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00:01 What is money for?
00:02 Is it a helpful resource to use for good
00:05 or is the love of it the root of all evil?
00:08 Actually, it's both.
00:10 But God may have a different definition of success.
00:13 Real success doesn't come overnight.
00:16 It takes hard work and faithful planning.
00:20 To use your dollars well,
00:22 it takes more than a little sense.
00:27 Hello, and welcome to Dollars and Sense.
00:29 My name is Yvonne Lewis and I'm the co-host
00:31 for this program along with Ryan Mack,
00:34 who is our financial literacy expert.
00:36 And Ryan has been bringing it. This has been powerful.
00:41 These programs are powerful.
00:42 And today, we're going to talk about a subject
00:45 that's near and dear to me.
00:46 Absolutely. Family.
00:48 It's all about the family. I think that...
00:50 Well, the Family Empowerment Program,
00:53 we had designed it when I was living in Brooklyn.
00:56 And we will work with a lot of those
00:58 who are formally incarcerated,
01:00 and they were coming home from prison.
01:02 And we just said, you know what a lot of individuals
01:04 just don't have jobs,
01:06 they're trying to get employment,
01:08 how do we set up a network that assists them
01:11 to get integrated back into society more effectively?
01:14 And a group of us at a financial planning company
01:17 that I had at the time, we said, "You know what,
01:21 why don't we start putting their family together."
01:23 They're unemployed and, you know,
01:25 we should just figure out,
01:26 maybe they can have some resources
01:28 that they can share with them, so we started do it.
01:30 And next thing you know, the family
01:32 and the extended family, we put them together,
01:35 we gave some good conversations,
01:37 and people start to get employment.
01:39 I mean, not every single thing was successful,
01:41 but it was really a good time
01:43 because what we found out was that many people
01:45 within the family could really lean on
01:48 what another more than just that individual
01:50 who was formally incarcerated,
01:51 other people started getting assistance.
01:53 Businesses starting to get supported,
01:55 businesses starting to get created,
01:57 so it became a Family Empowerment Program.
01:59 So I said, "You know what, let's...
02:01 I want to dedicate this show
02:02 to the Family Empowerment Program
02:04 and if we have some time really get them some tips
02:06 for those are who are unemployed."
02:07 Good.
02:09 So really just talk about how it is.
02:10 So in the scripture, it talks about
02:12 family empowerment as well.
02:15 So we have 1 Timothy 5:8, that says,
02:19 "But if anyone does not provide for his relatives,
02:22 and especially for members of his household,
02:25 he has denied the faith
02:28 and is worse than an unbeliever."
02:30 Wow.
02:31 So literally the scripture is saying that
02:33 it's our obligation to help out our family.
02:36 And I think that far too many times,
02:39 we as a society,
02:42 don't really look right next to us.
02:44 You know, how many times have,
02:45 you know, you have an amazing career,
02:48 but maybe some of your family members
02:49 just hadn't really recognized
02:51 that brain said, you've had because I mean,
02:54 I know it's true for me, I'm just little Ryan,
02:57 "Take out the trash."
02:58 You know, "Go get the trash boy."
03:01 And I'm like, "Well, wait a minute,
03:03 you know, I've done all this stuff.
03:04 Well, I can..."
03:06 And I'll just take out the trash,
03:07 you know, I don't mind.
03:08 But that's how family looks at us.
03:10 Yeah. You know...
03:11 So we have to learn that
03:12 there are valuable resources in each one of us.
03:17 How many family members do we have that
03:18 are going to prison or coming home?
03:21 How many youth do we have that are going to college
03:23 that we can get scholarships for?
03:24 How many businesses do we have
03:26 that we should be supporting or starting?
03:28 I mean, all of these things can be really brought out
03:32 and I have a Family Empowerment Program
03:34 is seven easy steps.
03:36 And I just wanted to go over it for the viewers out there.
03:38 I love it. Let's do it.
03:40 So the first step really is just a family call out.
03:43 You need to bring the family together.
03:46 The family...
03:47 What we do is you select a date
03:49 at least six months out that you would like to meet.
03:53 And again, you try...
