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Teen Challenge, Pt 1

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Apryl Cordry, Nicole Day


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00:14 Welcome back, one of my favorite text, and it was my
00:19 favorite in my own recovery, but its Jeremiah 29:11.
00:22 It says, "that for I know the plans I have for you,
00:26 "plans to prosper you, to bring you hope"
00:29 and all that stuff.
00:31 I just love the way that whole text talks about, not plans
00:35 of evil, but plans of good and all that stuff.
00:38 I grabbed hold of that, but when you go down to 13, it
00:41 says, "when you seek Me with all of your heart, you will
00:44 "find Me", and I never under- stood that in the first part
00:47 of my recovery, I understand it more now.
00:49 It's when I fell in love with God, then all of a sudden
00:53 everything changed, when it stopped being that somebody
00:56 was trying to teach me about recovery, or teach me about
01:00 God, but when I actually started having
01:01 a relationship that it all became real, it all changed
01:04 and my whole life changed.
01:06 For the kids at Teen Challenge, or anybody in recovery
01:09 that is our prayer for you is that you seek God with
01:12 all of your heart, and if you do He will be found.
01:15 I'm going to introduce you to Nichole, and Nicole
01:18 I want to say I came out to Teen Challenge and was your
01:21 Speaker, how long ago was that, do you remember?
01:24 A month and a half. - not long ago we were there.
01:27 And I was nervous but I loved coming out.
01:32 It was just amazing and I knew that I had come out and
01:37 get to speak with all of you.
01:38 There was how many in the House? - 9.
01:42 Nine kids in the house, nine girls and I got one hour.
01:47 You know, I think I went over, because I like to talk.
01:51 But I got one hour, in one hour to just say to you what
01:56 ever you do fight for your recovery.
01:58 Whatever you do grab hold of this and let God change
02:02 your life, and I desperately wanted that message to come
02:06 across, I don't know if it did.
02:07 It did! - good, and so now I remember when I was done
02:11 and I turned around and I said I would be so honored,
02:15 I asked who going to get into ministry, who is going
02:18 to be able to, does anybody see themselves as going
02:22 through this whole program and doing maybe what I do,
02:25 helping someone else?
02:27 You raised your hand. - I want to go to different
02:29 countries and share what God's done in my life and help
02:33 other people know God who don't know God.
02:36 You felt that strong? - yeah. - yeah.
02:38 When you raised your hand the only thing I could think of
02:41 is you got to come out and just hang out with us on
02:43 the set, do the program.
02:44 And so I said that, everybody looked like, yeah we'll do that
02:50 and so I'm so glad you are here.
02:52 So now before we even talk about your recovery, where did
02:57 you come from and who are you?
02:58 Like what took you to Teen Challenge?
03:01 Well growing up my parents were Christians.
03:04 They worked hard to provide a life for me and my younger
03:07 brother, but as they worked I felt like work was more
03:10 important, my mom was a boss at her own physical
03:14 therapist building. - so she worked all the time.
03:17 - all the time, and my dad was a nurse in a jail at night.
03:22 So. - and slept during the day? - yeah, so I really
03:26 didn't have parents around too much when I was growing up.
03:30 - people don't think about that, because they think I am
03:33 going to work and my kids are going to have everything.
03:36 But if they don't have you they have nothing. - yeah.
03:39 Yeah so that's real clear with what you are saying?
03:43 Yeah, and as I grew up my dad tried to be there for me
03:47 and my mom too, like I had horseback riding lessons and
03:51 I was active in sports but I feel like the more I tried
03:54 to get their attention and get them to love me they would
03:58 just push me away, like work I need to do this for work.
04:02 You're my way, work. - tired? - they're tired and they
04:05 need to sleep or they are stressed out because
04:07 they needed to get something done for work.
04:09 So I start hanging out with older people and got into
04:13 smoking weed, drinking, sex when I was 12. - wow!
04:18 So really young? - really young.
04:19 Yeah and you know I was pregnant by 12 and I remember
04:23 telling you that and saying that sometimes when you are
04:27 so wanting adult attention, the wrong adults will give
04:31 it to you. - Um Hmmm, and as I got their attention
04:35 I didn't want to lose it either so I wanted to gain all
04:39 of their approvals since I couldn't get my parents so
04:42 I just went full force, I just went with them and
04:46 what they were doing.
