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The Abandonment Of Ishmael

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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sisters,
00:44 shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:47 peace be upon you our Christian friends.
00:51 Welcome to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:53 We're blessed by your presence with us.
00:57 We'll be encouraged by Abraham, the father of faith
01:01 who was trained by a very patient and merciful God,
01:04 so that his faith may be strengthened.
01:08 In our previous program we looked that
01:10 how God kept His promise to Abraham
01:13 and blessed his first born son Ishmael with 12 sons.
01:18 These 12 sons of Ishmael became 12 princesses
01:22 just as God said would happen.
01:25 Always, God always keeps His promise.
01:28 Abraham loved Ishmael and wanted him to be the son of promise.
01:34 But God said, "this cannot be so."
01:37 And Abraham accepted the will of God.
01:42 He knew that his faith failed him.
01:45 And he would experience heartbreak
01:48 when he was asked to make a very difficult decision
01:51 regarding his beloved son Ishmael.
01:58 I call today's program the Abandonment of Ishmael,
02:02 the Abandonment of Ishmael
02:03 because you see Ishmael was abandoned.
02:06 He was abandoned by his father.
02:08 He was abandoned from the only home he knew,
02:15 he was asked to leave.
02:17 Ishmael had been instructed by his mother
02:19 that he was to be especially blessed of God.
02:23 And as the son of Abraham,
02:25 he was to inherit all that was promised to Abraham.
02:29 But that was man's way, not God's way.
02:33 That was never God's plan.
02:36 You see, God never approved of adulatory or polygamy.
02:43 He is a holy God.
02:45 He cannot approve of man's sinful ways.
02:50 God's plan for marriage is one man,
02:53 one woman, one husband, one wife,
02:57 Satan has corrupted this plan.
03:01 We see today, so much pain and sorrow
03:04 in broken relationships, broken marriages,
03:09 children without fathers and mothers and so on.
03:13 Satan started destroying the family in the Garden of Eden
03:18 when he first tempted Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit.
03:25 Let's take a look at this in Genesis 1.
03:29 Well, let's read verses 26-28 and 31,
03:33 Genesis 1:26-28 and 31.
03:39 It says, "Then God said,
03:41 "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.
03:47 So God created man in His image,
03:50 in the image of God He created him,
03:53 male and female, He created them.
03:58 Then God blessed them, and God said to them,
04:01 "Be fruitful and multiply."
04:04 Then God saw everything that He had made,
04:07 and indeed it was very good."
04:12 The Creator God had a plan for Abraham and Sarah.
04:18 But Satan was going to interfere with that plan.
04:23 We know from history that Abraham's wife Sarah
04:27 thought that she would help God.
04:30 She was going to help God fulfill his promise
04:33 to give them a son.
04:35 When she asked Abraham to marry Hagar,
04:38 again not God's plan, this was Sarah's plan.
04:42 Sarah was not being patient and waiting upon God.
04:47 She was going to do it man's way.
04:50 And she asked Abraham to marry Hagar,
04:54 so that this promised son could be born.
04:58 God didn't need help.
05:01 When we try to help God with his plans for mankind,
05:06 all we do is make a mess of things.
05:11 Abraham's first son Ishmael was born to Hagar, Sarah's maid,
05:17 but Ishmael was not the son of promise.
05:21 Abraham had to accept this decision from the holy God,
05:27 the Creator and as much as
05:30 we have difficulties in accepting this.
05:35 And as much as we would like to believe otherwise,
05:40 we have to accept the reality and the truth
05:47 that Isaac, Isaac not Ishmael was the son of promise.
05:54 Here is what the Creator tells us
05:57 in the Book of Isaiah 55:8-9.
06:01 Let's read that, the Book of Isaiah 55:8-9.
06:07 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
06:11 neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.
06:16 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
06:19 so are My ways higher than your ways,
06:23 and My thoughts than your thoughts."
06:28 The practice of polygamy was acceptable
06:33 in society in Abraham's days.
06:37 And it was not considered sinful then.
06:41 But again as we just read that was man's way,
06:46 those were man's ideas.
06:48 For God said, "My thoughts are not your thoughts,
06:52 neither are My ways your ways."
06:56 And He says that what sometimes
06:59 what man think is right, is wrong.
07:05 We have to accept the Creator's plan.
