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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
00:44 shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:47 and peace be upon you to our Christian friends.
00:50 Welcome to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:53 We are so blessed that you have joined
00:55 us today for another program.
00:58 In our previous program, we look at the tremendous tests
01:03 that Abraham faced when the Creator God
01:06 asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac.
01:10 Upon on Mount Moriah Abraham had heard the question of his son,
01:15 "My father, where is the lamb for burnt offering.
01:20 And the father answered, "My son, God will provide
01:25 himself a lamb for a burnt offering."
01:29 And we all know that the Creator God provided the ram
01:34 that took the place of Abraham's son.
01:39 God showed Abraham through this great event
01:42 that took place on Mount Moriah,
01:44 a symbol of Him who was to die for the sins of all mankind.
01:50 Our Creator was giving Abraham a vision
01:53 into the greatest defend ever to take place
01:57 on this rebellious planet of ours.
02:00 Some say that the first sacrifice was when the Creator
02:04 killed an animal to make a covering for Adam and Eve
02:08 after they sinned in the Garden of Eden.
02:11 I don't know may be.
02:13 We know that Adam and Eve, the parents of Cain and Abel
02:18 taught their sons regarding the sacrificial system
02:22 given to them by the Creator.
02:25 We are familiar with the story of Cain and his brother Abel
02:29 and how Cain through his pride and envy murdered
02:33 his own brother who was right in God sides.
02:38 We are told that the Creator God could not accept Cain's offering
02:43 of fruits because there was no shedding of blood involved.
02:49 There was no sacrifice for atonement
02:54 and that is so important in this lesson.
02:58 Let us take a look at what happened.
03:00 Let's read together Genesis 4:3-5.
03:07 "And in the process of time it came to pass,
03:11 that Cain brought an offering of the fruit
03:13 of the ground to the Lord.
03:16 Abel, also brought of the firstlings
03:18 of his flock and of their fat.
03:22 And the Lord respected Abel and his offering,
03:25 but he did not respect Cain and his offering."
03:32 Why did the Creator not accept Cain's offering,
03:37 because his offerings from the fruit of the ground,
03:40 it represented the blessing that the Creator gives us each day
03:45 for our earthly needs, like food, like water,
03:50 the sunshine, the rain, it represented all off that
03:54 but it did not acknowledge faith in the Creator's
03:57 most important gift humanity, his son and the shedding
04:02 of his blood as the only sacrifice accepted
04:07 by the Creator God for our sins.
04:10 Abel's offering acknowledged the shedding of blood through
04:15 animal sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins.
04:19 Cain's offering was based
04:22 on his own works for righteousness.
04:28 When Noah was out of the ark, the first out he walked out
04:31 after the ark landed and the water disappeared
04:36 from the earth, one of the first things he did was build
04:39 an altar to the Lord and offer burnt offerings.
04:44 Wherever Abraham went an altar
04:47 which he sacrificed animals upon was built.
04:51 When he moved from Canaan, when he went to Beersheba
04:56 where ever he went, there was always an altar left behind.
05:01 Canaanite travelers came and they always saw the altar
05:05 and they knew, they knew that Abraham
05:09 was there before, sacrificing to his God.
05:15 Abraham offered this sacrifice daily.
05:19 He was well acquainted with the requirements of the Creator.
05:23 The system instituted by the Creator Himself goes back
05:27 to the time of Adam and Eve.
05:30 Remember what the Creator God told the serpent
05:32 when Adam and Eve sinned.
05:34 Here is what He said.
05:36 Let's read it in Genesis 3:14, 15.
05:41 "So the Lord said to the serpent,
05:43 "Because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle,
05:48 and more than every beast of the field.
05:51 On your belly you shall go, and you shall east dust
05:56 all the days of your life.
05:59 And I will put enmity between you and the woman,
06:03 and between your seed and her seed,
06:07 he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel."
06:13 Enmity, if you look up the definition of enmity
06:16 what it means hatred.
06:18 God wanted to put hatred between whom?
06:23 Whom did they want to put hatred between?
06:25 It was between the fallen angel Lucifer who used the serpent
06:30 to tempt Eve who is now called Satan
06:34 and the son of the Almighty Jesus the Christ.
06:39 God said, He will put hatred,
06:43 enmity between Satan and his son.
