Greece,
15:07 Alexander the Great.
15:09 One that did it and led all the people.
15:11 Brought about all the kingdoms.
15:13 But when you come to Rome,
15:16 it's not that way.
15:18 There's not any person like those that stood up.
15:22 Rome is a political machine
15:27 like they had never experienced before.
15:30 It was a political machine that just came in
15:35 and I mean took everything that it came to.
15:39 It is referred to as the iron monarchy of Rome.
15:44 Strong power.
15:46 This was Rome.
15:48 In fact, it was controlled by a senate.
15:53 They had a senate.
15:55 They had people in lesser positions,
15:58 and they were the ones that went in and they organized
16:01 town and city one right after another.
16:04 And they put all that together,
16:06 and that machine just moved across the country
16:09 and took everything within its way.
16:12 It even speaks of it in those terms.
16:15 In fact, you had to belong
16:19 to the army... you had to work in the army for 10 years
16:25 before you could hold any political office in Rome.
16:30 That was required. You had to be in there for 10 years
16:34 before you could hold a political office in Rome.
16:38 That way they kept control of it.
16:41 The army was tremendously strong,
16:43 and those people in office were military people.
16:47 And they moved across the country and took
16:50 everything that they came in contact with.
16:54 Now as you look at this map,
16:56 you remember as we look at it there that we have studied
17:00 for three nights here, and all of our attention
17:04 has been down here in Asia.
17:07 And it's been there with all these countries
17:12 in which Asia was there... Asia Minor, and those.
17:15 And with the coming of Greece
17:19 we found there was a major shift.
17:22 Whereas before it was all controlled by Asia
17:26 now it has moved to Europe...
17:29 and so we're in Europe.
17:31 And now for the next 2,000 years and better
17:35 Europe is going to control the world.
17:38 The Italian people moved down into Italy,
17:43 and they began to set up these cities
17:46 and they began to set up this government
17:49 like the... never had been experienced before.
17:52 And they welded that all together, and Rome became
17:56 a tremendous power:
17:58 a powerhouse that took everything
18:01 that was there before them.
18:03 And so with that, we come to the Word of God
18:07 and it has this to say.
18:09 Daniel 2. We've looked at Daniel 2
18:12 and we're going back to Daniel because Daniel lines this up.
18:15 Says:
18:25 "This image's head was of fine gold"
18:30 which represented who?
18:33 Babylon.
18:34 "Its chest and its arms of silver" which represented
18:39 Medo-Persia.
18:41 "Its belly and its thighs of bronze"
18:43 which represented Greece,
18:46 and "its legs of iron" which represent Rome.
18:52 Pagan Rome: the legs of iron.
18:54 Goes on and tells us here:
19:15 And that's what I was telling you about.
19:17 It moved that way across the country and took everything
19:22 that was before it. It was strong!
19:24 Great iron power of Rome.
19:27 Interesting because Rome was made up of two parts.
19:33 There was western Rome and eastern Rome.
19:38 Those were the two parts.
19:40 Interesting that this image in Daniel 2 has two legs.
19:45 See? God is so accurate in what He does.
19:48 When He got to Medo-Persia, two powers came together.
19:52 Image had two arms.
19:54 When we get to Rome, made up of eastern and western Rome,
19:57 two legs of Rome.
19:59 So here Rome is going to rule and operate and... take
20:06 kingdom after kingdom.
20:08 So with that, let's go to Daniel the 7th chapter.
20:11 Because I told you that one of the principles in understanding
20:15 Bible prophecy is the fact that it repeats and enlarges.
20:20 Repeats and enlarges.
20:23 And that's the way you understand it.
20:25 That's the way God helps us understand it.
20:27 So as we take a look at the 7th chapter, it says:
20:42 See, this is not... this is not talking about
20:45 a horn like that - you know? -
20:48 which was represented maybe as Alexander the Great was.
20:53 This is talking about a beast that is terrible.
20:56 This is a government, a power, that is moving across the earth.