04:47 - whatever they were doing was okay with you?
04:49 Yeah, and I was walking into middle school at that point.
04:53 Because I failed a grade before and I walked in wanting
04:57 to find the crowd who was into that bad stuff and
05:01 I found it and I got a bad reputation because of it.
05:04 At 13 I was experimenting with all different kinds of
05:08 drugs with other people.
05:10 You know for some people don't realize what is in school.
05:14 Because when you think how bad can school get, talk
05:17 about a little, and you don't even have to talk about
05:20 you a little bit, just what is out there?
05:22 Well in my school it's actually like a decent school
05:26 compared to where I live in the area.
05:28 But there are kids who do sell drugs on our campus.
05:32 We, before I came to Teen Challenge, we had a drug search
05:36 and there was I think 17 kids in our elementary center
05:40 who got caught with drugs. - in the elementary school?
05:44 Yeah, and that's first through fifth grade.
05:46 And then we had 22 in middle school and like 50 in high
05:51 school, so. - because I think for a lot of people they
05:55 think if I don't know it, then maybe it doesn't exist.
06:00 And we're like no, no, no educate yourself.
06:03 Educate yourself because I really believe that when you
06:07 talk about that loneliness of not having, raising yourself
06:11 and not having any parents around and all that stuff.
06:15 There is a loneliness in there and I'm going to fill it.
06:18 When I find something that works, I'm going to do it all
06:22 the time, drugs and relation- ships and sex and partying
06:25 that just works and then I'm going to be angry at you if
06:29 you try to take it away from me.
06:31 Oh yeah. - did you deal with anger at all?
06:34 Yeah, that was probably one of the worst side effects
06:38 of my drug use was anger and violence, I liked to fight
06:42 a lot. - because I'm looking at you and I'm like
06:44 shut up, no way, look how sweet you are.
06:47 But so Nicole, because I know right now you're just
06:52 looking so like a model, you look like you could be
06:56 on Seventeen Magazine, if you know what I mean?
07:00 But that is not who you were and not the life you came
07:03 from, so when you talk about violence what was that like?
07:07 I imagine if you and I were friends and I made you angry
07:11 I would have to watch my back? - oh yeah, yeah.
07:14 I was violent towards anybody, I didn't care what age,
07:19 well mostly my brother towards younger kids, but I would
07:24 also fight guys like older than 22, I was a mess.
07:30 I didn't want anybody coming at me.
07:32 You needed to equalize the situation. - yeah.
07:34 But most of my violence was towards my parents too.
07:38 I didn't have a problem offending my parents at all.
07:42 When you were violent toward your parents, when you hit
07:47 them, was there a sense of hitting them or getting back
07:52 at them for what they didn't give you?
07:55 Or was that just already gone there is just anger at
07:57 that point? - there was just anger at that point.
07:59 Okay - yeah. - so you are out of control and I'm angry
08:03 running away and doing any of that kind of stuff?
08:05 I wasn't really a runaway person
08:10 - I like that, you can leave? - yeah like I had
08:13 nowhere to go so I didn't know where I was going to run to,
08:16 but I was like I did sneak around a lot.
08:20 My mom since she was working all the time she would come
08:24 home and fall asleep very quickly, so I would just go
08:27 out and she wouldn't even know.
08:28 I would come back at four o'clock in the morning and
08:30 she wouldn't know anything until she found out.
08:34 Did you ever get into like, and I don't want to say
08:37 typical things because they don't want to downplay like
08:40 the cutting and all that kind of stuff.
08:42 Did you get into any of that? I mean not other people
08:46 yourself? - yeah, no not as much like I never cut, cut.
08:50 I wasn't wanting to hurt myself, there was a point
08:55 where I was very angry at my mom and there was a fight
08:59 that happened and I ran down to my basement because
09:03 my dad has work tools down there.
09:05 I grabbed one of his razor big knife things and I held
09:10 it up to my neck and I was contemplating should I do
09:14 it, but my little brother ran down the stairs and
09:19 he saw me holding that and I saw him cry because he
09:23 was my brother and I had to drop it and just ran out
09:28 the door because I couldn't stay there.
09:29 You saw the trauma in his eyes? - yeah, yeah.
09:33 Wow, so from that point, because you are still in high
09:37 school, like a sophomore right? Sophomore, junior,
09:41 senior. - because you are taking all three courses at
09:46 Teen Challenge so to me you are still in high school.
