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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
00:45 shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:48 and peace be upon you our Christian friends.
00:51 Welcome once again to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:55 What a blessing it is to have you here with us today.
01:00 Do you know Abraham believed in the supernatural?
01:06 He and Sarah were too old to have children,
01:10 but God told them that they will
01:13 and they did because Abraham believed.
01:18 Do you believe in the supernatural?
01:21 Many today feel that it is not civilized
01:25 to believe in these things.
01:28 That we should only believe in what we can touch
01:33 or what we can hear or what we can see.
01:36 But if we believe in the God
01:38 of the most high, in the God of Abraham,
01:42 then we must believe in the supernatural.
01:46 We cannot believe in God if we don't.
01:53 What exactly is the definition of supernatural?
01:57 Well, one of the definitions I think that fit
02:01 very well is that it is a force beyond
02:05 scientific understanding or the laws of nature.
02:12 It is a force beyond scientific understanding.
02:15 Believing in the supernatural means that you believe
02:19 in what can't be seen
02:21 but you can see its effects.
02:27 I was exposed to the supernatural
02:30 at a very young age.
02:33 I guess I should say, starting at a very young age.
02:37 I used to accompany my grandfather
02:40 who was an imam at that time.
02:45 When our neighbors or our members
02:48 in the community would call him, because someone,
02:52 some loved one was demon possessed.
02:56 At that time I really didn't understand at all,
03:00 but as I grew up, I came to understand
03:02 and now I even believe more,
03:05 but I would go with my grandfather and I would watch
03:10 as he would pray over these people
03:13 and he always had some oil,
03:17 I really don't know what the oil was but it was oil that he,
03:20 that was warmed up and he put a little bit into their ear
03:24 and he would pray over them some more
03:27 and then I would witness, I would see this person,
03:33 as they, their whole body convulsed
03:36 and they screamed and writhed as this demon
03:43 was really being exorcized out of their body.
03:50 Now I never saw the demon that left,
03:54 but I saw the effects afterwards,
03:57 after that demon left them.
04:00 The peace that was in their,
04:03 their bodies, the peace that showed
04:05 on their face, the effects
04:09 of the prayer of my grandfather.
04:16 My journey in recognizing and accepting Jesus
04:19 as the Son of God began with the supernatural.
04:24 It was a set of supernatural events that let me
04:27 to the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ.
04:32 And it all started with an explosion
04:35 in the home where I lived.
04:38 No one was home at the time, so there were no injuries,
04:44 praise the Lord, there were no injuries.
04:47 But first let me tell you, I was raised to believe that God
04:50 did not have a son and that such thinking
04:53 is blasphemy against the Almighty.
04:57 But I want to tell you that our father Abba
05:01 in heaven does have a Son.
05:04 I learned that Mary was chosen by the Creator
05:07 only to carry Jesus in her womb and be born into this world
05:14 the same way that you and I, that all of us are born.
05:18 He had to walk, this walk he had to take
05:21 that journey, like we did.
05:24 The Creator did not have any relations with Mary
05:28 as some of us are told.
05:31 His son Jesus submitted to His Father to become a baby
05:36 and to be placed into Mary's womb.
05:39 That is why she was a virgin, that is why it is said
05:43 that he was born of a virgin and it says
05:46 that in the Holy Scriptures in the Bible
05:49 and it says that in the Quran that she was a virgin.
05:54 God wants to make sure that we understand,
05:58 that this very special baby was not for man or woman,
06:03 but was sent by God to save the world.
06:08 Mary was like a surrogate mother for the baby Jesus.
06:12 She is no different from any other woman created by God
06:17 and should never- and we should never worship
06:21 her as a divine being.
06:25 You know, today with medical science
06:29 a baby can be conceived outside of the womb
06:33 in a Petri dish, in a test tube.
06:36 Now if mankind can do this, how arrogant we must be to think
06:43 that God does not have the power to transform His son
06:49 into a baby into--place Him, into the womb of a virgin
06:56 on this earth to carry Him.
06:59 Man can create that baby but God can't,
07:04 we need to rethink this.
07:08 I was committed to following the God of my father
07:11 and my culture, I wanted to learn more
07:14 about the God of the Quran.
