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00:27 Hello, and welcome to Dollars and Sense.
00:29 I'm your co-host, Yvonne Lewis.
00:31 And our primary host is Ryan Mack,
00:34 our Financial Literacy expert, who has been bringing us
00:37 tremendous information.
00:39 If you haven't been watching this series,
00:41 you've got to start watching it.
00:43 After today you're going to want to see all of the
00:45 episodes in this series.
00:48 Because Ryan has just been bringing...
00:51 blessing us with information.
00:52 So thank you, Ryan, for all this.
00:54 Thank you, too. This has been a great time.
00:56 I've been having such a good time on the show.
00:58 Oh, well, we've been blessed by all the info
01:00 you've been giving us.
01:02 And today we have a Scripture we're going to open with,
01:05 but what are we going to talk about today?
01:07 Well, today we're going to do a roll reversal today. Oh!
01:10 And because I need some... one of the...
01:14 When there is no health there is no wealth.
01:17 So we have to understand that all of the things we put in our
01:21 bodies, and this is something that I need to pay attention to
01:24 as well, because I have not been walking the most
01:27 clean life healthy.
01:28 And I need to get back in shape.
01:30 I need to get... And I know a lot of viewers out there
01:32 need to get in shape.
01:33 Because a lot of discussions about health care reform is
01:36 going on right now.
01:38 And, you know, are they going to do something
01:39 with Affordable Care Act?
01:41 Are they going to keep it? get away with it?
01:42 Well, you know what?
01:44 Let's let them do what they need to do in Washington,
01:45 but let's do what we can do at home. Right.
01:48 We have, we can do our own health care reform by just
01:50 eating healthy foods.
01:52 And I need to get back on track.
01:53 I need to get on track with that.
01:55 And I know you're a health care expert.
01:56 So, and it talks about it in the Scripture.
01:59 And it says here in 1 Corinthians 6:19,
02:12 And that really resonates with me,
02:14 because we only get one body.
02:16 That's right. You know, I'm 39 years old.
02:19 And, you know, I don't lose weight as fast
02:23 as I once did before.
02:24 I'm back in the gym and I'm finding that,
02:25 this hidden basketball that's not in my stomach
02:29 down here is not going away as fast as I would like it.
02:32 And I'm like, Wow! What, you know, How do I get rid of this?
02:35 And somebody said, Well, Ryan, you have to change your diet,
02:38 you know? So you have to change what you're eating.
02:41 I have some statistics here that talks about almost over 15%
02:47 of our communities have Diabetes.
02:50 We have, in the African American community, we have 50% obesity.
02:55 Nearly... 50%? 50% yeah.
02:59 51% obesity in the African American communities.
03:02 In 200930% of African Americans are more likely to die from
03:06 heart disease as compared to non-Hispanics, white males,
03:10 and we have nearly twice the risk of
03:12 prostate cancer than white males.
03:14 So I know that we have to, as an African American male
03:18 I need to pay, I need to start paying attention to this stuff.
03:20 Absolutely. In fact we're the forerunners for
03:23 disease in this country.
03:25 So hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes; and we run in
03:31 the front of the larger communities.
03:34 So we really need to look at it.
03:36 But you know what?
03:38 Just as you've been sharing Scripture and principles from
03:42 the Bible, the Bible teaches us how to eat, too. Yeah, it does.
03:46 ...and how to be healthy.
03:47 And how better, where better to get the information from than
03:51 the Creator Himself? Right, right. Right?
03:53 And so what sort of things, because I research financial
03:58 principles in the Bible, but, and I've read the Bible,
04:01 but I really haven't researched all of the healthy things.
04:04 What, from your perspective as a health care expert,
04:07 what should I be learning from the Bible, or taking out of it?
04:11 Right. Well, the first thing is man's original diet.
04:16 Let's look at... this is, the Bible is the manual. It is.
04:21 Right? It's our life's manual.
04:23 And just like you have a car; you have to look at the manual
04:26 to see how to operate that car.
