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00:37 It is so fun to be here today.
00:41 Today is really amazing to me because I get to have
00:43 my husband on again, and I had him on last season.
00:45 What was really fun about bringing him back is the last
00:48 season we talked about his personal journey.
00:51 He is a new Christian, new at all that stuff and we have
00:55 been married 22 years so I have been praying for a long
00:58 time for him to figure it out.
01:00 Sorry babe. But I have been praying for a long time
01:04 about that stuff, but man, what is interesting to me
01:08 about man is once you guys get it, you get it.
01:11 I love that but that has been true for Brad over the last
01:14 year so Brad first of all I want to tell you thank you
01:17 so much for being back on the program.
01:19 We are really going to cover some more of your journey.
01:22 That we are and I am really excited about it.
01:24 It's kind of funny, I've had opportunity to see some
01:27 of the people I met last year and it has really been fun.
01:30 Ben, and some other folks. - you're like family here now.
01:33 It's starting to be and that's really cool, but it is fun
01:35 to be able to walk up to someone and say, you know I
01:38 actually believe from last year I'm a different person.
01:40 And to believe that, it is one thing to say it but it is
01:43 another thing to believe it.
01:44 That will be some of the things who were talking about is
01:46 what is different in how did that happen?
01:48 Exactly, so I just want you guys to know that in the café
01:52 we are going to, on the second half really open it up for
01:55 questions because I know that what Brad is going to share
01:58 some of the stuff he really looked at as far as his own
02:01 recovery, and the things that were driving him.
02:04 Not the behavior so much, but the emotions that were
02:07 driving those behaviors.
02:09 If you have any of those, let's talk about some of that
02:12 in the second half, but right now when you say Brad, that
02:15 you are different from last year to this year, first fill
02:19 us in on where you were at last year and what started
02:24 the difference in what is the difference?
02:26 Okay, to me this is really a fun story - and don't lie
02:29 because I am your wife, I'll know.
02:32 Remember a was a Boy Scout, wait that's this one.
02:37 Anyway, so again for the people who may have seen the show
02:40 last year we talked about the fact that I was starting to
02:43 understand what it meant to stand up as the head of the
02:46 household and what God expects from us in terms of spiritual
02:48 covering and some of those things.
02:50 So throughout the course of the year as I started to
02:53 try and do that, I stumbled around, getting one of my model
02:57 weevils, the little toy weevils would wobble but they
02:59 won't fall down, - that was you all year round.
03:02 That was me wobbling around trying to figure out how to do
03:05 this was to start discover that there were times when
03:09 well almost like I'm not feeling something, or trying to
03:12 really feel that an even to the point, there was one point
03:15 this year and I know you will be comfortable talking
03:17 about it as well, well I think you will be comfortable
03:19 talking about this.
03:21 When we actually came to a place, when you look at me
03:24 and were asking for something from me that I wasn't providing.
03:28 What was real interesting was that I had to try
03:31 and assess was I or was I not providing that.
03:33 If I wasn't how come, what was getting in the way of
03:37 all that, in fact what was even getting in my way with
03:40 my walk with God?
03:41 It was like I so want to be this person, and I wanted
03:45 to do that and yet sometimes I think okay, I say that
03:49 in my head but am I feeling it in my heart?
03:51 Right, and let me just say a couple of things that were
03:56 really interesting and one of the things when Brad and
04:00 I started to really work together in ministry, your
04:04 growing as a Christian and I just looked at him and your
04:06 are going to have to get into counseling first because
04:09 we talked about this last time, if we are going to work
04:12 together let's find out how to communicate and those kind
04:14 of things. So we talked about that.
04:16 But in a counseling session they were trying to get me
04:20 to think of an incident that would really talk about the
04:25 fact that I kept saying, he just doesn't hear me.
04:27 They said, what do you mean by that?
04:30 Well for the last 11 years, it's a long time right?
04:35 For the last 11 years he would ask me, Cheri what do
04:40 you want to do for your birthday?
04:41 And I would say, anything but the state fair, because
04:47 he takes me to the state fair every year.
04:49 I don't know about you, and I don't want to rag on the
04:51 state fair, but I hate them if you know what I mean?
04:54 I don't like going, I don't like the rides because I get
04:57 motion sick, the only thing I like to do is looking at
04:59 quilts and stuff, I don't know why I like those things.