07:16 But the harder I studied, the more questions I had.
07:21 I would attend the Islamic school and ask questions,
07:24 but as always, I was told,
07:28 we must never question the Creator.
07:34 When I left home and traveled to another land,
07:37 I did not take the Quran with me,
07:41 so I wanted my Quran.
07:44 I called my father who is in another country,
07:48 and I asked him to send me the Quran
07:51 and he did so right away.
07:54 One day there was a explosion in my home
07:58 and as I said before no one was there,
08:00 no one was injured, and everything,
08:05 everything I discovered that was around my Quran,
08:11 even the table that the Quran was sitting on.
08:14 Everything was safe nothing was destroyed except my Quran
08:21 which was burnt up. Brothers and sisters,
08:26 we know you tried to burn a hard cover like,
08:29 when I have the Quran,
08:30 you tried to burn that into ashes,
08:32 it's not easy, much as everything around it being safe,
08:37 being fine and those books that book being burned into ashes.
08:42 What was this, I was astonished that this could happen.
08:47 I did not know that it was just the beginning of a long journey,
08:53 a journey for me, a journey that was the one true God,
08:59 the God of Abraham was taking me on.
09:04 There were many other supernatural events
09:07 that took place on this journey,
09:08 but time does not allow me to go into them all.
09:12 I remember I was eating lunch one day
09:18 and I was just thinking about everything that the Creator
09:22 was doing in my life and the things that
09:24 He was teaching me,
09:27 and I was so surprised,
09:32 so astonished with some of the things I was learning.
09:36 And as I sat there and I am contemplating all of this,
09:42 I had this strange sensation, it was like,
09:47 it was like--everything around me was separated.
09:54 I was separated from everything
09:56 around me and I felt this warmth,
10:00 and this brightness, and this tingling sensation
10:05 in my body, it didn't last long, seconds may be,
10:09 but I know, and I know now actually
10:14 that it was the presence of God with me.
10:20 I couldn't wait to share this, this whole experience
10:24 with my family and all the truth that I was learning,
10:27 I wanted to share with them.
10:29 Surely, they would be interested.
10:31 Surely, they would want to share this experience with me,
10:35 and know about this God of Abraham
10:38 that I was learning about.
10:41 I called my daddy and I shared with him all the things
10:48 I've learned, that I was learning.
10:52 And to this day, brothers and sisters,
10:54 and I think I've mentioned this before,
10:56 and I am, it is still with me.
11:00 I remember, I remember that click
11:04 of the phone and I knew that my daddy
11:10 and my family will not speak to me again.
11:18 I knew that at that point,
11:21 I was being separated from them.
11:24 I was disowned, but after my father
11:31 hung up the phone, like Abraham,
11:35 like Ishmael, I felt the pain of separation
11:39 and rejection and I still do.
11:44 But although it was painful for me,
11:49 I knew I had to make a choice,
11:53 to follow God as Abraham did or to follow man.
12:00 Even if that meant that I had to be separated
12:04 from my family, as Abraham had to be separated from his kin,
12:11 from his family, from his native land.
12:20 Because I am a daughter of Abraham,
12:23 I must have faith in the supernatural
12:27 as father Abraham did.
12:31 Let me stress.
12:34 All supernatural events must be in harmony
12:39 with the word of God.
12:41 It must be in harmony with the word of God.
12:47 We like father Abraham must be able to recognize
12:51 the voice of God and to be obedient to Him only.
12:56 Make sure that you are not following strange voices.
13:01 Read the word.
13:04 These words of Jesus brought me comfort
13:07 when my family disowned me.
13:10 In the Injil, in Mathew 10:37,
13:15 here is what it says, "He who loves father
13:20 or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me.
13:25 And he who loves son or daughter more
13:28 than Me is not worthy of Me."
13:35 I knew in my heart, in my soul
13:39 that like father Abraham, I had to make the choice
13:45 to follow the living God and leave
13:47 all my relatives behind.
13:50 You know there were others who recognized
13:53 Jesus as the Savior of all nations.
13:56 The Creator gave King Solomon this prophecy
14:00 about a thousand years before Jesus came to this earth.
