Celebrating Life in Recovery

It's Never Good Enough

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Ashley Desormeau


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00:14 Welcome back, I wanted you to stay because I know
00:19 Ashley you are in the beginning of this whole process.
00:22 I think you just shared this information with even some
00:25 of your family members in that kind of thing.
00:27 So it is very new, can you talk about why would someone
00:32 want to do this? Because it's scary right?
00:35 It is scary. - you don't even know how to act right?
00:37 No you don't and it's just to be free and to actually live
00:42 my life and I've always felt that I had just been going
00:48 through the motions and simply existing all along
00:50 and not really living.
00:53 Not really to allow God to work out His plans for me
00:59 in my life too because I was scared.
01:01 Even though I didn't really have anything I was scared
01:05 what I do have He would take away.
01:07 Even though He says I'm not going to hurt you and stuff.
01:11 To hear all His promises, to hear all that stuff was so
01:16 completely foreign to actually believe it was, I couldn't.
01:22 I was so stuck in that negative rut that any positive
01:27 feedback I would get about anything, music or hockey,
01:31 or life in general, any positive feedback I would get
01:35 back I didn't believe it.
01:37 See it as a lie - I would, but I would see it as a lie
01:39 I was so completely backwards.
01:41 The truth look like a lie to you? - the truth look like
01:42 a lie because the lie was my truth.
01:44 It has only been recently, in the last couple years that
01:48 all this has been going on I have started to completely
01:52 flip that around and see it for what it really is.
01:54 Awesome, I want to say thanks for being on the program.
01:58 And I want anybody watching to just hear what she said
02:01 that right now our lives look true and God says it takes
02:04 a miracle to turn that around and say let Me make the
02:08 truth the truth, let Me show you that there is underneath
02:12 all that stuff that makes you feel like you're going
02:15 to make it and that you do belong somewhere in all of
02:18 those addictions and all those chat rooms and all that
02:21 kind of stuff, God says if you surrender that to Me
02:25 I will actually give you joy and life.
02:28 When the Bible says I lay before you life and death,
02:32 choose life, He is talking about good life, connections
02:36 everything that we are screaming out for He is saying
02:39 I want to give you, but you have to do this part of
02:42 recovery. This part of recovery seems scary at first but
02:46 once you get it oh man, it is awesome, it is awesome.
02:50 And I pray that for you.
02:51 Until next time I want you always to remember that
02:53 God is crazy about you and me too.
02:56 God bless and we will see you soon, until then trust Him
03:00 turn it over and when you do you will be blessed.


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