04:28 We can look in the Bible.
04:29 So man's original diet is in Genesis 1:29.
04:33 Would you read that?
04:34 Yeah, absolutely. Genesis 1:29 says,
04:55 So, we've got fruit, nuts, grains, and seeds.
05:00 Those were part of man's original diet.
05:05 There was nothing dead.
05:06 There was no Mickey D's, or KFC in the Garden of Eden.
05:10 No Whoppers in there?
05:11 No Whoppers! Oh, dog gone it!
05:15 There, all there was in the beginning to eat were the nuts,
05:20 seeds, grains, and fruit.
05:22 Then after sin vegetables were introduced.
05:26 Our bodies were changed after sin,
05:29 so vegetables were introduced into the dietary. Wow!
05:33 Still no meat. And so this was after sin?
05:35 This is after sin. See, I never knew that.
05:37 So, and we still have yet no meat. No meat.
05:41 Wow! It's still a plant based diet.
05:43 Now look at what science is saying about plants.
05:48 There's a Dr. Quillin, Patrick Quillin, who wrote a book
05:51 about the hidden secrets of the Bible,
05:54 or health secrets in the Bible.
05:56 And he said that in the plants, a tomato for example,
06:01 has all of these different antioxidants,
06:08 over 10,000 in one tomato.
06:10 One tomato? One tomato.
06:12 Lycopene is one. And Lycopene is very good.
06:15 You mentioned the prostate for men.
06:18 Lycopene is very important.
06:20 Lycopene comes from the tomato.
06:22 So I am juicing, and I heard that tomatoes
06:24 are good for prostate.
06:25 So I'm on the right track.
06:27 I actually just bought, not too long ago I got some of those
06:29 baby tomatoes, those green tomatoes.
06:31 Oh good, good, good.
06:32 Okay, so Lycopene's.
06:34 Lycopene, Lycopene is good.
06:35 And usually if we can eat a very, besides being plant based,
06:42 a lot of raw foods.
06:44 So don't cook all of your foods. Okay.
06:47 Let's have some raw foods.
06:48 Let's have salads, and let's have organic.
06:51 Why? Because organic fruits and vegetables don't have the
06:55 herbicides and pesticides on them.
06:57 So we're getting... We want to bring food
07:00 back to its purer state.
07:02 And so when you do that, when you have organic fruits and
07:05 vegetables, and you're juicing.
07:07 And you've been juicing.
07:08 When you juice, juice organically.
07:11 That's really good.
07:12 Now, those Cheetos you said you like?
07:14 Yeah, I love some Cheetos.
07:15 You know, we have a program...
07:17 I shouldn't be eating them as much as I do.
07:18 My goodness! We have a program on Dare to Dream called
07:22 A Taste of Paradise.
07:24 And the first part of that is raw food preparation,
07:28 and the second part is cooked.
07:31 And then the raw food.
07:32 One of the things that Evita Teezeno, who is the host of that
07:35 segment, and she teaches things like Cheesy Kale Chips.
07:40 So you make Kale Chips, and they taste cheesy,
07:44 but it's made with Nutritional Yeast.
07:45 And it's delicious.
07:47 So I'll make sure that you...
07:48 Does it still stick to your fingers afterwards
07:50 so I can at least...
07:51 You can kind of lick your fingers and get that yeah, yeah.
07:53 You can do it. You can do it, yeah, yeah, yeah so...
07:56 That has to be a part of the whole process.
07:59 Absolutely! Okay, okay.
08:00 It's the experience, alright.
08:02 We're going for the experience.
08:03 So yeah, so there are all these things that God has given us;
08:07 these seeds. And think about seed.
08:10 In a seed there's life, right?
08:12 You plant a seed and life springs forth, right?
08:15 Is that why they say, the Chia seeds,
08:17 and all those things that you put in?
08:18 Great for you! Chia seeds, even have more Omega 3 fatty acids
08:25 than the flax seed.
08:26 Now explain the whole Omega 3 fatty acid.
