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00:18 Good evening and welcome to this beautiful auditorium
00:23 here in Thompsonville, Illinois.
00:26 And it's the Three Angels Broadcasting Worship Center.
00:31 And it's a place that
00:33 those of us who live in this
00:34 area love very much.
00:36 And we enjoy the programs
00:38 that are produced here.
00:39 And we are especially enjoying this series
00:43 with Pastor Kenneth Cox
00:45 entitled Give Me The Bible.
00:49 What a... what a great theme that is!
00:53 And tonight he continues his... this series
00:57 which is five nights on the second coming of Christ.
01:00 And the title of the service tonight is "The Night Watch. "
01:04 I urge you to stay tuned
01:08 and to listen to this program
01:11 because he's going to answer a question that you find
01:15 in Isaiah where the Bible speaks of the
01:20 morning and the night coming at the same time.
01:24 A lot of Bible scholars through the years have said:
01:27 "How can this be? How can it be morning
01:29 and how can it be night? "
01:31 And Pastor Cox is going to answer that question tonight.
01:35 So you will be sure that you stay by and call your friends
01:40 and invite them to join this telecast this evening.
01:44 But before Pastor Cox comes,
01:47 Dona Klein is going to play for us
01:50 that fantastic spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. "
03:43 Amen! Thank you, Dona Klein.
03:47 I appreciate that very much!
03:51 Well, good evening to each of you.
03:52 Very happy to welcome you back again tonight
03:55 to Give Me The Bible.
03:57 And we hope that as we've taken a look at the second coming
04:01 of Christ during this season... series,
04:04 we hope that it has helped you
04:06 get a sense of the urgency
04:09 of the hour and that
04:10 Jesus is coming back.
04:12 And that each of us need to be ready.
04:15 Little poem that we mention from night to night:
04:18 What says the Bible, the blessed Bible?
04:21 This my only question be.
04:24 The signs of Christ's coming are now all around us,
04:29 what says the Bible to me?
04:30 That's what we want to know.
04:32 And so tonight, as we take a look at the scripture
04:36 and what it has to say, we want to take a look
04:39 at where we are in a subject entitled "The Night Watch. "
04:46 What does the scripture say about it?
04:47 And how that that affects you and me.
04:51 Are we to be watching?
04:53 What is it talking about?
04:55 What does the scripture tell us?
04:56 That's what we're going to be looking at.
04:57 And then we just wanted to say a word to you about
05:00 our coming series next month.
05:03 Next month we're going to be talking about the Holy Spirit.
05:07 Going to be dealing with the Holy Spirit.
05:09 We'll have five nights on the Holy Spirit.
05:12 Our first night will be The Promise of the Holy Spirit.
05:17 Promise that's given there of the Holy Spirit.
05:19 And then after that we'll be looking at why
05:22 some people don't receive any benefit from the Holy Spirit.
05:28 Why there's people who, uh, pray for it and all
05:32 but they never receive any benefit from the Holy Spirit.
05:34 Why not?
05:35 And then we're going to take a look at the
05:37 Fruits of the Spirit.
05:38 What does the scripture talk about that?
05:40 The Gifts of the Spirit, and then we're going to close up
05:43 with a subject on The Latter Rain.
05:45 That will be what we'll be looking at on the Holy Spirit.
05:48 So we hope that you can be sure and join us
05:52 as we take a look at the subject of the Holy Spirit.
05:55 Tonight we look at this question of The Night Watch.
05:59 What you and I need to ask ourselves is:
06:03 "How do we stand? "
06:05 How do we stand concerning the coming of Jesus Christ?
06:09 Where are we? What's our situation,
06:12 and what does the Lord expect from you and from me?
06:16 So we're glad that you're here.
06:18 God bless you. We've enjoyed so much
06:21 having Walter Arties with us during this series.
06:25 Great, great friend...
06:27 and we always are blessed by his music.
06:30 He's going to sing for us a song entitled
06:33 "Lord, I'm Coming Home. "
06:44 I've wandered far
06:48 away from God,
06:53 Now I'm coming home;
07:00 The paths of sin
07:03 so long I've trod,
07:08 Lord, I'm coming
07:11 home.
07:16 Coming home,
07:19 coming home,
07:22 Nevermore
07:26 to roam,
07:31 Open wide Thine arms
07:36 of love,
07:38 Lord, I'm coming home.
07:46 I've wasted many
07:49 precious years,
07:53 Lord, I'm coming home;
08:01 I now repent
08:04 with bitter tears,
08:09 Lord, I'm coming home.