09:50 When did somebody just say enough?
09:53 Well I got into cocaine and LSD, I kept it away from
09:59 my true friends and people who really cared about me.
10:04 My parents obviously knew that there was something wrong
10:08 but I was getting crazy. - especially on LSD,
10:10 you just get crazy.
10:12 You go running around and around and thinking you can
10:15 kill people, - you say that so nicely, think you can
10:19 kill people. - like I really thought I could.
10:22 - with your mind even. - yeah.
10:24 So for a lot of people that haven't been on LSD your
10:28 hallucinogenics like that, a lot of times you will
10:32 just think that I can control you with my mind.
10:35 I can actually take your life with my mind and
10:38 it can get you so twisted and so locked up.
10:41 Were you doing movies and video games at all that stuff?
10:46 Not so much, I was more like, well I did play video games
10:52 sometimes, but not as much like other people.
10:55 Because I was going to say sometimes with the violence
10:58 and LSD is that you can actually act out some of your
11:01 fantasies, but it sounds like you didn't have to.
11:03 You just had them in your head? - yeah.
11:06 That is a lot of anger. - yeah.
11:09 I really like my anger was towards my parents not
11:13 caring about me, but as soon as my parents started
11:16 noticing like that something was wrong with her,
11:20 they wanted to care about me but at that point I was so
11:23 angry that they didn't care about me before, or I felt
11:25 like they didn't, but I did want them to care about me
11:28 so I was angry that they were caring now.
11:30 Don't touch me now? - yeah. - it's done. - um hmmm.
11:34 It's too late. - yeah.
11:36 So I can imagine that, so now you are doing LSD and coke.
11:40 Did you ever get arrested?
11:41 I had a couple of run-ins with the cops, nothing
11:45 serious, I got a lot of citations but I paid them off
11:49 before, so it wasn't bad with the cops.
11:53 So were you going to church during that time at all?
11:56 Um, my parents, I kind of stopped going to church with
11:59 them when they brought me to church they were embarrassed
12:01 because I would sit in the back and fall asleep or
12:06 like make a jerk out of myself.
12:08 - make fun of people? - Oh yeah.
12:10 Laugh at what was being said. - talk really loud.
12:13 So they didn't force you to come anymore? - no.
12:17 So who intervened, who came in and said you know enough?
12:22 Well it happen when I was getting involved with a guy
12:28 I was on and off with in seventh grade, and he had his own
12:32 addiction problems with steroid use and that kind
12:35 of makes you angry too.
12:38 So it was a bad couple, we got in a lot of fights together
12:43 and whatever but my mom didn't like him.
12:46 He proposed to me when I was 16 and I said yes because
12:50 that was okay and I thought I really loved him.
12:56 My mom found out like everything from the Internet
13:00 because I was kind of getting My Space and Face Book
13:04 because of pictures and stuff.
13:06 - why would you get famous on those two networks?
13:13 I have a lot of promiscuous pictures and videos on the
13:17 Internet so people were adding me because of them.
13:21 Okay, and that is another way people really get lost
13:24 in that stuff. - Ah hmmm. - and somebody will say
13:28 why do people do that? It's like you know what I am
13:31 going to get some attention, you are not going to
13:34 ignore me, I am going to be out there.
13:36 And you find something that works, our bodies work,
13:39 in our anger works and all that kind of stuff.
13:41 So now people are literally uploading videos and all that
13:46 stuff and your mom at that point didn't know but starts to
13:51 find that stuff? - yeah. - I bet she freaked out?
13:54 Yeah she freaked out, she found out that I was sneaking
13:59 out with an older guy, which was the fiancé person.
14:04 She threatened to call the cops on him, but I threw the
14:09 phone so she didn't do anything about it.
14:11 I started hitting her because I didn't want like him to
14:15 get into trouble, I didn't want to be in trouble so she.
14:19 - he was over 18? - yeah and she knew there was
14:21 something wrong with him and like me too because
14:25 she could see it, but my dad didn't want to believe that
14:28 there was something wrong with me because my parents
14:31 were never drug addicts or alcoholics.
14:33 Like my mom was a straight A student all through high
14:37 school and college and everything.
14:39 So they didn't want to believe that I was like that.
14:43 - right, because for them it was like what happened?
14:46 - yeah. - how come we didn't see any of this kind of
14:49 stuff? So they are trying to stop you from seeing him?