07:09 We have to accept His way, His word.
07:14 We cannot go against that,
07:16 no matter how difficult it is for us.
07:21 The Creator never approved of the practice of polygamy
07:25 because it actually violated his laws.
07:30 It violated his law.
07:32 Only through Abraham's true wife Sarah
07:36 would the promised son be born.
07:39 God appeared again to Abraham
07:41 when he was almost 100 years old.
07:44 And reminded him of the promise of a son through his wife Sarah
07:50 who at that time was 99 years old.
07:54 We see the fulfillment of God's promise
07:58 to this faithful couple.
07:59 Let's read Genesis 22:1-3
08:02 "And the Lord visited Sarah as He had said,
08:06 and the Lord did for Sarah as He had spoken.
08:09 For Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age,
08:15 at the set time of which God had spoken to him.
08:20 And Abraham called the name of his son
08:23 who was born to him,
08:24 who Sarah bore to him, Isaac."
08:31 After the birth of Isaac, Abraham and Sarah
08:34 was full of joy over the birth of their son in their old age.
08:40 The promise that God made to them had come to pass.
08:44 They stirred up jealousy in Hagar's heart.
08:49 A very natural what mother, what wife, what woman,
08:55 would not be hurt and even feel that,
08:58 that feeling of jealousy and anger at this whole situation.
09:07 Hagar knew Ishmael was not the one promised by God.
09:12 She allowed her disappointment and jealousy to spread
09:15 to her son Ishmael who disliked Isaac
09:20 because he thought that Abraham
09:23 his father Abraham preferred Isaac over him.
09:27 Sarah did not like what was happening.
09:30 She saw that there will be trouble between
09:32 Hagar's son Ishmael and her son Isaac.
09:35 She told her husband Abraham of the disrespect
09:39 of Ishmael to her and to her son Isaac
09:42 and asked Abraham to send them away.
09:46 And we can read about the sad moment in Genesis 21:10.
09:52 Let's read that Genesis 21:10.
09:55 "Therefore she said to Abraham,
09:58 "Cast out this bondwoman and her son,
10:01 for the son of this bondwoman
10:04 shall not be heir with my son, namely Isaac."
10:11 Abraham was greatly distressed.
10:15 Ishmael was his son,
10:17 his only son before Isaac came along
10:22 and Abraham bonded with him, he became his father,
10:27 he was his father, Isaac was his beloved son
10:31 and Abraham loved him with all of his heart,
10:34 the heart of a father.
10:36 He couldn't possibly send him away.
10:39 Would you my brother or my sister
10:42 be willing to part with your child
10:44 just because your husband or wife asked you to?
10:49 Abraham did not know what to do.
10:52 So he asked God for guidance.
10:55 Abraham should have asked his the Creator God for guidance
10:59 when Sarah tried to lead him to marry Hagar,
11:02 before the birth of Ishmael,
11:05 Abraham should have gone to God first.
11:09 Now, the trouble between the two women
11:11 and the sons of Abraham was becoming
11:14 too much for him to bear.
11:17 The Lord tells Abraham to listen
11:19 to the voice of Sarah his wife.
11:21 And that he should not let his affections for his son,
11:25 Ishmael or for Hagar,
11:28 get in the way of doing the right thing.
11:32 This was the only path he could take to restore
11:35 harmony and happiness again to his family.
11:42 In Genesis 21:11-12, we read,
11:47 "And the matter was very displeasing in Abraham's sight
11:51 because of his son.
11:53 But God said to Abraham,
11:56 "Do not let it be displeasing in your sight
11:59 because of the lad or because of your bondwoman.
12:03 Whatever Sarah has said to you,
12:05 listen to her voice;
12:07 for in Isaac your seed shall be called."
12:15 Abraham had to obey.
12:19 If God had approved of polygamy,
12:22 He would not have directed Abraham
12:24 to send away Hagar and Ishmael.
12:29 This lesson was not just for Abraham but for all of us.
12:33 God teaches us that a husband and wife
12:36 must cherish the sanctified relationship.
12:41 It must be respected and protected
12:43 whatever sacrifice has to be made.
12:47 God does not change, He cannot change His laws,
12:51 He does not change His ways.
12:53 It is up to us to be obedient to Him
12:56 and it is up to us to change.
