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00:01 What is money for?
00:03 Is it a helpful resource to use for good?
00:06 Or is the love of it the root of all evil?
00:09 Actually, it's both.
00:11 But God may have a different definition
00:13 of success.
00:14 Real success doesn't come overnight.
00:17 It takes hard work and faithful planning.
00:21 To use your dollars well,
00:23 it takes more than a little sense.
00:28 Welcome to Dollars and Sense.
00:30 My name is Yvonne Lewis
00:31 and I'm the co-host for this program
00:33 but our primary host is Ryan Mack,
00:35 financial literacy expert, author, speaker, teacher...
00:41 Thus the list goes on and on and on.
00:43 Always great to be with you. Oh, thanks.
00:45 It's so good to be a part of this series
00:47 because we're learning such great information.
00:50 Well, I tell you Christ is real.
00:51 Yes, He is.
00:52 And Christ is, a lot of people say
00:55 that you know the evidence of things aren't seen,
00:57 but no, you could see evidence of Christ
01:00 and just by looking around at all the brilliant things
01:02 that we have even in the world
01:03 that we live and some of the things
01:05 that we are able to produce ourselves,
01:06 and the purpose of this particular show
01:09 was really just demonstrating
01:11 the concrete tangible economic value
01:14 of faith in Christ.
01:15 And there are many individuals,
01:17 I mean, if we're going to recover,
01:19 and there are a lot of individuals
01:20 who are having a hard time out there economically.
01:23 If we're going to be successful and recover, we need Christ.
01:25 That's right.
01:26 And we need to have faith in Christ.
01:28 And we're not going to be successful without it.
01:30 That's right. And so I have a scripture here.
01:31 Oh, good.
01:33 Of course, James 2:17,
01:34 one of my favorite verses in the Bible,
01:35 it says, "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead,
01:39 being alone."
01:41 And there is a mathematical, I was thinking numbers,
01:43 if there's a mathematical equation for faith
01:46 that would be one half belief in Christ
01:50 and the other half is action.
01:52 And so we have to have both elements
01:54 in order to be successful.
01:56 You just can't believe in and of itself
01:58 and then expect things to happen.
01:59 We have to put some work behind it.
02:01 And so the question that I always ask is that,
02:04 are we acting according to what we believe God
02:07 is going to perform in your life?
02:08 You know, faith is essentially the expectation of God
02:12 to perform His will.
02:13 So we must act
02:15 as if God is going to perform His will.
02:17 So we need to start setting things up
02:19 and really start making provisions
02:21 for the abundance that God is going to bring us.
02:24 And so there's a difference between
02:26 the truth and facts of life, again, we talked about this,
02:29 is really just understanding
02:30 that the facts show your situation
02:32 that scientific explanation of what is.
02:34 But the truth is what God has for you.
02:37 What He has planned for you.
02:39 So we might not see it today but we can work for it
02:42 because we know God is going to bring it tomorrow.
02:44 And that is what this verse is about,
02:46 that's what the scripture is all about.
02:48 You know, Ryan, it's interesting
02:49 because when we think of faith,
02:51 you know, we think of reliance upon God.
02:55 And also, faith without work is dead,
02:58 so we have to prepare.
03:01 That preparation is critical because that's how,
03:05 if a door opens for you
03:07 and you're not prepared for that opportunity,
03:10 what happens?
03:12 It folds. Exactly.
03:13 I always say like,
03:14 when I was doing mission work in South Africa,
03:17 when I prepared for the trip,
03:20 I packed my bags and I checked the weather
03:23 but I didn't check the weather for Detroit,
03:26 I checked the weather for South Africa.
03:27 Come on.
03:28 So we have to prepare for where I'm going,
03:30 not for where I was.
03:32 And so when I got there,
03:34 I was able to have the right jackets
03:36 and I was prepared for the climate
03:38 because seasons change
03:39 and different changes when we go around,
03:41 and that happens in life all the time.
03:43 So that's what God wants us to do.
03:44 He wants us to prepare and pack our bags
03:46 for the appropriate place where we're going.
03:48 And make sure
03:50 that we're just doing all the things
03:51 that are necessary
03:53 to when we get to where we're at,
03:55 it's already there.
