Celebrating Life in Recovery

Homosexuality, Holiness & Hope

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Wayne Blakely


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Program Code: CLR00093C

00:14 Welcome back, I am so proud of God that I can't hardly
00:17 stand it, what I love about God and He so clearly says
00:20 in the Bible, like you said in 1 Corinthians 6 is that
00:24 we got all this junk, homosexuality and sexual sins,
00:28 lying and pride and jealousy and murder, and envy and we
00:34 sexually are out of control in every single way.
00:36 He says you know what? But I will wash you clean of all
00:40 that stuff and I am thinking how can You do that?
00:44 That is not my concern, He just does it.
00:46 He'll work with us Wayne like you know, what ever the
00:49 issues are, and somebody likes to point out your sexual
00:53 orientation as the only issue.
00:55 I just want to guess that that is not the only one you
00:58 have. - oh, you are correct. - you know what I mean?
01:01 It's so ridiculous like when people want to say I am
01:04 only a heroine addict, shut up I've got tons of stuff.
01:06 - I've got other luggage. - yeah.
01:08 I would like you on the last few minutes we have here,
01:11 is I want you to talk to the kid you were, to the person
01:14 you were, the one that still is struggling.
01:17 And if they are watching this program and they are
01:19 struggling and have heard your journey what do you want
01:22 to say to them?
01:24 What I would say is that if you are gay, or a lesbian,
01:28 or you are wandering and wondering, if you are a parent,
01:33 if you are a brother or sister or a relative, you haven't
01:37 seen a whole lot probably in your denomination spoken to
01:42 this issue, go to God and open up His word.
01:46 Read, hear His voice speak to you.
01:51 He knows your heart, He knows what you struggle with,
01:56 He knows that you need to fall on your knees and give it
02:00 all over to Him, let Him have it.
02:03 Tell Him everything that is on your heart and let Him
02:07 speak to your heart, let Him tell you that what He wants
02:11 you to do is His will and not your will.
02:15 Because it's all about letting self-indulgence be removed
02:19 from us and letting the Holy Spirit guide our lives every
02:23 moment of every day.
02:25 What is really incredible is that He knows all of the
02:29 twists, all the turns, all the stuff that I was so ashamed
02:33 of that I would not speak it out loud to anybody.
02:36 God knows and He says you know what?
02:37 I will take all that shame, every part of what you thought
02:41 was so unacceptable, I will take that and bring healing
02:44 into your life and it is unbelievable.
02:47 I will set you free of every addiction, of every part of
02:50 your sadness and your injuries.
02:52 I will set you free and I will show you who you are
02:55 outside of all this junk because you know why?
02:59 You are created in the image of God and all of that is
03:02 good. So until we see you next time always remember
03:04 that God is crazy about you, and I mean that.
03:08 Crazy about you, delights in your recovery, delights
03:11 to work through all of these issues and delights to show
03:14 you who you actually are.
03:15 I will see you next time and until then God bless.


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