14:51 When did they find out the online stuff?
14:53 They found that out five days before I came to Teen Challenge.
15:00 Okay they are just saying enough we got to get some help.
15:03 Did they call everywhere?
15:05 How did they find Teen Challenge?.
15:08 There was a Teen Challenge head come to my church before
15:13 and I happened to be there for one of them and it was
15:18 a boys home in Pennsylvania that closed recently but my mom
15:23 was looking at it and like getting information,
15:27 but I didn't think it was for me.
15:29 Did you know that I know that they are looking at
15:32 sending me here, I know that is on their mind?
15:36 I had no idea. - you had no idea?
15:39 It just blindsided you? - will they told me three or
15:41 four days before I came and I thought they were kidding,
15:44 I thought they were trying to scare me out of everything
15:46 I was doing so I played it off.
15:49 Like okay, whatever, you can send me away, big deal.
15:52 But they were kind of serious. - yeah, yeah.
15:55 Now how did they get you there?
15:59 My dad woke me up at six o'clock because I live in
16:03 Pennsylvania, and he was like you are going to Teen
16:08 Challenge today, and I was like no I'm not.
16:10 I had went out before that night and was drinking and
16:15 whatever, my aunt was at my house but like she let
16:19 me go out, - so you are kind of hung over saying what?
16:23 I'm not going anywhere. - my parents don't drink a lot
16:26 but they do have alcohol in the house so it's not like
16:30 I can't get a hold of it.
16:31 There was a point where they did lock up everything,
16:34 like prescriptions and alcohol. - right.
16:38 So he says you are going? The fight is on?
16:42 I was like I am not going and my dad left the room because
16:46 he thought maybe she needs to sleep a little bit.
16:48 So I decided to go into my bathroom and lock myself in
16:52 there, I really didn't lock the door because I wasn't in
16:55 the right state of mind, but I thought I did.
16:58 So my dad was like Nicole you need to come out now.
17:01 I was like no, you are not going to make me leave.
17:04 So then he kind of opened the door.
17:06 - you're like oh man! - like I really thought he was
17:10 great it was like you opened this door, how did you do
17:13 that? - because were you on, had you taken some acid?
17:17 Oh no, not that time, but I really felt like he was
17:22 - magic somehow, it's magical.
17:24 But he like came in and I could see the pain in my dad's
17:29 face and he was crying, I don't see my parents cry a lot
17:33 because they never cried in front of us that much.
17:37 He was like you need to go so you can either look like
17:41 a scrub and go or you can take a shower.
17:43 I was like all right so I took a shower and then my mom.
17:48 - you know what I think is cool about you Nicole?
17:50 Even through all this craziness, and all of this stuff,
17:53 is that you really do love your family, you know what
17:56 I mean, you saw the pain in your brothers face and the
17:59 trauma, you saw the pain in your dad's eyes and it was
18:02 like underneath all of that stuff that was what
18:05 you were looking for, does somebody see me, - um hmmm!
18:09 That is awesome, so you took a shower.
18:11 I took a shower - out in the car?
18:14 Well my mom thought I was going to run away at some point
18:16 between me walking out of the door and me getting into the
18:20 car that was 2 feet away, so she police escorted me into
18:23 my own car and then she child locked the doors which was
18:27 really smart because I don't know why but at the first
18:30 stop light I tried to get out the car.
18:35 But I don't know where was going to try to go or anything.
18:39 So five hours later, I didn't know where was going because
18:43 they didn't tell me, but I would wake up in between rides
18:48 and just be like well you guys can turn around now because
18:52 I got the joke and I wouldn't do anything again.
18:54 - I'm scared, alright I'll be good.
18:57 Then I would fall asleep and that I would wake up and just
19:00 start yelling at them, so they were like you just need to
19:04 go and then five hours later we drove up to Teen Challenge
19:08 and I got out of the car and shook Apryl's hand.
19:11 So you get out of the car and you go into Teen Challenge,
19:15 are you trying to play it off like I'm okay?
19:18 Are you going in screaming? People come in all kinds of
19:22 different ways, for you what was it like to get there?
19:26 I was more of a like a headstrong person, like if I'm
19:30 going to do this, I'm going to take my own bags in and look
19:33 like I can handle myself, so I did, I took my own bags in and
19:37 shook her hand and walked in like there is no problem.