21:09 So Rome, moving across the country... taking
21:13 everything before it.
21:24 This beast is a non-descript beast.
21:28 The others... we had a lion. We know what that looks like.
21:33 When you come to Medo-Persia it was a bear.
21:36 Come to Greece it's a leopard.
21:39 But when you come to Rome, it's a dragon.
21:43 It's a non-descript beast like nothing before.
21:48 It was different than all those before it.
21:51 One of the famous historians by the name of Gibbon
21:55 had this to say:
22:07 And so you find that it took everything before it.
22:13 Now as we take a look at this we go to Daniel 8.
22:16 We've looked at Daniel 2; now we've looked at Daniel 7.
22:20 Now we're moving into the 8th chapter.
22:23 In the 8th chapter it begins describing...
22:27 in a little more detail we begin to see what happens here.
22:31 And it says:
22:32 "Therefore the male goat"... that was who?
22:36 Who was the male goat?
22:38 Greece, OK?
22:56 The four notable ones that came up were what?
22:59 Well, those were Alexander the Great's generals.
23:04 They are the ones that took over the kingdom of Greece
23:06 after that and it says they "came up towards the four
23:10 winds of heaven. "
23:11 Now watch carefully as we move into verse 9
23:15 because it gives us an insight. Verse 9 says:
23:18 "And out of one of them" - out of one of those winds -
23:22 out of one of the four winds...
23:36 This is exactly the way Rome went.
23:39 She moved out, and she moved towards the east,
23:42 and to the south, and into Palestine - the Glorious Land -
23:48 is what it's talking about.
24:01 Now this is saying that he exercised tremendous power
24:06 in a religious way. Watch:
24:17 Now when it refers to the "Prince of the host, "
24:20 it's talking about Jesus Christ.
24:22 So it says that this power was going to exercise itself
24:27 even to the "Prince of the host, " - to Christ -
24:37 So it says this power was going to do something
24:40 that would affect the daily sacrifice that was offered.
24:43 It was going to do something that would involve the temple.
24:47 The sanctuary would be cast down.
24:49 This power would do things
24:51 that none of the other powers had done.
25:05 And that's exactly what Rome did.
25:07 You remember, Rome was the one that was ruling
25:12 at the time Jesus was born.
25:15 Remember?
25:17 They were the one that was ruling.
25:19 And you remember that they exercised themselves
25:25 against it. Even tried to do away with Christ,
25:29 and we'll talk about that more in detail.
25:31 Rome not only did that... she's the one that came down
25:36 and defiled - if you please - the sanctuary.
25:40 Moved and set up a pagan image
25:44 right in the courtyard.
25:46 She's the one that did away
25:47 with the daily sacrifice
25:49 or the sacrifices.
25:50 She's the one that destroyed the temple.
25:53 She did all those things just as it had been prophesied
25:57 that she would do.
26:01 OK, we're going to go to the 11th chapter of Daniel.
26:05 And folks, let me say this. That the 11th chapter
26:09 for many people is hard to understand.
26:13 And many people read it
26:14 and don't know what it's talking about.
26:16 I have done something here that I hope will give you
26:20 a little bit of a clue what it's talking about.
26:22 Because in the 11th chapter it uses pronouns.
26:26 It uses he and she and so forth.
26:29 I have taken and put in red the name of the people
26:34 that's involved here, so I hope it will help you
26:38 as we read through it
26:39 to see what this 11th chapter is talking about.
26:42 And it says here in Daniel 11:15
27:16 And so this king came in and moved even into
27:22 Jerusalem and controlled everything.
27:24 Now this is the beginning of pagan Rome
27:28 moving in and taking over territory.
27:31 But as it progresses here in Daniel 11 it begins to talk
27:35 about some people that you are very familiar with.
27:39 Watch:
27:57 This was Mark Anthony. Mark Anthony, as you know,
28:01 took his forces - the Roman forces...
28:03 went down even into Egypt and controlled all these things.
28:08 This was Mark Anthony.
