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Can The Bible Be Trusted?

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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
00:45 shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:47 and peace be upon you to our Christian friends.
00:50 Welcome to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:54 We pray that you will be blessed with us
00:59 for the rest of this program.
01:00 And we're gonna try to answer
01:03 a question in the next few weeks,
01:06 that many of our Muslim brothers and sisters have
01:09 and that question is, can the Holy Bible be trusted?
01:14 And we pray that as we go through this journey
01:18 that you will see, it is a book that can be trusted.
01:23 Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters
01:26 as you read the Quran you will see
01:28 that it talks about the people of the book.
01:31 And that is another subject that we will touch on.
01:34 Who are the people of the book, and what is the book,
01:38 that-that they're asking about?
01:42 Let's first go to the Bible to 2 Peter 1:21,
01:50 let's read that together.
01:53 "Prophecy never came by the will of man,
01:56 but holy men of God spoke
01:58 as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."
02:02 And let's read another verse here
02:04 in 1 Timothy 3:16 and that verse says,
02:10 "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,
02:14 and is profitable for doctrine,
02:17 for reproof, for correction,
02:19 for instruction in righteousness."
02:24 The Holy Bible does not contradict itself.
02:27 Let's take a look at some of facts regarding the Bible.
02:31 There are 66 books in the Bible
02:34 and these 66 books were written on 3 different continents.
02:40 The Holy Bible was written in 3 different languages.
02:44 It was written by 40 people
02:47 who were from every walk of life.
02:50 It was written over approximately 1500 years.
02:55 Most of these people have never met each other
02:58 and yet the 6 books in harmony with each other.
03:03 The Bible does not contradict itself
03:06 as many people claim it does, it does not.
03:10 The book is indeed the Holy Word of God.
03:13 It would be impossible to have this kind of harmony
03:17 among 40 different authors.
03:21 God's Holy Spirit moved on these men
03:26 and in their own words,
03:30 the instructions that God gave them,
03:33 the word that He showed them,
03:35 they wrote down in their human language.
03:40 God will never trust His word to just one person.
03:44 Let's go to Proverbs 11:14 and it says this,
03:50 "Where there is no counsel, the people fall,
03:53 but in the multitude of counselors there is safety."
03:58 And again to the scripture of 2 Peter 1:19 and 20,
04:06 "And so we have the prophetic word confirmed
04:09 which you do well to heed
04:11 as the light that shines in a dark place,
04:15 knowing this first that no prophecy of scripture
04:19 is of any private interpretation."
04:24 Brothers and sisters,
04:26 the Holy Bible contains prophecies
04:28 given to us by our Father God.
04:32 The discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls
04:34 and I believe that was providential,
04:37 confirms that these prophecies were given hundreds of years
04:41 prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.
04:46 Over the next few weeks,
04:48 we will take a look at some of those amazing
04:51 and accurate prophecies.
04:54 You see brothers and sisters,
04:56 God does not leave us in darkness.
04:59 He will never leave us in darkness.
05:02 He guides us and He has given us His book,
05:05 the instructions that we need to follow Him.
05:10 The Holy Book is logical,
05:13 it appeals to the intellect and to the conscience.
05:18 The Holy Scriptures were given
05:20 to our Hebrew brothers and sisters first,
05:25 and they were supposed to spread God's message,
05:27 the gospel message to the rest of the world,
05:30 to all the nations about a coming Redeemer.
05:35 This Redeemer is the same one
05:37 that the Hebrews followed in the desert
05:39 in the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.
05:47 That same pillar of cloud
05:50 and pillar of fire is with us today
05:53 in the form of these Holy Scriptures.
05:58 Today we will look at the prophecy
06:01 regarding the Messiah that was given to the Prophet Daniel.
06:05 This prophecy is recorded
06:07 in the 9th Chapter of the Book of Daniel.
06:11 We are going to look at Daniel 9:24-27
06:15 and we're going to break that down a little bit.
06:18 But before we move on, we must recognize
06:21 that in Bible prophecy one day equals one year.
06:27 So we will look at what the Bible teaches us
06:31 in the Book of Numbers 14:34 and the Book of Ezekiel 4:6.
06:38 Let's look first at Numbers 14:34,
06:43 "According to the numbers of the days
06:45 in which you spied out the land, forty days,
06:49 for each day you shall bear your guilt one year,
06:53 namely forty years,
06:55 and you shall know My rejection."