03:55 Not everybody's going to be there,
03:57 you know, there's the beautiful part about technology
03:59 is that not everyone even needs to be there,
04:01 but if we can get together for family reunions,
04:04 if we can get together for funerals,
04:06 and birthdays and Christmas,
04:08 and all these days that are good days.
04:10 But, you know, we should be able to get together
04:12 to talk about shop.
04:15 You know, let's talk about empowerment of one another,
04:17 maybe you do it during Christmas time
04:19 because all your family is going to be in town anyway.
04:22 You know, you also could go to
04:26 Exactly. And get...
04:27 If you have family members all over the country,
04:30 you can call one number, it's all free.
04:33 With an access code and everybody's on the line
04:36 and you can get clear reception.
04:39 So you don't have to come together,
04:41 it's good if you can,
04:42 but it can't, that can be an excuse.
04:44 That's great, I mean, so you call people out
04:47 and the second step is select a date.
04:51 I think this is a hard time, I think you should have
04:53 maybe one or two people that plan it
04:54 because we know how families can get sometimes,
04:56 so many cooks in the kitchen, too many decisions,
04:58 everyone wants to have this decision.
05:01 You know, let me just back up to
05:03 and provide a step zero.
05:05 A step zero is we need to have prayer in this,
05:09 we need to really meditate on the Word of God
05:14 that is going to be successful because what happens is that
05:18 we've gotten so ingrained into not supporting one another,
05:22 we've gotten so accustomed to a certain way that
05:24 which we interact with one another
05:27 in order to interact in a different way
05:29 that's outside the scope of what we normally,
05:31 you know, "Ryan, take out the trash,"
05:33 now all of a sudden becomes, "Ryan, help me form a business
05:37 or Ryan, can we work together to empower the community."
05:40 That's a different lane. Right.
05:42 And that's in many of our communities is rejected,
05:47 we reject something different,
05:48 we're only used to seeing people
05:50 for Thanksgiving to have a meal,
05:51 and then we go our separate ways.
05:54 And then God forbid something happens,
05:56 it's a funeral, we come together again.
05:58 So we have to just pray that we become all of us
06:01 become open to doing something more,
06:03 something greater, something different,
06:06 something outside of our lane of comfort
06:08 in which we're interacting with one another.
06:10 And once we are able to do that,
06:12 it's so many blessings that I believe
06:14 that we're leaving on the table by just simply not engaging
06:18 with one another in the most effective way.
06:20 And in this economy right now
06:22 with so many individuals who are unemployed...
06:24 I mean, employment rate is under 5%,
06:26 but we have a lot of individuals
06:28 who have one, two jobs.
06:30 And our jobs that are making way under that
06:31 what they would like to
06:33 or not even looking of work anymore,
06:34 they've dropped up the payroll.
06:35 So this economy, we need to start thinking differently.
06:39 And we're leaving things on the table
06:40 if we're not utilizing our families.
06:42 So call out your family, select a date as step two.
06:46 Step three is select an objective
06:49 and an unbiased moderator.
06:52 Someone who's probably not even in your family
06:54 so I was that moderator for many
06:57 and it really cut through a lot of the familiarity
07:00 because by me being there when I was like
07:02 I couldn't be the moderator for my family.
07:05 And I was able to get my family to do this
07:07 and it was tough.
07:09 We had a lot of individuals who were saying,
07:10 "I don't know, I don't wanna do it?
07:12 Why are we doing this?"
07:14 So I had to step out
07:15 and we had to get someone to come in
07:17 and say, "You know what, this person's job
07:20 is to help moderate the discussion."
07:23 And it's going to be a real discussion
07:24 this is not going to be a time for us to play games,
07:27 or talk, or be distracted.
07:29 The purpose of this is to have a very tangible meeting
07:33 with family to talk about real life issues
07:37 that our family is going through.
07:38 And when I lead the discussions for the other family members
07:41 because I was not familiar with them,
07:43 I mean, they didn't know me from Adam,
07:44 but other individual say,
07:46 "You know, we know this guy, we trust him."
07:49 And so I would help moderate the discussion,
07:51 we would ask various questions,
07:52 what we'll talk about in a second,
07:53 in a flow with just that much smoother.
07:57 So the fourth step is give the meeting
08:00 a professional structure, right?