08:16 Coming home,
08:19 coming home,
08:22 Nevermore to roam,
08:28 Open wide
08:34 Thine arms of love,
08:38 Lord, I'm
08:41 coming
08:45 home.
08:57 Amen.
09:10 Father in Heaven,
09:13 we look forward to the day when You're coming back.
09:16 The day when we can go home.
09:20 Certainly when you get a glimpse
09:24 of heaven, a taste of the good things
09:30 that You offer to each of us,
09:32 we become pilgrims in this old world.
09:36 We ask Lord tonight as we take a look
09:40 at the admonition that You have given us,
09:43 the counsel concerning Your coming,
09:47 may we take it to heart
09:49 and may our lives be placed in Your hands.
09:53 May we each walk as You lead us.
09:57 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
10:07 Probably without any doubt
10:11 you and I are living in probably one of the darkest periods
10:17 of earth's history:
10:18 the midnight hour.
10:21 And the Bible says that Christ
10:24 will come at the midnight hour.
10:27 That doesn't necessarily mean
10:29 physically, but it will be
10:31 a time of darkness as far as the earth is concerned.
10:34 And you remember the statement that says that at midnight...
10:42 Certainly, morally, it's midnight.
10:48 Across the earth, morality has sunk
10:51 to a great low.
10:55 Mankind today is... doesn't seem to have anything
11:00 that gives them guidance or direction in their life and all.
11:04 When you take a look as we did the other night
11:06 to the resources as far as the world is concerned,
11:10 and some of the things that are absolutely necessary for life
11:13 we're running out of.
11:15 And so we've reached the very, very low period or dark period
11:21 in earth's history.
11:22 And it says that He will come back at midnight,
11:25 and it speaks of the watchman,
11:27 the watchman giving the call. And they ask him the question
11:37 What... what is about the night?
11:40 And it gives a rather strange answer. Listen to this:
11:49 "The morning comes, and also the night. "
11:53 How can you have morning and night
11:56 both coming at the same time?
12:00 Cause that's what he says.
12:01 "The morning comes, and also the night. "
12:03 Both of them come at the same time.
12:06 Well it happens simply this way, folks.
12:09 At the coming of Jesus,
12:11 it's the dawning of eternal day for the saved
12:18 and it's the settling in of eternal night for the lost.
12:23 All happen at the same time here.
12:27 So: "Watchman, what of the night"
12:29 that Jesus Christ is coming back?
12:31 It's going to dawn to eternal day
12:34 Never again, never again to face
12:38 what we have faced on this old earth for 6,000 years.
12:41 Never again will that happen.
12:43 But He's coming to set up His kingdom that will last forever.
12:49 The thing that bothers me...
12:51 the thing that I guess disturbs me as much as anything...
12:56 is I hear people say
12:58 "Oh, we don't know when the Lord's coming back.
13:00 Why it could be a thousand years from now. "
13:05 Or they'll say: "Oh, don't you know that the
13:08 Lord's going to come back like a thief in the night? "
13:11 Well, let me tell you something
13:14 and you can write this down; you can put it in your book.
13:18 If Christ comes back as a thief in the night
13:22 to you or to me, you're lost.
13:26 You're lost.
13:28 I want you to listen clearly to what the scripture says
13:31 about this:
13:38 Now Paul is writing out, and he says here...
13:41 in I Thessalonians 5 he said:
13:43 "Concerning the times and the seasons, I really don't
13:47 need to write to you about this. "
13:49 Because listen to his admonition as he continues:
14:00 And I have people say: "See! Right there it says
14:04 that He's coming back as a thief in the night.
14:06 That's what it says right there! "
14:08 The problem is: that's where they quit reading.
14:13 You've got to read on.
14:14 Listen to what it has to say:
14:26 Said: "It's going to come.
14:28 They won't... won't be expected
14:30 but it's going to come up on them
14:32 when they are least expecting it. "
14:34 And then Paul says:
14:43 Paul said: "No! You're not in darkness. That day's not
14:47 to come upon you as a thief in the night. "
14:50 Listen:
14:58 That's not where we are.
15:00 That's not to come upon you or me.
15:02 So when the admonition is given
15:05 that you and I are to watch, we are to wait...
15:08 I can tell you for sure
15:10 if a thief is coming to my house
15:12 you'd better believe I'm going to be waiting and watching.
15:17 See? And that's what you and I are supposed to be doing
15:20 concerning the coming of the Lord.
15:21 We are supposed to be waiting,
15:23 and we're supposed to be watching
15:25 for the coming of the Lord.
15:35 In other words, I need to spend time in this book.
15:41 I need to be watching what's taking place.
