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00:41 As-Salaam-Alaikum, to our Muslim brother and sisters,
00:45 Shalom to our Hebrew cousins,
00:48 peace be upon you our Christian friends.
00:51 Welcome to "The Descendants of Abraham."
00:54 We're blessed with your presence here with us today.
00:57 Today in our program we'll look
01:00 at the beginning of Abraham's life.
01:02 And why he is such a prominent figure in Islam,
01:06 Judaism and Christianity.
01:09 The three major world religions honor Abraham
01:13 as their ancestral patriarch, and a man of faith
01:17 who believes in one God.
01:20 Judaism traced their lineage through the Son of Isaac.
01:25 Islam traced their lineage through Abraham's son Ishmael.
01:31 And Christianity tells us that
01:33 he is a spiritual ancestor justified by faith.
01:39 The Holy Bible in the book of beginnings,
01:42 the Book of Genesis, tells us that Abraham
01:45 was born in Ur of the Chaldees,
01:49 married a woman named Sarai.
01:51 And God promised to make of him a great nation.
01:57 The Creator God sends him on a long faith building journey,
02:03 eventually giving them new names.
02:07 The new names were Abraham and Sarah.
02:12 Who was this man called a friend of God?
02:16 This man of faith in the living God,
02:20 the one who choose to obey God rather than men.
02:25 Let's start at the beginning when the Creator God
02:29 first talked with Abraham.
02:32 In the Book of Genesis 12.
02:36 Genesis 12:1-4, "Now the Lord had said to Abram,
02:42 "Get out of your country, from your kindred.
02:45 And from your father's house, to a land that I will show you.
02:50 I will make you a great nation.
02:52 I will bless you and make your name great.
02:55 And you shall be a blessing.
02:57 I will bless those who bless you.
02:59 And I will curse him who curses you.
03:02 And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."
03:09 Why did God choose Abraham to be the father of all nations?
03:14 Let's take a look at the promise that the Lord made to Abraham
03:18 while he still lived in Haran.
03:20 Even though his whole family including his father Terah,
03:25 worshipped other god's idols.
03:28 Abraham was faithful to the one true God,
03:32 the same God that created Adam and Eve.
03:35 The same God that created Noah and who Noah worshipped.
03:41 Remember, the promise of God,
03:45 the promise that god made to Abraham.
03:48 "I will make you a great nation and I will bless you
03:52 and make your name great.
03:55 In you shall all families of the earth be blessed."
04:01 God did not say to Abraham that he was going to be the father
04:06 of one nation but of many nations.
04:10 But before the promise could be fulfilled,
04:13 Abraham was asked by the Creator God
04:16 to leave his country and his family,
04:19 everything he knew, everything that was familiar to him.
04:23 God asked him to leave behind.
04:26 To move from his father's house and to journey to a land
04:31 that was unknown to him.
04:34 Abraham was from the line of Shem.
04:38 And God chose him to be the keeper
04:40 of His law for future generations.
04:44 Abraham did not make or take part
04:47 in idolatry as his family did.
04:50 God could trust him as He trusted those before Abraham.
04:55 God's will and his law was entrusted to Adam,
05:01 to Seth, to Enoch, Methuselah,
05:04 Noah and Shem and then Abraham.
05:10 Our God is a creator of all things.
05:14 He chose Abraham to bless all the families of the earth.
05:20 You will notice that there was no mention
05:23 of a Jewish nation here.
05:25 Abraham was the one chosen by the creator
05:28 to preserve the knowledge
05:30 and the worship of the one true God.
05:33 There were no Jews, there were no Israelites at that time.
05:39 God is a God of all people.
05:44 He does not discriminate or segregate.
05:47 He is a God for all mankind regardless of color,
05:52 education, race or nationality.
05:56 He created each one of us for his purpose.
06:02 The creator did not create so many religions,
06:06 all the different religions that we have in this world
06:09 that was not created by Him.
06:12 That was all created by man.
06:14 Man is the one that has chosen his own God and his own path.
06:19 There is only one God, one truth, and one way.
06:25 Abraham was to be a blessing to all not to some.
06:30 Not to one privileged group or people.
06:34 In the Book of Hebrews in the Injeel,
06:38 we read in Hebrews 11:8.
06:43 "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out
06:47 to the place which he would afterward
06:49 receive as an inheritance.
06:52 And he went out, not knowing where he was going."
06:58 What is faith?