14:05 Let's read that scripture,
14:07 it's from the Psalms 72:10, 11, 15,
14:15 "The kings of Tarshish and of the Isles will bring presents.
14:21 The kings of Sheba and Seba will offer gifts.
14:25 Yes, all kings shall fall down before Him,
14:29 all nations shall serve Him
14:31 and the gold of Sheba will be given to Him."
14:36 That was a prophecy that the Creator
14:41 gave to Solomon, King Solomon.
14:43 Let's look at the fulfillment of that prophecy
14:47 in the Injil in Mathew 2:1, 2 and 11,
14:52 "Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea
14:56 in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men
15:01 from the East come to Jerusalem, saying,
15:05 where is He who has been born King of the Jews?
15:09 For we have seen His star in the East
15:13 and have come to worship Him.
15:15 And when they had come into the house,
15:18 they saw the young Child with Mary His mother,
15:21 and fell down and worshipped him.
15:25 And when they had opened their treasures,
15:28 they presented gifts to Him, gold,
15:31 frankincense, and myrrh."
15:36 These wise men were believed to be eastern philosophers,
15:40 they were men of integrity and wisdom.
15:43 They studied the workings of the natural world.
15:47 They were not Jews, and they did not have
15:50 any formal religion but the Creator would use
15:54 these wise men to announce the birth of His
15:58 sinless Son into this sinful world.
16:05 As these men studied the heavens,
16:07 they noticed a bright star
16:09 that they had never before seen in the sky.
16:12 They wanted to know what it was and its significance,
16:16 so they searched the Hebrews scriptures to see
16:19 if there was anything written
16:21 there to explain this bright star, because they had heard
16:24 that the Hebrew scriptures foretold
16:29 of a lot of events that were coming,
16:32 so it was logical that that's
16:34 where they would go to study this.
16:36 They remembered some of the prophecies
16:38 that was told in their own land about
16:41 a divine teacher who was to come.
16:45 In studying the Torah, the wise philosophers found
16:49 the prophecy of Balaam in the Book of Numbers.
16:52 Here's what that prophecy said,
16:54 in the Book of Numbers 24:17,
17:01 "I see Him, but not now, I behold Him, but not near.
17:08 A Star shall come out of Jacob,
17:10 A Scepter shall rise out of Israel."
17:16 They wondered, could this star
17:21 be the fulfillment of the promised one?
17:25 As they continued to search for truth,
17:28 God gave them even greater light,
17:32 through dreams they were lead to search out the new born prince.
17:37 Just like Abraham, they followed the instructions
17:41 without knowing where they were going.
17:45 They believed the prophecies of the coming of the promised One
17:49 and they were excited at finding Him.
17:54 They had to travel by night, so that they could see
17:57 the star and follow it.
18:00 The journey was long but the stars finally
18:03 rested over the temple in Jerusalem.
18:07 The Magis as they are also called hurried into Jerusalemx
18:11 inquiring about the Messiah's birth.
18:15 Let us look at the record Mathew 2:2,
18:19 in the Injil again Matthew 2:2,
18:23 "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?
18:27 For we have seen His star in the East
18:30 and have come to worship Him."
18:33 Well, as they enquired, they were disappointed.
18:38 It seems that no one in that city was aware
18:41 of this blessed event, but the news of the wise men
18:46 search-- the news of the wise men
18:49 search reached King Herod.
18:53 Herod was troubled by this news.
18:55 And in order to find out where the Christ would be,
18:59 he asked the wise men to be brought,
19:03 that the wise men be brought to him.
19:05 Let's read the little of the story from the Injil again,
19:08 Mathew 2:3-6, "When Herod the king heard this,
19:15 he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.
19:19 And when he had gathered all the chief priests
19:23 and scribes of the people together,
19:26 he inquired of them where the Christ was to be born.
19:30 And so they said to him, In Bethlehem of Judea,
19:34 for thus it is written by the prophet.
19:38 But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah,
19:41 are not the least among the rulers of Judah.
19:45 For out of you shall come a ruler
19:48 who will shepherd My people Israel."
19:54 At this time Herod called the wise men from the east
19:58 and questioned what time the star appeared.
20:01 He needed to know who was this ruler
20:05 that was coming, he felt threatened.