03:56 And then, you know, my Pastor Warren always says,
03:59 you know, "The table is already prepared."
04:01 You know, he's not preparing the place where you're going,
04:04 he's preparing you right now to be prepared
04:06 for where you're going
04:07 'cause it's already set for you.
04:09 You just have to receive it. Yes.
04:10 And so when you get there,
04:12 the blessings are raining down on you.
04:13 Amen. Well, we want some blessing.
04:15 Absolutely. All right.
04:17 And we serve a God
04:19 who wants to bless His children.
04:22 Right.
04:23 He wants to give good gifts to us,
04:25 so why not we position ourselves
04:29 to receive those blessings?
04:30 You're right.
04:31 And I have a great story, a great video segment today.
04:33 Yeah. Let's do it.
04:35 Crystal Nexton, she is an individual
04:37 that I actually hired
04:38 when I was working with Operation Hope.
04:40 And her story is just amazing.
04:42 She was able to overcome homelessness.
04:45 And she started her own business.
04:47 And I think that because of her faith
04:49 and because she was able to just grab on
04:52 to where she knew that God was taking her
04:54 and she talked about the prayer that she had and she had to do
04:57 and again the perpetual belief
05:00 that things are going to happen for her.
05:02 When things happened for her, now she's on the front cover
05:05 of the free press all the time.
05:07 I mean she's doing her thing and I mean but to know
05:09 where she came from,
05:10 living in drug houses and crack houses to now
05:13 where she is today overcoming all the obstacles,
05:16 I think is very inspirational
05:17 and I want her to share her story.
05:19 Oh, let's check it out. Absolutely.
05:26 Okay.
05:27 When I think of Romans 8:28,
05:30 I think about a very dark time in my life.
05:33 I was homeless at the time
05:35 and I belonged to a local church.
05:38 And I decided to get baptized because from what I heard
05:42 and what people would tell me that when you get baptized
05:45 everything else will be great
05:46 and all my problems will be solved.
05:48 And everything would be fine.
05:51 So I went to church, I got baptized,
05:54 and the man threw me down in the water
05:56 and I came up
05:57 and I didn't feel any different.
06:00 And I thought something was wrong with me.
06:03 I left church, I went home
06:05 to finish packing up all my stuff
06:06 because I was homeless, I had got evicted.
06:10 And I decided to go to the bar
06:13 after I got baptized the same day
06:15 because I didn't feel any different.
06:17 After that, I struggled for about two years
06:20 with homelessness,
06:22 sleeping pillar to post in abandoned houses,
06:24 don't know what I had to do to make it
06:27 and the whole time that I was doing
06:29 and I was thinking, well, where is God?
06:31 Everybody says I would feel different
06:33 and that he would rescue me
06:35 and I would be a whole new person.
06:37 And I wouldn't have anything to worry about.
06:40 Shortly thereafter, while I was homeless,
06:42 I did meet my current husband.
06:44 And when I met him I started hearing God
06:48 and I started hearing him say, "You have to do better.
06:51 You have to do better, you have to do more,
06:53 you have to do better.
06:55 You have to do more."
06:56 So from the moment I met my husband,
06:58 who God sent to me,
06:59 I decided to do better and do more.
07:02 We got married, we had a baby,
07:05 I started going to college when she was two.
07:08 I graduated four years later with my degree in accounting.
07:11 And I now own my own small business
07:13 accounting firm.
07:15 It's just me but I like the word firm.
07:18 And I also work for a wonderful nonprofit
07:22 who helps people just like me financially
07:26 with financial literacy to get their finances in order,
07:30 getting the credit together.
07:31 And I'm just out here
07:33 trying to find another me to help another me
07:36 and if I could tell anybody anything
07:38 it would be two things, number one, God does hear you.
07:42 He does hear you and He is there.
07:44 And number two, go out and get it yourself, honey.
07:47 He's going to be there in the background,
07:49 but you got to do it yourself.
07:51 Okay. That's all. It's life.
07:56 Wow. I love it.
07:58 She has a good story and her spirit is so strong,
08:02 and her faith was wayward but she came back to God.
08:08 She came back to Christ.
08:10 And it was Christ who never abandoned her,
08:13 had never forsaken her but she had to figure out
08:16 some things that she had to do.