05:02 He doesn't like those, so it never works out,
05:05 anything but the state fair.
05:07 And every year he says, you're not going to believe this
05:10 but I just got a paid gig at the state fair on your
05:14 birthday, so that will cover all the costs and we can go.
05:17 Every year, for 11 years and I'm thinking so every year
05:21 I say I don't want to go, and every year you get a job.
05:24 It pays for our entire day at the state fair and every year
05:27 on my birthday I'm there.
05:29 So in counseling we started talking about that and I
05:32 tell the counselor and I look at Brad and he has tears in
05:35 his eyes and he said, you don't like the state fair?
05:39 I said I have been saying that every year for 11 years.
05:42 But it was really interesting, when you say you were
05:45 locked up and didn't hear and didn't feel, we are talking
05:49 really locked up because when you got it you looked right
05:52 at me and said I'm so sorry.
05:55 That is one of the things that we want here today is,
05:59 is looking at some of the underlying things.
06:01 As men we are raised a certain way, or told a certain
06:06 thing and society says you need to conform to these
06:11 certain standards if you're going to be a man.
06:13 We get that from society, we get there from our own
06:17 fathers about that - you got that, definitely.
06:20 I definitely got it in a couple different ways which
06:23 jumping ahead a little bit as Cheri and I were counseled in a
06:28 certain area and decided to get some training in that area.
06:33 We had the opportunity to explore more about
06:35 this process and what goes on in what it really means
06:38 to love someone, that's a part of it.
06:40 What does it really mean to love someone?
06:41 To start to discover that what you think in your head is
06:45 entirely different than what you feel in your heart.
06:48 People may realize this or feel this, but I'm asking
06:52 you to really love me, not realizing that I do not know
06:55 how to receive love. - right, right!
06:57 You're saying I don't I give it, so we were in a mess.
07:01 Weevils, wobbling around trying to figure out how to do it.
07:04 There's a lot of people out there that are in
07:06 relationships and they are saying you know what?
07:08 I hear what you are saying and I know you need something
07:10 from me but I don't really know how to give it.
07:12 When a person starts to give it, if you're really damaged and
07:16 you don't know how to receive it so how stuck are you?
07:19 If you see a diagram of this man and woman, it is not only
07:23 can you be loved, can you get love?
07:27 Can you receive love? - yeah and we were really right
07:29 there. - we were absolutely right there and then it
07:32 was real interesting to have this concept presented to
07:35 you that, in my case, was like well your heart is bound
07:39 up, you know in some capacity that something, and most of
07:42 the time we discover this is not the event itself but
07:46 something happened to where you weren't able to feel
07:50 things to a certain extent and or in doing so not able
07:53 to actually love someone on an emotional basis and to
07:57 connect on that level.
07:58 When you talk about being intimate and that connection,
08:01 that God really intends for us, it's so total, it's body, mind,
08:05 and spirit. - because you could fix things and do things you do
08:08 projects, but to actually love, or be present with someone.
08:11 In my family that is what men did, if you love someone
08:13 you did things for them and so we have Project, Project,
08:16 Project, but the project doesn't really care for the persons
08:20 heart and doesn't necessarily meet their emotional needs.
08:23 So through this exploration process, this is looking at
08:26 a couple different things, and I'm going to bring this in too,
08:29 is how do I do that? What's interfering with my process,
08:33 to love my wife, to love God, to love myself?
08:36 You start running into these things, well I can go here
08:39 but I can't do that because it makes me mad.
08:41 Well okay I'll try this one, well that's stupid, that makes
08:44 me mad too, and after a little while okay wait a minute
08:47 this anger thing keeps popping up.
08:51 How come I get angry? There were times when you would
08:54 get angry with me and I will get angry with you and the
08:57 anger thing comes back up and start looking at that.
08:59 Well, what is the source of that?
09:01 Then again the Bible is real clear about being able to
09:05 communicate with God in cleansing our bodies, cleansing
09:09 our temple in order to be able to communicate.
09:11 Okay so now I'm eating healthier food, fine that's good.
09:14 I get mad at the people that don't.
09:19 It's really funny because when you have anger issues,
09:22 if anybody can relate to this, just think about that?
09:25 When you have anger issues, everything brings those up.
