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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum
00:43 to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
00:45 shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:47 and peace be upon you to our Christian friends.
00:49 Welcome once again to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:53 We're so blessed by your presence as always.
00:57 You know, today, we have invited
00:59 Brother Shahbaz back with us
01:01 as we discussed the subject of sin.
01:04 And what exactly is it, can we explain it?
01:10 Is there really an explanation?
01:12 Brother, Shahbaz, thank you for joining us
01:15 once again, salaam. Wa-salaam.
01:19 You know, when we were,
01:21 when you were giving us your story
01:24 about your journey with the God of Abraham,
01:26 you've mentioned about feeling
01:29 this need to bite your hand and so on because of the sin
01:33 that you felt you committed.
01:36 And you know, sometimes I don't think
01:38 our brothers and sisters truly understand what sin is.
01:41 We know the word as Muslims we hear it.
01:46 And we know we have to pay for our sin.
01:50 But we really don't understand what it is.
01:53 And you know, when the two of us
01:56 were discussing this subject, one of the two things,
01:59 that we discussed was Sharia law
02:03 and the law of God.
02:07 Are those similar?
02:09 Well, in fact, I see absolutely no similarity between the two.
02:17 Of course, the moral code the Ten Commandments
02:20 as we call the moral code within the Bible
02:24 which God gave to Moses.
02:27 A series of laws that have jurisdiction
02:32 over every dimension of a human beings life.
02:38 However, the Sharia law is not a law
02:42 that simply has jurisdiction over your moral behavior
02:45 in a sense. It does in some areas.
02:49 But it does not have jurisdiction
02:50 of every area of your life.
02:52 And it really comes short when you compare
02:56 the two laws together, it comes short
03:00 of what we do see in the Ten Commandments,
03:04 in the case of the Ten Commandments
03:05 that God gave to Moses.
03:08 So I personally see that the Sharia law
03:16 comes very short.
03:17 Although it is the highest law in Islam,
03:21 yet compared to the law that Moses gave
03:25 and God gave to Moses and Moses gave
03:26 to the children of Israel,
03:28 it comes, it comes far short of that.
03:31 So, so as Muslims we always felt Sharia law
03:36 is the law that we follow and we felt that,
03:39 that was the-- in a sense the laws of God.
03:45 But yet you're saying that the true law of God
03:50 is higher than Sharia law and supersedes Sharia law.
03:55 In fact when Jesus gave His favorite sermon
03:59 and He described the spirituality of the law
04:06 in a sense that up to that point
04:08 no Israelite had understood.
04:09 And He said, you have heard
04:12 that it was said you're not to commit adulatory.
04:16 Well, that's one of the commandments
04:17 in the Ten Commandments.
04:19 But Jesus said, I'll tell you that
04:21 if you look upon a woman to lust after her,
04:24 you've already committed adulatory within your heart.
04:27 So, Jesus basically gave His dimension
04:31 to the commandments that were not seen up to that point.
04:34 Not that it didn't exist before that.
04:37 But Israel went after keeping their law by their works.
04:42 They wanted to keep the law in their works,
04:44 in their lives and not through faith.
04:46 And Jesus told them that you did not even understand
04:49 the law has more jurisdiction,
04:52 deeper jurisdiction than you can imagine.
04:54 He said if-- it's been said that
04:57 "Thou shalt not commit murder."
05:00 But I'll tell you if you get angry in your heart,
05:02 you've already have committed murder in your heart.
05:05 So, so Jesus even made the commandments
05:10 more pertinent in a sense.
05:14 Right, so it's not just, you don't actually
05:16 just take the life of a person,
05:18 that's not murder but the principle
05:21 of destroying that person,
05:24 He took it to a higher-level then
05:27 and Sharia law is literally
05:31 taken the life of that person. Absolutely.
05:33 But it doesn't take the principle. No.
05:35 There is no spirituality with the Sharia law.
05:37 It doesn't cover to this spiritual dimension
05:39 that Jesus was pointing to which is really
05:41 the most important part of our existence.
05:45 And you know, the physical act really
05:50 is a reflection of the spiritual condition of the heart.
05:54 And Christ was going deep down
05:56 within the deepest part of the human being
05:58 and saying that, that it's not just your actions
06:02 that condemn you,
06:03 your very heart condemns you. That's right.
06:06 You know, one of my favorite Psalms.
06:10 I say it's even a prayer is by David
06:14 or as we say Dawood. You know, Dawood.
06:19 And I would like to read some verses.
06:23 You know, from Psalm 51, one of my favorite.
