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I Tell You These Things Before They Happen

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Palischer Ratliff


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00:14 Welcome back, I want to talk a little bit, we have
00:17 mentioned the fast a couple times and for a lot of people
00:20 they don't understand why you would fast?
00:22 What is that all about? And I know I said 30 days and it
00:25 sounds like three days without anything.
00:27 No, no, no. You have smoothies, you have fruit and all
00:31 kinds of stuff, there are stages.
00:33 But can you talk Palischer why do you fast because we are
00:37 talking about core issues, dealing with that stuff and
00:41 coming out from all that junk.
00:42 I know a lot of people don't realize that that is a tough
00:46 journey, so why fast? What is that all about?
00:49 Well fasting for me is a spiritual thing.
00:52 We need power, I need power to make these changes and to
00:55 stay consistent in the changes.
00:57 I made a radical change, I changed my diet and everything
01:01 and I need to know how can I get closer to the Lord?
01:04 What is in me that is holding me back?
01:06 - is there any blind spots? Anything I don't know about
01:10 and sometimes in a fast you can fast and say God I'm going
01:13 to put everything aside right now, even the food I put in
01:17 my body and I want to ask You is there anything in me
01:20 that I need to look at? Any anger? Any pride?
01:23 Anything that maybe I have not even seen?
01:26 Maybe the whole planet has seen it but me,
01:29 but I am asking for me to see it because I want to
01:33 surrender that to You.
01:34 - He will show to you. - He will show it to you.
01:36 And in such a gentle way which is incredible, so the fasting
01:40 and prayer is not only to connect with God, but to give
01:44 Him permission to really do some inventory work for you.
01:48 That is amazing. - show me who He is.
01:51 To show me who He is. That's what changes us.
01:54 So I want to ask you, there is a couple, really groups
01:58 that I my heart breaks for especially after hearing your
02:02 story, one is the mother that has a child that is
02:05 running the streets and is out there and is really
02:08 feel in connection with people that maybe even taking
02:11 them out, him or her out.
02:14 I would like you to talk directly to that mother for
02:17 a minute and also to the child that is out there running.
02:20 Including the one that shot your son.
02:25 I would say to a mother with a wayward child,
02:28 I'll use that word because I don't know which other one
02:31 to use at this point.
02:32 Don't give up on them, don't take it personally,
02:36 your kids are products of you and they wouldn't
02:40 be here without you.
02:41 Prayer is the key to saving them, pray for them,
02:45 love them, love them and don't judge them, love them.
02:50 Know that there is hope in God, ask God to help you have
02:54 faith in Him and do what you can and He will do the rest.
02:58 For the children, for the young children that are out
03:02 there trying to find their own way, I can really identify
03:06 with that because I was trying to find my own way.
03:08 The thing I came to realize is that there is no your way.
03:12 There is either God's way or Satan's way.
03:14 No matter what road you take eventually you are going
03:18 to end up either on one path or the other and you will
03:22 realize it at some point where you have been and
03:25 where you want to be.
03:26 You can always make a choice to change,
03:28 God's arms are always open to you no matter what you do,
03:32 where you have been, or how bad or what ever.
03:35 God loves you and He is always there to help you make that
03:38 change, He is stronger than peer pressure, He's
03:41 stronger than anything you could face and your parents
03:44 love you never be ashamed to come back to them and
03:46 ask them for forgiveness.
03:47 And even God has given me the love for the guy that shot
03:51 my son because God knows He died for that guy too and
03:55 I know he did and He doesn't love me anymore than
03:59 He loves the guy that shot my son.
04:01 You know at the funeral you gave each of those boys and
04:05 girls what? A 'Steps to Christ' because I'm so come
04:09 from God is the answer and I believe that people need
04:12 tools to take with them to understand better what
04:16 they have been fed and so I gave them Steps To Christ because
04:20 it is a beautiful picture of how you can come to Christ
04:23 and how much Jesus loves you.
04:24 You know I am bringing this program to an end and I just
04:28 have to say over and over and over again that we all
04:32 walk around with these core things, anger, rebellion,
04:37 dominant, this stuff that literally will stay in our
04:41 lives and trash the next life in the next life whether
04:46 we have children or not, whether are married or not,
04:48 but every relationship whether it is work, family,
04:50 friendships until somebody just says
04:54 God help me to see it.
04:57 Help me to look at it, help me to understand what
05:00 I carry around and once I understand it
05:02 I want to give it up.
05:03 I want to surrender it to You and I want to feel joy
05:07 and peace and health.
05:09 You know emotionally I want to stand up and laugh out
05:12 loud and enjoy being in my own skin and I want to teach
05:15 that to the people I love.
05:17 I want to teach that to my children.
05:19 Thank you for hanging out with us this last hour and
05:22 until next time always remember that God is crazy about
05:26 you and wants to heal you in every way, in every way.
05:30 God bless!


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