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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
00:45 shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:48 and peace be upon you our Christian friends.
00:50 Welcome once again to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:54 We are blessed by your presence with us today.
00:57 Today we have a special guest,
00:59 his name is brother Shahbaz
01:01 and I've heard his story
01:05 and I'd like him to share that story with you.
01:07 I'd like you to welcome Brother Shahbaz with me today.
01:11 Salaam, brother Shahbaz. Ma-Salaam.
01:14 You know when I heard your story
01:17 and thank you, thank you for being with us today.
01:19 I really appreciate it.
01:21 When I heard your story I was so impressed.
01:25 Why don't you start with telling us
01:26 a little bit about yourself?
01:28 Well, I was born in Iran
01:34 and grew up in a Muslim family
01:38 and I was always, as a young boy
01:43 I remember, may be about 3 or 4 years old,
01:45 I was always a very spiritual child.
01:48 I was pretty religious and I was not fanatical
01:52 or anything, you know, I was too young for all that,
01:54 but I was just so,
01:58 the concept of God was so important to me
02:00 and I wanted to know this God.
02:03 And this is the God of Abraham, right? Absolutely.
02:05 Because when we are young,
02:06 we know the God of Abraham. Absolutely.
02:08 Well, tell us a little bit about that journey?
02:11 Well, you know, this desire continued with me.
02:16 And I recalled even when I was 7 years old
02:22 we were staying in my father's--
02:25 he had a summer, he had build a summer home
02:27 in north of Iran, in the Caspian coast.
02:31 And one night we were there for a vacation
02:34 and one night we were going to watch a television program,
02:36 a movie called 'The Robe.'
02:39 It's an American production. Yes, I've heard of that, yes.
02:43 And you know, this is back
02:45 before the revolution of in Iran in 1979,
02:48 at that time you know you watched
02:50 a lot of American films on television.
02:53 And in that film, in one particular scene,
02:56 they showed Jesus hanging on the cross.
02:58 Of course the movie wasn't about Christ,
03:00 the movie was about the soldiers that crucified Jesus,
03:03 there's the whole movie was about them.
03:06 And one of the soldiers turned and said
03:08 this man had died for the world,
03:10 and those words were the most precious words
03:12 I've ever heard in my whole life.
03:14 Seven years in this world and I was 7 years old
03:18 and when I heard those words,
03:19 I fell in love with Jesus.
03:20 How can it be that this great prophet
03:22 would die for the world.
03:23 I've never heard about that before
03:25 that He had died for the world.
03:26 And as Muslims we didn't believed that
03:30 Jesus had died for the world,
03:32 but I was not prejudiced against that at 7 years of age.
03:36 The concept was so precious, I fell in love with Him.
03:39 Oh, amen.
03:41 You know, so you watch and like you said,
03:44 you just see the feet at that time.
03:48 So when you heard this, did you even know
03:52 who He was, we're brought up to think of Him
03:55 as a prophet as you said,
03:56 but did you know anything else about Him
03:59 and what was it in your heart,
04:03 in your mind that impressed you to search it out.
04:07 Well, I only knew what I was told
04:11 that He was one of the great prophets,
04:14 one of the five great prophets
04:19 and that was it, that He was the one,
04:23 the prophet that was very kind prophet
04:25 and I knew that, but not much more,
04:28 now He was just great.
04:29 And--but this particular knowledge of Him
04:35 dying for the world,
04:36 although the movie never did say,
04:37 why He died for the world,
04:38 they just said this man died for the world
04:41 and I didn't know, I would not find that out
04:44 for another 11 years. Oh, really.
04:48 You know, it's amazing
04:50 because the more of our people that I talk to,
04:54 I find that it takes years of knowledge of learning,
04:58 you know, and the same thing happened to you.
05:00 Now I remember you told me that
05:03 you've experienced a lot of miracles
05:05 and one of the many miracles that you've experienced
05:09 was with your brother. Yeah.
05:12 Can you tell us a little bit about that?
05:14 Well, of course, in passing of time
05:16 and by 1979 I am about 13 years old
05:21 and we left Iran, we came to United States
05:24 because of the 1979 revolution,
05:26 my parents decided to move to United States.