06:27 And what you're saying, here he is saying,
06:30 "Have mercy upon me, O God,
06:32 according to Your loving kindness,
06:35 according to the multitude of your tender mercies,
06:39 blot out my transgressions.
06:41 Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity,
06:44 and cleanse me from my sins."
06:48 And then he goes on to say,
06:50 "Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity
06:55 and in sin my mother conceived me.
06:58 Behold, You desire truth." You being the God of Abraham.
07:03 "You desire truth in the inward parts,
07:07 and in the hidden part You will make me
07:09 to know wisdom."
07:11 Isn't that beautiful Psalm?
07:14 And when I was a Muslim and I can attest to this
07:17 even from my relatives and all.
07:20 We didn't see this.
07:22 We didn't understand what the problem of sin is.
07:26 Sin was always related to our actions.
07:28 Obviously, we always look upon the actions.
07:31 But David is saying that
07:33 "I was shaped within my mother's womb.
07:36 I was shaped with--
07:38 you know, I was shaped in iniquity.
07:40 And I was conceived in sin."
07:42 I mean, what he is saying is that when he was born,
07:45 he was born with a fallen nature.
07:48 And this we did not understand as Muslims
07:51 that we are born with a fallen nature.
07:53 It's not simply being a Muslim
07:56 is not going to save me.
07:58 I'm fallen, with a fallen nature--
08:01 being a Jew will not save a Jew.
08:04 But what we need is a deep understanding of that sin
08:08 that we are born with,
08:09 that fallen nature that separates us from our God.
08:12 That's right. Thank you.
08:14 You know there is-- if you can look at Isaiah.
08:18 The prophet Isaiah in chapter 1
08:25 chapter 1 verse 5 and 6
08:28 It says here, "Why should you be stricken again?
08:33 You will revolt more and more.
08:35 Your whole head is sick, and the whole heart faints.
08:40 From the soul of the foot even to the head,
08:43 there is no soundness in it.
08:45 But wounds and bruises and putrefying sores.
08:49 They have not been closed or bound up,
08:52 or soothed with ointment." How do you understand?
08:56 You know, I tell you.
08:57 If you recall when we talked about last week
09:00 about my experience
09:02 when I was asking for forgiveness
09:03 and I didn't know how to find that forgiveness.
09:05 So I proceeded to basically putting myself
09:10 in a position of inflicting pain upon my body.
09:14 Biting my hand, biting my tongue
09:16 because I didn't understand that that the dimension of sin
09:20 is such that human activity cannot atone for.
09:24 And I was trying to atone for my sins.
09:27 But God here is saying that you don't understand
09:29 that your whole head, your entire being,
09:32 when he says your head, he is talking about our heart--
09:35 that what we are as a man or as a woman.
09:38 He's saying you're completely sick.
09:41 You haven't even been --
09:45 you have putrefying sores,
09:46 you have wounds and you have not been healed.
09:49 And so this is a condition that as a Muslim
09:52 I didn't understand that that I have to take here.
09:56 This is a dimension that I need to take care off
09:58 and I didn't know how to take care of it.
10:01 What was the solution? What is the solution?
10:03 We don't know. We feel it, we feel it.
10:05 Absolutely. We feel, we do feel sick.
10:07 We do feel burdened.
10:09 We do feel all of those things
10:10 but we don't know. Yeah.
10:12 We don't know, where do you go.
10:13 As a Muslim we didn't know where to go.
10:14 How to find out the solution.
10:16 Therefore, inflict pain upon yourself or do this.
10:20 As you've said you use to pray kneeling on grains of rice.
10:23 Rice, raw rice. Raw rice.
10:26 Right. And that's how we knew.
10:28 But that did not take anything
10:30 where as you mentioned last week. Yes.
10:33 You never felt relief. No.
10:34 You never relief.
10:36 And one of the other verses right in this Book of Isaiah
10:41 which is a beautiful book and so much in there.
10:45 In Chapter 64: 6,
10:48 we read here it says,
10:54 "But we are all like an unclean thing,
10:58 and all our righteousness are like filthy rags.
11:02 We all fade as a leaf, and our inequities,
11:06 like the wind, have taken us away."
11:09 Isn't that beautiful. Is that powerful.
11:10 That's powerful. Powerful verse.
11:13 And God is speaking to the believing person here.
11:16 He is not talking to the infidel
11:18 or to the ones that are outside the church.
11:20 He is talking to the believers.
11:22 He said, don't think of yourself higher than you are.
11:25 Your very righteousness are as filthy rags.
11:28 And that you must go and study the original Hebrew
11:32 in that word filthy rag to understand the depth of filth
11:35 that God is talking about.