08:29 What is that, like what is it?
08:30 That is important to the cellular membrane. Okay.
08:35 It builds it. That's what...
08:37 You know, when people many times...
08:40 Well, my background is naturopathic medicine,
08:44 and traditional Chinese medicine.
08:45 I don't practice the... I don't practice either
08:48 one of them anymore.
08:50 But the naturopathic medicine I still kind of use some of the
08:56 principles from, and the herbs from the Chinese.
09:00 And with the naturopathic you learn that if you give the body
09:04 what it needs, it can heal itself.
09:07 That's how God created us.
09:09 So if you give, there's certain physicians who will say,
09:14 or nutritionists who will say, Well, this isn't
09:19 good for everything.
09:20 I don't subscribe to the idea that certain things are
09:24 good for everything.
09:25 But in the case of Omega 3 fatty acids,
09:28 it's good for everything, because it works on the cell.
09:32 So it builds up the cellular membrane.
09:34 And then the cellular membrane...
09:36 Cancer? For anything!
09:38 It's anti-inflammatory and inflammation.
09:41 They're finding a connection between inflammation and cancer.
09:45 And so you want to make sure that you give the individual
09:49 cell what it needs.
09:51 Cells make up tissues.
09:52 Tissues make up organs.
09:54 I had a friend of mine, and she was diagnosed
09:57 with breast cancer.
09:59 She had the operation and then she said she was not
10:02 going to do the chemo.
10:05 So she opted out of the chemo and the radiation, and she went
10:10 somewhere to some place in Mexico, or something.
10:13 And really it was just a place, all they did was just juice.
10:17 I mean they juiced like four or five times per day. Uh huh.
10:21 And she had to continue that when she came back.
10:23 So when she came back she literally, and they said that
10:26 you have to make them fresh right on the spot,
10:28 and you had to drink them on the spot.
10:30 So she was always making juices
10:32 four or five times a day.
10:33 And she had the blender with her and everything.
10:35 But she's healthy now!
10:36 She beat it! And it's just, I believe it was in stage 3 or 4.
10:41 It was like, Wow, this was, it was very advanced.
10:44 I forgot exactly the stage, but it was a very advanced cancer
10:47 that when they said, you know.
10:48 But the next thing I looked up and she's still living,
10:51 and she's doing fine.
10:54 And so is there something to that?
10:56 Is there something to it?
10:57 I mean I, that's what made me say, Hey, you know, if you did
11:01 that and all you did was juicing, hey, sign me up!
11:05 Sign me up! And I'm starting to do that for me, too.
11:08 We hear antidote after antidote of people who have used the
11:14 natural means to reverse conditions.
11:17 You know, I'm not one who says never do traditional medicine,
11:22 or only do natural medicine.
11:27 I feel like there is a place for both.
11:30 I like integrated medicine, actually.
11:33 Because you've got the research on the one hand,
11:36 but now the research is really corroborating the idea
11:40 of a plant based diet, and how beneficial these plants can
11:45 be to the human body.
11:46 Because you... Plants come from the earth.
11:50 Where were we created from? The earth?
11:52 The earth. So I had a couple of patients who had rare cancers.
11:59 And I put them both on... They were both preachers.
12:04 They were Baptist ministers actually,
12:05 and at different times.
12:07 And one had a very rare blood cancer, and another one
12:12 had intestinal cancer.
12:14 Do you know I have a step father, he had blood cancer.
12:17 Myoplastia or something of that nature.
12:21 And that was... Multiple Myeloma?
12:22 I believe that might be it. Yeah.
12:24 It's very rare and he's doing better now.
12:28 Oh, okay. Yeah. Well, praise the Lord for that.
12:31 Yeah, praise the Lord.
12:33 But you can... there's certain things you can do.
12:35 And this Dr. Quillin talks about how there are antioxidants in
12:43 vegetables and fruits, and phytochemicals in these
12:47 fruits and vegetables that are healing to the body.
12:50 They're actually healing.