05:29 Things were getting really bad
05:31 and they felt that even our lives may be in danger,
05:34 although we were not politically involved in anything,
05:37 it's just things were dangerous, so we moved to United States.
05:40 We were fortunate enough to be able to do that.
05:44 and I recall when I was 17 years old,
05:48 we were living at that time in California
05:51 and one day we were in my living room.
05:55 At the time one of my brothers,
05:57 unfortunately became sick, he became schizophrenic.
06:02 And as you know schizophrenia is a very complex,
06:04 mental illness
06:06 and he had to take very heavy medication
06:09 to control him and he wouldn't take his medication then
06:13 and I knew if he doesn't take his medication,
06:15 we're going to have a whole lot of problem on our hand,
06:17 and he's going to possibly become even violent,
06:20 and then we have to call the police.
06:21 My mother was begging him, my brother has begged him,
06:24 my sister and myself, he would not listen.
06:26 For almost two hours he would not listen to anyone of us.
06:29 And he wouldn't even talk to us, he ignored us.
06:32 Finally in desperation I decided
06:34 that I needed to do something, so I wanted to pray.
06:37 I prayed as a Muslim would pray.
06:39 And at this time you were still a Muslim?
06:41 Absolutely, yeah, I am still a Muslim,
06:43 I am 17 now at this point
06:45 and I was sitting and I went to the dining room table
06:48 and sat there and I prayed
06:50 and I prayed for I think 15, 20 minutes.
06:54 I was so desperate that I wanted him to take it,
06:56 so I prayed that Lord would intervene
07:02 that my brother would take his medication
07:04 and we don't have to go through all that trouble with him.
07:07 And nothing happened and I was so desperate,
07:09 I was about to give up
07:11 and I put my head down and I didn't know what to do
07:13 and suddenly this thought came to my mind.
07:16 I had never thought of that ever before that time,
07:18 it was a foreign thought to me,
07:21 but the thought was, pray to Jesus. Really?
07:25 Why would that thought come to my mind?
07:26 Because I had never prayed to Jesus,
07:29 and why would I now pray to Jesus
07:31 but the thought had so much force to it
07:34 that I had to obey it
07:36 because and I was also desperate,
07:38 so I prayed a very simple prayer,
07:40 I didn't know how to pray.
07:41 How did you feel when that thought came to your mind that,
07:43 like 'what pray to Jesus?' You know how do you feel?
07:46 Yeah, I remember that question come to my mind,
07:50 pray to Jesus?
07:52 But the thought was so powerfully
07:56 put in into my mind that I obeyed it.
07:59 And I quickly prayed, yeah, abololutely.
08:01 And I said, well, I'm not going to go wrong praying to Jesus,
08:04 obviously He's in heaven so and so I prayed and I said,
08:10 Jesus please make my brother take his medication
08:13 and I looked to over to my right shoulder,
08:16 because that's where my brother was
08:18 from my position
08:19 and I immediately looked,
08:21 it was like, when I said that prayer,
08:23 I was also telling, now look to your brother
08:25 and I looked, instantly he got up
08:28 and he went to the quick kitchen
08:29 and I tip toed around the corner and I followed him
08:32 and then I looked around the corner,
08:34 and sure enough, he took his medication
08:36 out of the refrigerator,
08:37 poured it in the cup and took it.
08:39 Just like that. Just like that.
08:41 And I was saying, wow. Jesus is powerful.
08:47 One prayer to Jesus
08:49 and immediately my prayer was answered.
08:51 And that also was a significant experience that I had.
08:56 Well thank you for sharing that. Praise be to God.
08:59 What was your mom around your anyone,
09:02 any of the other family members were around the corner?
09:03 Everybody was around and I didn't say
09:05 a word about it to anyone.
09:07 And they didn't see what was going on.
09:09 No, they didn't know that I had prayed to Him.
09:12 I kept that bottom level of my own heart,
09:14 I didn't know how to talk about it.
09:16 Right. Praise be to God.
09:18 Now you told me also that you had an experience
09:23 shortly after that.
09:24 When was that, in your bedroom
09:26 when you went and lock yourself in your bedroom.