07:02 Judaism, Islam and Christianity
07:05 all acknowledge that Abraham was the father of faith.
07:10 But what is faith.
07:12 Again in the Injeel, in Hebrews 11:1,
07:16 we read this description of faith.
07:20 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
07:24 and the evidence of things not seen."
07:30 So what is that Abraham was hoping for but could not seek?
07:36 Abraham never questioned his God.
07:39 He simply obeyed Him.
07:42 Abraham believed in the promise that God made to him.
07:47 He left his home, his relatives, his native land
07:52 and followed where God was leading.
07:56 All though Abraham did not know where he was going.
07:59 He knew, he could trust his God.
08:03 He did not question if he will like the place
08:06 where God was taking him.
08:08 If there are good job opportunities,
08:11 what the weather was like, what the people are like.
08:14 He never questioned.
08:17 Abraham was living in Ur of the Chaldees,
08:20 when God called him to move.
08:23 His father Terah and his family moved with Abraham to Haran.
08:30 Terah and the rest of the family mixed the worship
08:34 of the true God with other idolatrous practices.
08:40 They stayed in Haran until Terah died, Abraham father.
08:44 After the death of Terah, God once again came
08:49 and spoke to Abraham and told him it's time to move on.
08:55 His brother Nahor and his family decided to stay in Haran
08:59 holding on to their homes and their traditions.
09:04 They did not move with Abraham.
09:08 Abraham and his wife Sarah and his Lot nephew,
09:13 and his nephew Lot continued one to the land that God promised.
09:18 And God blessed Abraham with many servants
09:21 and flocks and herds, all the riches
09:25 of the east at that time.
09:28 Abraham knew that when he left Haran and all his relatives
09:33 that he would probably never ever
09:35 return there or see them again.
09:38 Yet, he was willing to do this because
09:42 his God meant everything to him.
09:47 God had spoken again and Abraham obeyed.
09:52 If you want peace and joy that this world cannot give,
09:59 then God's leading in your life is what you need to obey
10:03 when God talks to you when He speaks to you,
10:06 when you feel He is leading you, obey Him as Abraham did.
10:10 And you will have that peace, you will have that blessing,
10:14 that is a promise of our Creator God.
10:18 I know that this was not an easy thing for Abraham to do.
10:23 To leave all, I too had to walk that road.
10:29 I remember too clearly when I told my father
10:33 that I was choosing to follow the true God of Abraham.
10:38 I remember when I called him and I talked to him on the phone
10:45 and I told him "Daddy I have accepted
10:49 the true God of Abraham, the God of the holy Injeel."
10:57 I will not go into details but I still remember talking to him
11:04 on the phone and when I told him that the phone
11:08 the click of the phone when he hung up
11:11 and I knew that at that time I was being separated
11:17 from my family because I chose to follow the God of Abraham.
11:23 It was painful for me and I'm sure painful for my family too.
11:28 But it was a choice that I had to make.
11:32 There was no other way.
11:33 I had to make that choice to choose to follow
11:37 the one true living God.
11:40 That same God that father Abraham worshipped.
11:45 The ties to our native land, our families,
11:50 our friends of the same faith and culture are very strong
11:55 ties especially to those of us with
11:58 the eastern mindset, very strong ties.
12:01 I know this by personal experience
12:04 with my brothers and sisters.
12:07 I will never tell you that it is an easy road.
12:11 But I will tell you that it's the right road,
12:15 the right path, the right way.
12:18 The only way to find peace
12:21 and contentment in the God of Abraham.
12:27 Our final destination is the heavenly Canaan,
12:32 dwelling with the Creator God and holy angels.
12:37 This world, we know is not our land.
12:42 This world we're living now is very temporary.
12:48 Our destination, our final destination is to dwell
12:53 with the God of heaven and His holy beings.
12:57 And to live in peace without anymore pain,
13:02 without anymore sorrow, with the God who loves us,
13:06 with the God who forgives us.
13:10 This is our final destination not here on this earth.
13:17 But like father Abraham I too was given a choice.
13:22 God never ever forces us to do His will that is not who He is.
13:29 He is not a God that forces anyone.
13:32 He is a God that's His look, this is who I am.
13:36 this is a kind of God I am.
13:38 You can chose to follow Me or you can chose not to.
13:42 Never ever does He forces to worship Him.
13:47 He loves us too much for this.
13:49 He loves us too much to force and coerce us.