13:00 In the Creator's eyes Sarah was the only wife of Abraham,
13:05 there was no other.
13:08 She was entitled to rights as a wife and mother
13:11 which no other woman
13:13 or no one else could have in the family.
13:16 She was betrothed to her husband.
13:21 And she did not want to share
13:23 his love and affection with Hagar.
13:26 She loved Abraham.
13:30 God did not rebuke Sarah for her part and encouraging
13:33 her husband to marry Hagar.
13:35 He never did, even though they both sinned
13:38 by believing in the power of the Creator God.
13:41 Abraham was held responsible for not trusting in God's power
13:47 which led him to take Hagar as his wife
13:51 and to think that through her the promise would be fulfilled.
13:55 You see, Abraham could have said no,
13:58 when Hagar asked him to-- I'm sorry,
14:01 when Sarah asked him to take Hagar as his wife
14:07 and to bring that promised son
14:10 Abraham could have said no, he didn't.
14:13 So that's why God held him responsible.
14:17 When God makes His plans man cannot change that.
14:20 We must accept it, even when we don't like
14:23 the outcome we must accept it.
14:27 Even when we don't like it, we must always praise God
14:31 for His blessing in our life.
14:37 Being a merciful God, He also promised Abraham
14:41 that Ishmael although separated from his father's house
14:45 will not die nor be forsaken by God.
14:49 He would be preserved because he was the son of Abraham.
14:53 God promised to make of Ishmael a great nation
14:57 and as we learned in our previous program,
15:00 God fulfilled his promise
15:01 regarding Ishmael as He always does.
15:05 Let's read Genesis 21:13-14.
15:10 It says here and this again is from God.
15:14 "Yet I will also make a nation of the son of the bondwoman,
15:19 because he is your seed."
15:22 So Abraham rose early in the morning,
15:25 and took bread and a skin of water;
15:28 and putting it on her shoulder,
15:31 he gave it and the boy to Hagar, and sent her away.
15:36 Then she departed and wandered
15:38 in the Wilderness of Beersheba."
15:44 Abraham's heart was breaking of what he had to do,
15:49 even though this command came from God
15:53 again to send Ishmael away and Hagar away,
15:58 it wasn't easy for Abraham.
16:01 He was brought down with grief and his feelings
16:04 as a father were deeply moved, as he sends away Hagar
16:09 and his first born son Ishmael to wander
16:13 as strangers in a strange land.
16:17 As Hagar and Ishmael wandered in the wilderness,
16:20 they ran out of water.
16:24 The distressed mother placed her son Ishmael under a shrub,
16:29 a tree in the desert for shade and she walked away,
16:33 she moved faraway from him.
16:36 She did not want to hear his cries of thirst and hunger,
16:41 she believed he was going to die in the wilderness.
16:45 They had no more water, they had no more food
16:49 and Hagar like any other mother could not bear to see
16:54 her precious son die.
16:58 But she did not have to doubt,
17:01 the word of God foresee, God was there.
17:04 He was always with Ishmael
17:07 and if we look at Genesis 21:17-18,
17:12 here is what God said, He said
17:15 "And God heard the voice of the lad.
17:20 Then the angel of God called to Hagar out of heaven,
17:24 and said to her, "What troubles you, Hagar?
17:28 Fear not, for God has heard
17:31 the voice of the lad where he is.
17:34 Arise, lift up the lad and hold him with your hand,
17:38 for I will make him a great nation."
17:43 The Creator God again reminded Hagar of the promise
17:47 He made to Abraham concerning Ishmael.
17:51 God loved Ishmael and did not hold him responsible
17:56 for the choices that Abraham made.
18:00 But God because of His holiness, His purity, His righteousness
18:06 and His laws could not answer Abraham's prayer
18:11 that Ishmael be the promised son, He couldn't.
18:16 If He could have, if He could have taken away the pain
18:20 and the broken heartedness from Abraham,
18:22 He would have but He couldn't.
18:25 The promised son must come from a lawful marriage
18:30 and we too must accept God's way and His laws.
18:39 Let us look at how God was still working in the life
18:43 of Ishmael and Hagar even through all of this.
18:46 In Genesis 21:19-21.
18:51 Let's read that together, "God opened her eyes,
18:57 and she saw a well of water.
19:00 And she went and filled the skin with water,
19:03 and gave the lad to drink.