09:29 Yes, well, by this time I am 18 years old,
09:33 as a year has passed since I've experienced.
09:35 My mother, because my parents
09:38 basically went bankrupt in United States,
09:42 everything that they had, they lost.
09:43 So my father went back to Iran,
09:45 my mother joined him and actually took my brother
09:48 who was sick, with her and they moved back to Iran
09:52 and myself and my siblings we stayed here,
09:55 because there was a war in Iran with Iraq
09:58 and it was dangerous for us to go back,
10:00 we'll be drafted so we decided we are going to stay
10:05 and we were living in Walnut Creek at that time
10:07 and we were all working, we had different jobs
10:12 and it was first time really working anywhere,
10:14 up to that point my parents paid for everything.
10:16 Now I was working in a restaurant and I remember
10:21 one night, friends from work
10:23 told me, you want to go out?
10:25 You know, I had been
10:27 a very good boy up to that point.
10:29 You know, my mother said, come home at 10 o'clock,
10:31 I would come at 10 o'clock.
10:33 I didn't argue and I didn't go and stayed late and stuff
10:36 and I chose my friends carefully,
10:38 but now my friends say, let's go out.
10:40 And one of the things you know, being brought up Muslims,
10:43 we--that is something that we are taught,
10:45 right, you be obedient, be obedient to your parents.
10:48 You're never disobedient to the parents,
10:51 whatever they say, you do it.
10:52 It's part of our-
10:53 You don't cross them. You don't cross them.
10:55 You obey them, you honor them
10:56 and you respect them and it is part of your culture
10:59 and you must do that.
11:01 It's a sin. Right. Yes, it is.
11:03 And so I went out and I had no idea
11:09 what was going to happen.
11:10 I went out I thought it's just a simple go out and,
11:13 boy I was in for some awful stuff I've never experienced
11:16 in my life before and I participated
11:18 in some things that I had never participated
11:22 in and I didn't come home till 6 in the morning.
11:26 And when I got home, nobody was there,
11:28 my other brother was spending time with his friends,
11:31 my sister spent the night at her friend's house
11:34 and my other brother was out as well
11:35 and I came home really down and depressed.
11:38 I went to my bedroom, went to laid in my bed,
11:41 and I couldn't sleep.
11:43 And just a guilt of my sins of that previous evening
11:46 was just bothering me so much and I just prayed
11:49 and I decided I am going to ask God to forgive me,
11:52 and I prayed and I said the word,
11:55 the Arabic word for 'I repent'
11:57 which is 'astagfirullah' and I said that repeatedly.
12:01 And as a Shia Muslim when you sin,
12:04 you say the word astagfirullah repeatedly
12:07 and often you inflict pain upon your body in order to gain
12:11 the forgiveness of God, so I began to bite my hand,
12:14 like this and I was biting my hand
12:17 with every 'astagfirullah' I had one bite afterward,
12:20 and I did that may be 30, 40 or 50 times.
12:24 My hand was hurting but I felt no relief.
12:27 Then I began to do the same thing to my tongue,
12:29 every time I said 'astagfirullah'
12:31 I would bite my tongue,
12:33 and I did that for another 30, 40 times.
12:35 My tongue was swollen and it was red
12:37 and I could feel the pain, but I found no relief.
12:40 I felt that I needed forgiveness,
12:43 I felt that this burden of this sin was crushing me
12:46 and I just threw down everything that I knew up to that point
12:50 as a Muslim and I began to pray
12:53 from my heart for the first time.
12:55 I never prayed that well before.
12:56 And I plead with God that He would forgive me and I wept
13:00 and I wept for, I think in space of 10 minutes
13:05 and suddenly as I was praying,
13:08 crying and asking for forgiveness,
13:11 it felt like somebody appeared in my room,
13:13 you know somebody was present in my room with me,
13:17 I could not see the presence, but I felt the presence
13:20 it was so powerful, it was so intense.
13:23 It was filled with so much love and peace,
13:25 the atmosphere was thick with the presence of this person
13:29 that I could not see, and a living person
13:33 that I felt there is not enough room for both of us,
13:36 somebody got to leave, and you know who left?
13:38 I did. I ran out of the room went into the bathroom.