11:36 And it will be inappropriate for me
11:38 to explain that right now here on this television show.
11:42 But I would invite anyone to go and study that deeply
11:46 to see what God is talking about.
11:47 That's in Hebrew--
11:48 Absolutely, the Hebrew word for that filthy rag.
11:50 And God is saying everything that you are is,
11:54 you're fading away like dry leaves.
11:56 You--the wind has taken you away.
11:59 Your righteousness is not even acceptable to me.
12:02 Because we need the righteousness
12:04 of someone else. That's true.
12:05 Someone who is much holy and higher
12:07 than any human being can ever attain to
12:10 because we cannot save ourselves by our works.
12:13 So you know, so far all these verses
12:16 we have read it talks about, we're unclean. We're sinful.
12:21 We're dirty and we're nothingness,
12:23 you know, because like it says here,
12:28 you know, you look at the leaves,
12:30 the autumn leaves and they're crumpling
12:32 and they die and they fall away.
12:34 The grass, it dies and it blows away.
12:39 And we see all that.
12:41 How do we explain
12:43 to our Muslim brothers and sisters
12:47 and our Hebrew cousins.
12:49 How do we explain this word sin?
12:54 How do we--they hear what we are saying here.
13:01 But how would you explain it to them.
13:05 You know, the Bible says that
13:08 sin is the transgression of the law.
13:12 And the Bible says also those who say that
13:15 they have not sinned, they're liars
13:17 and the truth is not in them.
13:19 For all, have sinned and have come short
13:22 of the glory of God.
13:24 All, and all inclusive of every human being
13:27 the child of Abraham,
13:28 everyone that has been born since Adam.
13:31 We all have, all have sinned
13:33 and come short of the glory of God.
13:35 So obeying Sharia law is not going to help.
13:40 It's not going to help.
13:41 Obeying a Sharia law will not save anyone.
13:45 In fact, obeying the Ten Commandments
13:48 will not save me.
13:50 Although, obedience to the ten commandment
13:54 is important and the Bible says so.
13:57 And Jesus Himself told people there on
14:00 when he was on the Mount of Blessing.
14:03 He was telling the people in the sermon.
14:06 He made sure that they understand that
14:08 He said I did not come to destroy
14:10 the law of the prophets. I came to fulfill.
14:13 Nevertheless, my all my trying
14:17 to obey the commandments and grinding my teeth
14:20 and being the cleanest person
14:23 and doing this and not cheating and not lying.
14:25 At the end of the day
14:26 I go back to Isaiah 64:6 and God says
14:30 "All your righteousness are as filthy rag."
14:32 The reason is that I was born with the fallen nature,
14:35 therefore, my good works cannot save me.
14:39 So under Sharia law,
14:42 we--I know that it's an eye for an eye,
14:45 a tooth for a tooth.
14:47 You know which, we read in the Torah.
14:51 An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
14:52 Sharia law is following that principle.
14:56 But when we do that,
15:02 if you take my right arm but I'll take your right arm.
15:09 That does nothing, right.
15:11 All we do is compound the sin. Absolutely, absolutely.
15:16 It's like I steal from you
15:19 and you want to get even you steal from me.
15:22 Sin is added upon sin.
15:25 And you know, Jesus said Himself said that
15:27 you'd heard an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
15:30 But then He said, well, I tell you love one another.
15:32 Love your neighbor. Love your enemies.
15:35 Do good on to them that despitefully use you.
15:39 Absolute brand new concept. Brand new concept.
15:41 Nobody had ever heard these things before.
15:44 And they are saying how could these things be.
15:46 That's right.
15:47 But the very one that spoke those precious words said
15:50 "that I will also empower you
15:52 to live that life through by His spirit."
15:55 Amen, amen.
15:56 You know, this is where,
15:59 you know, I think it's so important
16:01 that our brothers and sisters out there
16:03 hear this that it is a new concept.
16:08 This is a loving God.
16:10 He does not want us to take revenge.
16:12 He says, revenge is mine,
16:14 it is not yours, right. How do we?
16:18 How do we have our sins forgiven?
16:26 You're taught to pray
16:27 but what exactly forgives our sins.
16:30 What cleanses us?
16:32 Well, Shakeela, there is only one remedy for sin
16:38 and that remedy is the Lord Jesus Christ.
16:41 And as our Muslim brothers and sisters know
16:44 that Abraham was about to sacrifice his son
16:48 and God provided Himself a sacrifice.
16:52 And told Abraham don't lay your hand upon your child.