15:46 Dear friends, let me tell you something.
15:48 Get into the prophecies of God's Word.
15:51 Get into this and find out about those prophecies
15:54 and get them in your mind and in your heart
15:57 so you know what is happening.
16:00 In fact, I'll assure you if you'll spend time in the book
16:04 and particularly in the prophecies,
16:06 it should be like you watching a play take place.
16:12 And you should know every actor
16:15 and exactly what's going to happen
16:17 so that as it goes on you know exactly what's taking place.
16:20 And you can do that by understanding the prophecies
16:24 of God's Word.
16:25 You can know where we are.
16:26 You can know what's happening and what's taking place that we
16:30 should watch and be ready for the coming of the Lord.
16:35 It's not! Not to come upon you or to me
16:40 as a thief in the night.
16:42 We are children of light and of day,
16:45 and we are to know what is happening, taking place.
16:55 No, we don't know that.
16:57 We don't know when He's coming back.
16:59 We don't know, as it says here:
17:07 We... we don't know when He's going to come.
17:11 Don't know the day; we don't know the hour.
17:15 But dear friend, that doesn't mean that you and I
17:20 are not to know that it is near...
17:23 even at the door.
17:27 THAT we are to know.
17:28 I don't know the day; I don't know the hour.
17:30 But I should know that it's near... even at the door,
17:42 Be ready. Be looking for the coming of the Lord.
17:45 Watching and waiting for Him to come back.
17:50 That's what we're supposed to be doing.
17:51 The problem is... too many people aren't watching.
17:57 Too many people are going about their daily activities
18:01 really not... not concerned with what's taking place
18:07 in the world.
18:30 OK? He's fought it and said: "Well, he's not coming back. "
18:35 But the master shows up when he's not looking for him.
18:45 Now listen carefully because there's some admonition
18:49 here that applies to you and to me.
19:13 Do you know what God's will is?
19:16 Do you know what God's will is?
19:20 You should!
19:21 I mean, that's not something you can't know.
19:24 God's will, dear friend, is that you're in His kingdom.
19:28 God's will is that... you to be saved.
19:32 That's what God wants.
19:33 That's what Christ came to do.
19:35 So you and I can know God's will
19:38 for His will is that we're saved.
19:41 His will is also that you share...
19:46 that you share what you have.
19:49 That's God's will that you tell somebody else.
19:52 That you and I are witnesses of His grace.
19:56 And therefore, God's will is that we share with other people.
20:01 That's God's will.
20:02 And it says that you and I are to do His will.
20:08 Now listen as it goes on here:
20:23 Person who didn't know,
20:25 didn't understand,
20:27 says he'll be beaten with few stripes.
20:53 Do you understand?
20:58 Do you understand that you have a knowledge
21:04 concerning this book
21:06 that other people don't?
21:08 And that as Christians you and I have the responsibility
21:13 of sharing that with other people?
21:16 That's what it's talking about.
21:18 And since you have a knowledge of that,
21:22 God will hold you accountable for that...
21:25 because you knew and you didn't share.
21:31 Tonight I'd just like to say a word.
21:33 There, out here in the
21:36 television audience,
21:38 people that are watching by television
21:41 or maybe listening over the radio,
21:43 there may be some ministers out there -
21:48 men who studied God's Word,
21:53 men who were called to the ministry
21:58 and they know they were called to the ministry -
22:00 and they've spent time studying God's Word
22:03 and they have left the ministry.
22:06 And they're gone out and they're making a living some other way.
22:11 They're more concerned about making money than they are
22:14 preaching the Word.
22:16 I'd just like to tell you...
22:18 Dear friend, you have a heavy responsibility upon you
22:22 because you KNOW what the book says.
22:25 And God has called you to do that,
22:28 and you need to be back in preaching God's Word.
22:32 We're down at the time when the Lord's coming back,
22:34 and we need to be prepared for the coming of the Lord.
22:37 And dear friend, you're responsible for that.
22:40 I'll take it a step farther.
22:44 There may be some Bible teachers out there...
22:47 teachers that have taught God's Word, maybe in a college
22:53 or in some school and you've done that and you've left that
22:57 and you're not teaching God's Word any more.
22:59 Dear friend, God has called you to teach God's Word.
23:03 You cannot just pass it up.
23:05 You have been given much,
23:07 and much of you will be required.
23:10 And you and I need to come back and follow the book
23:14 and preach it and prepare for the coming of the Lord.
23:17 What God called us to do.
23:21 And I'll take this farther.
23:24 There are some laymen who are very, very qualified
23:30 to be out and witnessing concerning God's Word
23:35 that are not doing it.