09:29 So like you did start eating healthier, driving healthier,
09:32 being healthier and studying the Bible and now everybody
09:36 that is not doing that is wrong and I can express my anger
09:40 at, so we went into a counseling in session one time,
09:43 we were talking to this guy and he said, what kind of
09:47 things make you angry? And Brad and I just busted up.
09:51 So finally Brad said,- you mean besides everything? - everything
09:55 And it sounds like we're fighting all the time, that's
09:59 not the case, the underlying stuff that kept coming up
10:02 was this hostility, this defiance.
10:05 So for me, and it was a curious thing because it was like how
10:08 come when Cheri would do something on that rare occasion
10:11 she would happen to do something that would cause me to
10:14 get irritated, a rare occasion.
10:17 - Just once in a while. - How come all the sudden my reaction
10:20 is anger? How come I don't laugh uncontrollably?
10:22 Or how come I don't start crying or whatever?
10:24 Or how come I just can't brush it off?
10:26 Or would someone cut me off in traffic I would get angry?
10:29 So all of a sudden it was like I think I have an issue
10:32 here and as we processed through that, and by God's grace
10:36 He put someone in front of us that was absolutely the
10:39 perfect person to help process through that.
10:40 We went through exactly the same thing. - exactly!
10:43 It helped me to take a look at that, and as I was able
10:46 to really shed myself of the anger, I was able to look
10:49 at some of these other issues that were binding up my
10:53 heart and preventing me from loving you, and loving God.
10:56 That was real cool. The imagery, at one point we went
10:59 through some imagery and it was like is God there?
11:03 Can you see Jesus? I was like yeah but I can't feel Him,
11:06 He can't touch me because I can't feel. I can't feel.
11:10 That was a crazy place.
11:11 Being at a point, and what I really love about recovery,
11:15 about any kind of recovery work, I'm just going to talk
11:18 really open to you just because I can, you're my husband.
11:21 If I had somebody here that I didn't know, I would worry
11:24 about talking this open.
11:26 But what's interesting to me about the anger you felt,
11:31 or you couldn't feel, I mean couldn't feel is that when
11:36 you get to the point where you can say, I see it.
11:40 I'm not sure why I can't do it, but I actually see that
11:43 it's locked up, I see that I'm blocked, I see that I have
11:47 a problem here, then you can take that to Jesus.
11:49 You can take that to God and say, God, what's that about?
11:53 What's really interesting to me is when you took that
11:57 to God Brad, is that immediately Jesus gives you a sense
12:02 of you being locked up your whole life.
12:05 Your dad's an alcoholic, a functional alcoholic, nobody
12:08 could see it, an engineer and worked for the government.
12:12 He did all that stuff, a research scientist very matter
12:14 a fact but didn't know how to teach you about how to
12:17 express emotions and when you saw it and took it to God
12:22 I watched, literally watched your whole face just softened
12:26 and almost softened right into the arms of Jesus.
12:29 It's been an amazing journey and at some point I hope
12:33 I can tell about the experience on the spin bike.
12:37 It's to start to discover is that whole thing about getting
12:40 locked up at an early age and discovering that.
12:43 People get locked up for all kinds of things, again at
12:46 this particular seminar we learned about that you can
12:48 get locked up due to hostility, due to rebellion and
12:51 rejection or neglect, molest, moral stuff can cause you to
12:57 have a locked up heart.
12:58 When I go shopping I just don't always buy one kind of
13:01 food, so I chose to have some hostility, defiance,
13:04 rejection, some moral and some intellectual and some
13:07 judgmental too, I like to have a lot of stuff in my soup.
13:11 So starting to work through those different issues and
13:13 then you are able to go, where did that come from?
13:16 I had parents, I love my parents - me too, I love your parents.
13:20 - by all standards I had an amazing life.
13:24 We did all these cool things and all that stuff, yet
13:28 through it somehow I wound up to be this person that
13:31 couldn't feel and so how did that happen?
13:33 You know when we did cool projects and went on camping
13:36 trips and stuff but discovered certain things where there
13:39 were high expectations from me, high expectations to
13:43 perform, the fact that my parents even though
13:45 they were very functional, were alcoholics.
13:47 You know want to stay with that for a lot of people that
13:50 have been raised in a household with high expectations,
13:53 and those expectations were laid on you too young.
13:58 I can't even, I can't even process them, I don't even
14:03 know as a little kid what skills I have yet, yet I know this
14:06 project is right in front of me and I don't know how to do it.