16:56 Now I know that you love me and that you will obey me.
16:59 And God provided the animal for sacrifice.
17:03 And but that animal was a representative,
17:06 a symbolic representation of the son of God
17:10 that would come and die for the world.
17:11 You see, Abraham's act in giving his son as a sacrifice
17:17 was symbolic of the act of the father in heaven
17:21 giving his son for the sins of the whole world.
17:25 And the blood of Jesus,
17:27 the Bible says cleanses us from all sins.
17:30 Let's look at a couple of verses here. Sure.
17:33 In the Injeel. In the Injeel.
17:36 And you know I know our Muslim brothers and sisters
17:39 think the Injeel has been corrupted. Yes.
17:41 And may be another time we can talk to them,
17:43 it has not been corrupted because one of the questions
17:46 I asked who corrupted the Injeel,
17:49 how was it corrupted.
17:50 You know, and we will get into that later. Absolutely.
17:53 But it is not corrupted.
17:54 So let's look at the Injeel, in 1 John 1:7.
18:00 And I'll read that here.
18:02 It says, "But if we walk in the light
18:05 as He is in the light,
18:06 we have fellowship with one another,
18:08 and the blood of Jesus Christ
18:11 His Son cleanses us from all sin." Amen.
18:15 You notice he doesn't say as we walk in the law
18:19 as he walked in the law,
18:20 although, Jesus fulfilled the law.
18:23 But we ought to walk in the light of the Son of God.
18:26 And He will empower us to live the same life of obedience
18:29 that He lived without the actual grinding of our teeth
18:34 and trying to be something that would save us by our works.
18:39 Suddenly we're saved. Cutting ourselves.
18:40 That's true, cutting ourselves
18:42 or trying to by the mere obedience
18:44 of the commandments apart from Jesus Christ
18:46 try to save ourselves, it's impossible.
18:49 We come to the Lord Jesus Christ
18:51 whose blood cleanses us from all sin.
18:53 And that same blood empowers us
18:56 to live the new life, the born again converted life.
18:59 See the born again converted life that we get
19:02 that I want all the viewers to understand,
19:04 when we come to Christ and He forgives us.
19:07 Then he gives us a new heart. He gives us a new spirit.
19:11 He takes over the old nature
19:14 and then He gives us a new nature.
19:16 He works with us and throughout the entire life
19:19 of a Christian, we grow in that grace
19:21 and we become new creatures.
19:23 And that's why I became a Christian.
19:25 My family was saying you're not the same,
19:28 what happened to you.
19:30 Where did you get these words from?
19:31 How come you pray this way now?
19:34 How come you're not saying bad words
19:36 anymore like you used to do before?
19:38 How come you don't lie anymore
19:39 like you used to lie before?
19:41 And I wasn't putting, I wasn't grinding my teeth.
19:43 I wasn't putting any effort in any of those things.
19:45 I was changed by the grace of God.
19:47 A new life was given to me.
19:49 And as long as I stay focused on Jesus,
19:52 that life continues to exist.
19:54 And that's the key, you stay in focus because,
19:57 because we can fall back. Yes.
20:00 We can fall back and I know
20:03 because with my life it's everyday,
20:07 everyday that you've to surrender.
20:10 You have to surrender to the God of Abraham.
20:13 You have to, you have to give your life.
20:16 So that He can take it
20:19 and do what He wants with it? Yes.
20:20 Or else that's what happened.
20:22 There's another Bible verse here
20:26 again in the Injeel in the Book of Ephesians.
20:30 I like to read that and it's Ephesians 1:7.
20:36 It says, "In Him we have redemption through His blood,
20:43 the forgiveness of sins,
20:45 according to the riches of His grace."
20:49 What does that say to you?
20:52 You know, many people will think that
20:54 they can go and find relief somewhere else.
20:59 People are searching, people are looking
21:03 for way out of this miserable life of sin.
21:07 You know, people who are honestly
21:08 seeking for truth like I was and yourself
21:11 and but there is only redemption in the blood of Jesus.
21:17 And the blood of Jesus really is the only solution
21:21 to the sin problem.
21:23 So when we are-- and I know,
21:26 you know, we still sacrifice animals
21:30 in some places in month of Ramadan, okay.
21:35 We self sacrifice the animals.
21:39 What is the blood of the animals
21:44 that we sacrifice and what does that represent
21:48 and why can't we see that.
21:52 We don't need to be doing that anymore.
21:56 You know, throughout the Old Testament
21:58 in the book of Torah,
21:59 we see that, the Israelites were commanded
22:03 by God to offer animal sacrifices.
