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Emotionally Challenged

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Brian Shaul, David Allen


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00:14 Welcome back, we are going to wrap this up by talking
00:17 to both David and Brian.
00:19 The reason I want to do that is because both of these
00:22 men have different journeys but they are working in the
00:25 same ministry with the same information.
00:27 I want to clarify one thing that happened on the last
00:30 segment is that at the end of David's mother's life
00:35 she went into assisted living so that is why you weren't
00:39 there when she passed. - that's right she had
00:42 progressed beyond my ability to care for her.
00:45 I also said another thing that I thought was funny that
00:48 you had said during the break is that I'm glad you never
00:52 said no, what did you say to me?
00:54 I said no all time, usually whenever I'm challenged on the
01:00 issue that I needed to either let go of or change,
01:02 my immediate reaction was no, wait.
01:06 Yes, and so I chose it reluctantly but the truth will
01:14 set you free and the more I grabbed onto the truth the less
01:17 I needed what was holding me back.
01:20 So I want to end with a couple things.
01:22 Brian I'm going to ask you if you have anything you would
01:26 like to say and then do you have anything you would like
01:30 to say directly to those at home?
01:32 I want to give you not much time, just a minute
01:36 or so to say that.
01:38 The big thing is hope, you know. I didn't have hope.
01:42 But when I've seen these people use these tools and there's
01:47 hope where there wasn't hope before.
01:49 There are tools that you can use that are pretty simple.
01:53 Now don't get me wrong they are not easy, they are not
01:56 easy but they are simple enough you can understand and
01:59 take them one step at a time.
02:01 Okay say some of the tools again so we just
02:03 have it in our heads.
02:04 Three aspects of trust. You can learn those 3 aspects
02:07 of trust and as you learn those aspects of trust you can
02:11 know who to trust and you can know what you need to do.
02:14 Because it's not everybody. - no you cannot trust
02:16 everybody, the first thing I teach people is that you
02:18 can't trust everybody but you can look in your life and
02:21 find somebody who has those three aspects of trust.
02:24 Do they get the job done? Do they have your best
02:26 interest in mind? And that is important.
02:28 And do they have integrity? That's what it's all about.
02:33 When you find some of those you just get blessed, just blessed.
02:36 Okay so now I want to ask you is there anything you need
02:39 to say before we wind up and to actually say to
02:43 whoever is out there, because your journey
02:45 was intense too.
02:46 It was intense and I guess the biggest thing I could say
02:51 is don't be intimidated by the idea of establishing a
02:55 relationship with God, it seems hard to grasp the idea
03:00 at first, because He's not someone you can see,
03:02 He is not someone whose voice you hear in your ear,
03:04 but you can see links to God through people
03:07 who follow biblical principles.
03:09 If you surround yourself with people who follow the Lord
03:11 and truly desire your happiness and success, then
03:14 you are going to find it much easier to start
03:17 doing those things yourself.
03:19 It is incredible to me the difference of when you start
03:23 looking at people that really desire your recovery,
03:27 your success that you can tell they have put their selves
03:30 aside for a moment and are really caring for your heart.
03:33 It really matters to them what you are feeling right now.
03:36 That is amazing, amazing. I love that.
03:40 Okay is there anything else? - I just want to thank you
03:44 for the ministry you have had over the last 10 years.
03:47 You know my son is 23 really remembered you from
03:51 10 years ago and just really I want to thank you for
03:54 him and for the part that you have played in his life.
03:57 Make sure you tell him Hi for me. - I will do.
03:59 I wanted to say that as we, as we bring this to a close,
04:04 and as we look at the trust issue and it really is that
04:09 trust is the biggest thing, in my own acting out I've
04:13 damaged that and the people that have sometime been in my life in
04:17 the past and have damaged it for me.
04:19 I chose relationships that are not trustworthy, but one
04:22 of the first things in recovery is to reestablish all
04:25 that and come to a place where I start looking around
04:29 and finding those people in my life that are trustworthy,
04:32 that have integrity, that really do care about what
04:36 happens to me. You know I had to learn to read and all
04:38 that stuff and you have heard some of the things that
04:41 David went through and you heard what Brian talked
04:44 about with his head injury.
04:45 There are people everywhere and they are incredible
04:47 folks, so look around and find them.
04:49 Until next week always remember that God is crazy about
04:52 you and me too. Goodbye and God bless!


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