13:41 I thought I am hallucinating and I threw some water
13:45 on my face, tip it toed back to the bedroom and sure enough
13:49 the atmosphere was still thick with that presence
13:51 and I couldn't go in and I went back to the bathroom
13:54 another series of splashing my face with water.
13:58 Went back into the bedroom and he was gone.
14:00 And then when I realized my guilt has gone,
14:06 the burden has fallen off.
14:08 I don't feel the guilt of sin anymore,
14:11 for that particular sin.
14:13 You know, there's often people
14:15 would ask me, well who do you think that was?
14:17 I believe it was Lord Jesus Christ.
14:20 And I believe that He didn't come to forgive my sins
14:24 of the past, He simply came to give me
14:28 a sample of what sin-forgiving when we truly repent means.
14:33 Though I did not pray in the name of Jesus,
14:36 I really I am convinced that God will hear the prayer of anyone,
14:42 anyone who comes to Him, they may not know better.
14:46 Remember the Bible says, in the times of ignorance God
14:49 winks at our sins and I was ignorant,
14:52 I didn't know in the name of Jesus Christ I must pray.
14:56 But God honored me, because I was desperate
14:59 and from that point, moment on my experience changed
15:02 because now I had experience something
15:04 I had never experienced before.
15:05 Anything before that suddenly became meaningless.
15:09 Now it's interesting because being
15:12 from the same background as such,
15:16 you were asking for forgiveness of sin but really
15:20 it was a sin of disobedience to your parents and so on.
15:28 At that point probably not even realizing
15:30 the full extent of what sin is.
15:32 But asking for the forgiveness
15:37 that you disobeyed your parents.
15:41 At that time did you become
15:45 a follower of the God of Abraham?
15:47 No not quite, I had some more.
15:53 God had to take me through a few more bends and twists
15:56 and stuff to really bring me to the foot of the cross.
15:59 And these were series of experiences that God
16:03 was working in my life and bringing me closer
16:05 to that experience and well, after this experience
16:10 I realized that my prayers had become meaningless.
16:13 I would pray and my prayers would go no higher
16:15 than the ceiling over my head and I didn't know
16:18 what to do and I began to in desperation, seek after God.
16:22 And you were still praying the way we learned how to pray.
16:24 Absolutely. I had my Salat prayer,
16:26 my Muslim prayer and then after my Muslim prayer
16:29 I would have my heart prayer, because my mother always said,
16:32 after you have your Salat, which is the name
16:35 for the Muslim traditional prayer,
16:38 offer a heart felt prayer from your heart in your mother tongue
16:41 and not in Arabic because we speak Persian. Right.
16:44 And I would do that and none of that worked,
16:47 I felt that God is not there anymore
16:50 and I didn't know what to do, and I was desperate
16:52 and I wanted to find Him and I didn't know where to go,
16:55 therefore I felt the best place I can go,
16:58 there were no mosques, no priests
17:00 that I could go to talk to, so I went
17:02 to my Christian friends and I said,
17:04 can I talk to your pastor, can I talk to your priest?
17:09 That's impressive- Yeah and my Christian friends
17:10 were secular and their parents went to church they didn't,
17:13 so they never really cared about what I said.
17:16 Right. And you actually are going to them and saying,
17:18 take me to your pastor, take me to your priest
17:21 or whoever it is, your imam. Right.
17:23 Absolutely. I need to talk to them.
17:25 What happened at that point?
17:27 Well, that never come to fruition and suddenly
17:31 I tell you this, the same time
17:33 with all my siblings and myself
17:35 we all lost our jobs in one week.
17:38 God allowed that to happen. Yes.
17:40 And then within a month we lost our apartment,
17:43 and we were homeless.
17:45 And now we are out on the streets.
17:47 I can't call my mom and dad in Iran and tell them
17:50 that I am homeless because my mom would have probably
17:51 had a heart attack and now I am homeless,
17:55 I have no money but more than anything else
17:57 I've lost God in my life, so now I am desperate
18:01 to find God until one day my brother calls me,
18:04 I was staying at a friend's home and said,
18:08 Shahbaz, we met a Christian guy out in the street saying things
18:12 that we've never heard before,
18:13 may be you want to talk with him,
18:14 may be he can help you with your depression and your search.