12:51 So many times if you're really sick you need to go into,
12:56 and again, discuss this with your physician, because we are
12:59 not trying to give you any information that contradicts
13:03 your doctor's information.
13:04 Your physician knows about you.
13:07 So you talk to your physician before you make any changes.
13:10 But there are certain things that can support your body when
13:14 you're going through chemo, when you're going through radiation,
13:17 or before chemo, or before radiation, or surgery.
13:20 That things that you can do to support the body, and one thing
13:24 that many physicians recommend are the Omega 3 fatty acids.
13:29 The brain needs it to function.
13:31 I mean, every cell of the body needs it.
13:33 Is there, because it seems as if, I guess professional
13:39 medicine, right, there is some what of a disconnect between
13:44 natural and professional medicine where...
13:48 Allopathic? Yeah. So they're always battling against each
13:52 other in terms of which one is the right one to do.
13:55 And, you know, because a lot of times, and then if you also
13:58 talk about the amount of money that goes into prescription
14:02 drugs, and the amount of dollars that go towards purchasing
14:08 prescription drugs, we can't even bid on our drugs.
14:10 Our current president's talking about that now, and how we have
14:13 to be able to bid on to get cheaper drugs, right?
14:15 So, I mean, so who are we to believe in all these things?
14:19 I mean it's so many things going around where are we supposed to
14:23 listen to doctors, or do we listen to you?
14:24 Who do we believe in all that stuff?
14:26 We believe the word of God. Yeah.
14:27 We believe the word of God, because the word of God is,
14:32 that's our source for everything. Yeah.
14:34 Now, when you go to the... God has given us physicians,
14:38 I mean Luke was a physician.
14:39 So God has, there's no need to not go to your physician.
14:44 But the things that we can do to support the body we should do.
14:49 Right. Increasing our fruits and vegetables, nuts,
14:53 raw nuts not roasted.
14:56 So I should be eating the fruits as opposed to those Cheetos.
14:58 Absolutely! And veggies. Yeah.
15:01 You know? Like you can grow veggies.
15:03 They taste really good.
15:05 Like I could eat a bowl of turnip greens.
15:06 A good grilled veggie collaborative or salad. Yeah!
15:12 That's actually pretty good.
15:13 It's delicious. You can... there are all kinds of things you
15:17 can do with raw foods to make them more palatable,
15:21 to make them taste like...
15:23 Evita has this mock tuna salad that is made with sunflower
15:28 seeds and kelp, and things like that.
15:31 Kelp is great for the thyroid.
15:32 Kelp? Kelp. It's great for the thyroid.
15:35 I haven't juiced with that one yet.
15:37 I'm going to start eating... I need to start
15:38 getting some of that.
15:40 You might want to put that in your vegetables or something.
15:42 I don't know about juicing it.
15:43 Really? It would make it fishy, kind of fishy tasting.
15:45 I don't know about that. Okay.
15:47 You know what I'm saying?
15:48 I don't think that's so good.
15:49 But you can sprinkle that in your beans.
15:52 Like I use certain sea vegetables in my beans,
15:57 and that tastes good, too.
15:59 So beans and, you know, legumes, nuts, seeds,
16:05 fruits and vegetables.
16:07 And don't, if you have, if you have diabetes you should stay
16:12 low on the glycemic index.
16:15 In other words, you print out, go to the computer and print out
16:18 the glycemic index, and then if you want some fruit
16:22 eat berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries.
16:25 Don't eat a lot of bananas.
16:27 And, you know, you should eat apples but...
16:29 Not a lot of bananas?
16:31 Not a lot of bananas.
16:32 Because bananas are high on the glycemic.
16:34 How much does exercise? because my brother he had
16:38 Phase 1 diabetes, is that?...
16:41 Type 1? Type 1 diabetes.
16:43 Okay, that's different from Type 2.
16:45 But it hadn't advanced yet.
16:47 So he would work out.
16:48 And the doctor had told him, Hey, you know what?
