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Twisted Life, Pt. 2

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jeremy & Heidi Summerlin


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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery,
00:12 I'm Cheri your host.
00:13 Have you ever wanted to be free? I mean totally free
00:16 from all the garbage, all the emotional stuff,
00:18 that is what God promises and that is what recovery
00:20 it's all about so come join us in a café.
00:22 We are going to talk about that today.
00:52 Welcome back, we're going to do a program today on how
00:55 to heal, because a lot of times we talk about the fact
00:58 that God wants us to heal, and some people have even written
01:00 in and said do you know you are talking about psychology?
01:02 We are not talking about that.
01:05 So I want to tell you a story to give you an idea of why
01:09 I think God just wants us to really look at what is moving
01:13 us around, what motivates us.
01:15 The story my Pastor told in church, so I'm not saying
01:18 anything that he hasn't already told.
01:19 But my Pastor and I have had this thing, I don't know the
01:24 thing is, but I knew right away that there was something
01:29 between us over the years.
01:31 It has come up and it has gone away, it's come up and
01:34 once in awhile I will be talking and I will look at the
01:37 Pastor and his jaw is set.
01:38 I'm thinking his jaw is set I better be quiet.
01:41 So it has always been there.
01:43 Not too long ago we were doing a church service,
01:47 this woman had come in and talked about that she had
01:49 given her children up, she had just got out of jail
01:52 and had given her children to some members in our church.
01:54 She was crying about that, but she knew it was the right
01:57 thing because she had relapsed a number of times already.
01:59 We prayed about that, and after church the Pastor said,
02:02 would you come and do an anointing with us?
02:06 I love to do that kind of stuff, but I just knew that him
02:09 and I had this thing going on and I am not sure what it is.
02:12 So I went in and we did the anointing, as we are praying
02:15 I felt like the Holy Spirit said Cheri, want you to pray
02:18 for this woman, this woman has cancer and she is very sick.
02:22 She is dealing with all this and I want you to pray for
02:25 her emotional things first.
02:27 For years she has held on to some pretty heavy hurts in her
02:32 life which caused a lot of bitterness, a lot of anger,
02:35 and I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying that was where
02:38 the disease was coming from.
02:39 So ask her if you could pray for that and get some
02:42 forgiveness or release from that surrender first before
02:47 we ask for physical healing.
02:49 So I said, I would like to, before we start the
02:53 anointing, to pray for this.
02:55 I looked at my Pastor and his jaw was set.
02:57 I thought no you cannot have your jaw set now because
03:00 the Holy Spirit said, and inside I'm freaking out because
03:03 I knew that was going to happen and I didn't intend for
03:07 it to happen, so what ever.
03:09 He said go ahead and we did the prayer and it was cool.
03:13 At one point the Holy Spirit just filled the room, it was
03:17 so amazing and you can see and feel the healing that
03:21 happened and afterwards I was done with the prayer.
03:25 There was probably 10 of us in the room so I opened my eyes
03:28 and the Pastor looked at me and said, would you do the
03:31 anointing and he put the oil towards me?
03:35 I don't know because, I know that what ever is happening
03:39 with you and I has been happening a long time,
03:40 and I don't want to offend you, I'm a rejected kid and I'm
03:45 dealing with all that stuff.
03:47 He said go ahead and do that, so we did the anointing.
03:53 Afterwards I left church and went home and packed my bags up
03:57 the next day and went to Arkansas and did four days of
04:00 prison ministry, and when I came back the next week,
04:04 actually two weeks.
04:06 When I came back to church the family from this woman said,
04:08 did you hear what happened? Judy went in, got checked
04:11 and the cancer is...
04:14 They can't find the tumor on her pancreas.
04:16 It is amazing and all that, so I was thrilled.
04:18 What happened after I talked to the family was the Pastor
04:22 said, can I talk with you?
04:23 I thought, Oh man, I never know what's going to happen
04:27 with him and I because we have this underlying stuff.
04:32 It never gets talked about.
04:34 He said, can we talk you and I?
04:37 So I sat down and he said during the anointing when you
04:41 said, can I pray first about the emotional stuff, he said
04:46 I was just so, I felt like this anger come up in me.