18:18 So the ext day I went and met with him and he came over
18:22 to me and I was expecting an angel to come to me,
18:24 I didn't know who was I expecting,
18:26 but there's a very average looking guy with plaid shirt
18:29 and blue jeans, walked up to me
18:31 and I greeted him and he greeted me.
18:33 And I began to tell him what was happening to me.
18:36 At this point I saw myself trapped in an iron box,
18:43 or a concrete box of some sort, no windows, no doors,
18:47 absolute darkness in my mind and depression.
18:51 I am not a depressed person. Right.
18:53 And he began to break the bread of life to me.
18:56 He spoke of no denominations.
18:58 He simply talked to me about Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
19:03 And he began to tell me why the blood of Jesus Christ,
19:07 the Lamb of God is the blood that is needed to cover my sins
19:11 and forgiveness that I need is in Him only.
19:13 And as he began to speak to me and as we walked down
19:17 main street, Walnut Creek, the walls began to crumble
19:20 and come down in this box.
19:22 It was like somebody had this sledge hammer
19:24 and he was breaking it all down.
19:26 Light began to flood my soul and within 10 minutes
19:30 he knew I'm a Muslim, 10 minutes down the road,
19:34 he stopped and I stopped, I still know where that spot
19:37 is and it's precious to me.
19:39 And he said to me and I get emotional about this,
19:42 I am sorry but he said to me,
19:44 "Will you give your heart to Jesus?"
19:48 He knew I am a Muslim and he knew just about
19:50 the quarter mile up the road, seven other Muslims,
19:54 my friends are sitting in a café waiting for me,
19:57 he had no fear of any of that.
19:59 And He said, "Will you give your heart to Jesus?"
20:01 And I said, "What do I do?"
20:04 You know, check it out to that point the evening before
20:07 I had decided, I will meet him, he will bless me and then
20:11 I will do him the greatest favor that he can ever have,
20:14 I would turn him into a Muslim,
20:16 that was my plan, that I will convert him.
20:19 Yes. You thanking him, you're going to thank him.
20:21 Yes, thank you for your blessing.
20:23 Now you need to know about Islam. Right.
20:27 But that never came to fruition and he said,
20:29 will you give your heart to Jesus and I had no other option,
20:32 I was fully surrounded by the power of God.
20:37 How can you deny, how can you say anything at that point,
20:40 I had found complete redemption and he said let's pray,
20:46 he took me to discern his prayer.
20:48 He read a verse in the Bible and I opened up my eyes
20:51 and he opened up his eyes and he said,
20:53 congratulations you are a Christian now.
20:55 I am! He said, and I looked all around me
20:58 and I looked at the trees, the trees were greener
21:01 than they had ever been before and I looked at the blue sky,
21:03 it was bluer than ever before.
21:04 Everything came alive. Everything came alive.
21:06 Even ugly people were beautiful now.
21:08 And I ran to the café all the way to the café
21:11 and I said, friends, I told all my Muslim friends,
21:14 guess what, I am a Christian now.
21:16 I thought that they all would be happy.
21:17 They said what? What are you talking about
21:19 your Muslim now, but you know
21:21 it was an experience I can never forget.
21:24 We can't. We can never expect,
21:26 we can' forget those experiences.
21:29 Now one of the other things that I do want to ask you
21:34 about is this shaking experience that you had,
21:39 you know because I have something very similar
21:41 as we were discussing, you know,
21:43 our journey to the God of Abraham,
21:45 the true God of Abraham, not many Muslims
21:50 had that experience but you had it,
21:51 can you tell us a little about it?
21:53 Absolutely. I was-- this is few months
21:56 after that experience, finally the Lord blessed
21:58 us with an apartment in Oakland and so my siblings and I,
22:02 we moved into that apartment and this particular evening
22:04 we had a--we had a friend, I was over there and they began
22:08 to mock me for my conversion and they began to attack me
22:12 and literally it was terrible.
22:15 I went through a horrible experience with them
22:17 and they did not stop mocking me for almost
22:21 a space of 45 minutes or so.