08:17 Yeah.
08:19 Well, you know, I think it's a misconception
08:21 that you have to feel differently
08:24 when you get baptized
08:25 because if we rely on feelings, we can get so deceived.
08:29 So it's not about feelings
08:30 but it's about what the Bible says
08:33 and, you know, she also felt that the Lord was telling her,
08:37 "You have to do better, you have to do more,
08:40 you have to..."
08:41 And the Lord wants to bring us up
08:43 to a different level.
08:45 The word says that,
08:47 "He wants to give us an abundant life."
08:50 And so in order to have that abundant life,
08:54 we invest in Christ,
08:56 we seek first the Kingdom of Heaven
08:58 and its righteousness
09:00 and then all these things will be added to us.
09:02 Because if we're seeking Him first,
09:04 then whatever our hands find to do,
09:06 we're going to do with all our might,
09:08 we're going to focus on doing it right,
09:10 focus on Him and then He opens the doors for us.
09:15 Absolutely. He makes such a difference.
09:19 I remember for me briefly that I didn't know
09:23 what I was going to do
09:24 when I left traditional Chinese medicine.
09:27 I didn't really know what I was going to do
09:30 because that was 95% of my income.
09:33 And I knew the Lord was leading me out of it
09:35 but the Lord consistently opened doors for me
09:38 and opened this door here at 3ABN
09:40 and I ended up having the best job
09:42 I ever had in my whole life.
09:43 Right.
09:45 So to me it's like, if we just trust,
09:48 God have faith in God,
09:49 we don't know where He'll take us
09:51 but we do know He'll take us somewhere.
09:52 That's right.
09:54 And the question we have to ask ourselves
09:56 is what other choice do you have
09:59 but to not have faith?
10:01 I mean we're sitting down and many of us have,
10:06 I mean, a lot of the economic struggles
10:08 every single day
10:09 and we're living check to Tuesday.
10:11 And we've tried everything else,
10:13 we've tried this scam over here
10:16 or this financial predator who said,
10:18 "I can give you some money, quick fast over there."
10:20 And we've tried everything else.
10:22 But why not just try Christ? Come on.
10:24 Why not just try Him and just see what happens.
10:26 Come on.
10:28 Because, I mean, Christ has done
10:30 so many things for me
10:31 and I remember
10:32 when I walked away from Wall Street
10:34 and God said to me
10:36 that you will be the teacher and educator of many,
10:40 and I said,
10:41 "Okay, well, I'm going to believe in
10:42 what You said," and I got an offer
10:45 but something inside of me that said that offer that,
10:47 when that individual said that I can only work
10:49 with high net worth individuals.
10:51 And I won't reveal the company's name
10:52 but they said I could work with them
10:55 but I can only work with rich people.
10:58 And I remember that scripture that said,
11:00 "Do not withhold good from those who deserve it
11:02 when it's in your power to act."
11:05 And I had to have faith
11:06 that I had to stand on God's word,
11:07 then I said, you know what,
11:09 if this is not for me
11:10 and I think that God is leading me
11:11 in a different direction,
11:13 I've got to have faith and walk in that direction.
11:14 That's right.
11:15 And long story short, I eventually came on CNN.
11:19 And God just blessed me so wonderfully
11:22 and it was all because of Christ,
11:23 it's all because of Christ.
11:25 And I think today I would like to just exemplify
11:28 how we have to have that crazy faith, right?
11:31 Okay.
11:32 That's that crazy faith is when you do things,
11:35 you know, Crystal, for example.
11:38 For her to believe
11:39 that as she was a homeless person,
11:40 to say I'm going to be an accountant one day,
11:42 many people might have looked at her and said,
11:44 "You know, you're crazy,
11:45 you're never gonna be an accountant,
11:46 you're homeless, you're living in drug houses,
11:48 and you're not going to be successful."
11:49 But she had that crazy faith enough
11:52 to believe that, yes, we can do something.
11:55 And so we have to believe that
11:57 because God is going to give you a message
11:58 that no one else can hear.
12:00 That's right.
12:01 God is going to give you a signal, a dream,
12:03 a vision that no one else is going
12:05 to be able to recognize but you,
12:07 not your mother, not your father,
12:08 not your best friends, not anybody else,
12:11 nobody else on the face of this planet
12:13 will be able to receive the message the way
12:15 you receive it from Christ.