23:38 And dear friend, you have been given much
23:41 and much will be required of you.
23:43 You need to be proclaiming God's Word.
23:47 That is a responsibility that you and I have
23:50 to tell people about the coming of Jesus Christ
23:53 and prepare them for that day.
23:57 The Bible talks about ten virgins.
24:04 Those ten virgins are there to meet the Lord...
24:10 to meet the bridegroom.
24:19 Gone out to meet the bridegroom.
24:23 And there's a lot of people, folks, that they're in this
24:27 very situation. They came in, and they
24:31 found the truth of God's Word, and they opened up their hearts
24:35 and they saw things they had never seen before in God's Word.
24:38 And the truth warmed their heart, and they rejoiced in it
24:42 and they accepted it and they were telling everybody
24:46 about what they heard and what they learned,
24:48 and rejoicing in it. And then it says:
25:08 Now you have to get some things clear here.
25:11 We're not talking about... weren't talking about
25:14 five wise and five foolish.
25:16 We're not talking about five church members
25:19 and five non-believers.
25:22 We're not talking about that.
25:24 These are all believers.
25:26 These are all people who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.
25:31 These are all people who believe God's Word.
25:34 These are not people that haven't done that.
25:38 They've done those things,
25:40 but five of them didn't take any oil in their lamp.
25:45 While the bridegroom was what? Delayed...
25:49 Now, you see, they came in.
25:51 They accepted the message; they were excited.
25:54 They believed it; they were sharing it with everybody.
25:57 But the bridegroom delayed his coming and they got discouraged.
26:02 And so they slumbered and they slept.
26:10 Slumbered and they slept.
26:14 Uh, just ask yourself:
26:19 where are you in that picture?
26:25 Are you slumbering and sleeping?
26:29 Or am I ready for the Lord to come?
26:34 What I am telling you this evening
26:36 is you are living in the
26:40 midnight hour.
26:42 That I am telling you.
26:45 You're living in the midnight hour.
26:47 You're living at the time when the Lord is going to come,
26:51 and you and I should be actively prepared for His coming.
27:02 I ask you: how can the signs of the times be shouting
27:07 any louder than they are today?
27:11 How can that take place?
27:13 Telling us that the Lord's coming!
27:15 We need to be telling people about it.
27:18 We need to be preaching it.
27:20 We need to be witnessing concerning the Lord.
27:22 All ten of these virgins went out to meet him.
27:28 All ten of them did.
27:39 All ten of them did.
27:40 Not just five...
27:43 all ten of them went out to meet him.
28:12 You see, dear friend, nobody can do it for you.
28:20 Your wife is not going to get you into the kingdom.
28:24 Or your husband
28:26 is not going to get you into the kingdom.
28:28 You gotta do it yourself.
28:31 Yourself.
28:33 "Go and buy for yourself. "
28:35 Of course we know that the oil referred to here
28:39 is the Holy Spirit.
28:42 And our next series we're going to be talking about
28:45 the Holy Spirit.
28:46 How that fits in there, and I'll be sharing with you
28:49 some things on this very point here in the next series.
28:53 But dear friend, they didn't have the Holy Spirit.
28:57 Oh, they were believers.
28:59 They had accepted Christ.
29:01 They attended church.
29:03 They went out to meet the bridegroom.
29:05 They did all those things,
29:06 but they didn't have enough oil.
29:10 They didn't have enough oil.
29:13 And that is a real problem; we'll talk about that
29:18 when we talk about the Holy Spirit...
29:20 the series on it.
29:32 While they went to buy the bridegroom came.
29:41 I hope that you won't find yourself short.
29:46 I hope you won't say: "Uh, I missed it. "
29:51 You see what's happened here, folks,
29:53 is these five foolish virgins...
29:56 their religious experience was superficial.
29:59 That's the problem.
30:02 It was superficial.
30:03 It wasn't deep;
30:05 it didn't have the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
30:08 It didn't have the oil, and they missed it.
30:11 While they were out trying to find this,
30:14 the bridegroom came and those five wise virgins went in.
30:27 Open the door; let us in.
30:29 Most terrible words in scripture, folks...
30:33 I do not know of any words worse than the next ones...
30:45 "I do not know you. "
30:50 The door was not opened; they were not allowed in.
30:55 You and I, folks, I plead with you.
30:59 Now is the time... now is the time to get serious
31:04 about the coming of Jesus Christ.
31:08 You and I need to realize that the things that we see
31:12 happening all around us
31:15 are shouting out that Jesus is coming back.
31:19 We need to prepare... be prepared.