14:10 So that's usually what happens with kids when they
14:13 locked down, I'm too young and I don't understand it.
14:16 I know you are disappointed with me, I don't know why
14:19 and that tends to happen.
14:22 Your dad was very much in research and he was
14:25 brilliant, but you were a little guy.
14:28 So it was interesting to take a look and start to discover that
14:31 one, where does it come from?
14:34 And then what does it do to you and how early
14:36 some of that stuff was?
14:38 And discovering - and just for any woman that is around,
14:41 what do you think his expectations were as far on me?
14:45 Oh man, I come into his life and initially he was very
14:48 easy with me with very little expectations, loved me
14:52 and he was star struck and it was so fun.
14:55 I felt really loved by you, but when we got into
14:58 relationship his expectation to me was everything he
15:03 wanted a wife or a woman to be, and if you're not there,
15:06 I'm going to allow my anger to push you into that spot.
15:10 So your anger, you used it to push yourself but then
15:15 you used it to push me for my own good.
15:17 And then I saw him use it to push our daughter for
15:21 her own good and so the anger and the high expectations
15:24 generationally was there and man was it there in our family.
15:28 And when you would say to Brad, I would say to you, Hon
15:32 and because you were so locked down it was like I don't
15:35 know what you are talking about, I'm just asking you
15:37 to do the right thing. I'm just asking you to do better.
15:40 Remember how that felt? - That for me and again, from
15:44 one of my issues and probably a good chunk of my issues,
15:47 was intellectually locked down.
15:49 It is real easy, part of the thing is when you do
15:52 counseling you may or may not as you start doing the
15:55 pain words, have you ever felt this or that?
15:57 They give you a sheet of like 300 words.
15:59 I would check off like three of them, I never felt that,
16:02 - and he thinks he's exaggerating.
16:04 It's like no I never feel any of that stuff.
16:07 And the person who is doing this particular seminar
16:09 started listing the things about an intellectually locked
16:12 heart, and man out of the 15 I could have checked
16:14 off 13 of those items.
16:16 He said one of them is when you comes the pain words
16:19 you don't think you feel any of those and the fact is
16:22 it's not that I didn't have them in my life,
16:24 I couldn't feel them.
16:26 Just for example, Brad and I do counseling a lot.
16:31 I wouldn't call it counseling, mentoring or coaching
16:35 or whatever, we do that a lot.
16:36 We were talking with this guy the other day and what was
16:39 really interesting was that he talked about three
16:41 marriages, he has kids from different marriages,
16:43 and they don't talk to him anymore.
16:45 He was in ministry but now he is not, he got fired from
16:49 that and did all that stuff.
16:51 Then you ask him, what issues do you have?
16:54 He seriously looks at us like I don't think I have any
16:57 issues, and I'm like really?
17:00 But that is somebody that is locked up and you feel that
17:03 and what is really sad about that is there are a lot of
17:06 people both men and women that walk around with I don't
17:09 think I have them, is that you know that somewhere you
17:13 shutdown because you can't have that much wreckage
17:16 following you without having some anger, some stuff in
17:19 your life and so you were there.
17:22 I want to know Brad, how you broke through that?
17:28 What was interesting to me was it was actually by the
17:33 power of God for that's exactly what it was.
17:35 It was getting to a place where I had decided I don't
17:40 want this anymore, I was able to see it.
17:42 And I am powerless here. - oh yeah!
17:44 I could not do it and I heard some people talking earlier
17:46 about being a broken man.
17:48 I've really reached the breaking point with where this
17:51 has got to get fixed in some capacity or another.
17:54 So through, I would call a coaching and a healing prayer
17:58 process really was to be able to take it to Jesus and let Him
18:03 deal with it. - to say here, take this.
18:06 You can have it. It's an interesting thing about taking
18:09 ownership for your own emotions, you have to own them.
18:11 - and the pain you have caused.
18:13 The pain I have caused to myself and others and it's
18:16 you get into this legal concept that I had to have full
18:19 ownership in order to give it away.
18:21 If I leave something out there, well-yeah, this-but it's
18:24 so-and-so's fault, there is still a hook in there that
18:29 Satan has, that you haven't taken full ownership, it's
18:33 not really yours to give away.