12:16 It is a unique and special message
12:19 only for your ears.
12:20 And your spirit, and so you have to take that
12:23 and grab hold of it.
12:24 And as we develop Christ like innovation,
12:26 I want to read one more scripture here.
12:28 Yes, please.
12:29 And this is John 2:7-9,
12:33 that says, "Jesus saith unto them,
12:35 Fill the waterpots with water.
12:38 And they filled them up to the brim.
12:41 And he said unto them, Draw out now,
12:43 and bear unto the governor of the feast.
12:46 And they bare it.
12:48 When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water
12:50 that was made wine, and knew not whence it was."
12:54 This, to me, exemplifies what Christ can do.
12:59 He can take something that is just water
13:02 and make it into wine.
13:03 We saw that also I believe in Matthew
13:05 where He created
13:06 one loaf of bread and fed the masses,
13:09 and the fish and fed the masses, right.
13:11 So this is what Christ can do.
13:13 So if we are to strive to be like Christ,
13:16 then we also should be able to do similar things.
13:19 When people say all right, you know, you're talking,
13:21 you know, you're talking crazy talk,
13:23 this is not possible.
13:25 Well, there are many examples of individuals
13:27 actually doing things every single day.
13:30 I actually found some here.
13:31 There was one example of a potter in India,
13:35 was a poor potter.
13:36 And he wanted something to feed his family
13:39 and didn't know exactly what to do
13:40 but he figured out that he could design
13:42 from clay a refrigerator.
13:45 So he took his clay and he molded it
13:48 and he made a refrigerator and without any electricity
13:51 it could keep food fresh for many days.
13:54 So he started making refrigerator,
13:56 he made one for his family
13:57 and that became their refrigerator.
13:59 But then he started to sell his refrigerators.
14:01 He didn't make a ton of money
14:03 but he made enough money to feed his family.
14:05 And then there is another example,
14:06 out of Lima, Peru, a region that had high humidity,
14:09 only received one inch of rainfall every single year.
14:13 Well, an engineering college essentially designed
14:16 a giant advertising billboard that advertised
14:20 that absorbs air humidity
14:22 and converts it into purified water.
14:25 Now, again, this generates
14:27 over 90 liters of clear drinkable water
14:30 every single day.
14:32 Wow.
14:33 In a place where there's...
14:34 Only one inch of rainfall.
14:36 So they needed water but it had high humidity.
14:39 So he was able to look at the air and say,
14:42 "There's water in the air,
14:44 I can design something to essentially turn this water
14:48 in the air into drinkable clean water."
14:50 Wow.
14:52 And then there's another example
14:53 here in Kenya
14:54 where two university students created a mechanism
14:56 that could recharge a cell phone using bicycles.
15:00 And lastly we have another example,
15:02 a little girl in Ghana
15:05 who again she was in poverty
15:08 and she didn't have a lot of money
15:10 but she looked around and said,
15:13 "Look at all these bamboos around here,
15:15 look at all these trees."
15:16 And she grabbed the trees and she realized
15:18 that the bamboo was very hard, it was very solid.
15:21 And she just thought and she used her mind
15:24 and she said you know what,
15:25 I'm going to make a bamboo bicycle.
15:28 And she started to make bamboo bicycles.
15:30 And now those bamboo bicycles
15:32 are being shipped all over the world.
15:34 Amazing.
15:35 So we've got examples of individual
15:37 making refrigerators from clay,
15:40 individuals making water from air,
15:43 an individual making electricity from a bicycle,
15:47 and a young girl making essentially a bicycle
15:51 out of trees, out of bamboo,
15:54 something from nothing
15:55 and they make money off of these things.
15:57 And so what we have to understand
16:00 and then Ephesians 1:3, I believe it says,
16:02 "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
16:05 who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings
16:07 in heavenly places in Christ."
16:09 So it says, hath blessed us,
16:11 it doesn't say going to bless us,
16:13 it's past tense.
16:15 So a lot of times we're asking God for things
16:18 when He's already provided us things,
16:21 everything we need to be successful.