16:51 You have Type 1, so we want to start prescribing you
16:56 this drug. Insulin? Insulin. Yeah.
16:58 He said, Well, no, let me just work out.
16:59 So he worked out, and he actually stayed healthy.
17:02 And it didn't advance for a long time.
17:05 Well, then he had an illness, so then it naturally advanced it.
17:08 But for a long time the doctor was saying, You know,
17:11 you're doing a good job of monitoring it.
17:13 And I don't know the terms of what he was saying, but somehow
17:17 he was able to not use the insulin for a long time.
17:20 Wow! That's a blessing!
17:22 Right. Type 2 is easier to turn around.
17:26 Type 2 is diet related. Okay.
17:31 And with Type 2 you can, there are certain supplements you can
17:37 take that can turn it around.
17:38 But you also need more fiber in your diet.
17:41 You also need less processed food.
17:43 You know, eating out of boxes all of the time.
17:47 Just go back to pure, natural foods: lots of fiber,
17:52 lots of green vegetables, and walking.
17:56 Walking and exercise is critical.
17:59 If you're diabetic you need to do exercise.
18:02 That helps to keep the blood sugar...
18:05 See the, with Type 2 Diabetes it's not so much an issue that
18:09 the pancreas isn't making enough insulin, it's that the cells
18:15 are insulin resistant.
18:16 So it can't really, they can't absorb the
18:20 insulin that's being made.
18:21 So the pancreas could be making enough,
18:23 but the body can't absorb it.
18:26 I have to say, when I've been trying to work out.
18:29 I've been, I have a Roop on Facebook.
18:32 It's called Strong 60.
18:34 Okay. So the goal of it was to start the year off strong
18:37 for the first sixty days, and then, now the first sixty days
18:40 was done, we've got to do the next sixty days.
18:42 And it just keeps going. Okay.
18:43 It never stops. So since I've been working out, and I've been
18:47 pretty, I've been doing 3 to 4 days a week.
18:49 So that's been good for me.
18:50 And, you know, we all have these schedules, and we're all busy,
18:54 and everybody's too busy, but all of a sudden you're too busy
18:56 to take care of your temple, right?
18:57 So I say, No more excuses, Ryan.
18:59 No more excuses for being too busy.
19:01 You can work out. You can find some time.
19:03 This is important. This is a priority.
19:04 But since I've started to work out, I've had a lot of things
19:08 that it seemed like were going wrong, not going wrong.
19:12 Right? Like, you know, I've been to the doctor and they said,
19:14 No, you're fine and everything.
19:16 But my foot... I'd wake up and like I had my, you know,
19:20 sometimes you have ailments, and like my foot was just
19:22 hurting for some reason.
19:23 That doesn't hurt anymore.
19:24 Maybe you're getting neuropathy or something.
19:27 Well, whatever it is, since I started working out it's gone.
19:29 Praise the Lord. And I don't feel it again.
19:31 Praise the Lord! I mean its all gone.
19:32 And so, and I mean, I feel myself having more energy.
19:36 I feel myself, I mean I'm more alive, I'm more exuberant.
19:39 I'm like, Wow, you know what? This is just because for a long
19:42 time I'll be at home working on my computer.
19:45 And, you know, I mean my excuse was always, Okay,
19:49 Ryan, you're too busy.
19:50 You have to get this done.
19:52 You have to do that.
19:53 And I would work many hours.
19:54 I would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning, and would get on my
19:56 laptop, and the next thing you know its...
19:58 I would start working at 8 o'clock.
20:00 I would go out in the field and get back home at 6 or 7.
20:03 And I'd get back on my computer, and I'd go to bed.
20:05 And start the same thing all over again.
20:06 And the process just kept going and going.
20:08 Nothing in there said anything about diet.
20:10 I would skip meals.
20:12 I would skip working out.
20:13 And I just felt myself; I just felt different.
20:16 Uh huh. I felt different.
20:17 And since, I mean literally since this year,
20:21 I've just felt better, and I, it's nothing but God, but saying
20:26 like, I gotta do this, you know?