08:02 I mean, there should be someone taking minutes of the meeting,
08:05 there should be a moderator giving rules of engagement
08:08 at the meeting,
08:10 they should be thinking about...
08:12 Like think about a board meeting
08:13 that you've attended previously,
08:15 and how that meeting was to actually run.
08:17 You know, you've been in board meetings
08:18 where, you know, if you're talking,
08:20 we have points of order, and we have discussions,
08:23 and we really bring up things in a very professional way.
08:26 And there's not too many people,
08:27 there's not more than one person talking
08:29 at any one time.
08:32 When that person has the floor, you know, a point,
08:34 you know, cousin John to be the sergeant-at-arms
08:37 because he's a big guy and if anybody starts talking,
08:40 you know, he keeps things in order.
08:43 So the fifth thing is we've got to start out...
08:46 Now this is important
08:47 we have to ask the right questions.
08:51 When we start asking questions, the questions are, right,
08:54 who in here needs a job?
08:58 And you look at the hands raised
09:00 and then you give each an opportunity to respond.
09:04 "Okay, you need a job,
09:06 what sort of job are you looking for?
09:09 What sort of job, you know..."
09:11 And that's each person response to that
09:13 so you ask the questions.
09:14 Step six is you let them respond to the questions.
09:17 "Okay, I need a job
09:19 and I'm looking for a job as a janitor."
09:22 Or, "I'm looking for a job as a teacher.
09:24 I'm looking for a job as..."
09:27 Whatever it is.
09:28 And then the second question is,
09:30 "Who in here has a connection
09:33 that can help this person find a job
09:36 in that location, in that area?"
09:39 And it becomes tangible.
09:41 Again, I know see, I can fill in the spirit right now
09:44 that there are people out there saying,
09:45 "That's never gonna work in my family," right?
09:47 "That's never gonna work in my family,
09:49 it can never work."
09:50 Well, guess what, you're right, okay?
09:52 Because you've already thought it's not going to work.
09:53 We've got to change our spirit, we've got to change
09:55 how we think and feel about family.
09:57 That I can promise you, there are families doing
09:59 something similar to this.
10:00 And it is successful,
10:02 it just didn't work in your family
10:03 because you haven't believed it's going to happen yet.
10:04 But through Christ, all things are possible.
10:06 So we have to just get that
10:07 negative spirit out of ourselves
10:11 and just to think it will happen, it can work.
10:14 And so as we're answering these questions who...
10:18 Another question which I ask is,
10:20 "What's...
10:21 Youth in here are under the age of 18
10:25 that want to go to school
10:26 that need to have a scholarship."
10:28 That we can assist to pay for school.
10:30 You know, we have a student that's 15, 16 years old,
10:34 but they don't know how to going go to school
10:36 so maybe we can start pulling funds
10:37 and putting money into five to nine college savings plans.
10:41 They might not have a scholarship.
10:43 We had started learning how to create
10:44 our own scholarships.
10:45 And we can do that with family funds,
10:47 I mean, maybe one individual who isn't...
10:50 they might not know that this elderly individual
10:52 who wants to bequeath some of her possessions
10:55 on to the next generation.
10:57 "You know what, I can donate
10:59 in some of my estate for educational expenses."
11:03 And they can do that according to a state rules
11:05 and it doesn't have to go account towards their gifts.
11:08 For education and medical expenses,
11:11 they can give to the next generation.
11:13 So we definitely have to start doing that.
11:15 Next question is, "Who has a business?"
11:18 And hands are raised
11:21 and then we have to follow up with it.
11:22 There is a step six follow up.
11:24 How can we support your business?
11:26 You know, there was a family that we were working with,
11:31 and in this family there was one woman
11:33 who was going through foreclosure,
11:36 and she had sold products in her spare time
11:40 and she was going through foreclosure,
11:42 she had lost her job, didn't have any income,
11:45 but when pulled the family together,
11:48 we were able to ask the various questions,
11:50 and I was moderating the discussion.
11:53 You know, we asked all the questions,
11:54 who had any children going that want scholarship,
11:56 actually there was one child that we helped them out.
11:59 And we got to the question of who's going to foreclose.
12:03 She said, "Well, I am."