31:22 I said to you the other night. It says:
31:32 You don't know when He's coming back.
31:34 We're not told that; we'll never know that.
31:37 But I need to be ready; I need to be watching...
31:42 looking for Him to come.
31:44 As I said to you the other night, how can you know...
31:53 How... how can I know that?
31:54 Well, I shared something with you. I told you:
32:03 OK? If you're right with the Lord right now,
32:07 then you're ready for Christ to come if He'd come today.
32:13 But I ask you, what about your neighbor next door?
32:20 Have you talked to them?
32:22 Do you even know their name?
32:29 I mean, you have a responsibility
32:33 to talk to them, to say something to them,
32:35 to invite them.
32:36 That's the responsibility that you and I have.
32:40 How? How can I be ready
32:45 for Jesus to come?
32:47 I'd like to share with you how you can be ready.
32:52 Jesus said:
32:55 That's very, very comforting, folks,
32:58 when Christ says: "Don't let your heart be troubled. "
33:07 So if you want to be ready for Christ to come,
33:11 then you must believe in Christ and accept Him.
33:14 I must accept Him as my personal Savior.
33:19 And... and let me tell you, that's not difficult.
33:24 That's not hard to do.
33:26 God's not asking you to climb some mountain.
33:30 He's not asking you to go to the moon.
33:33 All that you and I have to do is come to Him.
33:37 In fact, this is what the scripture says.
33:44 How difficult is that
33:46 to call on the name of the Lord?
33:49 If tonight you know that you're lost,
33:53 you know that if Jesus was to come right now
33:56 you would not make it into God's kingdom,
34:00 you would be lost, then I ask you:
34:06 You remember Peter,
34:09 out there trying to walk on the water.
34:14 Doing pretty good
34:16 until he took his eyes off the Lord
34:19 and he began to look at the waves.
34:23 And by the way, waves can get very, very high on the
34:27 Sea of Galilee.
34:29 In fact, waves can get as high as 14 feet
34:34 on the Sea of Galilee.
34:36 So it was in the midst of a storm
34:40 that Peter was walking on the water.
34:42 And it says this:
34:57 And what did Jesus do?
34:59 Reached down and got him by the hand and picked him up.
35:04 You see, the Lord's wanting to save you.
35:07 He's not wanting to keep you out of God's kingdom.
35:10 Who? Why do we come up with these terrible ideas
35:14 that God's trying to keep people out of His kingdom?
35:16 No, He's not trying to do that!
35:19 He's trying to get you in.
35:20 He's trying to invite you and say come.
35:22 And it says that if you and I will call on the Lord,
35:26 then He'll save us.
35:29 And so tonight if you want to be ready for the coming
35:32 of Jesus Christ, then - dear friend -
35:37 Reach out in faith; take hold
35:40 of the promise that's given
35:43 and it says you'll be saved.
35:45 Secondly, if you want to be saved,
35:50 then surrender your life to Christ each day.
36:08 You see, I need to surrender my life
36:13 to Christ every day.
36:18 When I get up in the morning, right then and there
36:22 I need to commit my life to the Lord.
36:25 Sure, you've accepted Him as your personal Savior...
36:29 but I need to walk with Him day by day, dear friend.
36:32 And I need to surrender my life to Him
36:35 so the Holy Spirit can do its work in my life.
36:40 That's necessary.
36:42 There is no such thing
36:46 as somebody surrendering their life to the Lord
36:50 each day and missing heaven.
36:54 That is not... doesn't work that way, dear friend.
36:57 That person who commits his life to the Lord
37:00 every day will be in heaven.
37:04 See? And you and I need to do that.
37:06 People say to me: "Well, Brother Cox,
37:08 how do you surrender?
37:10 How do you surrender?
37:12 What do you mean when you say
37:13 surrender? "
37:14 Well, there's an excellent example in the Bible
37:18 of what surrender is.
37:20 There was a king of Israel -
37:22 not a good king,
37:25 probably one of the worst.
37:26 His name was Ahab.
37:29 He wasn't a good king.
37:31 And because he did not follow the Lord,
37:35 he didn't have the Lord's protection.
37:37 And the king of Syria, Ben-Hadad,
37:42 came down to overthrow the country of Israel.
37:48 And it says this:
38:02 now listen...
38:14 Quite a letter!
38:15 Wrote a letter and said:
38:17 "Everything you have belongs to me, is mine. "
38:35 That is surrender.
38:37 That's surrender.
38:40 When I will take and surrender everything that I have
38:45 to the Lord.
38:46 And I must do that, folks.
38:49 Each morning I must surrender to Him and say: "Here,
38:54 it's Yours.