28:09 Probably the favorite son was Mark Anthony.
28:14 Very, very important person in scripture.
28:19 Then it says:
28:33 Now Mark Anthony went down to Egypt
28:36 and he fell in love with Cleopatra.
28:40 And he did... he even did - how should I put it? -
28:44 gave up things, gave up ruling and all because of her.
28:49 Very much in love with Cleopatra.
28:51 But did you notice what the scripture said about her?
28:54 Said that she would not stand with him.
28:59 What it says. Interesting.
29:01 Because he was very much in love with her.
29:04 Tried to go down and live in Egypt and forget about Rome
29:10 and all. But it says she didn't.
29:12 What she did is... she decided that, I guess,
29:18 that things looked more favorable for her with Caesar.
29:23 Julius Caesar.
29:25 And Julius Caesar had given warning to her
29:29 and to Mark Anthony to present themselves to him.
29:33 And she had her servant take her and wrap her up
29:38 and tie it and make a package - literally a package -
29:43 and carry her and laid her at the feet of Julius Caesar.
29:48 And of course, when they opened it up there was Cleopatra.
29:51 And... and Julius Caesar fell in love with her.
29:56 That's what happened.
29:58 What took place. So this is what that's talking about.
30:18 Now that word says ruler there.
30:21 In the King James Version I think it says prince.
30:25 And if you remember the story,
30:27 this is talking about one of Julius Caesar's officers -
30:33 a prince, a ruler there -
30:36 by the name of Brutus.
30:38 And you remember Brutus was the one who came to
30:42 Julius Caesar's favor
30:46 and came in his support.
30:49 Turned things around and all for him.
30:52 You have to understand what's happening here, folks.
30:55 Rome is a republic.
31:00 It... it's governed by a senate.
31:04 It's governed by representatives.
31:06 It's not governed by one man.
31:10 Julius Caesar wants to be a dictator.
31:15 That's what he's out to do.
31:17 He wants to rule it himself.
31:20 He wants to take over.
31:21 And this is what that's all about.
31:23 And this is why they killed him
31:27 is because he was wanting to be a dictator
31:31 and was not willing to let the republic run it
31:35 as he... as THEY felt that it should be.
31:47 That was Julius Caesar
31:49 as his companions and his friend Brutus
31:54 killed him. That's what took place.
31:57 Watch as the scripture continues:
32:19 Well, you remember this person
32:21 because this is the one who is ruling at the time
32:25 Jesus is born. Remember what it says there in Luke?
32:28 Luke 2?
32:38 He's the one that imposed tax
32:41 upon the Glorious Land.
32:43 So this was Caesar Augustus.
32:47 And by the way, he didn't die in any battle... he just
32:51 kind of, as it said, just...
32:55 died... and there wasn't much to do over him.
32:58 Now folks, we've looked at Daniel.
33:01 And we've gone through Daniel step by step,
33:03 and we've seen how God has talked about
33:05 each one of these powers.
33:08 We're now going to move into the book of Revelation.
33:11 Because Revelation now picks it up
33:15 where Daniel leaves off.
33:17 And so we've got to look at what the book of Revelation says
33:21 about this power.
33:22 You see, the books of Daniel and Revelation...
33:25 they go together.
33:26 If you're going to understand the book of Revelation,
33:29 you've got to understand the book of Daniel.
33:32 Daniel kind of sets the basis
33:35 to understand it.
33:36 So we're going to take a look
33:38 at what the book of Revelation
33:40 has to say. Revelation 12 verse 1:
33:54 So here we have a woman.
33:56 She's standing on the moon.
33:59 She's clothed with the sun.
34:01 On her head is a garland of twelve stars.
34:06 In Bible prophecy, a woman
34:10 represents a church.
34:13 What it stands for.
34:15 This woman represents the early church
34:18 because it says she's standing on the moon.
34:22 That represents the Old Testament period
34:25 that she's coming out of.
34:26 She's clothed with the sun... which represents the gospel
34:29 in all of its glory as it came out in the early church.