06:50 Brothers and sisters, listen to me please,
06:55 our journey has descendants of Abraham as Ishmaelites
07:00 has not come to completion.
07:03 Our journey must continue in the search for truth.
07:08 We will all say that there is only one God and yes,
07:13 there is only one God, so there must be only one truth.
07:21 Then why are there so many religions in this world?
07:25 Why are there so many different Gods
07:28 and so many different roads leading to God?
07:32 Most are invented by man according
07:35 to his own way and traditions.
07:40 How do you know that the God you follow
07:43 and worship is the true God?
07:46 The God who hears and answers the living God?
07:51 In my journey and many of our Ishmaelite brothers
07:56 and sisters journeys to find the truth,
07:58 we found the meaning of father Abraham's
08:01 call to sacrifice his son, his only son
08:06 as an offering to his God.
08:08 We as Ishmaelites and our cousins
08:12 the Hebrews all believe that
08:15 the God of Abraham is the one true God.
08:19 Yet so, yet why so many differences in our teaching
08:23 and our worship style.
08:26 Why so much bloodshed
08:28 all in the name of the God of Abraham.
08:35 If we all worship and follow the one true God,
08:38 we would help each other.
08:40 Our hearts would be filled with compassion toward each other.
08:46 Abraham's God would not have allowed
08:48 Abraham to sacrifice his son,
08:51 that is not who He is or what He is about.
08:56 God was testing Abraham's faith in Him
09:01 and He was also pointing us to the future to the sacrifice
09:06 of His Son Jesus who will have to make atonement
09:12 for us so that we may have lives.
09:17 Think about this.
09:19 If Jesus is the Son of God, then He must be our elder brother.
09:26 Let me show you what God says in his word,
09:28 in the Book of Romans in the Injil 8:15, 16, 17,
09:36 "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage to fear,
09:42 but you received the Sprit of adoption
09:45 by whom we cry out "Abba, Father.
09:50 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit
09:54 that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs,
09:59 heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ."
10:06 God is a God of love, compassion,
10:10 forgiveness and mercy.
10:13 He loved Isaac more than Abraham could ever love Isaac.
10:18 He loved Ishmael more than Abraham could ever love Ishmael.
10:23 And He loves you and me more than
10:28 we can possibly imagine.
10:32 God our Father Abba proved
10:38 His love for us by allowing
10:40 His Son and our brother to take our penalty
10:45 of death upon Himself, so that we may live.
10:51 He can never bless the fighting that goes on between us.
10:57 We are all His children.
11:02 He wants us to stop.
11:04 He wants us to stop the fighting.
11:07 He wants us to stop killing in His name.
11:11 He is holy and just and righteous.
11:16 And He never gave His permission to kill our brothers
11:20 and sisters and to say that we are doing it in His name.
11:25 We are not, that's not who the God of Abraham is.
11:30 That's not who the living God is.
11:33 This is not from the God of Abraham, Isaac or Ishmael.
11:41 There is no other sacrifice that the Almighty will accept
11:45 for the forgiveness of our sins.
11:48 Cain tried his own way and he was cut off
11:51 from the family of God.
11:54 Many of us are attempting to worship God
11:57 in our own way, we can't do that.
12:06 I would like us to look at what the Prophet Isaiah said,
12:11 Isaiah chapter 55:8, 9,
12:19 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
12:22 Nor are your ways my ways," says the Lord.
12:27 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
12:30 so are My ways higher than your ways,
12:33 and My thoughts than your thoughts."
12:38 Father Abraham understood this.
12:41 He prayed that Ishmael would be the son of promise
12:46 but when the Creator God said no, no,
12:50 Ishmael is not the promised son, it had to be Isaac.
12:53 Abraham submitted to God and accepted this.
13:00 But God kept His promise to Abraham and Hagar.
13:05 He blessed Ishmael and his descendants abundantly.
13:11 After Sarah died Abraham married Keturah.
13:17 He had six sons with her.
13:19 You can read about this in Genesis 25.
13:22 But, here is the interesting thing.
13:24 Let's take a look at it together,
13:26 let's look at Genesis 25:5, 6,
13:30 And Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac.
13:35 But Abraham gave gifts to the sons of the concubines,
13:38 which Abraham had, and while he was still lived
13:42 he sent them eastward, away from Isaac his son,
13:47 to the country of the east."
13:52 Ishmael was not the only child of Abraham
13:55 that was sent away from Isaac.