12:05 I said, "Well, you have your own business."
12:08 And we are taking her products, and I knew that
12:11 there were other members of family
12:12 who were teachers.
12:14 So one particular member of the family,
12:16 she connected with the teacher
12:18 and sold her products in the teacher's lounge.
12:21 And that gave her...
12:23 In not only that teacher's lounge,
12:25 but other teachers and they started to get excited
12:29 because she was selling her wears.
12:30 And she said, "Wow, you know, this is really good."
12:33 And she was able to go to other schools.
12:36 And, I mean, it did a good job. Yeah.
12:39 I mean, I'm not saying it made her millionaire or anything,
12:42 but it made enough
12:43 where she was able to pay her bills.
12:45 She paid a mortgage and got up to date.
12:47 And that family support, that's what it took.
12:50 Yeah, exactly. That's what it took...
12:51 Family support and coming together.
12:53 And, you know, one of the things I love about
12:55 what you do, Ryan, is that you look at the big picture.
12:59 God has given you the ability to look at the big picture.
13:02 How can we...
13:03 What can we do to support ourselves,
13:07 our families, the unemployed all that?
13:10 How can we support them?
13:12 And that's one that I love that.
13:13 I love that. Right.
13:15 Well, we all have skills and talents
13:17 and in the process of using our skills and talents,
13:19 these skills and talents were not meant to be internal.
13:24 They're meant to be shared
13:25 and they're meant to be used to empower others.
13:29 So, you know, the step six is a follow-up
13:31 and then step seven is to select a nonprofit
13:37 in your community as a family that you want to support.
13:41 And you're talking about big picture, this is huge
13:44 because there's so much need
13:47 and there are many nonprofits in our communities
13:48 that are doing good work,
13:50 but they don't have the manpower to continue
13:52 or they don't have the money to continue.
13:54 You know, Dare to Dream, great ministry,
13:57 they can always use additional support.
13:59 People like the programs,
14:01 but can you go on your checkbook
14:02 and make a donation, right?
14:05 This is what, I mean, the work continues
14:08 because of Christ,
14:09 and Christ allows it to continue.
14:12 But Christ is also blessed others that I feel
14:14 that we're not really using Christ blessings
14:17 in the most effective way,
14:20 utilizing the gifts that we have in each other
14:23 so they turn around and bless other people.
14:25 And that's what the Family Empowerment Program
14:28 can do, it really brings people together,
14:31 and, you know, I mean,
14:32 how awesome would it be to have a family come together,
14:37 and, you know...
14:38 Let's just say, when I say family,
14:40 I'm not talking about just your husband and wife,
14:42 I'm talking about extended family too,
14:44 I am talking about your cousins,
14:45 and your cousins', cousins, cousins,
14:47 and the older,
14:48 and then maybe a couple of close friends
14:50 that are a really close family
14:51 that are always over your house all the time.
14:53 So really try to amass a lot of people,
14:55 how awesome would it be to have once a year,
14:58 and this family meeting
14:59 should happen at least once a year.
15:01 How awesome would it be for all that family
15:04 to go down to the local Salvation Army or something
15:08 and being the food pantry
15:10 and serving food and giving together?
15:13 And doing it as a family,
15:15 you are not just doing it individually,
15:16 you know, there's many individuals
15:17 within the family and some people say,
15:19 "Why do it? Well, does your family do it?"
15:20 The point is do it as a family.
15:23 And if you start bridging the bonds,
15:26 maybe that's the reason why many individuals believe that
15:28 this family can't work 'cause I have run into it,
15:30 what I found out is that people feel that
15:33 this cannot work because the connection
15:36 and the bond amongst the family has been weakened.
15:40 And our families and our communities
15:42 just don't interact with each other anymore.
15:45 And there's that this lack of interaction
15:47 is really stealing away the blessings
15:49 that God has within us as a family.
15:52 He created us as families for a reason
15:55 that we can have the support network.
15:57 Without their support network
15:59 and you people coming home from prison,
16:00 "I have nowhere to go."
16:02 I mean, I can't tell you how many guys
16:03 I've seen come home from prison,
16:05 and they just absolutely have no where to go.
16:08 If they had that support network around them,
16:11 maybe they might not have went to prison
16:13 in the first place. Right.