34:33 The crown or a garland of twelve stars represented
34:37 the 12 apostles that Christ had given the commission to.
34:40 So it tells us that this woman represents the church.
34:44 Listen to what the scripture says about this:
34:46 Says:
34:52 So... she's standing there. She's pregnant.
34:56 She's about to give birth to a child.
34:59 All right?
35:02 Ephesians. Let's go to Ephesians.
35:04 Watch what it tells us:
35:11 And by the way husbands, that's good advice.
35:14 Love your wives, OK?
35:17 But it says: "Just the same as Christ loved the church
35:20 and gave Himself for her"
35:30 Still talking about the church as the wife.
35:48 Now, if you didn't catch that, fellows,
35:51 that just told you how to love your wife.
35:55 Did you catch that?
35:57 It said "love your wives. " It just now told you how
36:00 because it says that He presents His church without having
36:04 spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
36:06 Without a blemish. If you can convince your wife
36:08 that she doesn't have a spot or a wrinkle or a blemish
36:11 she'll love you the rest of your life.
36:13 See? So this is how you're supposed to love your wife.
36:16 Care for her, see? That's the church.
36:19 And that's what Christ pictures His church as.
36:28 So in Bible prophecy a woman represents a church.
36:34 That's what it stands for.
36:36 OK. Here's this church in Revelation the 12th chapter
36:39 and it continues and says:
36:53 So here in Revelation 12
36:56 is this woman that represents the church.
36:58 But here you have a dragon
37:02 that has seven heads, ten horns.
37:05 Now it says that he's about to do something.
37:23 So this dragon... this woman is about to give birth to
37:28 a child, and this dragon is standing there
37:31 ready to devour that child as soon as it is born.
37:47 Now there's only been one child that's ever been born
37:51 that fulfills that prophecy.
37:54 Only one that's ever been born who fulfills that
37:57 that was to rule all nations with a rod of iron
37:59 was caught up to God and to His throne
38:02 was Jesus Christ.
38:04 He's the One that fulfilled that prophecy.
38:07 So it says this dragon is standing there before the woman
38:12 ready to devour this child
38:15 as soon as it is born.
38:19 Now I think all of you here remember the Christmas story
38:24 well enough to make the application.
38:26 Because you remember, these wise men
38:31 had been following the star.
38:34 They followed that star until it brought them to Jerusalem.
38:39 And when they got to Jerusalem, they began to inquire
38:42 about this child that was to be born a king.
38:46 In fact, it says it upset the whole city.
38:49 So much so that Herod called them in and asked them
38:55 about this... what they were looking for.
38:58 And they told him they were looking for this child
39:00 that's to be born a king.
39:02 And Herod went to the scribes.
39:05 Asked them where the child was to be born,
39:08 and they said: "Well, He's to be born down in Bethlehem. "
39:11 And he told the wise men to go on down to Bethlehem
39:15 and when they had found the child to come back and tell him.
39:19 You know, it's rather interesting to me
39:22 that Herod called in these scribes
39:25 and asked them where the child was to be born
39:30 and they said: "in Bethlehem, "
39:32 and they didn't even bother to go look.
39:36 Scribes didn't even bother to go see.
39:41 Be born there... but they didn't go look.
39:46 But those wise men... they followed the star
39:50 on down to Bethlehem, and there they found the child.
39:54 And they offered their gold, and their myrrh,
39:59 and their frankincense.
40:01 You know why they offered that, don't you?
40:03 See gold is a gift you give to a king.
40:09 Frankincense is what a priest uses,
40:14 and myrrh is what is used in burial.
40:19 You see, they were honoring Christ as King,
40:22 as Priest and as Sacrifice.
40:25 That's the reason they gave Him those three gifts.
40:28 But they offered them there to Christ.
40:31 And then it says a angel told those wise men
40:36 to go back a different way than they had come
40:39 because Herod sought the life of that child.