16:23 We're waiting on God, but God is waiting on us.
16:26 So those examples,
16:28 the young girl didn't have to wait on God.
16:31 God had already given her the trees.
16:33 The young man didn't have to wait on God,
16:35 God already allowed the design of bicycles
16:38 to create electricity.
16:39 The man in India didn't have to wait on God,
16:41 he had already had clay to create everything he needed.
16:44 And so now we have a lot of...
16:47 At one time I saw a protest on television
16:50 and it really upset me, a group of individuals,
16:54 large group and it's still going on today,
16:57 were very upset that McDonald's
16:58 was not paying them $15 an hour.
17:02 Now regardless of how you individuals feel
17:04 about increasing minimum wages is not the point,
17:07 this is not the point.
17:08 What we have are groups of individuals
17:12 who have decided to ask a company
17:14 to give them as opposed to going
17:17 to another organization like a community college
17:19 to get education for free.
17:22 Again so reading Proverbs 16:16,
17:25 "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!
17:28 So to get understanding
17:30 is to be chosen rather than silver!"
17:33 So if we're chasing money
17:36 to say McDonald's pay me $15 an hour
17:40 as opposed to chasing education,
17:41 so we can go to community college for free,
17:44 get free education.
17:45 You know how many individuals have actually walked over
17:48 to a community college,
17:49 met one individual that was teaching
17:51 and we had a workshop and he said,
17:53 "Ryan, you're selling a false bill of goods."
17:55 And I said, "What do you mean?"
17:57 He said, "Well, I can't go to college.
17:58 I just don't have the...
17:59 I'm not, I'm in an alternative high school.
18:01 I can't go to school.
18:03 It's not for me,
18:04 I'm never gonna get out and repay.
18:05 There's nothing out there for me."
18:07 I walked that individual
18:09 over to Wayne County Community College
18:11 and my mother was working there at the time
18:12 and we sat him down and figured out
18:14 that he can get
18:15 some remedial classes to get his GED.
18:19 And we worked with him.
18:20 She was able to enroll him,
18:22 had some financial aid that was available.
18:23 And he enrolled to school,
18:24 two years later had his associates,
18:26 four years later he had his bachelor's.
18:27 It's just that, I mean, as opposed to protesting,
18:31 okay, if you want to protest that's fine,
18:33 but make some time to get education.
18:35 Absolutely.
18:36 Education, I mean research has shown
18:38 that people graduating from high school
18:41 make more than
18:42 those who don't people graduate from college,
18:44 I think make four to eight times
18:45 more than people who don't.
18:47 So I mean it's your ticket out. Right.
18:51 If you need a ticket out,
18:52 obviously the Lord is we're not saying
18:54 to the exclusion of the Lord,
18:56 we're saying grab on to Christ's hand
18:59 and get some education and learn something.
19:03 If you don't want to go to college,
19:05 learn a skill,
19:07 get a skill that you can use because that's also important.
19:11 To have something that you can do.
19:13 Nowadays, I mean they had something
19:15 on one of the programs I listened to on the radio,
19:18 sometimes a talk program, about coding.
19:22 And you can make a lot of money if you know how to do coding.
19:24 Tons of money.
19:26 But I mean the education
19:28 which is I'm so, I'm so right here,
19:31 because education is key.
19:33 And that the problem that we're having
19:34 when again going back to McDonald's theory
19:37 and seeing people protesting McDonald's
19:39 for not paying them $15 an hour.
19:42 Is that what's happening now is that
19:45 McDonald's is also investing in technology.
19:48 And then investing in technology
19:49 that essentially is going to allow them
19:51 to have cashier-less or a robot cashiers.
19:56 So robotics now is taking over.
19:58 Exactly. And it's already there.
19:59 They have McDonald's now where you can walk into a store
20:03 and you can walk up
20:05 and you can pay a cashier which is a robot.
20:08 You put your money in, you take the order,
20:10 it places order and your food is then delivered to you.
20:13 So some people will say,
20:15 "Well, Ryan, that's taking jobs away."
20:18 Well, again in the world of Christ
20:21 we don't have small minds like that,
20:22 that's not the small mindset we have.
20:24 We have to have a...
20:25 We have to take the tops off our vision.