16:14 You know, so the family, I mean,
16:17 we talk about family values,
16:19 we have to start to return
16:21 to how can we strengthen this family
16:24 to use it for the greater good of what God wants us all to do
16:27 'cause and it really is, it's one of the few instances
16:30 where two plus two can equal five in the family
16:33 because of synergy. Right.
16:35 And then we get greater, we get supernatural power from family
16:39 where things that we could never have done before,
16:41 but we look at it as...
16:43 I think we take it for granted
16:44 because, "Oh, it's not really effective,"
16:46 because your bond is just not strong.
16:48 So now I also have some tips for unemployed individuals.
16:51 Okay.
16:53 And these tips, very basic tips,
16:56 a 11 simple tips.
16:57 And now there's a lot of folks out there
16:59 who could be unemployed, and these are financial tips
17:02 that kind of just help you get through,
17:04 you know, I've always believed that,
17:07 you know, we have to believe, we have to have faith,
17:10 we have to have a positive mindset
17:13 and so that will be step zero before we even...
17:16 As we're unemployed, we have to make sure that
17:19 we're praying up.
17:21 That we're receiving the message from God
17:25 because maybe God wants you in that particular position
17:27 but you have to hear Him at that time.
17:31 And then we have a lot of folks out here,
17:33 long term unemployed who...
17:35 Quick story of my brother,
17:37 he was just unemployed recently.
17:39 And, you know, you looking at a family man,
17:42 he had a wife, a child, you know.
17:44 And he was unemployed and he was going unemployed
17:47 for maybe seven, eight months.
17:49 Wow, seven or eight months
17:50 that had to be so hard on everybody.
17:52 Absolutely, so we stay prayed up,
17:55 and he stayed prayed up, but you know
17:58 what got him through it was the Bible.
18:01 Why?
18:02 Because he stayed on the biblical principles of saving.
18:05 He never missed a bill. He never missed a single bill.
18:09 He had enough savings.
18:10 And even said, he said, "Ryan..."
18:12 Because, I mean, I helped him with his is savings.
18:13 So we...
18:14 I helped all my family out but I didn't spend any money
18:18 but we put together budgets
18:20 and we talked about certain things
18:21 and they go by a budget every single week.
18:25 So they never missed a bill.
18:27 Right now, he just got a job two weeks ago.
18:30 Praise God. Praise God.
18:32 And we were concerned, I was concerned,
18:35 and he said he wasn't.
18:37 He wasn't concerned at all, he said,
18:38 "I had about six months more savings."
18:39 Wow. So, you know, and he said...
18:43 This is amazing thing when you look at
18:44 all these principles come into real life.
18:47 So, I mean, you know, God works.
18:50 He works.
18:51 In instance, in all instances, God works.
18:54 He used these principles
18:57 and again, he got six months more of savings.
18:59 So I have 11 tips that
19:02 I think my brother actually used.
19:06 But he didn't per se used these tips,
19:08 but he did have...
19:11 A lot of these things he did and he went out there.
19:14 So the first thing is after he stayed prayed up,
19:16 I mean, he was on that altar every week.
19:19 Yeah, yeah. You know...
19:20 So the first one is get rid of foolish pride.
19:24 You know, one thing he did, he asked his friends.
19:27 You know, a lot of individuals when they get unemployed,
19:29 they don't want to talk to their friends,
19:30 they don't want to talk,
19:32 they're too embarrassed, they're too ashamed.
19:34 So he was asking, he said,
19:36 "Look, I'm out of work, if you have any connections,
19:38 if you have any leads, let me know.
19:40 If you know of anything, let me know."
19:42 So a lot of individuals...
19:45 Because of that, his network, your network is more prone
19:48 to give you a lead, a job lead than anybody else
19:51 because they know you, they trust you,
19:52 they love you, they want to support you.
19:55 So by you being unemployed...
19:57 And, again, he asked his family, you know,
20:00 and I was out there trying to get leads for him
20:02 and see what I could do to connect with them
20:04 and connect them to different people that I know.
20:06 So the second thing we have to do
20:09 is file for benefits, you know, if we're eligible,
20:13 you know, we should be filing for these benefits.