22:24 Finally my brother fame over to me
22:26 and he grabbed me from the collar,
22:27 he lift me up from the ground and shook me,
22:29 so you are now, you have become crazy,
22:32 you are like our other brother, you have lost your mind,
22:35 what's this talk about Christianity, you are a Muslim.
22:38 And he threw me on the ground and I turned my face
22:41 from them and I wept, I have no feeling of hate
22:44 or anger or revenge in my heart.
22:46 All I wanted was for them to experience
22:48 what I had experienced.
22:49 And then I left, and I went to the bedroom
22:52 to pray and I prayed my prayer, simple prayer,
22:54 Lord takes this feeling from me.
22:57 I am trying to tell them about your love.
22:58 Please save them and take this pain from my heart.
23:01 I went to the bathroom, because the bathroom was the only room
23:04 that had the lock and I locked the door to be delivered
23:07 from their sneering and making fun of me and I leaned my elbow
23:11 on the counter in the bathroom just so I can relax
23:14 for a few minutes and then it happened.
23:17 This it was, as though the hand of God
23:20 went through my whole being, the shaking that took place
23:23 from the top of my head and went right through me,
23:25 and though it exited from my feet and suddenly
23:30 this absolute amount of peace, joy, love and the power of God
23:35 just took over me to the degree,
23:38 I did not fall to the ground, I did not start doing thing,
23:40 but I was just filled with this awe,
23:44 reverence and I began to weep like a baby.
23:47 I came out of the bathroom.
23:49 My sister said what's wrong with you?
23:51 And I just, I couldn't speak,
23:53 I did not speak till the next day.
23:54 I had no words to say.
23:56 And I went to sleep and I had the best sleep of my life.
23:59 And today do you know what that was?
24:04 Well what do you think?
24:05 I believe that the Lord gave me His anointing
24:09 and He took away my pain.
24:10 And instead God wants to bless us.
24:13 He wants us to have a brand new experience everyday
24:15 and He gave me a deeper experience
24:18 of His spirit than ever before.
24:21 And I tell you, you know, my brother
24:24 who shook me from the collar, I am glad to say
24:26 that he is now a pastor.
24:29 Now he serves the Lord.
24:30 My sister is baptized, serves the Lord.
24:35 My other brother is baptized, so the Lord
24:37 has touched my whole family.
24:39 Your whole family now has taken that holy journey.
24:42 All my siblings in the United States
24:43 have made that decision to follow the Lord.
24:45 Oh, praise God.
24:48 Praise God and it started with you?
24:52 Absolutely. It started with you. Praise God.
24:55 That is wonderful, Shahbaz.
24:58 You know, I would like you to take
25:03 just a couple of minutes and say something to the people
25:07 who are watching this and listening to your story.
25:12 What would you like to say to them,
25:14 just look into the camera.
25:17 If I had anything to say
25:19 to all my brothers and sisters, all around the world.
25:22 I consider all my Muslim brothers and sisters
25:26 as my brothers and sisters, all my Jewish friends
25:29 are also my brothers and sisters
25:31 and all of the Christians out there.
25:32 Anyone that has not come to know the Lord Jesus Christ,
25:35 in a meaningful way, I want you to invite you to make
25:39 that decision, the Lord Jesus Christ
25:41 who touched my heart, and my life and who changed me,
25:45 I never- I was never in a position,
25:48 I never even thought that I would one day be a Christian.
25:51 That was not my-I never thought that would be my path,
25:54 but when the Lord Jesus Christ
25:56 called me to the higher experience
25:58 and He called me and I could not resist.
26:01 He is calling you today and you may be right now
26:03 experiencing what I've experienced.
26:04 May be you are in that depression,
26:05 may be you are in that dark space.
26:07 May be you are seeking for a greater experience with God.
26:12 And I want to invite you to come
26:14 and follow Jesus Christ even right now.
26:19 Thank you Brother Shahbaz.
26:20 My pleasure. And, you know,
26:23 brothers and sisters he, Brother Shahbaz
26:26 had a wonderful experiences, most of us have
26:29 and as you've heard his plead,
26:31 if you have any questions,
26:33 do please email us
26:38 and we will answer your questions. Thank you.
26:41 When you get to the Descendants of Abraham,
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