20:27 If we take the tops off,
20:29 see sometimes we have this sad glassful of vision
20:32 for ourselves,
20:34 but God wants to give you an ocean full of blessings.
20:36 That's right.
20:37 And so we have to take
20:39 the top off our vision and say, "No,
20:40 that's not taking jobs away from me,
20:43 I can be the one to design the technology
20:47 and put it in McDonald's."
20:49 Because those jobs have a less than 1% unemployment rate.
20:53 But the jobs of being a cashier that you're striving
20:55 for that has less than maybe $10 an hour if that even,
21:00 those jobs are dispensable.
21:03 How much do you think fear of success comes to play
21:07 with this like, I can't do it, I don't have an education.
21:11 Look at me I live in the projects
21:13 I mean what am I...
21:15 I can't do it.
21:16 I believe it has a huge,
21:18 I believe that much of poverty is low self-esteem.
21:21 I believe much of it is believing
21:23 that it's not for us.
21:24 I believe
21:26 if we have other things like a lack of network
21:28 or a lack of access to opportunity,
21:30 but much of it is not believing
21:32 that what's in front of me is for me.
21:34 There have been many times that I've done many workshops
21:37 to gang members and those who formerly incarcerated like,
21:39 and I mean,
21:41 I would probably say that most individuals
21:43 that I've worked with have not been successful.
21:46 And it's not because they had a lack of opportunity
21:48 or access because
21:49 I was there providing them the access,
21:50 I was not just providing education
21:52 but we also had connections to different organizations,
21:55 I was the chair of Medgar Evers College,
21:56 I was, I said,
21:58 "So, here's your resources I want you to use,
22:01 most of them are free of charge
22:03 that we want you to grab on to."
22:04 But they didn't believe it was for them,
22:06 they didn't believe it was for them.
22:10 Christ is so tangible,
22:11 Christ is so real, He is such a...
22:14 Man, He's just the most tangible thing
22:18 you could ever experience in life.
22:20 I'm sorry, I got caught up
22:21 in the moment there for a second.
22:23 It's all right, it's all right.
22:24 It's all right. We love it, we love it.
22:25 See, when Jesus cured the blind man,
22:29 He said, you know, He said, He placed some clay
22:34 and rubbed it into the blind man's eyes
22:35 and said, "Walk two miles to the riverside
22:37 and you'll be able to and you'll be able to see."
22:39 The blind man had the choice, he could say,
22:43 "Christ, I don't feel like walking right now,
22:45 it's not for me.
22:47 I don't feel like moving,
22:48 it's just, I'm a little bit too tired today.
22:50 Why don't you just do it tomorrow?
22:52 Can't you just feel me right here?"
22:56 See, the blind man understood Christ's logic.
22:59 Sometimes Christ gives an instruction
23:02 to justify the blessing.
23:04 So the instruction to walk two miles to the riverside
23:07 to see was that instruction
23:09 that the blind man had to follow.
23:11 When he followed that, followed that instruction,
23:13 followed Christ, he was able to see.
23:16 Following Christ helps you see.
23:18 And there are certain things that you were asking for.
23:21 We have no right to ask for something
23:23 if we have not worked for it.
23:25 That is not...
23:26 That is a basic element of Christianity.
23:28 Absolutely. And you need to say that again.
23:31 We have no right to ask for something
23:34 if we have not worked for it.
23:36 And when he saw and so,
23:38 for instance, if you want a job,
23:42 you have not interviewed up in Christian network,
23:44 you have not done increased education,
23:47 you're not walking.
23:48 If you want a house
23:49 you have not increased your FICO score,
23:51 you have not budgeted, you have not saved,
23:52 not researched things in a neighborhood,
23:54 you're not walking.
23:55 If you want to go back to school,
23:57 you have not researched scholarships,
23:58 you have not done the networking
23:59 and talk to some counselors, you are not walking.
24:01 If you want to start a business,
24:03 you haven't read a few books on how to start that business,
24:05 you haven't put a business plan in place,
24:07 write it down on paper, you're not walking.
24:09 Christ wants us to walk
24:11 because it's through that walk that we get growth.
24:14 And we know that the blessings
24:16 that He's already prepared for us
24:18 at that table as my pastor would say,
24:21 we're not going to be ready to eat
24:22 if we're not growing on the way
24:24 to that table.