19:41 So okay I'm here, let's do this.
19:43 So now this is my favorite part, the honeymoon period
19:48 doesn't last for a long time.
19:50 So what was that like for you the first few days?
19:54 When did you decide that I am actually going to do the
19:58 program? - Oh wow, my first few days I really didn't
20:02 know what was going on, like I really didn't, I hadn't
20:05 been to a rehab before especially like Teen Challenge.
20:09 So I was like, I really didn't know what the place was.
20:11 - you have a lot of rules. - it's like this place is
20:14 crazy. - they took your cell phone? - yeah.
20:17 I can't go online, no Face Book, no My Space, no anything.
20:23 Because my mom told me they had computers there and they
20:28 did when I came in for school they use computers, but by
20:33 the time I was coming in they used books so I got books
20:36 and I figured if they gave me a computer I could hack
20:39 into that because I was really good with technology.
20:43 But they didn't give me that opportunity thank God.
20:46 Yeah, - but the first few days I didn't like it of course.
20:51 When you wake up you do what they tell you and I was one
20:54 of those people that likes to wake up when I want to
20:58 and do what I want to throughout the day.
21:00 - you did that most of your life? - yeah.
21:02 You know I took care of myself what do you mean get up
21:06 and make my bed? - yeah. You know!
21:08 But I think I had a struggle throughout the whole program
21:12 with leaving because I just didn't want to stay there.
21:17 But I think the point where I really knew I needed to stay
21:22 was 11 months into the program. - 11 months. - yeah.
21:26 So that took a long time. - yeah. - so what happened
21:31 that all of a sudden you thought, okay I get it?
21:37 For one I know that the drugs and alcohol leave our body,
21:39 do you know what I mean? I start dealing with that.
21:42 During the program you deal with your anger. - um hmmm.
21:45 So you have people who are really helping
21:48 you to look at what was underlying all that stuff.
21:52 Where is your anger was coming from.
21:54 What is going on with you. So that takes a process.
21:58 So during that first 11 months you are looking at a lot
22:01 of things besides going to school and making friends and
22:05 reconnecting with people, but what happened?
22:08 What do you think it looked like when you finally said,
22:13 I think I'm going to do this?
22:16 I was on a home pass, and when you hit 10 months you get
22:21 to go home every month for five days to like kind of
22:24 get settled in with your family again.
22:27 So I was on a home pass and I told my parents in some
22:31 letters before that I don't think I want to do this anymore.
22:34 But my parents were like, they saw where I was and how
22:38 much I had changed and they were like you're going to
22:42 do it no matter what.
22:43 But I thought maybe this time I could change their mind and
22:46 I really thought. I was sitting on the couch
22:50 - because they are feeling like they're getting their
22:51 little girl back. - yeah.
22:53 - and that is what they want.
22:55 Yeah, so I was sitting on the couch and I was explaining
22:59 my frustrations towards the program and them and why
23:03 I should be able to leave and where I would go and what
23:06 I would do for school and I would have this all set.
23:09 But then my dad said, you need to go pray about it because
23:14 I accepted Christ like my fifth month in the program.
23:17 - what was that like?
23:20 I was at a youth rally with all the girls and we just did
23:25 one of our dramas and a guy came and spoke and he was
23:29 like if you feel you have any burdens on you why don't
23:33 you come up to the front and just let them all go?
23:37 I didn't want to go up at first, but then another girl
23:40 pulled me and she was like were going up together.
23:43 So we went up together and I just started crying,
23:45 I had no idea why I was crying at all.
23:48 And then a lady came over and she started praying for me
23:51 and she said, yell out every- thing you ever did in your
23:54 whole life and let God have it.
23:56 So I started screaming like all this stuff, horrible
23:59 things, these kids around me were probably looking at me
24:03 like I was crazy, but I felt it all like one by one just
24:07 being pulled right off of me. - Amen.
24:09 I felt like set free. - because you know sometimes
24:13 we have to do that, we have to say I can't carry this anymore.
24:16 Our heart becomes flesh again and that is where the tears
24:19 just come flooding out. - Yeah!
24:21 I wish I had been there, I would have just been praying
24:25 for you like crazy, you know.
24:28 So you accept Christ, does your anger, because you threw
24:33 all that out, did that change? Did you feel a change?
24:38 Yeah, in the program I really didn't know why, I think
24:42 it's God's peace over me all the whole time, but it wasn't like
24:45 I had any random freak outs the whole time.