40:46 I don't know how much time passed,
40:48 but when Herod found out that the wise men had gone back
40:52 and had not told him,
40:54 he sent his soldiers down to Bethlehem
40:57 and had every male child 2 years of age and under
41:02 slain.
41:03 You see the dragon stood there before the woman
41:07 ready to devour that child as soon as it was born.
41:11 Now if you read the 12th chapter of Revelation,
41:14 it makes it very clear that that dragon represents
41:18 the devil... and that is true. That's who it stands for.
41:23 But the devil never, never comes out and does anything
41:27 in the open. He always uses a power or a system
41:32 to accomplish his ends. And in this case,
41:34 he used pagan Rome
41:37 to try to take the life of that child.
41:40 Try to take the life of Christ.
41:42 He would magnify himself
41:44 even to the Prince of the host.
41:49 And that pagan Rome did.
42:02 It says that the church - the woman -
42:05 would literally have to flee into the wilderness
42:09 where she hath a place prepared by God
42:13 and she would be there for 1,260 days.
42:26 He turned his power and all against the church
42:31 to try to destroy the church. To wipe it out.
42:34 And, dear friends, pagan Rome
42:37 turned all of her fury against the church.
42:42 Let me explain.
42:44 Rome didn't care
42:47 who you worshiped.
42:49 The Romans were pagans.
42:51 They were polytheistic.
42:54 They had many, many gods.
42:57 So... so they didn't care who you worshiped.
43:00 What Rome was concerned about
43:03 was your allegiance.
43:06 They wanted to know that you were loyal to Rome.
43:11 That's what they wanted to know.
43:13 And so to accomplish that
43:16 they set up their own... one of their own gods.
43:21 That's the one they set up: Roma.
43:24 The goddess Roma.
43:26 And they set it up, and all that was required of you
43:30 was that once a year you would have to come in
43:35 before this statue... this goddess...
43:38 and you would have to pick up a little bit of incense
43:42 and sprinkle it in the fire before this goddess
43:47 as an act of allegiance.
43:50 And then they gave you a certificate
43:53 and you could go out and worship whoever you pleased.
43:59 But the Christians wouldn't do that.
44:01 They said: "We will worship only the Lord
44:05 and nobody else. "
44:09 They refused.
44:11 And because they refused that, folks,
44:14 Rome turned her wrath against the church
44:17 like you can't believe.
44:19 I mean, they gathered them up and they took them to arenas.
44:25 And they stood them there in arenas, and the crowd...
44:30 great crowd. And you've got to understand... these people
44:33 were pagans. They are used to watching gladiators
44:37 fight and kill each other.
44:40 And so they gathered there in the arena
44:43 and they stood there and they turned thumbs down
44:49 on the Christians.
44:52 And lions that hadn't eaten
44:56 in days was turned into those arenas.
45:01 And those people became the food for lions.
45:07 Now, dear friend, when you're talking about this
45:09 let me just tell you something.
45:12 That is your heritage. Do you understand that?
45:17 When you say "I'm a Christian, "
45:20 that's your heritage.
45:23 Those are what those people believed and stood for.
45:27 That's why you're here tonight.
45:29 Without them, you wouldn't be here.
45:31 So when you and I say "I'm a Christian, "
45:36 you'd better believe that means something.
45:39 That stands for something.
45:41 You and I should be as faithful today
45:44 as they were back then.
45:46 That I stand and say: "This is what I believe.
45:49 I build my faith on this Book
45:51 and I worship the Lord and Him only will I worship.
45:55 Nobody else. " Amen.
45:58 And they turned their fury against the church.
46:01 Not for a little while,
46:03 but for years.
46:07 The church was persecuted.
46:09 You are looking at a picture of the Catacombs.
46:15 Those Christians went underground.
46:20 They dug tunnels under Rome
46:26 and they lived in these catacombs.
46:30 Folks, there were people that were born,
46:33 lived, and died without ever seeing daylight.
46:36 They spent their life in these catacombs.
46:40 I've been there; I've walked down through them.