20:28 So I guess exercise is important.
20:30 Exercise is critical.
20:32 And the more you move toward a plant based diet,
20:37 along with exercise, you know, you start feeling more alive.
20:41 You're feeding, that blood stream goes everywhere.
20:45 You want clean blood. Right.
20:47 What cleans, what gives you clean blood, or clean food?
20:51 Right. You know, when we eat properly, and we can get some
20:55 good supplementation, we can detox the body.
20:59 We want to keep that acid alkaline relationship right.
21:04 We want to just get that exercise in.
21:07 All these things, and even thoughts.
21:10 How a man thinketh in his heart...
21:11 You know, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he? Uh huh.
21:14 Thoughts that are positive are really important. That's true.
21:18 So it's all of these things that we do to keep this temple,
21:24 to honor God in our temples.
21:26 And it's easy to kind of fall off, you know, and get,
21:29 you know, get off on another thing.
21:31 But we just get back up again, you know?
21:35 So there's, and like I wrote this article
21:37 for Huffington Post.
21:39 And I was in Brooklyn and I was walking down the
21:42 street and I looked.
21:44 I was on the corner, and there was...
21:46 I was on Fulton and Franklin.
21:49 And I looked up, and on one corner there was
21:53 crown fried chicken.
21:54 On the next corner there was Kennedy fried chicken.
21:57 On the third corner there was Popeye's fried chicken.
22:00 Literally on the corner of all...
22:02 And then out on the other corner there was a stand.
22:06 It had guy rolls, and fried foods,
22:08 and all this other just, just junk.
22:10 And I said, Wow! And I labeled the article,
22:14 Four Corners of Heart Disease.
22:15 And this was back before gentrification in that
22:20 particular part of the town.
22:22 Now, post gentrification, when folks were a little bit more
22:25 influenced on moving into the neighborhood.
22:26 Of course, they get juice bars, and they get, you know,
22:29 the nice greeneries.
22:31 And their grocery store all of a sudden starts having all
22:33 of these fresh fruits and vegetables to eat.
22:36 And that was my neighborhood, so I was thankful for it,
22:38 that I would have access to that.
22:40 But what's your advice to those individuals who are in rural
22:44 America, or Appalachia, or urban America where there's
22:47 like a food desert? Yes!
22:49 And there's, they don't have access to a lot
22:51 of the healthier food.
22:52 What are some things they should do?
22:54 That's such a great question.
22:56 Because they literally are food deserts.
22:58 And I've heard stories of people who have to ride the bus
23:02 or train for thirty minutes to go into another neighborhood
23:05 to get decent vegetables.
23:06 Go to your grocery store and tell that manager that you want
23:10 better fruits and vegetables in there.
23:13 And have your neighbors do the same thing.
23:16 You can also start, like your own little garden in your
23:19 apartment, like on the terrace.
23:21 You can grow some herbs, fresh herbs and fresh vegetables.
23:25 They're almost like portable gardens.
23:26 It almost looks like a small shoe box, right?
23:28 Right, that's right.
23:30 That's cost efficient, and it's growing food.
23:31 And that's the true principle of self-determination, right?
23:35 That's right. And I can do all this.
23:37 Boy, God is good! God is good.
23:39 And He's given us what we need.
23:41 All we have to do is just, you know, read the word.
23:43 Find out if you're eating... Go back to the word to find
23:46 out what meats should I be eating?
23:48 Or should I even be eating meats?
23:50 But if you are eating meats, go back to Leviticus 11,
23:53 and look at the clean meats versus the unclean meats.
23:56 You know, and there are things that we should not put into our
23:59 bodies, and there are reasons for that.
24:01 But it's all there.
24:04 Leviticus 11 tells you what meats are clean
24:07 and what meats aren't clean.
24:08 So we can do a plant based diet.
24:12 We can do our supplements, like Omega 3 fatty acids.