18:34 Someone still has part ownership of that particular
18:36 emotional thing or the baggage that you are carrying
18:39 around, so you own it. - I take full responsibility
18:41 for my anger. - exactly!
18:43 - 100%, it's nobody else's fault.
18:45 It's my fault, the incident, the bully may have hit me
18:48 but my resentment to the bully that's mine.
18:51 I have been walking around with it for years, it's mine.
18:54 Even what is interesting about when you decide to take
18:56 full responsibility for your anger and your resentment
18:59 or your junk is being able to say I take full responsibility
19:03 for the junk that is caused by someone else, 100% caused
19:07 by someone else, you know what I'm talking about.
19:09 That person is not capable of doing anything to fix it for
19:14 you, is I take responsibility even for a cause that
19:18 they have had in my life, for the pain and the bitterness
19:22 that they have caused me, I'm going to take that because
19:26 I don't know that they can right now.
19:28 I'll take it, once it is all in my hands
19:31 - now I can surrender it, because I have the legal right
19:34 to give it up, I'm done with it.
19:36 It is really cool, we have done that process even to the
19:38 point, I can't remember if I talked about this the last
19:41 time we were processing that, we're you're able to
19:43 surrender stuff and physically I almost felt this holding
19:46 it in my hands and being able to give it to God and get
19:49 rid of it so it is not a part of our lives.
19:51 With the anger what was really interesting to me Brad, was when
19:55 you saw the anger, because for a lot of people that are
19:58 locked up intellectually is one they don't see the emotion.
20:02 They could be angry and have all that, I have just got to
20:04 give you another example of his anger because it's so
20:07 funny, just close your ears for this one.
20:11 We are going to Disney World with my daughter and her
20:16 friend, and so Brad decides because he is so locked up
20:20 I have so much control issues, and we will
20:22 talk about those next.
20:23 This locked up and having those control issues and we
20:26 are going to Disney World and only got a limited time.
20:31 So we have a day and so he wants to see all six parks in a
20:34 day, well anybody who has been you know you can't do that.
20:38 But in Brad's mind you can and he didn't even ask anybody
20:42 else would you have fun doing that?
20:44 Because we would have said no, that's crazy.
20:48 But anyhow, now he has three girls just complaining
20:51 the whole time that this is not fun.
20:53 So now he's what? Angry! We deal with that for the
20:58 entire day and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I love
21:03 this man, I know he's not an angry person, yet why is
21:08 anger coming up all the time?
21:10 What was interesting to me is as you finally saw it,
21:14 and took it to Jesus I am watching changes thinking
21:17 I wanted to weep the whole time thinking God, you know
21:21 what? It was almost like, and what I said to Brad
21:25 when he started dealing with it, in the Bible when it
21:28 talks about Lazarus, and Lazarus died.
21:30 Jesus rose him from the dead and he comes out of the tomb
21:34 with these grave clothes on.
21:35 I almost felt like I watched Brad stand up and come out of
21:39 that tomb of anger, still having burial clothes on but
21:44 giving us permission to take them off.
21:46 It was that much of a transformation to me watching
21:50 you and watching Jesus say, you will not have this
21:53 in your life again.
21:55 It has been for me, it really has been remarkable.
21:58 On a whole bunch of different levels, one which was cool
22:02 I'm not going to pretend it is all gone.
22:04 If you have a room that is filled with stuff and we won't
22:08 going to the fact that the men in my family we like to hoard
22:11 stuff, that's a whole other story.
22:12 That's a whole other program. - that's another program.
22:15 But if you come in and I've got all the stuff out.
22:17 - I cleaned it out. - I've cleaned it out pretty
22:19 good, but man the floor is, still dirt in this corner,
22:23 I miss that thing here so, you'll be going along and
22:26 all of a sudden something will pop back up.
22:27 What is really cool is that I can feel it just like I can
22:30 feel this class or in this table, physically feel and all
22:33 of the sudden boom, there is anger. - there it is again.
22:35 Ah this toxic ball of stuff that I just don't want.
22:39 I'm not going to pick it up which is really cool.
22:43 - I like the fact that you have a choice now, you really
22:46 do have a choice which is awesome.
22:48 Tools to use to make sure that it doesn't get in the way.
22:51 These tools you can use them for all kinds of stuff.
22:54 I know we have talked about fearsome moral inventory and
22:56 that is something I have worked on also really hard.