46:44 I've walked there and looked at rooms
46:47 where the whole room was full of skulls
46:51 of the people that died living in those catacombs.
46:56 If they came out, they were caught, they were killed.
47:01 This is where they lived for years and years:
47:05 in the catacombs...
47:07 because pagan Rome sought them like animals to kill them.
47:13 Turned his wrath against them.
47:15 Those that didn't live in Rome...
47:18 they had to flee.
47:21 And they went up into northern Italy and southern France
47:27 into what we call the Alps.
47:29 And these became such people as the Waldensian people
47:33 or became the Albigenses or some of these
47:39 different people that lived up in these mountains.
47:44 They lived there because they believed
47:49 it gave them the freedom to worship as they believed.
47:54 You go up there and you walk through the beautiful places,
47:58 folks. I can't describe to you how beautiful some of those
48:02 valleys are. Torre Pellice and all through those places
48:06 is absolutely gorgeous
48:08 as you walk through them.
48:10 But they lived in those mountains, and
48:14 pagan Rome and Rome would send up people hunting them.
48:19 I mean, send up soldiers hunting them to take their lives.
48:24 It was interesting because as you go back and you read
48:28 the history of them...
48:29 Those soliders would come into those mountains to find them,
48:33 to hunt them.
48:34 And if they took out after one of those men,
48:40 they'd just run up the mountain
48:41 and the soliders couldn't keep up.
48:44 They were just not physically fit enough to catch them.
48:49 And they'd run up the mountain and just leave them.
48:51 They decided that since they'd do that,
48:54 they'd take the women.
48:56 They found out they couldn't outrun the women either.
48:59 They ran up the mountains too!
49:02 But they sought them and did everything...
49:04 I've stood... I've stood in the mouth of caves
49:10 where they worshiped in those caves.
49:13 Went there and worshiped.
49:15 And the soldiers would come and build fires
49:19 in the mouth of those caves
49:22 and suffocate them all to death.
49:24 They paid for what they believed with their lives.
49:30 This is where they were.
49:32 And so Rome persecuted them greatly.
49:37 As we come on down in time,
49:42 Rome has become more corrupt.
49:46 And I don't need to go into the story with you about
49:49 Nero and all these things, but it's become more corrupt.
49:53 But Rome has done some things, folks,
49:56 that is very, very helpful.
49:58 She has persecuted Christianity
50:01 but she has done some things that helped.
50:05 And what she did is she made the pathways - roadways,
50:10 the waterways - she made them safe for travel.
50:14 Roman soldiers marched down the road
50:17 carried a sign that said Pax Romana.
50:19 And thus people could travel from one place to another
50:24 without the fear of bandits and pirates and so forth
50:27 because Rome made it safe for travel.
50:31 I don't know if you understand what that happens...
50:34 what that did.
50:35 With Rome making the roads safe for travel,
50:39 it gave the opportunity for Christianity
50:43 to move across all the Roman Empire.
50:46 Without that, wouldn't have been able.
50:49 So she made those things possible.
50:51 But as she grew corrupt,
50:55 then down across the country moved a group of people
51:01 called the Goths.
51:04 They were barbarians,
51:06 and they came in and they began
51:09 to overrun the Roman Empire.
51:13 They were such people as the Anglo-Saxons,
51:17 the Franks, the Herulii, the Bergundians.
51:22 And these came down and they just ran over the Roman Empire
51:27 and broke it to pieces.
51:30 Broke it up.
51:32 And Rome... Rome fell.
51:38 Came to its end... 476 AD.
51:44 Rome has ruled longer than any other nation.
51:50 She's ruled from 168 BC
51:53 to 476 AD.
51:56 She's ruled.
51:58 But these Germanic tribes
52:00 have come in and they've broken up the Roman Empire...
52:04 bringing it to its end.
52:07 But then the scripture says:
52:15 That are the 10 Germanic tribes.
52:19 They came out of the Roman Empire.
52:22 That's what it's saying: will rise out of this kingdom -
52:24 out of Rome. Those 10 Germanic tribes...