24:18 We can eat our seeds and help give us some more energy,
24:23 because we're tired all the time.
24:24 And the other thing is rest.
24:26 We don't get enough rest.
24:28 Um, I need that. So rest is critical.
24:30 Because that's when the body repairs.
24:32 The more rest I get the better you feel.
24:35 That's right. I used to be able to say, Ah, I need four hours
24:39 and that's good enough for me.
24:40 No, no, in fact they're showing, science is showing that if
24:44 you're not getting enough sleep your body can actually go into
24:48 a pre-diabetic state, because you're not getting enough rest.
24:52 You've got to rest.
24:54 So we've got to take control of our lives,
24:56 I mean regardless of the schedule.
24:58 And you're inspiring me right now to say, Ryan,
25:00 you need to take control.
25:02 You're not too busy to do it.
25:04 You're not too busy to focus on God's temple... That's right.
25:08 ...and get things done.
25:09 I mean, and so what's your perspective on...
25:11 because it seems as if you have a movement.
25:14 And you have a book out.
25:16 And so there's this movement that you're inspiring others
25:19 to do to follow what you're doing.
25:21 But it just doesn't seem like it's a national movement.
25:24 But we can, we'll have a national movement to change
25:27 policy, and political policy. Yes.
25:29 We'll have a national movement to do, to demand of others.
25:33 But we don't have a national movement of what we can do
25:37 for ourselves, right?
25:38 And so what's your thoughts on how we can make sure that the
25:41 message keeps getting out there more?
25:42 Because we need to do more for ourselves.
25:44 This is God's temple.
25:45 It's too important to let go by the wayside.
25:47 Read. There are great books out there.
25:50 One, it's old but it's really good.
25:52 It's called Counsels on Diet and Foods.
25:55 It's written by Ellen White.
25:56 It is an excellent book on the relationship between food
26:01 and spirituality, and then how to eat, and some of the foods
26:04 we should be eating.
26:06 Talk to your friends and family, get other people too,
26:12 and get accountable.
26:14 We've got to get our families in health.
26:15 We've got to get our families more healthy.
26:17 We have, I know I have to.
26:18 I've got to... We've got some friends... I mean Thanksgiving
26:21 time, and around Christmas time we eat.
26:23 We like to get around the table.
26:24 And that food there, I think you would look at it and say,
26:28 Whew, my goodness!
26:29 Well, you know, we can do healthy substitutions.
26:32 My thing is, and this is what we do on Dare to Dream,
26:36 we try to give you good tasting food so that you don't,
26:41 you might wish you had some other food,
26:44 but you're happy with what you have, too.
26:46 So there are great, great things.
26:48 I can't believe our time is just about up.
26:50 I thank you so much for everything.
26:52 And this has been inspiring to me.
26:53 Well, praise the Lord!
26:55 I'm so glad, and I know you have a Takeaway.
26:57 Let's go to it. Good.
27:04 Today I'm announcing that I will make a change for the better.
27:08 I will limit my intake of fatty foods
27:10 and commit to a healthy diet.
27:11 I will make a commitment to satisfy my snack cravings with
27:14 vegetables and healthy juicing.
27:16 I will go to the gym at least three times a week.
27:18 I will lose 20 pounds in the next three months.
27:21 And I will begin to train my mind to accept the fact that I
27:24 don't need food just because I'm watching a
27:26 football game or a movie.
27:27 I hope that many of you are with me on this.
27:29 Because I am tired of seeing and hearing about poor health
27:33 conditions that have caused someone to have their foot
27:34 amputated because of poor health or diabetes.
27:37 We only have one body.
27:38 This all the body we get.
27:40 We might as well take care of it.
27:41 Who's with me? Let's do our part to do our own health care
27:44 reform with healthy living.
27:46 Please email us at:
27:50 Or chat with us on a Dare to Dream Network Facebook page,
27:53 and let us know how your progress is coming along.
27:55 As always, be the change.
27:57 And remember, the purpose of life is a life of purpose.
28:00 Be blessed.


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