06:58 And now in Ezekiel, the Book of Ezekiel 4:6,
07:03 "And when you have completed them,
07:06 lie again on your right side, then you shall bear
07:09 the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days.
07:13 I have laid on you a day for each year."
07:19 So following God's one day
07:22 equals one year prophetic principle.
07:25 We will take a look at the prophecy
07:27 as it is recorded in the Book of Daniel.
07:31 Now let's look at Daniel 9:24, it says, here,
07:37 "70 week are determined for your people
07:40 and for your holy city,
07:43 to finish the transgression to make an end of sins,
07:47 to make reconciliation for iniquity,
07:51 to bring in everlasting righteousness,
07:54 to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy."
08:02 This part of the prophecy
08:04 is a synopsis of the whole prophecy.
08:08 It tells us that there's a certain time period
08:11 for the prophecy to be fulfilled.
08:13 It tells us what will happen
08:15 and why these things must take place.
08:19 And as we will see the events
08:21 and the timing of these events are very precise
08:26 and just as the Prophet Daniel recorded.
08:30 Let's us now read the rest of the breakdown of the prophecy
08:33 as outlined in Daniel 9:25-27 and we'll read all of these,
08:39 little at the time, breaking it down.
08:42 Let's go to Daniel 9:25 first,
08:46 "Know therefore and understand,
08:49 that from the going forth of the command
08:52 to restore and build Jerusalem,
08:54 until Messiah the Prince,
08:57 there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks,
09:01 the street shall be built again,
09:03 and the wall, even in troublesome times."
09:07 And now Daniel 9:26, "And after the sixty-two weeks,
09:14 Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself."
09:19 And now Daniel 9:27,
09:23 "Then he shall confirm a covenant
09:25 with many for one week,
09:27 but in the middle of the week
09:29 He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering."
09:35 So we see here that there are 70 weeks
09:40 which equals 490 days, which equals 490 years.
09:46 Because going by the year,
09:49 day year principle, prophetic principle.
09:52 Now we need to know
09:53 when the 490 years of the prophecy beings.
09:59 Verse 25 gives us the answers.
10:03 It says that from the time
10:05 that the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem
10:10 is given until the Messiah appears
10:14 shall be 69 weeks or 483 days
10:19 which equals 483 years.
10:23 That command was given by King Artaxerxes,
10:27 the Persian King in 457 B.C.
10:31 You can read the decree for yourself
10:34 in the Book of Ezra 7:12-26,
10:42 Ezra 7:12-26.
10:45 And if we had time we'll read that right now
10:47 but you can, you can read that
10:49 and you will see the king's decree
10:51 to rebuild Jerusalem started in 457 B.C.
10:56 So 457 B.C. is our starting point
11:00 for the rest of this prophecy.
11:03 So did the Messiah appear
11:07 at the end of the 69 weeks or 483 years?
11:13 Well, let's take a look, 483 years later,
11:17 would take us to the later part of 27 A.D.
11:21 So king, Persian King Artaxerxes
11:24 gave the command to rebuild in 457 B.C.,
11:28 483 years later is 27 A.D.
11:33 And what happened in that year in 27 A.D.
11:39 Well, that is when Jesus the Christ was baptized
11:46 or anointed as the prophecy says,
11:48 anointing the Most Holy.
11:51 Jesus Christ was baptized in the Jordan River
11:55 by John the Baptist and also by God himself
12:00 when the-the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove
12:04 came upon Him in the River Jordan.
12:08 So the Messiah did appear at the end of the 69 weeks
12:15 or 483 years exactly as the Prophet Daniel predicted.
12:23 The only person that this prophecy fits is Jesus.
12:30 There is no one else that was around that this prophecy fits,
12:34 no one was at that time anointed or baptized,
12:39 just Jesus Christ came exactly on time.
12:44 The word Messiah means the anointed one.
12:49 At his baptism Jesus Christ was anointed by the Holy Spirit
12:55 and as God and-and God
12:58 as it is written in verse 24 and to anoint the Most Holy
13:02 and God anointed Jesus Christ
13:05 who was considered Most Holy.
13:10 Now the last week of the 70 weeks
13:13 of that prophetic period, let's take a look at that.
13:17 Let us take a look again at Daniel 9:27
13:21 and see what it say.
13:23 Daniel 9:27 says, "Then he shall confirm
13:27 a covenant with many for one week,
13:30 but in the middle of the week
13:32 He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering."
13:39 The week seven days which equals seven years is mentioned here
13:46 and that is the last week of the 70 week prophecy.
13:51 The seven year time period begins in 27 A.D.
