Celebrating Life in Recovery

Teen Challenge, Pt. 2

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Megan Baez, Mylynda Ortiz


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00:14 Welcome back! We have covered a lot of things on this
00:17 program and both of you, your journeys have been really
00:21 different and I would like to start with you Mylynda.
00:25 You know you've dealt with all the things that you dealt
00:30 with as far as mom and their separation and the abuses
00:35 of your dad and then his death.
00:37 How are you coming back and dealing with your own anger,
00:40 your own addictions and all that kind of stuff and the
00:44 grief of your father?
00:45 Well I'm taking counseling sessions in Teen Challenge,
00:48 as with what my director Apryl said.
00:52 We have a Christian counselor and she realized that I have
00:55 a lot in me that I am holding in from my father's death.
00:59 I'm not much of a crier because I was always raised not
01:04 to cry, so when my dad died that was the hardest thing
01:08 for me so I sometimes try to forget my dad's stuff and
01:12 to forget about him even though he means the world to me.
01:16 Because I don't want to cry, so they brought me a book
01:20 called 'A Fire In My Heart and Ice In My Veins'
01:23 to help me recover from my dad's death.
01:26 That book is about grief. - yeah it's about grief.
01:28 Because even though we think that we cover all of that,
01:31 its still unless we actually get it out and work through
01:35 it, it stays in us and just causes more pain.
01:40 So I think it's incredible that you are willing to go into
01:45 that pain, it's incredible that you have somebody that
01:49 is going to walk you through that.
01:51 That you get to do that now instead of 20 years from now.
01:54 It's definitely helping me, I definitely recommend that
01:57 book to anybody who has lost a parent. Yeah.
02:01 I could feel what I wanted to feel before.
02:04 Talk to somebody that has lost a parent.
02:06 Well I know it must be hard to lose a parent, they're attached
02:13 to you and they're everything to you, when you lose them
02:16 that other part of you that it's gone and this book would
02:20 definitely help you and it will walk you through it and
02:24 bring out those things in you that you have been trying
02:27 to cover all along. It will help you recover.
02:30 Work with counselors and pastors and grab hold
02:33 of somebody that you can trust and work through
02:36 those various issues.
02:39 I want to talk with you Megan, and you were talking about
02:43 a lot of times when we act out, for both of you, but when
02:47 we act out and we are angry and drinking and doing all
02:50 this kind of stuff, people really like to look at that.
02:54 But as you told us your journey and your story the only
02:57 thing that I couldn't get out of my head was this little
03:00 girl that was so lost and just wanted to be loved and seen
03:03 and for someone to pay attention to.
03:06 Then you talked about wanting to be in ministry, you
03:10 talked about wanting to really work with this lost kid.
03:14 Yeah. - I think that was the core issue for you.
03:17 Or at least one of them. - yeah.
03:19 So would you look at the camera and talk to that kid
03:23 that doesn't even think anybody sees them anymore.
03:26 You know what is really interesting is that kid may be
03:30 3 or 30, or 80, because until we start working on our
03:34 stuff, we get stuck with all those feelings.
03:39 So just talk with that kid.
03:40 I just want to tell you that don't feel like there is
03:44 no buddy by your side and that there is no way to get
03:47 out of any situation.
03:49 There is always a God that can help you through anything,
03:52 or any time and if you just believe and know that He's
03:55 there He will always answer your prayers.
03:58 And right now when you say that, you actually can
04:01 feel Him moving into your life. - yes.
04:05 That has given you strength. - yes.
04:07 It has given you courage and hope.
04:10 For both of you it sounds like you have stepped into a place
04:15 where you are getting control of your life back.
04:17 I'm absolutely so proud of you, thank you for being on
04:20 the program, thank you for being so vulnerable with us.
04:24 You know a lot of people want to not talk about any of
04:27 that and they stay sick for a long time but in your
04:29 program they really do encourage you to say it as many
04:32 times as you need to say it.
04:33 This is not something you are going to hold onto ever
04:37 again, you are going to deal with it, use it in ministry,
04:41 or put it away and get on with your life.
04:44 I love that and God is going to hold you.
04:47 When God starts working with our hearts and when God starts
04:51 showing us who we are, we're never the addict, we're
04:54 never the angry teenager, we're never the one who is so out
04:57 of control because God says underneath all of that I know
05:01 who you are, I know you are My child.
05:03 That's what I want to wake up in you.
05:05 If you have a child that is out of control, love them,
05:09 pray for them, call someone.
05:11 Teen Challenge is a good resource and there is a ton of
05:14 resources out there.
05:15 If you want to call us we will put you in touch with
05:18 somebody, until next week always remember that God is
05:20 crazy about you and me too.
05:22 God bless and know there is nothing that God is ashamed of.
05:27 There is nothing He can't do.


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