38:57 Give me guidance, give me direction today. "
39:01 And I'm talking to you about how to be ready
39:06 to meet the Lord.
39:09 Let me tell you a little secret.
39:13 Five minutes of prayer in the morning
39:17 will save 1/2 hour of confession at night.
39:21 So take the time in the morning to talk to the Lord.
39:26 Pray to Him. And then when you get up and start through the day
39:33 the scripture gives you this counsel:
39:52 It says that you and I
39:56 must walk as He walked.
40:05 So I must walk as Christ walked.
40:10 I must follow His steps.
40:17 That means that sometimes that's not an easy way to go.
40:23 Sometimes that's hard...
40:26 but I have to trust Him; I have to believe in Him;
40:30 I have to follow Him.
40:31 And if I do that, He will lead me and guide me.
40:35 But dear friends, you have been given much!
40:40 Therefore, much will be required of you.
40:45 And therefore walk with Him,
40:49 follow Him day by day.
40:52 And then it just simply says:
41:09 You see, I must learn
41:13 to walk by faith.
41:28 I must learn to walk day by day
41:33 by faith.
41:36 And faith requires me to move out
41:40 in areas where I am uncomfortable.
41:45 Rather interesting. I was flying on a plane...
41:48 Southwest. And if you remember, Southwest right at the front
41:54 has some seats that face each other if you've ever flown.
41:57 And I happened to be sitting in one of those, and
42:00 so there was two people on each side of me
42:02 and three across right in front of me.
42:04 And when I sat down, this man... he was talking about
42:09 a book he had just read.
42:11 I mean, he was all excited about this book he had read,
42:15 and he was going on about what a wonderful book it was.
42:18 And the title of the book was Who Stole My Cheese.
42:22 That was the name of it.
42:24 And he pulled out the book, and it wasn't very big...
42:27 just a little book.
42:29 And he went on raving about how wonderful it was.
42:32 And I don't know why he turned to me, but he said:
42:35 "Would you like to read it? "
42:36 Handed it to me, and the flight was a couple hour flight...
42:39 and I said: "Sure. "
42:41 And so he handed me the book and so I read it.
42:44 And when I finished I gave it back to him
42:48 and said I really enjoyed it.
42:50 And what the book was about, folks,
42:52 was about stepping out of your comfort zone.
42:56 You know, not being in your comfort zone and how
42:59 it's necessary for you to step out of your comfort zone
43:02 in order to grow. See?
43:04 And I said: "Fine, I really enjoyed it. "
43:07 It was a good book. And I reached into my attaché case
43:11 and picked up a book on scripture... on prophecy.
43:15 And I turned to him and I said: "Here's a little book I think
43:18 you'd enjoy. " He said: "Oh, no. No, no. "
43:20 And he absolutely would not take that book, folks.
43:24 You see, he read that book and it did him no good
43:27 because he was not willing to come out of his comfort zone
43:31 at all. See? No! Just drew the line.
43:34 You see, you and I by faith must be willing to get out
43:39 of the comfort zone.
43:40 I must walk by faith. That's required.
43:44 And if I do that, God will lead in a special way.
43:48 Christ had just walked into the city of
43:54 Capernaeum. And as He walked into the city of Capernaeum,
43:58 He was met by a soldier... a centurion.
44:02 And this centurion soldier was pleading with Him.
44:05 He said: "My servant's sick.
44:08 He's paralyzed; he's dying.
44:12 Would You heal him? "
44:15 And Jesus said: "Come. " Said: "Let's go to your house
44:19 and I'll heal him. " That's what Christ said to him.
44:21 And the centurion said to Him, said:
44:24 "Sir, that's not necessary. "
44:28 He said: "I'm a solider under authority. "
44:30 He said: "I have servants under me. "
44:33 And he said: "I tell them where to go, and they go.
44:37 And I tell them when to come, and they come. "
44:40 And he said: "All you need to do is speak the word
44:45 and my servant will be healed. "
44:49 Jesus looked at the crowd and said:
44:53 "I haven't seen faith like this in Israel. "
44:56 And it says:
45:11 The servant was healed that same hour.
45:14 You see, when you walk by faith
45:18 then God can do special things for you.
45:23 Did you know that?
45:24 If you don't walk by faith, God can't do that.
45:28 But if you walk by faith, He can do special things for you.
45:32 We had... when the Iron Curtain came down
45:35 and all we had an opportunity to go to Russia.
45:41 over to a place called Vladivostok.
45:46 I had never been to Russia.
45:49 I can't speak the language.
