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Eating Disorders

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jennifer Jill Schwirzer


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00:14 Welcome back, this whole program we have talked about
00:18 throughout your life that the devil himself sets up these
00:22 strategic charges and will try to take you out.
00:25 With Jennifer we looked at how he did that in her home,
00:29 how he did that in elementary school, her abuses even at
00:32 the hands of children that were around her, how he did it
00:35 in high school, in her journey through the New Age stuff,
00:39 and even how he did it as she stepped
00:42 into the Christian Church.
00:44 As she found some relief with her relationship with God
00:47 and all of a sudden she is surrounded by people that are
00:51 just saying she is not good enough so she tried to
00:53 starve herself to death.
00:55 Now Jennifer I just want to say I am so grateful,
01:00 you know God never gives up on us, He never stops,
01:04 you know I love the book 'The Hound of Heaven' that
01:08 I will never let you go, and your heart was underneath
01:12 all that damage was seeking after God?
01:14 Yes that is right, yeah absolutely.
01:17 He allowed me to go through that for a period of time,
01:20 I think He knew it wasn't quite time yet.
01:22 I wasn't quite ready, I was still in a place where
01:25 I thought my own fixes were going to work.
01:27 So what I would like you to talk to somebody that is
01:30 sitting out there, talk to two different groups.
01:32 First I want you to talk to somebody that is sitting out
01:35 there that is still lost in all that, that is maybe
01:38 starting to break denial, to start to feel a sense of wanting
01:42 to be well but they are dying in their eating disorder.
01:45 I want you to talk to them and then people that they love.
01:48 People with eating disorders love? Or the people
01:52 that love people with eating disorders?
01:53 Okay, I've got it. Alright if you are struggling with
01:57 an eating disorder, I could really expand that to be any
02:01 method of self fixing but let's focus on eating disorders.
02:04 If you are struggling with that and you think that, and
02:08 this has been a method that you have used to help yourself
02:11 because of some kind of emotional wound you suffered
02:16 maybe as a child, or maybe a lack of good bonding with
02:20 your family, or maybe a feeling of loneliness or
02:22 depression, if you have used this to try to deal with
02:26 that, to heal yourself from that and you have found that
02:29 you have actually gotten worse as a result and that it has
02:32 not gotten to the root of the problem, God isn't done yet.
02:35 God is still working on you and actually there is
02:38 a purpose to all of this, He is bringing you to the end
02:40 of your rope and once you are at the end of your rope
02:43 you will be willing to jump into His arms basically.
02:46 Then if you know someone who has an eating disorder,
02:50 try not to focus on the problem, this is a person
02:53 you are dealing with, don't let them in your mind be
02:56 defined as a problem because they are much more than
02:59 a problem, in fact they are a work in progress and
03:02 they are perfect in Christ the Bible says.
03:05 So address them that way, see them through the eyes of
03:08 Christ, see them as a completed human being and a healed
03:11 human being in Christ and they will start to become what
03:14 you believe they are. - exactly!
03:16 So remember that God knows who you are, He knows what
03:20 you have done to try to fix yourself, He knows that at
03:24 the end of the day I am still as damaged as I have ever
03:27 been and if you just say out loud, and say out loud
03:31 today, God take it from me I can't do this anymore.
03:35 It's not working and then don't trust
03:37 your feelings at all.
03:39 I'm praying you don't trust your feelings.
03:41 Let God through the Holy Spirit leads you to every next
03:44 step, grab hold of somebody and get some help, get
03:47 in a group, call someone, call us if you need to.
03:50 Just get well and until next time always remember that
03:53 God is crazy about you and me too! God bless!


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