13:57 Abraham knew that he had an obligation
14:00 to the Creator to protect Isaac, the promised son from
14:05 any influence that would get in the way of God's plans for him.
14:09 Did you know that Isaac and Ishmael
14:12 loved each other and reunited?
14:15 If you study this brothers and sisters,
14:17 you will find truth.
14:19 Again in Genesis 25:9 we see these half brothers
14:24 as they unite and come together at the grave of their father.
14:27 Let's look at that again.
14:29 In Genesis 25:9, "And his sons Isaac and Ishmael
14:34 buried him in the cave of Machpelah."
14:38 There was a lot of strife and trouble
14:42 in their earlier years.
14:44 Undoubtedly how many of us as teenagers
14:50 when our father or mother sends us away
14:54 since you have to leave, how many of us will be happy?
14:59 It will affect us, it will affect our soul,
15:02 it will affect our heart, it will break us,
15:05 and this caused a lot of trouble.
15:08 But Ishmael returned to the God of his father,
15:11 the living God, Jesus the Christ.
15:16 It was Jesus that brought peace and tranquility
15:21 to these brothers in the later part of their lives.
15:26 Only Jesus can bring this kind of unity and joy into our lives.
15:31 No other human being, no amount of money,
15:34 no amount of land or earthly things
15:37 can ever bring total peace to our hearts.
15:41 Isaac and Ishmael both worshiped and follow Jesus.
15:46 Jesus himself said to the unbelieving Jews,
15:49 the lineage of Isaac in John 8:56, we can read this.
15:54 "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day,
15:59 and he saw it and was glad."
16:04 At that time the Jewish people did not believe
16:09 in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
16:12 They believed in Abraham but they missed Abraham's God
16:18 and this is why Jesus said what he did,
16:20 God did provide himself a lamb
16:24 just as he Abraham testified he would.
16:29 That lamb was and still is Jesus, His only Son.
16:37 The lamb offering had to be without blemish
16:41 because it symbolizes the Creator's
16:43 sinless unblemished Son,
16:46 the ultimate sacrifice for you and me.
16:51 There are many references
16:53 to Lamb of God in the Holy Scriptures.
16:55 Let us take a look at some of these.
16:58 In the Book of Ezekiel, in the Torah
17:02 we read in Ezekiel 45:15,
17:05 "And one lamb shall be given from a flock of two hundred,
17:10 from the rich pastures of Israel.
17:14 These shall be for grain offerings,
17:16 burnt offerings, and peace offerings,
17:19 to make atonement for them."
17:24 And In Isaiah 53:7 we seen the prophecy.
17:30 "He was oppressed and He was afflicted,
17:33 yet He opened not His mouth,
17:37 He was led as a lamb to the slaughter,
17:40 and as a sheep before its shearers is silent,
17:45 So He opened not his mouth."
17:50 When John the Baptist first laid eyes on Jesus,
17:54 here is what he declared, here is what he said.
17:57 Let's look at the Injil in John 1:29.
18:04 He said, "The next day John saw Jesus
18:08 coming towards him and said,
18:10 "Behold! The Lamb of God
18:13 who takes away the sin of the world!"
18:19 John recognized Jesus as the Lamb of God.
18:25 And in the Book of Revelation we are told that unless
18:30 we choose to follow the Lamb of God
18:33 and worship Him, we will worship Satan.
18:37 Here is what it says in the Book of Revelation,
18:40 the last book of the scriptures, the book of the time
18:43 of the end in Revelation 13:8, 9.
18:51 "And all who dwell on the earth will worship him,
18:56 whose names have not been written in the Book of Life
19:01 of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
19:07 If anyone has an ear, let him hear."
19:13 Brothers and sisters, my fellow
19:16 Ishmaelite descendants of Abraham and my Hebrew brothers
19:22 and sisters too, we cannot choose to be neutral.
19:26 We will choose to follow the Lamb of God or his enemy,
19:32 there is no middle ground.
19:34 In John again in the Injil in the Book of John 3:16,
19:41 we see the meaning of the sacrificial system
19:44 that was given by the Creator God.
19:47 Let's read that together.
19:51 Let's take a look at what it says,
19:54 "For God so loved the world that He gave
19:59 His only begotten Son, that whoever believes
20:03 in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."
