Celebrating Life in Recovery

By Beholding We Are Changed

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Program transcript

Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Sandra Santos, Virna Santos


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Program Code: CLR00092C

00:14 Welcome back, you know we are talking about the recovery
00:17 of the family, not any particular issue, this is about
00:20 many issues, but it is how God loved you guys.
00:24 What I thought was interesting Lisa, is when we came from
00:27 the last break, is that you guys got baptized together
00:31 so your journey back into healing, did you know each
00:35 other is going in that direction?
00:36 I knew she was, she was calling us while she was having
00:40 questions about the Bible again, and that actually sparked
00:43 me to respond to God.
00:46 I picked up The Great Controversy after watching some
00:50 thing with my dad on 2012, I go you know what?
00:54 That book has something to say about some end-time events.
00:57 So it brought me, I was led from there.
01:00 Sandra what was it like to hear about Lisa coming
01:06 this into the lifestyle? Did you know any of that?
01:11 I was shocked, it took me about 30 or 40 seconds after
01:17 she told me, I was in a daze and looked at her and said
01:22 you, you too?
01:25 The truth of the matter is this morning I even asked her
01:29 to Lisa how come you never told me?
01:31 We had a good cry together. I'm sorry I asked you that
01:37 I really need to let it out. - Amen.
01:40 And you know this for another journey the recover is it
01:43 comes up every day, things come up every day and
01:46 God is okay with that.
01:47 Yeah He's not finished with any of us yet.
01:49 You guys all jumped into a ministry, and the Ministry.
01:53 Why this kind of ministry, and what are
01:56 you trying to tell people?
01:58 You know He is always had a plan for us, and His plan
02:01 right now is to transform us back into His image.
02:04 That is where 2 Corinthians 3:18 comes up for me.
02:07 - what is that? It reads, if I could read it here.
02:11 "But we all with unveiled face," an unveiled face
02:14 is coming to the Lord just as we are, nothing hiding.
02:18 And it says here, "beholding as in a mirror the glory
02:21 "of the Lord." Amen - Amen.
02:24 "And are being transformed into the same image from
02:27 "glory to glory just as by the Spirit of the Lord."
02:30 I wish we had more time but we don't.
02:32 I hope you heard that, that nothing is too big for God.
02:36 And don't hold anything back, God says I'm not ashamed
02:39 of what ever you need to work on, we will work on it.
02:43 You will never feel condemned by Him, ever, not about
02:46 anything so until next time always remember that
02:49 God is crazy about you and me too.
02:51 I'm serious me too, God bless and whatever it is
02:57 take it to God. Amen!


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