20:15 Especially, you have a child, you want to make sure
20:18 you can use all you can to continue to be active,
20:21 file for those benefits.
20:23 The second one is, if you need to join the ranks
20:26 of the under-employed.
20:28 Now in my brother's case,
20:30 he actually had enough savings where he could...
20:34 Again, what another tip would be
20:36 made his job searching a full-time job,
20:39 but he had signed up to be a substitute teacher.
20:43 So he has his master's.
20:45 And so literally, he had already started,
20:47 he was in maybe about three or four weeks
20:49 into going to school as a substitute teacher.
20:53 And, you know, making maybe $100, $200 a day,
20:56 you know, something in that nature
20:57 but that's a little bit more better than nothing.
21:00 Absolutely.
21:02 So that went to make sure within household.
21:05 The second one was get cheap.
21:07 You know, every single dollar counts,
21:09 we have to budget, we have to be mindful
21:11 of how much we're spending.
21:13 He did that.
21:14 They really made sure they buckle down
21:16 on the expenditures, on the going out,
21:19 as opposed to going out for dinner,
21:22 they stayed home for dinner, and they cooked a lot at home,
21:26 and they had a lot more family times at home.
21:28 When they would host individuals,
21:30 they would do potlucks.
21:31 So other individuals would cook and bring the foods
21:33 so they wouldn't have to just do it.
21:34 So but they still were able to have fun
21:36 and their friends and everybody, they came over.
21:39 So it's almost like they found very inexpensive way
21:43 or next of freeway to continue to have fun.
21:47 They made job, searching a job, he got up every single day.
21:50 And that's tip number five.
21:53 Every single day, he will get on the computer
21:55 and just search, send out resumes,
21:56 and this is the type of thing you have to do
21:58 especially now the internet is a blessing
22:01 and a curse because at the same time,
22:05 it's easy for you to be to get out there,
22:07 but at the same time, everybody else
22:08 gets out there as well.
22:10 Right.
22:11 So you just have to be diligent and just stay
22:14 and use every single avenue, every single connection,
22:16 every single resource.
22:17 Six, stay healthy.
22:19 Being healthy keeps your mind say,
22:21 as you know keep your mind fresh,
22:23 keeps you going, keeps you excited,
22:25 that's tip number six.
22:26 I mean, he still worked out every day,
22:28 he still continued to try to just be...
22:30 And it keeps his mind fresh,
22:32 and whenever you're interviewing,
22:34 you don't to be all groggy and down.
22:36 Right. Get out of it.
22:38 So he was going in a lot of interviews
22:40 after a while of searching so that kept him fresh.
22:44 Number seven, don't touch a 401(k) plan
22:46 if you can't help it.
22:48 If you touch a 401(k) plan,
22:49 what happens is that you get penalized.
22:51 Right.
22:52 And after that penalty,
22:54 you know, when you take your money out,
22:55 again, this is all if you can help it
22:57 because I can definitely understand
22:58 if you are unemployed
23:00 and you've been out for a long time,
23:02 you might have to start tapping into it.
23:04 I mean, but use that as a last-ditch effort like
23:07 that's not, don't that be the first thing.
23:11 Number eight, investing is not a priority,
23:14 you know, because again, you're unemployed,
23:16 you don't have any capital right now.
23:17 Right.
23:19 Any additional money that you even have
23:20 should not be going into stocks at this moment.
23:23 So just be real cautious and don't liquidate your stocks
23:28 right now if you can help it.
23:30 Again, I definitely understand,
23:31 I mean, when I started my business
23:35 and I own stock at the time and I had to liquidate,
23:38 and that stock essentially had to be
23:40 a huge part of starting my business.
23:43 So, you know, but it was a last-ditch effort,
23:45 it was when everything else was out.
23:47 "Hey, you know what, I need this money,
23:50 I need to put in my business
23:51 otherwise I'm not gonna be able to pay my rent,
23:52 so we did that."
23:55 Number nine, decide which bills to pay.
23:58 I can definitely understand you're unemployed,
24:01 prioritize your bills.
24:02 Well, again, when I started my business,
24:04 I was I knew that my rent was always going to get paid.
24:08 But sometimes the light bill, hey, I mean, I just, you know,
24:13 what am I supposed to do, so I had to skip it out.