13:54 He is not a God that manipulates us or threatens us
13:59 if we chose to turn away from Him.
14:02 Again, because He wants us to be happy
14:08 with whatever choice we make.
14:10 But you know the only choice to truly be content and happy
14:15 is make the choice to follow Him.
14:19 He is a God of love, of forgiveness and of mercy,
14:27 not a God of condemnation.
14:31 Our God has a heart.
14:34 He feels things deeply especially for us.
14:41 When we chose our own way, we hurt Him.
14:46 When His people lost their love for Him,
14:50 here is what His response was.
14:53 Again read in the holy Injeel,
14:57 in Hosea 11:8 "My heart churns within Me."
15:10 "My heart churns within Me."
15:14 That is what our Creator God is saying when we rebel,
15:20 when we go to our own way, when we chose not to follow Him.
15:24 His heart churns within Him.
15:27 He hurts for us, with us.
15:32 He created us to be free moral agents and He does not change.
15:39 God is the same as He was in the beginning
15:43 and as He will be in the end.
15:46 He is now, God does not change, we change.
15:50 He gives us the freedom to worship Him, the God of Abraham.
15:56 Our worship whatever God we choose.
16:01 This kind of freedom only comes from the living God of Abraham.
16:08 I will choose to follow the God of Abraham
16:11 or hold on to the traditions of my culture and family,
16:18 which one would you choose.
16:20 I chose to follow Abraham's God.
16:24 Please do not hold on to the culture,
16:27 do not hold on to the traditions of the family,
16:31 seek the God of Abraham, seek the one true living God.
16:36 That is where you will find peace.
16:39 Like Abraham I had to choose
16:45 to worship and follow the Creator
16:49 and not the created.
16:51 But like Abraham before asking me to follow Him,
16:56 our loving heavenly Father showed himself
16:59 to me in so many different ways.
17:04 I wanted to know the truth and who the God of Abraham was.
17:09 I wanted to know why when God created me a woman
17:14 that I was made to feel unworthy of His love and mercy.
17:19 I was made to feel like
17:22 a second class citizen, like I didn't belong,
17:27 like I had to take-- stand behind everyone else.
17:34 That is not the kind of God that I can worship.
17:38 I use to ask Lord, God why you created me as a woman.
17:44 Then why is it I have to be treated as so unworthy.
17:52 But that is not what the holy Injeel says,
17:56 that is not what the true God of Abraham says.
17:59 That is not who he is.
18:04 As I searched for these truths,
18:07 God revealed to me the truth of who He is.
18:12 And I can give you so many different ways,
18:16 you know, we know, that God speaks to us in dreams,
18:20 in visions and He is spiritual and He is supernatural,
18:27 and He gave me so many supernatural experiences
18:31 that showed me the path to Him.
18:35 And that's the path I followed like Abraham still obeying
18:41 and hoping that when I came to the end of that path,
18:45 I will find the true God and I did.
18:48 And I have the peace and the contentment
18:50 of the joy of knowing my creator.
18:58 Many years ago, I had left the country left
19:03 my homeland and I moved to the United States,
19:09 I missed my family and I had called my daddy
19:13 I had left my Quran all back at home.
19:16 I called my daddy and I said,
19:18 "Daddy I need my Quran."
19:22 He sent me the 2 volumes, 2 volumes of the Quran
19:25 and I started reading and praying
19:29 and I take-- going to classes and so on.
19:33 And one of the things that happened
19:37 is that a fire broke out where I live in my dwelling.
19:43 And I had my Quran on the top of the shelf
19:49 there where I always kept them.
19:52 And when that fire broke out everything
19:58 around my Quran's was fine.
20:01 It was saved.
20:02 It wasn't burned up.
20:04 But my 2 volumes were burnt to ashes.
20:11 Brothers and sisters that hurt me,
20:14 I couldn't understand why that happened.
20:19 But as time went on and I obeyed and I listened
20:26 to the voice of the living God, the God of Abraham.
20:30 He showed me that He wanted me to learn more about
20:36 Him through experiences, through dreams,
20:41 through visions and I should obey those things.
20:43 He led me to the holy Injeel as the Quran points
20:49 to go to the people of the book and to read and I did.
20:54 I was afraid at first, I didn't want anything to do with it.
20:59 But I did and I found the true God of Abraham
21:06 the one that Abraham worshipped, not my family,
21:09 not the different tribes,
21:12 not the different nations but the one God.