22:58 Occasionally a little thing will crop up in it is like
23:01 Man, I can process it and give it to God and be done with
23:03 it so it doesn't creep up.
23:04 What is really interesting is that I know one of the
23:09 things in getting rid of the anger, suddenly my ability
23:14 to communicate with people is very different.
23:16 - with his wife. - and more importantly my ability
23:20 to hear God has totally changed.
23:22 So through the process is almost like what do you mean
23:25 I am locked up? I can't feel?
23:28 Until I was able to get rid of the anger I wasn't able to
23:31 start and identify some of the issues that were there binding
23:35 my heart and keeping me from loving people.
23:37 So then being able to do that and go through those things
23:41 without judging myself nor judging other people and
23:44 putting in impositions all my life is...
23:46 - Because you had high expectations on everyone.
23:48 On everyone and it's good to excel and it's good to
23:51 achieve and you should strive for excellence.
23:52 So talk about, with that thing for some people that are locked
23:57 down and driven with anger, driven with high expectations
24:01 is a rationalization when you start to hear yourself saying,
24:06 well I'm just asking for someone to do their best, to justify
24:11 the anger and the feelings underneath it, is there is a
24:15 part truth in that but most of it is rationalize the
24:18 amount of anger that is coming out.
24:19 It really was interesting - justified - justified
24:22 perhaps and again we have talked about this in my first program
24:26 was the concept of generational blessings and cursing's.
24:29 Looking at those different things that many of us
24:32 inherit stuff that we are not even aware of.
24:34 Is it okay to say how old I am? Can I say that in public?
24:39 Just as long as you say I am much younger.
24:41 And to my incredibly younger wife, gorgeous and
24:45 incredibly younger wife, I'm 54 and it only started two
24:49 years ago that I started to find out what were the
24:52 generational cursing's I had inherited with no knowledge
24:55 whatsoever up to that point in time.
24:57 I started to understand what those were and it allowed
25:00 me to say okay I really don't want to keep hauling these
25:03 around and I am ready to start to break them.
25:06 Some of them I didn't under stand until I got rid of the
25:08 anger which was interfering with my ability to communicate
25:11 with people around me and with God.
25:13 The clarity for all this stuff comes from the Holy Spirit.
25:18 So it's like what you do first? How do you figure it out?
25:23 In your wobbling around but having the courage I guess,
25:27 and the willingness to say okay as a man I am willing
25:31 to be vulnerable and I am willing to go through some pain.
25:34 The process is not necessarily a really pleasant one.
25:37 But the benefit is absolutely huge.
25:41 It is one of those things I'm going to use as we were
25:44 running around today, is that it gives you to a place
25:48 where you are able to let happen what God wants for you,
25:52 and allows you to provide what women want from you
25:56 as a man. - Amen, say that again.
25:59 Okay, God wants certain things for me as a man.
26:03 He wants me to provide spiritual leadership for the
26:06 household. - and to be able to love and be loved.
26:09 A person that's compassionate, understanding through
26:12 strength but compassionate and understanding.
26:14 - not anger. - that's right but that's what you want from me
26:18 is that leadership, compassion and understanding and
26:22 guidance but done through love and caring and not out of
26:25 high expectations and demanding. - right!
26:28 Because the other way the people in your life run from
26:31 you, in this way people in your life run to you.
26:34 And the other side of that is a relationship is two people
26:38 and so I had these issues with my heart that were bound up
26:42 and I love you baby but there was a few issues.
26:45 No stop, it cannot be.
26:48 So let's take a break before he gets into those.
26:51 We're going to take a break and come back and we are
26:54 going to talk about in a few more of those and open it up
26:57 for questions but I want you to know the most amazing
26:59 thing we are talking about step four during this
27:02 season, the most amazing thing is as soon as you turn
27:06 it over and say to God I'm willing to do this step four
27:09 I'm willing to look at what the core things are.
27:13 God is faithful, He will say I will show you what they are and
27:17 I will do it gentle but some of them are not at all what
27:20 you think, they are things that are generational given,
27:23 they are the anger that drives all the other behavioral stuff
27:28 and all the other addictions, the high expectations,
27:31 the fact that we locked down all that stuff and God says
27:35 by the time we are done you're going to be free and that
27:38 is the coolest thing.
27:39 We will be right back, stay with us!


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