22:06 And, but not that the animal sacrifices
22:09 were going to be paying for their sins
22:11 because that was a whole purpose.
22:12 They were to kill an animal
22:14 as a sin offering or peace offering
22:16 and but it was all symbolic.
22:19 The blood of that animal--
22:21 they had no power to forgive sin.
22:23 But it was a symbolic act
22:25 and anyone that are participating in that act,
22:27 by faith they were saying that
22:29 I believe in the coming of the Messiah.
22:32 And the shedding of His blood one day
22:35 ultimately will cleanse me from all sins.
22:38 And through faith they were forgiven.
22:40 See, faith, existed way back then too.
22:46 All the Israelites by faith looked forward to the cross
22:49 and we by faith looked back to the cross. Looked back.
22:52 You know there is so much
22:56 that we can discuss on this subject
23:00 that we just don't have enough time.
23:02 But one question I'd like to like for you to explain
23:07 and from your heart is when we cut ourselves,
23:13 we bite ourselves and so on and we sacrifice the animals.
23:19 Why isn't our blood,
23:20 although the blood of the animal enough.
23:24 There is absolutely no merit to the blood of an animal
23:31 or to inflicting pain upon my body
23:34 in order to gain the favor of God.
23:36 God is not pleased, he said, "I'm not pleased
23:39 in the shedding of the blood of the animals."
23:41 All your sacrifices, all your oxen and your sheep
23:44 all these animals that you bring before
23:46 and you kill, that does not please me.
23:49 But the Bible says that God was pleased
23:51 with the sacrifice of his Son.
23:53 That is the only way, that's the only blood,
23:57 all the other sacrifices were symbolic.
24:00 None of our physical pain that we inflict upon ourselves
24:03 can ever repay for or even in iota in a small,
24:08 the smallest sin.
24:10 So our blood is--
24:12 was it difference between the son of God,
24:17 His blood and our blood.
24:19 The blood of Jesus--
24:20 Jesus Christ is the holy one of Israel.
24:23 He is the Messiah.
24:24 He is the one that was sent from the bosom of the Father.
24:28 He is holy, He had never sinned.
24:30 There was no sin in Him.
24:32 Never and that's why the blood of Jesus Christ
24:35 is able to cleanse us from all sin.
24:37 And He was not born with that
24:40 sinful nature like we were, right.
24:42 He was not born into sin.
24:44 He was born free from the stain of sin.
24:47 All though, He took human nature,
24:50 yet He did not have the propensities to evil
24:56 that we have by nature we're born with.
25:00 And I think that's something that our brothers and sisters
25:04 are confused about really
25:07 because as I understand it and you're telling me that
25:12 and I know we don't have much time here.
25:15 Like I'd said, we can take a whole--
25:17 several programs for this
25:19 but they think that God
25:25 had relations with Mary
25:29 but God didn't have relations with Mary.
25:32 Jesus was came down from heaven as a baby
25:38 and placed into Mary
25:43 to go through what we would go through from birth. Yes.
25:46 So that He can understand
25:48 what we go through and who we are, right.
25:51 So He had, He did not have that sinful nature. No.
25:56 Not in the sense that we talk about.
25:57 So He had a nature that He could,
26:00 if you cut and He blood,
26:02 if you walk a mile, He would be tired,
26:04 He would get hungry.
26:05 And all of those things, He took upon Himself,
26:07 which He didn't have from beginning.
26:08 Right, He wept, He felt pain, He felt hurt.
26:13 Absolutely. Just like we do.
26:15 So He understands our nature, He understands us so much.
26:20 You know, well Brother Shahbaz,
26:21 you know, we're a little out of time
26:24 but I thank you so much.
26:25 And wished we had the time too to really explore this.
26:29 Because I want so much as you do to get this message
26:33 to our brothers and sisters of Islam.
26:38 Thank you for joining us today. My pleasure.
26:41 When you get to the Descendants of Abraham,
26:43 you can be sure that you're lighting the way for all
26:47 in search of the Creator God
26:49 and His message of love and forgiveness to all nations.
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27:10 Brother Shahbaz this has been excellent.
27:13 And I'm sorry we're out of time
27:14 but can I ask you to please close this program out
27:18 with a prayer to the Most High. Of course, absolutely.
27:21 Oh, Father in Heaven, thank You so much,
27:24 for the opportunity to talk about
27:27 these important things today here.
27:29 I pray for every one who is watching this program,
27:33 all over the world, that they will except
27:36 the blood of Your Son tonight
27:38 and be saved for we ask this in Jesus' name, amen.
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