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Teen Challenge, Pt 1

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Apryl Cordry, Nicole Day


Series Code: CLR

Program Code: CLR00095C

00:13 Welcome back, my favorite group, I just have to tell you
00:18 guys are my favorite group.
00:19 So Nicole I know that you are graduating like a week from
00:22 Friday, it is close.
00:24 Do you ever see yourself working in Teen Challenge
00:27 organization? Well I don't know if I see myself working
00:31 in the Ministry of Teen Challenge but, I definitely will
00:34 be with Teen Challenge and do stuff with them.
00:37 I know my parents will definitely be with
00:40 Teen Challenge their whole life.
00:42 - I wish your parents were here.
00:43 Tell them I said Hi and I thank you for being on the
00:46 program, and Apryl I want to talk with you because when
00:49 you first started talking today you said that you see
00:53 girls come in one way and leave in another way.
00:55 Well Nicole is one of those girls, so talk
00:58 little bit about that.
00:59 Well you know Nicole is one of those girls came in, although
01:02 she walked in willingly there was that hardness,
01:06 that stubbornness, that I am not doing this.
01:08 Yet you her story and look she held on for a long time
01:12 with that come although she's definitely made strides
01:14 in those first 11 months it was the 11th month mark where
01:17 she made the commitment that she was going to finish this.
01:20 She wasn't just going to invest for the month she's here
01:24 for the next month, but she was going to finish.
01:27 She is a different girl, but she is a different girl.
01:29 That was awesome, so it really isn't anything and it makes
01:33 me think when I do struggle, when I do have a hard time,
01:37 a scripture passage that comes to mind for me is found in
01:40 Luke 8. And at the beginning of the passage if you look
01:43 at verse 40 you are going through and hearing about the
01:46 woman with the issue of blood and she goes and touches
01:49 the hem of Jesus' garment and believes and is healed.
01:52 But after that there is a young lady, she is 12 years old
01:56 and a man has come to Jesus, please come to my house my
01:59 little girl, she is going to die, she's going to die.
02:03 And as He is turned to say to the woman yes she's been
02:07 healed in that moment a messenger has come and told the
02:11 man who has been coming to ask Jesus to come to his
02:14 house, don't worry about it your daughter
02:16 is already dead, don't bother the teacher anymore.
02:19 The verse that really sticks out is verse 50 because
02:22 Jesus says if you just believe, she will be healed.
02:25 And that is what I believe for these girls.
02:27 Look at Nicole. - also remember that there is nothing
02:31 too big for God, and God just says I will take the
02:34 worse chaos that you are in and turn it around
02:38 completely with your children, with your lives, with your
02:41 family, I'm so proud of God, I'm proud of Nicole,
02:44 I'm proud of Teen Challenge, I'm proud of us and I'm
02:47 proud that we finally set up and say God
02:49 take it all, heal me.
02:51 Until next time always remember that God is crazy about
02:54 you and me to. God bless and we will see you next time.
02:57 Until then turned everything over, just shut it out like
02:59 Nicole did, shout out every single negative thing
03:02 and let God have it.


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