45:53 I didn't know a soul in Vladivostok,
45:57 but the invitation was there to go do something.
46:02 It was even given by some people outside of Russia...
46:05 not in Russia and all.
46:08 And so a friend of mine by the name of Steve Gifford and I
46:11 decided we would go over to Vladivostok...
46:14 see what we could do. We felt the Lord had opened the door
46:19 that we ought to go.
46:20 And so we got on the plane...
46:22 flew to Vladivostok.
46:25 Got off the plane; didn't know a soul.
46:30 Couldn't speak a word of Russian.
46:34 And we just began to inquire around there and uh...
46:38 and uh, finally we found a fellow
46:41 who could speak some English.
46:43 And we told him what we were needing, and
46:46 he was able to get a taxi cab lined up for us.
46:50 And we told him we would like to go to the
46:52 Seventh-day Adventist church.
46:54 Fortunately, the taxi cab driver knew where it was.
46:58 And we got in the cab and went to the church.
47:03 Got there and it was closed.
47:05 Wasn't anybody there.
47:07 But there was a sign up which this interpreter read for us,
47:11 and it said that the Adventist church met there
47:14 and also the Baptist church met there.
47:17 And it said the Baptists were going to have a meeting
47:19 that night... and so Steve and I went.
47:22 And we got there, and nobody could speak to us.
47:27 In fact, you know, they hadn't seen anybody from the
47:30 United States. They had some real questions about us.
47:33 Who we were and why we were there
47:35 and all that kind of stuff.
47:37 And anyhow, we inquired about it and we found out that
47:41 the Adventist church had a meeting the next night.
47:43 But the caretaker of the church who was a member of the
47:46 Adventist church was there,
47:48 and we visited with him a little bit.
47:50 And much to our sorrow
47:52 we found out that the pastor of the church was gone
47:56 and would be gone for 30 days.
47:59 And that was not good news to us at all.
48:03 Anyhow, we went back the next night.
48:07 Got there. There was 120 people there in church.
48:13 All of them was gray-headed.
48:17 Every one of them!
48:19 All of them... gray-headed.
48:21 Nobody... I mean, not one of them spoke English.
48:25 Not a one. And we tried to talk to them and all.
48:29 We just didn't get anywhere, you know?
48:32 And we finally found out that the pastor's wife
48:36 was still there, and so a couple
48:40 offered to take us over to her house.
48:42 And we went over to visit with her
48:44 and see what we could find out.
48:45 Got there, and she couldn't speak any English either.
48:48 And so the door was closed every way we turned.
48:52 And I mean just couldn't get anywhere.
48:55 And we went back and was at the hotel
49:01 where we were staying and I told Steve. I said:
49:04 "Steve, there's only two planes out of here.
49:07 There's one on Sunday and there's one on Wednesday. "
49:10 And I said: "I know we're scheduled to take the one on
49:15 Wednesday but I think we ought to see if we can get the one out
49:18 on Sunday 'cause we're not getting anywhere here.
49:20 We're not gaining anything. "
49:21 And he said: "Yeah, you're probably right. "
49:24 So, come... that was Friday night
49:28 we visited and all, and talked about it.
49:33 I went to bed that night and I had a dream.
49:37 And in the dream I saw this young man,
49:41 black-headed with Italian features.
49:45 And all it said in the dream was "He speaks English. "
49:49 That's all it said.
49:51 Yeah, I didn't think anything about it.
49:53 I got up the next morning, we were eating breakfast.
49:55 I told Steve about it; we both kind of laughed.
49:57 I said: "I guess I ate too much last night, " anyhow...
50:00 and just passed it off that way.
50:04 Anyhow, we went to church Sabbath. Got there...
50:09 same 120 people; nobody spoke any English.
50:13 And there we sat; couldn't understand a thing
50:16 that was going on all the way through Sabbath School.
50:19 Church started; we were just sitting there.
50:23 The door opened and in came a young man,
50:29 black-headed, with Italian features...
50:32 the exact one I had seen in the dream.
50:35 I poked Steve and I said: "Steve, there he is. "
50:38 And he went over and sat down.
50:41 In a little bit this Russian woman went over and spoke to him
50:46 and he came over and talked to us and spoke to us in English.
50:49 And I said: "Let's go outside. "
50:53 And we went outside, and I introduced myself
50:56 and he introduced himself.
50:58 And I said: "What are you doing here? "
51:02 And he said: "I don't know what I'm doing here! "
51:05 And I said: "Well, why are you here? "
51:07 He said: "I don't know why I'm here. "
51:09 He said: "I don't go to church here. "
51:10 Said: "I go to church across town...
