Celebrating Life in Recovery

Twisted Life, Pt. 2

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jeremy & Heidi Summerlin


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Program Code: CLR00083C

00:14 Welcome back! I am amazed at your guys story.
00:19 How God has worked in your life.
00:21 I love the fact that you trust Him, I love the fact that
00:24 you are beginning to trust each other more and more
00:28 with your hearts, bringing everything to the table that
00:31 you can think of, and it gets to the point where you just
00:34 say, if there is anything Lord that I am still holding onto,
00:37 please help me to surrender that to You.
00:40 I think you begin to say that because you begin to trust
00:44 in God, in each other, and the people around you in the
00:48 process of forgiveness.
00:50 So I would like you Jeremy, to look at the camera and talk
00:55 to somebody out there that maybe struggling with the same
01:00 thing that you have struggled with.
01:01 Someone who has that same baggage and does not know
01:04 what to do with it.
01:07 I would like to say, it is definitely worth it to get
01:15 all this junk out.
01:17 To actually be able to feel again is amazing.
01:23 To get into a relationship, in healthy relationships with
01:30 people again is another amazing thing.
01:33 Not only that, but I can hear and feel God more prevalent
01:39 in my life now and that is amazing to me,
01:43 it is so, so worth it.
01:45 So you are saying I can hear the Holy Spirit,
01:47 I am starting to connect with people in a way that you
01:50 haven't before, I can feel and am not afraid
01:54 of what I feel anymore. That's huge!
01:57 How about Heidi, anything you would like to add to that?
02:02 If you are struggling with codependency,
02:04 I would seriously reach out to somebody.
02:07 For me it was in a spiritual family, it was not my
02:11 immediate family, I have a girlfriend that is going through
02:14 the same issues and her and I would talk tons.
02:18 Reach out, definitely reach out because you actually
02:23 feel love that you have never experienced until
02:26 you have had it with God.
02:28 With codependency, what's interesting is, until you
02:31 Jeremy, you were talking about when time you got a book
02:34 and read it on codependency and thought all that is Heidi,
02:38 that's Heidi, that's Heidi.
02:39 So when you actually start researching it, and figuring
02:44 what it is, get over the initial anger of maybe that is me,
02:48 once you start looking at those things and you surrender
02:51 it, you can receive love for the first time.
02:54 It is not about doing for someone in the expectation of
02:57 them doing back for you, this is actually that I can
03:01 settle the issues and stand there and say, God I know You
03:04 love me, allowing Jeremy to actually love you without
03:08 having to fix him, he just loves you.
03:11 Not because you are anything, or that you will fix him in
03:14 anyway, but because you are Heidi and worth being loved.
03:18 To just be able to ask people for help with anything.
03:22 I was never able to do that, it was all me.
03:25 But you would help everybody? - I would help everybody.
03:29 The healing is amazing, and as you were listening to this
03:33 if you have heard that God really wants to heal us,
03:38 to open up our hearts,
03:40 if you started to get a sense of your own woundings,
03:44 is to ask the Holy Spirit, get on your knees and ask God.
03:48 Ask Him what do you want me to know about this?
03:51 What should I do with this, and then just be quiet.
03:54 What is really amazing is that when you be quiet and you
03:58 can hear that still small voice, not an audible voice,
04:02 but you know it is God.
04:03 He says I want you to know that I love you.
04:05 I want you to surrender that to Me.
04:07 I want you to know that I have forgiven you.
04:10 Those things, when you hear them clearly, there is a
04:13 part of you that says, stop, was that You?
04:16 And it was, I'm thinking there is nothing better than
04:20 to hear the voice of God, and hear the voice of God say,
04:23 I love you, I want to set you free, I want to heal you.
04:26 It is amazing so see you next time.
04:28 Until then always remember that God is crazy about you
04:31 and me too!


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