13:56 and it ends in 34 A.D.
14:01 So what does the prophecy say
14:04 will take place in the seven year period?
14:08 As we have learned Jesus began His ministry 27 A.D.
14:15 and Jesus proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom of God
14:19 through the time that He walked on this earth.
14:22 In the Book of Mark 1:15, we read what Jesus say,
14:28 He says, "The time is fulfilled,
14:32 and the kingdom of God is at hand.
14:35 Repent and believe in the gospel."
14:41 He was reminding our Jewish brothers and sisters
14:45 that this prophecy of Daniel 9
14:47 which was being fulfilled exactly on schedule,
14:52 the Messiah was now dwelling among them as prophesied.
14:58 Three and half years after His baptism,
15:01 Jesus was crucified in 31 A.D.
15:06 So in the middle of the week just as the prophecy says,
15:11 he was cut off.
15:15 And in the middle of the week it also says,
15:19 he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.
15:24 So here it was just as the prophecy told us,
15:27 he was cut off and brought an end
15:30 to sacrifice and offering.
15:32 At the exact moment that Jesus Christ died on the cross,
15:39 we read in Matthew 27:50, 51
15:46 in the following account,
15:48 "And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice,
15:53 and yielded up His spirit.
15:55 Then behold, the veil of the temple
15:58 was torn in two from top to bottom."
16:04 Brothers and sisters at the exact time that Christ said,
16:12 it is done, it is finished and died on the cross.
16:18 The veil in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.
16:24 Now the reason it is mentioned in scripture from top to bottom
16:28 and so that we can know the man did not do this,
16:33 the veil was very heavy, it was very thick and high.
16:39 So man could not have done that it had to be God,
16:43 who tore that veil.
16:45 And that was to show us that it fulfilled the prophecy
16:49 that Daniel gave where it will bring an end
16:52 to sacrifice and offering.
16:54 The Lamb of God, who is Jesus Christ
16:59 was the final sacrifice and offering.
17:08 The end of sacrifices
17:11 in the Jewish temple came to a halt,
17:16 no more would God accept the sacrifices of animals.
17:22 As a matter of fact as we study the scripture
17:26 we will see that the sacrifice of the animals
17:29 truly would not take our sins away
17:33 but it pointed forward to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ,
17:39 the Son of God, because it is only Him
17:43 that could remove our sins.
17:44 It is only His purity, His blood,
17:48 His cleansing blood that can remove our sins,
17:51 not the animals.
17:53 Those were just symbols for the true Lamb of God.
17:59 We now come to the last three and half years
18:03 of that seven year timeframe
18:06 during the remaining three and half years
18:08 after Christ was crucified,
18:11 the disciples of Christ obeyed His instruction to them.
18:15 In Matthew 10:5, 6 here is what Jesus told His disciples to do
18:22 before He departed from the earth.
18:25 He said, "These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them,
18:29 saying, Do not go into the way of the Gentiles,
18:33 and do not enter a city of the Samaritans.
18:37 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
18:46 Jesus Christ instructed His disciples
18:50 to go back to the children of Israel and remember
18:55 they also were Israelites, they were Hebrews,
18:59 they were Jewish and he said,
19:00 don't go outside, stay in Jerusalem,
19:04 take this gospel message even where after I live this earth,
19:08 after I'm crucified take this gospel message to the people.
19:17 When the apostles obeyed Christ
19:19 by sharing the gospel message with the Jewish nation,
19:24 unfortunately the Jewish Sanhedrin
19:28 rejected Jesus as the Messiah.
19:31 The people responded by stoning Steven
19:36 an apostle, disciple of Christ.
19:39 And they stoned him to death
19:41 and persecuted the followers of Christ.
19:46 Many of these men were eye witnesses
19:49 to the miracles of Jesus
19:52 and share their personal experiences
19:54 with the Jewish people.
19:57 As Steven was being stoned to death,
20:00 God was with him.
20:03 In the Book of Acts 7:55, 56
20:09 we read the following account,"
20:13 But he, being full of the Holy Spirit,
20:17 gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God,
20:21 and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, and said,
20:26 "Look I see the heavens opened
20:29 and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.
20:36 Steven, as he was being stoned to death,
20:41 saw Jesus Christ who had risen at the right hand of God.
20:49 There is no reason for Steven to lie.
20:52 He was an eyewitness and he is passing this on to us
20:58 that Jesus did rise from the dead
21:01 that He was resurrected
21:03 and He is standing at the right hand of God
21:07 interceding for us.
