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Program Code Duration Description Participants
CSC000001 Video 0:58:29 End-time Imperatives, Part 1 Dale Leamon
CSC000002 Video 0:58:30 End-time Imperatives, Part 2 Dale Leamon
CSC000005 Video 0:58:30 The Revelation Of Jesus Christ, Part 1 Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000007 Video 0:58:30 Stories Jesus Told - The Wedding Garment Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000008 Video 0:58:30 Stories Jesus Told - The Samaritan Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000009 Video 0:58:32 Revelation Of Jesus - Part 6 Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000010 Video 0:58:30 Whiter Than Snow Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000011 Video 0:58:30 Purchasing The Sacred Oil Of God Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000012 Video 0:58:31 The Lord's Anointed Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000013 Video 0:58:30 The End Of The Law Pr. Aaron Roberson
CSC000015 Video 0:58:30 Praise Therapy Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000016 Video 0:58:30 Upside Down & Backwards Pastor Dale Leamon
CSC000017 Video 0:58:30 Great And Precious Promises NA
CSC000018 Video 0:58:30 Such Power Unto Men Dale Leamon
CSC000019 Video 0:58:30 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Dale Leamon
CSC000020 Video 0:58:30 Christ In 3D David Dean
CSC000021 Video 0:58:30 Why God Blesses America And When He Won't Dale Leamon


Updated 2019-09-17