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From Meth To Mercy

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Chris Corzine


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00:14 Welcome back, I love the fact that every once in while
00:18 we get to see the whole family, not the whole family but the
00:21 mom and dad are here, mom and your stepdad.
00:24 Who is my dad, I feel like the Lord intended me to have
00:28 the whole time.
00:29 So from the time she was a little girl with her
00:31 bio-father, an alcoholic and you left him and she goes
00:36 in and out living with you, living with him and
00:38 all that stuff.
00:39 She's in and out of drugs, but you didn't know that did
00:42 you? No, I knew she wasn't living for Christ but I didn't
00:46 know that she was into drugs - that's the sweetest thing
00:49 I've ever heard, I knew she was living for Christ.
00:55 Well I would have been more scared I'm sure if I had
00:58 known now. - You knew did some thing was wrong. - yes.
01:01 So even thought at one time maybe she was taking
01:04 prescription stuff. - she came to visit one time and
01:06 I realized then that something was different about her.
01:10 I thought maybe she was on prescription drugs of some
01:13 kind but I didn't really worry about it that much.
01:16 When did you start to really decide that I need to pray
01:21 for her, that she needs to be covered?
01:23 Well when we would be around her and her actions and the
01:28 way she dressed, the way she talked and I knew that she
01:33 really needed the Lord and so we began to pray.
01:37 Somebody said like 15 years. - probably 15 years.
01:41 I would imagine it probably was when she left home to go
01:44 live with her father, that's when we start praying because
01:48 I knew she was in trouble then.
01:49 - you knew the influences? - yes. - right.
01:52 What would you say to a mother that says you know what
01:54 I just don't think my child is going to be okay?
01:56 They are not going to survive this?
01:58 I would say never to give up, prayer is so powerful.
02:03 If we really knew how powerful it was and just to never
02:07 give up. - were their days that you said I just don't
02:11 think this is working? - I may have said that, that
02:15 I just felt like that I loved her that much and I knew
02:19 my husband loved her that much that we was going to stand
02:23 together and believe on the Lord because it is His
02:28 will for our loved ones to be saved. It's God's will.
02:32 He says I promise I will bring your children back around.
02:36 I will restore your families and all that kind of stuff
02:39 when the Bible talks about raise them up in the Lord and
02:43 they will not depart.
02:45 Not saying they're not going to run and be crazy.
02:47 So now I want to say Chris, you know there is a lot of
02:51 people whose parents are praying for them and everybody
02:54 is praying for them but they are still running like crazy.
02:57 In the last few minutes what would you say to them?
03:00 God has a plan, you know this isn't anything we would
03:03 have ever dreamed would happen, and I'm sure when mom
03:06 had and Bud had to drop me off at prison and watched
03:09 me walk through those doors, they certainly never knew
03:11 it would culminate to this, to me having first off a career,
03:17 a platform for ministry, to be going around and talking
03:21 to other people. - how does that feel?
03:23 Well I think it's awesome. - exactly, how incredible
03:28 is that? It is we were out shopping about some speaking
03:32 engagements coming up and we were out shopping for
03:34 clothes the other day and I was just in the dressing room
03:36 and it just dawned on me, mom how does it feel that
03:38 we are shopping for clothes together so I can go out and
03:41 evangelize for the Lord.
03:42 Because it is all about what He's done not about what
03:44 I have done. It's all about Him. - what did she say?
03:47 She was like oh. - but it feels good. - it does.
03:50 It feels so good so never give up, never give up.
03:53 God has a plan and no matter what a mess we make of our
03:58 lives, our family still loves us.
04:00 - exactly, and what I want to cover too here in just the
04:04 last few minutes Chris, is there any point that you had to
04:07 look at both your mom and your stepdad and say I'm sorry?
04:11 Oh yeah, oh gosh yeah.
04:12 When they moved me back from Florida to Illinois and
04:15 I think I said that on such a regular basis because the
04:19 more my brain started to heal, and the more sober I got
04:22 the more I was faced with the consequences.
04:24 People used to tell me I had to forgive myself, you hear
04:27 that in the recovery of a lot, and I would say no
04:29 I want to feel this, I want to feel this guilt.
04:31 - I don't want to run for these feelings anymore?
04:33 Right, I want to know, I want to look in my mom's eyes
04:36 and my dad's eyes and know what I have done and what
04:39 this has cost them.
04:40 I used to think that drug addiction was a victimless crime
04:43 who am I hurting other than me? Well this is who I was hurting.
04:46 But they never turn their backs on me, which I was a
04:50 afraid if they knew who I was they wouldn't want me.
04:54 If God knew who I was, He knows who I am.
04:57 - He wouldn't want me. - it was the opposite.
04:59 You know when we talk about that we definitely have an enemy
05:04 and that enemy says, you know what? I don't want you
05:09 I don't want you. I mean God doesn't want you.
05:12 The people around you, you have gone too far.
05:15 I want to say thanks for sharing this with me and I want
05:18 to look right out to the audience and say that if
05:21 you ever hear that message in your head that you have
05:25 gone too far, you've done too much, you have twisted
05:29 yourself out of shape and there is no way to come in
05:33 and bring you back to a place where
05:35 you are going to be healthy.
05:36 That's a lie, that is a lie. I don't know why but God
05:40 says if you trust Me, if you give Me what ever, what ever
05:44 your addiction is whether its chemical addiction, whether
05:47 it's sexual addiction, whether it is just that you are
05:50 prideful and lying and a perfectionist, workaholic, or
05:53 whatever it is if you give Me that I will
05:57 restore not only you but your entire family.
06:00 And that is amazing, that is such a gift.
06:03 God says I will do it and there is going to be a time you
06:06 will stand there and just want to smile saying I had no
06:10 idea that all these promises, all of this incredible life
06:14 was meant for me because I am a child of God.
06:17 It is just amazing, it is too cool and that
06:20 is all I can say.
06:21 Until next time I want to remind you that God is crazy
06:25 about you and me to. Never forget that, not for a moment.
06:29 I don't care what your dealing with, turn it over and then
06:33 go tell somebody you're sorry.


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