19:06 So God was with the lad and he grew and dwelt
19:10 in the wilderness and became an archer.
19:13 He dwelt in the Wilderness of Paran
19:16 and his mother took a wife for him from the land of Egypt."
19:23 I believe that Ishmael kept in touch with his father Abraham
19:29 and his brother Isaac.
19:31 I believe that Ishmael continued to worship his father's God,
19:36 the God of Abraham.
19:41 Here is why I believe this.
19:43 Because in the Torah,
19:45 in the book of the beginnings in Genesis
19:47 again we read in Chapter 25:8-9, it tells us,
19:54 "Then Abraham breathed his last and died in a good old age,
20:00 an old man and full of years, and was gathered to his people.
20:06 And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him
20:11 in the cave of Machpelah,"
20:17 Isaac and Ishmael came together to bury their father.
20:25 If we study the scriptures,
20:27 we will see that there was a lot of connection
20:32 between Abraham and Ishmael.
20:35 Remember, Ishmael and his mom dwelt in Paran.
20:42 They moved, he married an Egyptian
20:45 but as we study more of the scriptures which we will do.
20:48 You'll see that they lived in Beersheba.
20:51 And you'll see that that's where Abraham moved too.
20:55 So the connection was there, they stayed closed
20:58 and Ishmael accepted that he was not the son of promise
21:03 but that Isaac was.
21:06 And they came together to bury their father.
21:10 And Ishmael continued to worship the God of Abraham.
21:16 The Creator God called Abraham to be
21:20 the father of the faithful.
21:22 And he was to be the example of faith for all of us.
21:29 I would like to add my voice to the voice of our Creator
21:34 who is inviting his Ishmaelite children to come home.
21:38 Our father is missing you.
21:41 He is calling you to return to him.
21:44 He wants you to come home Ishmaelites.
21:48 He called me home.
21:53 And now he is using me to call you home.
22:01 He loves you and He continues to take care of you
22:07 even though you may have forgotten Him.
22:13 Won't you try His way, Ishmael knew the God of Abraham,
22:19 the Creator, the One true God and he worshipped Him.
22:25 Somewhere, somehow man made a mess of things.
22:30 We always try to do it our own way.
22:34 We don't know what the truth is anymore.
22:37 We're told so many different things
22:40 by so many different people, so many different nations,
22:44 so many different cultures.
22:46 That is why God, the One God,
22:49 the true living God had to come to this earth to show us
22:54 the way and the truth.
22:58 Won't you try His way, just try?
23:03 He does not force us to love Him.
23:12 Call upon God, He says, call me Abba,
23:20 the one that Abraham called upon
23:23 and allow Him to direct you to His truth.
23:27 Abba, father, is what He wants us to call Him.
23:32 It's an intimate close personal relationship.
23:38 I hope I pray, that you will search
23:45 and I know if you search and if you pray and ask God
23:51 reveal to me the truth,
23:54 the true God that He will do that.
23:57 He will reveal Himself to you.
24:01 My brothers, my sisters, my fellow Ishmaelites,
24:08 accept Him, accept the truth.
24:15 I want to pray for you right now.
24:18 I want to pray with you.
24:24 I want to ask our Abba,
24:26 our father to come into your heart.
24:33 He is merciful, He is kind.
24:36 And everyday He shows us who He is and His love.
24:42 When you wake up in the morning, when you feel the rain,
24:45 when you see the son, when you--
24:47 all the food you're eating,
24:49 He is the one that supplies it for you.
24:52 Let's pray together.
24:55 Abba, thank You for Your mercy and kindness
24:59 that You show us everyday.
25:02 Open our eyes, that we may see Your blessings in our lives.
25:07 Help us to let go of man's ways and traditions.
25:12 You have rescued us from the bondage of sin
25:16 and from Satan himself who wants to destroy us
25:20 and who wants to deceive us for this our life belongs to You
25:26 and You only because of Your mercy,
25:30 and Your grace upon us, we belong to You.
25:34 Bless us as we continue on our journey
25:37 to learn Your truth for us, amen.
25:46 Next time on the next program I hope you'll join us again.
25:51 We'll continue to follow the life of Abraham
25:54 and the ultimate test from his God that he will face.
26:01 It will be very difficult for him but he will face it.
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