24:15 I had to skip out on it.
24:17 Maybe a couple of months for the heat bill.
24:19 You know, "I ain't got it, you know,
24:22 what am I supposed to do?"
24:24 I mean, obviously caught back up
24:28 and things turned around, praise God,
24:30 but you had to decide, you had to prioritize.
24:33 I knew that I had to keep a roof over my head though.
24:35 Right.
24:36 So in those situations, you need to prioritize
24:38 and we all go through those tough times
24:40 and we have to make those tough decisions.
24:44 Number ten, you know, don't get suckered
24:47 by any financial offers that come in.
24:50 You know, a lot of times those fast money schemes
24:53 will become a whole lot more attractive to you now.
24:57 You know, nothing against...
24:58 Anybody out there that is doing multi-level marketing,
25:00 I know a lot of folks that do a multi-level marketing,
25:04 but if it's not in your passion,
25:06 if it's not what God ordained it for you to do,
25:08 it's not gonna be successful, period.
25:10 And that's with any business whether it be
25:11 a multi-level marketing or any other business venture.
25:14 So lot of times, if you're unemployed,
25:15 that multi-level marketing you could like,
25:17 "Oh, wow, you know, I can make a lot of money."
25:19 So they ask you to invest a lot of money,
25:21 you're not passionate about it therefore you just wasted it
25:23 and that's supposed to going to generate or something else.
25:25 That's critical.
25:27 And then 11, just like that step zero, have faith.
25:31 You got to stay prayed up, we have to stay delegate,
25:34 we have to stay working but again, faith,
25:37 if it's a mathematical equation,
25:39 half belief, half acting on that belief,
25:41 we put those two together, and we have a lot of faith.
25:44 And I think if we do these things
25:45 and we keep it consistent
25:47 and involve family in that job search,
25:49 things are going to come together.
25:51 And I believe that
25:52 because I believe in God, right?
25:54 So and that's what allows me to say,
25:56 it's going to happen for you and for everybody else
25:59 that believe in Christ
26:01 it's going to happen, you just can't quit.
26:04 If you quit, there's no other options for you.
26:05 And during that time, God can be working on you.
26:09 He can be helping to define your purpose
26:13 or to shed a light on your purpose,
26:16 so it's all part of the plan just hold on to the Lord.
26:19 Absolutely.
26:21 Well, speaking of holding on,
26:22 we got to hold on to your takeaway.
26:23 All right, absolutely. I look forward to it.
26:25 All right, good.
26:31 True empowerment doesn't come from government.
26:33 It comes from Jesus Christ.
26:34 And we must invite Him in each one of us,
26:37 not to say government doesn't have a role,
26:38 it certainly does.
26:40 However, the strongest role for economic recovery
26:43 comes within the household across the country
26:46 is that the each one of us to determine
26:47 how to use our skills, maximize our talents,
26:50 and fully recognize and implement
26:51 the resources in our communities
26:53 to move ourselves forward economically.
26:55 One of the most precious
26:57 and unutilized resources is the family,
26:59 those people who'd together cry at funerals,
27:01 rejoice at weddings, celebrate birthdays,
27:04 step themselves at holidays, and reminisce at reunions.
27:07 The family for many is a place to find solace
27:09 from the tough economic challenges of society.
27:12 After going through stressful times,
27:14 there is nothing better for me
27:15 than it take a trip back to my hometown,
27:17 Detroit, Michigan where all are familiar.
27:20 However, if we only look at the family for shelter,
27:23 we're missing the mark.
27:24 This familiarity has with it enormous economic potential
27:27 in the world where love, trust, dedication towards one another,
27:31 and sensitivity can be void,
27:33 these traits are more likely to be found in your own family.
27:36 However, we must maximize its potential
27:39 and take full advantage of the Family Empowerment Program.
27:42 We at Dollars and Sense want to know
27:43 if you've tried this program,
27:44 we want to hear about your results.
27:46 If you have any questions email me
27:47 at and chat with us
27:51 on our Dare to Dream Network Facebook page.
27:53 As always, be the change.
27:55 Remember the purpose of life is a life full of purpose.
27:58 Be blessed.


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