21:11 The stoning of Steven
21:14 who was the first martyr for Christ
21:16 ended the 70 week prophecy written in Daniel 9.
21:21 The disciples then began taking the gospel message of salvation
21:26 to the other nations of the world
21:28 as they were instructed to do by Lord Jesus.
21:33 We read in Acts 13:46, 47,
21:40 "Then Paul and Barnabas grew bold and said,
21:44 it was necessary that the word of God
21:47 should be spoken to you first,
21:50 but since you reject it,
21:52 and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life,
21:56 behold, we turn to the Gentiles.
22:00 For so the Lord has commanded us,
22:03 'I have set you as a light to the Gentiles,
22:06 that you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth."'
22:14 Brother and sisters as we saw
22:18 the final seven years of the prophecy of Daniel 9
22:22 was allocated to our Jewish brothers and sisters
22:26 as a chosen nation to hear
22:29 and accept the gospel invitation.
22:32 They were chosen when Moses went
22:35 and he brought them out of the land of Egypt
22:38 and they remain the chosen nation
22:42 and Jesus wanted to take this gospel message to them.
22:49 He gave them this time period to really repent
22:55 and to turn from their-- from their ways
23:00 and to take this message but unfortunately,
23:05 sadly they rejected Him as the Messiah.
23:10 The message of salvation
23:11 through Christ was then given to the Gentiles.
23:17 You know, when Daniel said that Christ would be cut off,
23:23 when He was crucified.
23:26 At that time, when Daniel was writing there was no,
23:32 no record of crucifixion,
23:35 no record at that time and yet we will see
23:39 as we continue to study the prophecy were specifically
23:43 in the Book of Isaiah crucifixion was mentioned
23:46 and this cut off happened.
23:49 The Jewish nation now
23:50 was no longer the chosen nation of God.
23:55 After the stoning of Steven that end.
23:59 Now does that mean that the Jewish people
24:01 cannot be saved, absolutely not?
24:04 Anyone that accepts Jesus Christ as the Son of God,
24:08 as their Savior are counted spiritual Jews.
24:15 There is no longer chosen nation
24:18 but there is a chosen people.
24:21 Let's look at Galatians 3:27-29,
24:26 what he says about this,
24:29 "For as many of you as were baptized
24:31 into Christ have put on Christ.
24:34 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free,
24:39 there is neither male nor female,
24:42 for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
24:45 And if you are Christ's then you are Abraham's seed,
24:50 and heirs according to the promise."
24:54 Isn't not a wonderful promise
24:56 that we have been given all of us?
24:59 Brothers and sisters stay with us,
25:02 we will be right back.
25:05 When you get to the Descendants of Abraham,
25:07 you can be sure that you're lighting
25:09 the way for all in search of the Creator God
25:13 and His message of love and forgiveness to all nations.
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25:36 You know, through this prophecy of the 490 years
25:39 we see how a compassionate loving God
25:43 gave the Israelites 490 years to repent of their sins,
25:50 to turn away from worshiping idols
25:52 to sacrificing their children
25:55 on the altar false gods and many of the sin--
25:59 sinful practices that they picked up
26:02 along the way through the,
26:04 you know, after they went to the Land of Canaan.
26:08 And he pleaded with them to return
26:11 to the worship of the true God of Abraham.
26:16 Can the Bible be trusted?
26:19 Absolutely, yes it can.
26:22 It is a book, that is inspired by the Holy Spirit of God
26:26 and as you can see it proves
26:29 that Jesus the Christ is the Messiah.
26:34 Remember brothers and sisters,
26:36 this prophecy was given to Daniel
26:39 by the Angel Gabriel 500 years
26:43 before Christ even came to earth.
26:46 Let's look at the Book of Amos 3:7,
26:49 "Surely the Lord God does nothing,
26:51 unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.'
26:56 And then Deuteronomy 29:29,
26:59 "The secret things belong to the Lord our God,
27:02 but those things which are revealed belong to us
27:06 and to our children forever,
27:08 that we may do all the words of this law."
27:12 I know that the information
27:14 and interpretation of this prophecy of Daniel 9
27:16 that was shared with you today.
27:18 It's a lot of information
27:20 and I don't expect you to absorb it all.
27:23 So we hope that you will go to our website,
27:26 contact us, email us
27:28 and we will be happy to answer any questions for you.
27:31 This information will be up
27:33 on the website in a couple of weeks.
27:35 God bless you and keep you
27:38 and we hope to see you next week.


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