51:13 clear on the other side of town. "
51:15 He said: "I just felt like I should be here. "
51:18 And he said: "We have a whole group of young people
51:21 that meet over there. "
51:22 Dear friend, we went with him back over, and
51:26 met with this group of young people.
51:28 Were able to go back and train
51:31 ten different groups of young people
51:34 to share the gospel there in Vladivostok.
51:37 You see, but what I'm trying to get across to you, folks,
51:40 is you've got to step out in faith.
51:43 You cannot stay in your comfort zone all the time and make it.
51:48 It's required that you and I
51:51 by faith walk with Him, and as we are coming down
51:54 to the coming of Jesus Christ,
51:56 it's going to require that you and I MORE AND MORE
52:00 step out in faith.
52:02 That we have to witness; we have to proclaim
52:06 that Jesus Christ IS COMING BACK.
52:09 And we need to be telling men and women to prepare
52:12 for that coming... to get their lives ready
52:15 because Christ IS coming.
52:18 And so... you want to be right with the Lord?
52:22 Believe in Jesus Christ.
52:26 Give Him your heart.
52:27 Accept Him as your Savior.
52:29 Surrender your life to Him.
52:33 Day by day put it in His hands.
52:37 Walk with Him.
52:38 Walk with Him; follow Him.
52:41 And then, dear friend, follow Him by faith,
52:45 and you and I will have the privilege of walking
52:50 with Him into His kingdom.
52:53 So tonight, are you ready for Jesus to come?
52:59 Are you ready
53:03 for Jesus
53:07 to come?
53:11 Are you faithful
53:15 in all that you do?
53:23 Have you fought a good fight?
53:29 Have you stood for the right?
53:35 Can others
53:39 see Jesus
53:42 in you?
53:47 Are you ready to stand
53:52 in your place?
53:58 Are you ready to
54:02 look on
54:05 His face?
54:10 Can you look up
54:13 and say
54:17 "THIS IS MY LORD! "
54:26 Are you ready
54:30 for Jesus
54:35 to come?
54:48 Let us pray.
54:50 Heavenly Father, please come soon.
54:54 May each one of us here tonight
54:57 whether we're watching by television
55:01 or listening on the radio
55:04 or here in the auditorium,
55:06 may our hearts be surrendered to You.
55:10 Help us to be aware of Your soon return.
55:15 May we each, day by day, stay surrendered.
55:22 We're thankful for the promise that You WILL COME BACK
55:26 and that You're coming back quickly.
55:29 Grant to us that each of us may be in Your kingdom
55:33 with our families.
55:34 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
55:39 May God bless you.
55:41 Keep your eyes upon the Lord Jesus Christ.
55:44 Be ready for His return.
55:49 More than 2,000 years have passed
55:52 since Jesus promised to return.
55:54 And through the centuries, the hearts of His faithful ones
55:57 have clung to those precious words.
56:00 But His promise has not yet been fulfilled.
56:03 The Lifegiver's voice has not yet called the sleeping saints
56:06 from their graves.
56:08 Each day many more Christians fall asleep in Jesus
56:12 clinging to the Blessed Hope
56:14 and believing that the next thing they'll see
56:17 is their Savior coming as He promised
56:20 in the clouds of glory.
56:22 But my friends, there are so many who do not have
56:26 this Blessed Hope. And many of them would
56:29 if they just had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.
56:35 That is why we are producing these programs.
56:38 We want to tell them about God's amazing love.
56:41 About our Savior, Jesus Christ.
56:44 About His second coming.
56:45 We want to give each one of them that Blessed Hope.
56:49 Think of it. Even now all of heaven's astir
56:52 preparing for that great day.
56:54 The Lord is waiting for us
56:56 to join Him in spreading the good news.
56:59 Praise God! The time of waiting is almost over.
57:03 Light is gleaming upon the clouds above the mountaintops.
57:06 Soon there will be a revealing of His glory.
57:10 The Son of Righteousness is about to shine forth.
57:12 NOW is the time to prepare for the coming of the Lord.
57:17 Readiness to meet Him cannot be attained
57:20 in a moment's time.
57:22 Each member of our ministry team has focused on doing all we can
57:26 to spread the good news,
57:28 but we cannot do it alone.
57:30 We need your help.
57:31 Each of us must prepare, watch, and wait.
57:35 But we also must work earnestly
57:38 for the salvation of souls.
57:40 Please consider what you can do
57:42 for those who still don't know about Jesus.
57:44 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:46 you may send your tax-deductible gifts to:
58:01 Thank you for helping us to bring the Blessed Hope
58:04 to millions all around the world.


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