24:25 And this is the economic principle.
24:27 See, when you're getting back to economics now,
24:30 starting that business,
24:32 there are many ventures that have failed simply
24:34 because I had not adequately prepared myself.
24:37 And those failures
24:39 really allowed me to do all that was necessary
24:42 to turn around and then be successful.
24:45 If I had not done that walking and then...
24:48 but the failures say you ain't right,
24:49 I needed to walk in a different way,
24:51 I need to walk in a better way.
24:52 I need to do this, I need to do that.
24:53 And it was because of that, it allowed me to be successful.
24:56 And every other business owner
24:58 that I've ever talked to says exact same thing.
25:00 But all these principles are laid out
25:03 in the Word and the Will of God.
25:04 And so we don't have to go to any...
25:08 Steve Jobs, rest his soul, he's passed away, Ryan,
25:12 how are we supposed to learn about that?
25:13 I know Steve Jobs was a smart guy
25:15 and I admire him a lot, but guess what,
25:17 there's a book I can find,
25:18 that's probably a whole lot better than him.
25:20 It's the Bible. Yes. That's right.
25:22 So just praise God for all of the things
25:25 that He's been doing for us.
25:26 Yes, yes.
25:27 And for all the principles that are in the Word.
25:29 You know, when you said the Lord wants us to walk,
25:34 He wants us to do something.
25:36 You know, when He healed
25:38 the paralytic, rise, take up your bed and walk.
25:41 You have to have faith in God
25:44 which we're talking about crazy faith today.
25:47 Faith that we can do it through Christ.
25:51 And then we get up and do it.
25:52 It's crazy to think someone who is paralyzed
25:54 and get up and walk like that.
25:55 Right.
25:57 But if you believe in God, it can happen.
25:58 That's right, that's right.
25:59 So three quick tips I wanted to give.
26:01 Okay. Just very quick here.
26:02 And then you have a takeaway. Yeah. Absolutely, absolutely.
26:04 So there are things
26:06 that we have to start doing in order to make sure
26:08 that we can exemplify that we have faith in Christ.
26:11 And one of those things
26:12 especially for those individuals
26:13 who are out of work and underserved,
26:16 one of those as we can try to relocate
26:17 to another place
26:19 where our skill sets are needed.
26:20 The second tip is to pursue education.
26:23 Make it sure that you can get demand
26:24 higher level of skill sets
26:26 than those skill sets in your local area,
26:27 they can now call upon you.
26:29 And the third one is start a new business.
26:32 It's time for us to take a leap of faith
26:34 and be an entrepreneur.
26:36 And we can go research how to do it, right?
26:38 Absolutely. All right, great.
26:40 You're gonna give us a takeaway?
26:41 Absolutely. Awesome.
26:50 With faith in Christ, nothing is impossible.
26:52 Faith in Christ
26:54 will make your first home become a reality,
26:55 that new job happen, any goal you desire comes true.
26:59 What is faith?
27:00 Faith is not rainbows, unicorns,
27:02 and other false notions of reality.
27:05 Faith is effort, faith is diligence,
27:07 faith is consistency,
27:08 faith is real
27:10 and faith in Christ is hard work.
27:11 You can read all the empowerment books you want,
27:14 but if you choose to believe that the principles
27:16 within are not for you
27:18 or that you are predestined to live a life of lack,
27:21 you will not be successful
27:22 and you will not receive
27:24 the blessings that God has in store for your life.
27:26 You must believe that
27:27 there is a greater quality of life for you,
27:29 your family, and your community.
27:31 On the other side of your hard work,
27:33 sweat and tears,
27:34 there is someone waiting on the greatness
27:36 in you to bless them.
27:38 So the epitome of selfishness
27:39 is quitting and not working hard.
27:41 The most important task
27:43 you can contribute to this world
27:44 is making it better.
27:46 The best way to make a better world
27:47 is to start with making a better you.
27:49 And through Christ that is exactly
27:51 what you will receive.
27:52 Be the change you want to see.
27:54 Always remember,
27:55 the purpose of life is a life of purpose.
27:57 This is Ryan Mack, Dollars and Sense, signing off.


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