20:11 Abraham knew that if he had to take Isaac's life
20:15 that his God, our God, your God,
20:20 the Creator of all things could,
20:23 would be able to resurrect Isaac.
20:27 He would have been able to restore him.
20:30 But, that did not have to happen because God provided
20:34 the sacrificial lamb for Abraham and Isaac,
20:39 for Ishmael and for you and for me.
20:49 Brothers and sisters,
20:55 I would like to close with these remarks,
21:01 although Abraham had other sons, nothing of significance
21:05 is mentioned of them, they seem to have
21:09 just faded into history.
21:11 It was Ishmael and Isaac and their descendants
21:15 that were to play an important role in this great controversy
21:20 that has taken place in the last 4000 years.
21:24 There is still a conflict going on between the descendants
21:28 of Abraham because they have strayed
21:31 so far from the God of Abraham.
21:35 I pray that they will answer the call,
21:39 answer the call from the God of Abraham
21:44 to come back home where they belong.
21:48 Time is running out.
21:51 The earth as we know it is coming to an end quickly.
21:57 Can't you hear the voice of God?
22:00 Abraham's God calling you come home Ishmaelite, comes home.
22:11 I know it's difficult to answer this call.
22:15 It was difficult for me and it's difficult,
22:18 it was difficult for lot of our brothers and sisters
22:21 who have traveled that road, who has completed that journey
22:28 to find truth and to find the living God,
22:32 the one true God of Abraham.
22:35 It is difficult, I will not deny
22:38 that but not impossible.
22:40 And my fellow brothers and sisters,
22:45 take that path, pray about it, listen for the voice of God,
22:51 He will talk to you, pray to Him.
22:55 If you pray to Him to show you truth,
22:58 I promise you He will show you truth.
23:01 He will guide you and you will be safe
23:06 and you will be at peace and you will have joy
23:10 like you never had joy before.
23:15 I would like to take a few minutes to pray with you,
23:19 but before I do that, let me say a little bit about prayer.
23:24 When I first started following the God of Abraham
23:30 and learning about Him and learning about
23:33 His Son Jesus, my prayers changed,
23:38 it is so personal, it is He says He is our father,
23:45 but see we don't have to repeat verses
23:49 and we don't have to speak in any other languages
23:54 except our own native language, the God of this world,
23:58 the Creator of this world, He understands,
24:01 whatever language we speak
24:03 and He understands us each one of us.
24:07 We don't have to be scholars,
24:09 we don't have to be priests or imams,
24:12 whoever we are, He listens to us,
24:14 He draws close to us when we pray.
24:18 Let's pray together, and let me pray for you,
24:21 I want to pray for you.
24:26 Oh, God, Father in heaven, we come to you,
24:32 I come to you praying for my brothers and sisters,
24:37 the Ishmaelites and our cousins the Hebrews.
24:44 Father, we have lost our way and you know
24:47 that and we pray, I pray Father
24:51 that you will please shine your light,
24:54 your holy precious light that we can see
24:59 clearly the path to travel.
25:04 Speak to our hearts, speak to our minds,
25:08 I know father, I know that there are many out
25:11 there that are searching for truth,
25:14 that are searching for you, they want to know you.
25:19 Won't you please Father, hear my prayer on their behalf
25:23 and touch them with Your truth and bring them home
25:27 as You have been calling them bring them home,
25:32 I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ,
25:37 your beloved Son and our Savior. Amen.
25:43 When you get to the Descendants of Abraham,
25:46 you can be sure that you're lighting the way
25:48 for all in search of the Creator God
25:51 and His message of love and forgiveness to all nations.
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26:50 There are testimonies from former Ishmaelites
26:55 that you can look at and hopefully
26:58 it will give you courage to take that path,
27:02 that journey and they will tell about their struggles
27:07 but they will also tell how God helped them and came
27:10 to them in visions and dreams in so many different ways
27:15 that He can come to you.
27:19 Next week we will look at Jesus, the Son of God.
27:24 Who is he? Is there a mention of a mother?
27:29 Like you brothers and sisters
27:31 I too accepted this as blaspheme.
27:35 God is holy and to say that he had relations
27:39 with an earthly woman and produced a son,
27:42 yes, that would blaspheme,
27:44 but is that what had really happened?
27:47 We will learn more next week.
27:51 Inshallah you will join us again,
27:54 as we continue to learn about the true God,
27:57 the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.


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