21:16 I questioned to Lord of what was taking place in my life
21:20 and I did not at that time understand it.
21:24 But God was not going to leave me without answers.
21:28 Again turning to the holy Injeel, in Isaiah 55:9
21:36 we read, "For my thoughts
21:42 are not your thoughts.
21:44 nor are your ways My ways, "says the Lord.
21:48 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
21:51 so are My ways higher than your ways,
21:55 and My thoughts than your thoughts."
22:02 The influence of our family and our friends
22:06 must never be allowed to interfere
22:09 with the Creator's purpose of our lives.
22:13 Many times God's people are called to dwell among strangers
22:17 so that His will, His purpose
22:20 for our lives could be fulfilled.
22:22 Do not think that true followers of God
22:26 evade problems in their lives.
22:28 As we will see in upcoming programs about Abraham,
22:32 there were many problems that he had to deal with.
22:35 But when you encounter problems and difficulties in your lives,
22:39 go to your heavenly Father in prayer.
22:42 Asking Him to give you the strength
22:44 to carry you through the problem, not to avoid it.
22:49 It is His way of refining you, shaping you,
22:52 into the person He created you to be.
22:55 He has a special purpose for you.
22:58 In the Book of Jeremiah 1:5, this is what He says about you.
23:04 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.
23:08 Before you were born I sanctified you."
23:14 We may not hear the voice of God from heaven as Abraham did.
23:18 But God may be trying to reach us through dreams,
23:22 visions and through His word.
23:25 If you will read His word prayerfully,
23:27 you will be aware of His presence.
23:30 I promise you that.
23:32 He may ask you to leave your careers,
23:34 your wealth and honor among men.
23:38 You may feel strong pull to search for the one true God.
23:42 The God that Abraham worshipped and trusted.
23:46 The God of love, forgiveness and compassion.
23:51 The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 146:3-4,
23:57 "Do not trust in princes or in man who cannot help you.
24:02 His spirit departs, he returns to his earth
24:06 and in that same day his plans perish."
24:11 The only one who will never fail you is the God
24:14 of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.
24:19 Let's get a glimpse of our Father
24:21 through the experience of Moses.
24:23 When Moses asked God to reveal Himself,
24:25 here is what took place.
24:27 We read in the Book of Exodus 34:6-7.
24:32 "Then the Lord passed by in front of him,
24:34 Moses and proclaimed, "The Lord, the Lord God,
24:38 compassionate and gracious.
24:41 Slow to anger and abounding in love and kindness and truth.
24:45 Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity
24:48 and transgression and sin."
24:53 Here we get some insight of who our Father
24:56 is when Moses needed comfort and assurance,
25:00 our Creator God showed Himself to Moses.
25:04 He revealed His character who He is,
25:07 not what He looked like.
25:09 One who is compassionate, gracious, patient, merciful,
25:15 forgiving our transgressions and sins and full of love
25:20 for His children, you and me.
25:23 He is a God that loves you so much.
25:26 You can trust him.
25:27 He will never let you down.
25:32 When you get to the Descendants of Abraham,
25:35 you can be sure that you're lighting the way
25:37 for all in search of the Creator God and His message of love
25:41 and forgiveness to all nations.
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26:04 My brother and my sister, you can talk
26:07 to the Creator God directly.
26:09 You don't need anyone to speak for you.
26:13 We're told in the Book of Isaiah 1:18,
26:17 "Come now and let us reason together, says the Lord.
26:22 Though your sins be as scarlet,
26:24 they shall be as white as snow.
26:26 Though they are red like crimson,
26:29 they shall be as wool."
26:33 What kind of God is this that He bids me
26:37 and you to come and reason with Him?
26:42 And then He tells me that my sins,
26:45 my transgressions He will forgive.
26:50 This is the God that Abraham knew and loved.
26:56 He is a God as I mentioned before, does not force,
27:01 does not coerce, does not manipulate.
27:05 He pleads come, let us reason together come to Him,
27:10 talk with Him, reason with Him.
27:14 That is the God that loves you, that loves me.
27:18 He is a God that is compassionate.
27:21 He is a God that will forgive you, your sins.
27:25 No matter, what you have done,
27:27 He will forgive you your sins.
27:30 Do not be afraid to come to Him.
27:33 Come to Him, ask Him to guide in your life.
27:38 He is listening and waiting for your voice.


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