Celebrating Life in Recovery

Highlights Of Season 7

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), C.A. Murray


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Program Code: CLR00084C

00:13 Cheri two words, fearless and searching.
00:15 We started with that and we can end with that.
00:18 Fearless, don't be afraid to turn the spotlight on
00:20 yourself and to deal with what you see and then search,
00:24 go looking hit the search button and go look as deep
00:27 as necessary to get healing.
00:29 Exactly, because you know when a lot of times in our lives
00:32 when people do that, they do it to shame us, they do it
00:35 to control us, they do it to somehow put us in line.
00:38 God never does that, God does is to set us free.
00:41 Yeah totally the opposite, yeah.
00:44 So what I think is amazing is that in your mind know that
00:48 during this time not only am I going to remember the goal
00:52 is freedom, I am being helped with the Holy Spirit and
00:57 with God, because I have turned that over to Him.
01:00 He will never shame me, He already knows this stuff.
01:04 He knows more than I know and what I love about God is
01:07 that God is not saying You want me to spotlight all your
01:11 stuff? Because we could do this real fast.
01:13 He knows it would kill us.
01:16 So He gives you a chance to do it for yourself.
01:18 And if there is pain it is a necessary part of recovery.
01:23 Exactly at what I love about pain and about sadness and
01:27 about tears is that I was 10 years on the street and
01:31 didn't know how to cry at all.
01:32 Did not know how to cry. Did not know how to be angry.
01:35 Didn't know how to do any of that stuff because when we go
01:38 in denial we shut everything off.
01:39 We shut everything off I don't feel joy anymore,
01:41 I don't feel love anymore, I don't feel anything.
01:43 And as I start to feel this end of it, the pain I know
01:48 that really soon I will feel this in of it, the joy.
01:52 We get all of that back, a full spectrum.
01:55 Who we are to be human. What it is to be normal.
01:59 I don't even think it's normal because that word is over
02:02 rated and it should be healthy.
02:04 Then you can celebrate your life in recovery, you can
02:07 celebrate the fact that you are in recovery so it's
02:10 pretty cool. - that's exactly what we are saying.
02:13 So this season no that we are going to look at some stuff
02:16 to a point I just threw all the teaching away because the
02:19 testimonies or stories are so amazing.
02:23 But this season every time you come to the set
02:26 bring a piece of paper and if something comes to
02:29 mind write it down.
02:30 If you want to work with this with us get online and look
02:33 at that stuff because we want to work through it with you.
02:37 But get the paper and write it down, do the work because
02:41 you have to, it has to be fearless.
02:43 Until next time always remember that God is crazy
02:46 about you and we are too.
02:48 Whatever comes up during the season, what ever you have
02:52 to look at, what ever God shows you know that He shows
02:55 to you only for one purpose and that is to set you free.
02:59 Freedom is worth the fight.
03:01 If someone has to blink let it be you.


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