20:08 He was scared.
20:09 Who was this new ruler, who was this king
20:12 that they were talking about that was coming to Jerusalem?
20:16 That was going to be born there, he had his own intentions,
20:21 he sent them into Bethlehem and asked them to report back
20:24 to him where the child was.
20:28 His intention was to kill the child.
20:31 But the Creator God knew Herod's intentions
20:35 and He instructed the wise men through a dream
20:38 that they were not to go back to Herod
20:42 but to return to their own country.
20:47 The Creator would never allow men to interfere in His plans.
20:54 To save His children, to save us,
20:59 He loves us and He gives a choice
21:02 to follow Him or to reject Him.
21:05 But He does not change
21:08 to accommodate our traditions.
21:13 Many, many other prophets of the Bible told the about
21:20 the birth and the treatment that Jesus would receive
21:24 from the hands of His people.
21:27 We would look at some of those prophecies in future programs
21:33 that will point to Jesus, not only as the Son of God,
21:38 not only as the Lamb of God, but also as the Son of God.
21:43 You know, Jesus said in John
21:49 and I'll read this to you.
21:51 Let me read this to you.
21:53 "I told you and you do not believe the works
21:58 that I do in my father's name, they bear witness of me,
22:02 but you do not believe because
22:06 you're not of my sheep, as I said to you.
22:10 My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.
22:17 And I give them eternal life and they shall never perish,
22:23 neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.
22:28 My father who has given them to Me is greater
22:33 than all and no one is able to snatch them
22:38 out of my father's hand."
22:41 I and my father, and when Jesus
22:46 said those things, the people around Him
22:51 were ready to stone Him.
22:54 They did not want to hear what He had to say,
22:57 they rejected Him.
23:00 Brother and sister Ishmaelites,
23:05 don't reject Him.
23:08 Please listen for His voice.
23:13 He will, He will call you.
23:16 He will come to you, He will teach you,
23:19 if your heart is open, if you are willing,
23:24 He will bring you to the knowledge of the true God,
23:29 the one true God of Abraham.
23:35 I pray, I pray that you will,
23:43 that you will go and search,
23:46 search a heart, if you don't have the tools,
23:51 write to me, write and ask questions.
23:55 If you want to know more write to me,
23:58 I'll answer your questions, I will give you the tools
24:02 so that you can search yourselves.
24:05 Jesus the Christ is the Lamb of God.
24:09 He is the scent of God.
24:12 Don't be like the people that I read
24:15 about here, don't reject Him.
24:18 Please open your heart to Him.
24:23 I'll be right back, stay with us.
24:26 When you get to the Descendants of Abraham,
24:29 you can be sure that you're lighting the way
24:31 for all in search of the Creator God
24:34 and His message of love and forgiveness to all nations.
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25:16 Brothers and sisters, if you'll trust in the Creator
25:19 to guide you, He will show you all truth that leads to Him.
25:23 All you have to do is to ask, that is all.
25:28 Just pray and ask
25:30 the God of Abraham, what is truth.
25:33 Tell Him that you want to be lead into truth
25:37 and I promise you, He will lead you.
25:43 Next time we will look at the question.
25:46 Who does Jesus say He is?
25:48 Is He a great prophet?
25:51 Is He a liar or is He truly the Son of God?
25:57 I would like to pray with you.
26:04 Oh, God of Abraham, Isaac,
26:09 Jacob, Ishmael, Father God,
26:14 I pray that you will touch the hearts of every person
26:21 that is watching this right now, that has joined me
26:25 in this program that you will soften their hearts
26:29 and open their minds to your truth that Your Holy Spirit
26:35 will illuminate their minds with a precious truth
26:42 of the one true God, the God of Abraham,
26:46 the living God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
26:51 Father, I am just an instrument in your hand,
26:55 all I can do is give the message but it is You that drives
27:02 it into the heart and into the mind.
27:04 I pray that you will do that at this time.
27:08 In the name of Jesus Christ,
27:12 your beloved Son, amen.
27:17 Until then God willing, we pray that the Almighty
27:22 will bless you and keep you safe in your search for His truth.
27:27 And there is only one God and one truth.
27:33 See you next week.


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