24:48 There was times well I would yell at the staff but most of
24:53 the time I kept it in line and it really surprised me too
24:58 now I look back and I was here and I didn't like yell or
25:02 smash things at all.
25:03 So now 11 months, at about 11 months you decide you're
25:10 actually going to do the program? - yeah.
25:12 I'm actually going to change my life? - Um hmmm.
25:18 Woo hoo. I love that. So from that point on what's
25:23 different? Well my home pass thing happened and my dad
25:29 told me to go pray and I went my room and found a
25:31 bracelet that says, "never give up" on it.
25:33 Like I was just looking up and saying this is really great
25:41 God, thanks for the sign that I need to go back.
25:44 So I came back willingly, like I knew that was God
25:47 telling me you need to finish this.
25:49 Like finish something for your life that you have never
25:52 finished anything before.
25:53 So I came back and I still had struggles, because you
25:57 know there are times where you do stupid things and get
26:00 consequences for them, but I took responsibility
26:04 for it, my life just throughout the whole program
26:10 has changed my way of thinking.
26:11 Like my way, like the love of my parents, I thought my parents
26:16 wouldn't change while I was here at all, but my parents totally
26:20 did a 360. - in what way? - they show we so much attention
26:24 now. - so they got it, they heard you? - yeah.
26:27 Every past they would listen to me and sit there and cry
26:31 with me and I never had that before so we are
26:34 closer, like my mom is my best friend now.
26:37 That is incredible, so what's really, and I want to just
26:42 say to people especially when they have young kids,
26:45 because when you have your children you know that they
26:47 need your time. Do you know what I mean? - yeah.
26:49 You can work like crazy but if you lose your children,
26:53 if you lose your family what does work actually mean?
26:56 Because you think I'm doing this for my family, no!
27:00 Your family wants you, they need you.
27:02 So now you are getting that, you really are getting that.
27:06 I'm hoping that thousands of parents hear what we are
27:10 saying right now, thousands of parents look at their
27:13 little kids and say when is the last time I just sat on
27:16 the floor and played with them?
27:17 If they actually make those choices where nobody feels
27:20 lost like you felt lost, but now you are getting all of
27:23 that back, I bet they are thrilled. - yeah. - yeah.
27:27 And I can tell you love them and how is your brother
27:31 doing? - we were always close even throughout my whole
27:35 drug use and drinking and all that stuff.
27:38 He actually kind of saw some of that when I was doing it.
27:41 But he understands now, that he can't do that stuff.
27:45 - like he got it? - yeah, he can't be like I was.
27:50 I am stronger now to the point where I can sit down with
27:54 him and be like Noah you need to be good, he was like my
27:59 best friend too and I love him so much.
28:02 So you really got your family back? - yeah.
28:05 I'm sure that even at Teen Challenge you have learned to
28:09 do friendships without drugs. - yeah. - without the
28:12 sexual stuff, without the relationship, the twists in the
28:15 relationship. So when I was at Teen Challenge and
28:20 I talked about is anybody wanting to do ministry and
28:26 you raised your hand, is it people that have anger issues
28:31 that you want to work with?
28:32 Or what kind of person do you think I just want to help?
28:36 People with issues in general, like I know we all have
28:40 our own issues, but just anybody like I can help and
28:44 she'll love to or anything like that.
28:46 Especially like children in Africa who don't have parents,
28:50 I feel really called to do that. - because they're totally
28:53 abandoned? - yeah, and Israel I felt a calling to go to
28:56 Israel since my second month in the program.
28:59 - let's go, no I'm serious. You're like I don't know
29:06 that she might be serious.
29:08 I want to say thanks for being on the program.
29:10 Next time you see us we will be in Israel.
29:12 To me what I want you to hear even with Nicole's story
29:17 is her journey into drugs was that really need to be
29:22 loved, need to just fit in and know that somebody sees her
29:26 and cares about her and coming out of that her healing
29:31 is that somebody sees and cares about her and she
29:34 gets her family back, she gets her life back and now
29:36 she wants to tell somebody else that. I love that.
29:38 We are going to be right back, stay with us and I want
29:41 to bring Apryl. back with us so she can say a few things
29:44 about even Nicole's journey and maybe say
29:48 a few things to you.
29:49 So we will be right back, stay with us!


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