52:28 the Anglo-Saxons, the Franks, the Herulii, the... excuse me...
52:33 the Herulii, the Vandals, Ostrogoths...
52:36 all those became the nations of western Europe.
52:43 See, they became the nations like the Anglo-Saxons
52:47 became the English.
52:48 Franks became the French.
52:51 Allemani became the Germans.
52:54 And so you have... they became the nations
52:56 of western Europe today.
52:58 Now watch carefully...
53:13 It says there's going to be another little one,
53:16 and that's what our next presentation's about.
53:19 The next power that comes on the scene of action.
53:22 So we've looked at Babylon.
53:24 Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
53:30 Medo-Persia fell to Greece.
53:35 Greece fell to pagan Rome.
53:39 And now we find that pagan Rome
53:42 is going to fall to the fifth one
53:46 just exactly as the scripture said.
53:49 So we're down almost to the fifth one.
54:04 So we'll take a look at that fifth one
54:06 in our next presentation,
54:08 and we'll see how God is taking us just step by step by step
54:12 down through time as we come down to the very end
54:16 of this series. And then we're going to move into the next one
54:20 and bring us right on down to the time in which you and I
54:23 are living.
54:25 So I hope you'll continue to get into your Bibles.
54:28 Study Bible prophecy: you'll find it's interesting
54:31 and God will bless you in a very special way.
54:33 So we hope all of you have a good night.
54:36 Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you.
54:41 The Bible says in Matthew 13:44
54:58 Every day we pass by ordinary places
55:01 that may be hiding something of incredible value.
55:04 Whether buried in a field or squirreled away in an attic,
55:08 or even an old, fallen-down house.
55:11 But imagine for a moment the thrill of stumbling
55:15 upon a treasure beyond your wildest dreams.
55:18 Will you eagerly sell everything you have
55:21 to gain something of much greater value?
55:24 Will you be willing to endure criticism of friends,
55:27 even family members, in order to obtain it?
55:30 This parable speaks of the most incredible treasure of all,
55:34 and it's hidden in God's Word.
55:37 That treasure is Jesus Christ himself.
55:42 But sadly, even those who claim Him
55:45 often don't recognize this infinite treasure.
55:48 Just watch how quickly they toss aside what the Bible says
55:53 when it becomes inconvenient.
55:57 Friends, the treasure of the gospel are hidden in God's Word.
56:01 Many of its readers have eyes, but they do not see.
56:06 They have ears, but they don't hear.
56:09 They never find its hidden treasure.
56:12 In fact, they may read it over and over
56:15 and never see it.
56:16 Even worse, many times they do see it
56:19 but think the price is too high.
56:22 Like the Jews of old
56:24 who rejected the Messiah because He was not in harmony
56:27 with their ambitious desires,
56:29 many won't seek heavenly treasure
56:32 because earthly treasure is more alluring.
56:35 They reason that if they could just obtain the things
56:38 which they desire they would have peace.
56:41 Sadly, they don't realize that they carry the disturber
56:45 of their own peace inside their hearts.
56:47 They pass by the One who declared:
56:50 "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you.
56:54 Not as the world gives do I give to you.
56:57 Let not your heart be troubled,
56:59 neither let it be afraid. "
57:03 The treasure of the Bible are revealed only to those
57:06 who carefully study its pages
57:09 with a humble and searching heart.
57:11 Our whole ministry is dedicated to helping men and women
57:14 find the priceless treasure hidden in the Bible.
57:17 We pray that you will not be satisfied
57:20 with surface truths
57:22 but instead you'll want to unearth the precious gems
57:26 that others pass by.
57:28 Dig into the Bible as a miner digs into the earth
57:32 to find veins of gold. Don't give up
57:34 until you have found a relationship with God,
57:37 and then join us in spreading the good news to the world.
57:42 Please consider what you can do
57:44 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:46 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:48 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:04 Your gifts help bring the Blessed Hope of salvation
58:06 to millions all around the world.


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