04:51 I thought this is my thing and I am the one, it's my
04:57 church and you always take over.
04:59 I am looking at him and I knew he felt that way for a long
05:03 time, so for it to be said out loud was something that even
05:06 as he was saying it, it was healing to hear him say that.
05:09 I didn't know where he was going to go with it,
05:11 at that point, but God has been working with me over and
05:14 over, the last little while, trying to convince me that He
05:17 loves me and I am enough.
05:19 I don't have to compete with anybody, it is not about any
05:22 of that, as he was talking he said during the anointing,
05:25 as you started to take over the prayer and I felt all that
05:29 anger, I felt like the Holy Spirit said, are you going to
05:32 hold onto this for ever?
05:34 Surrender that, let that go, I love you, I love you.
05:38 As he is talking, I saw every thing in him was healed from
05:44 that, it was done for him.
05:46 There is nothing in him that was insecure about who he was,
05:51 or who I was, or any of that, and I thought God,
05:53 how fun are you?
05:54 I was saying to him that I was so glad about that healing
05:59 because I needed a Pastor for one.
06:01 I was just amazed and the next few days I'm praying for
06:04 him and thinking, God, You are amazing.
06:06 My Pastor is amazing, he's incredible Pastor, he has great
06:10 sermons, an incredible family, this just was something
06:13 stuck in him and I'm thinking this is done.
06:16 Then I hear God say to me at one point, do you think it
06:19 was all about him?
06:21 I'm like, well, of course I did, what do you mean?
06:24 He apologized, he said he talked to the whole church about
06:28 it, and God said the entire time, I mean him and I have
06:32 been working on this at some level for seven years.
06:36 So He said during that whole time, do you think I was
06:39 doing anything with you?
06:40 I couldn't think of it and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit,
06:45 you know how He just pours into you what He is saying?
06:48 The Holy Spirit poured into me that I am a rejected child,
06:52 I have been dealing with rejection my whole life.
06:54 So for the entire time that we have been dealing with all
06:59 these issues, these rejection issues, I have been getting
07:03 that sense from my Pastor that he has rejected me.
07:08 So He said during that time, the 7 years of the church
07:12 time we have been together, is that God has been helping
07:17 me to deal with rejection.
07:19 Because every time I felt that from the Pastor,
07:21 I would pray about it, I would talk to Brad about it,
07:23 I would try to deal with God and say,
07:27 how can I get over this?
07:28 So now the pastors telling me that he is dealing with his
07:32 stuff, and God has dealt with my rejection issues.
07:35 I realized when He showed me that that I just don't have
07:38 that button hardly any more.
07:40 That healing has happened, not only for the Pastor,
07:44 but for me, so I think the reason I wanted to do this
07:47 program, the reason it was so amazing to me to do this,
07:50 is God wants to heal us and to set us free.
07:53 One person, everybody, and we all walk around with these
07:57 little wounds, mine with rejection issues,
07:59 the Pastor with whatever threat he has spiritually.
08:01 I'm not even sure yet because we haven't sat down,
08:04 with what all his stuff was, but mine I know.
08:06 We all walk around with these and continue to be hurt
08:10 and hurt other people.
08:12 It's not saying were not saved, because were saved.
08:14 God loves us and we are in church most the time,
08:16 but because the wounds are so deep in our history's that
08:21 we still have all these buttons and God says let
08:23 Me just heal you of that so you can stop hurting
08:26 yourself and other people.
08:28 So this program we are going to talk about all this and
08:31 I'm going to reintroduce you to a couple that was on last
08:33 week, Jeremy and Heidi.
08:36 Jeremy and Heidi both came from severe backgrounds.
08:40 Incredibly damaging backgrounds, they fall in love,
08:44 who would have guessed it, all in their stuff.
08:47 They fell in love, came into a relationship with God
08:52 finally after years of abuse for each other.
08:54 The abuse wasn't, they weren't beaten each other,
08:57 just abusive stuff because of the drugs, alcohol and all that.
09:01 But then they come into a place where God is starting to
09:04 heal them, God is trying to convince them to walk into
09:07 a relationship with Him, but it is still not good.
09:10 God says, let's go deeper, let's actually heal some of the
09:14 things that you have been walking with your whole life.
09:17 That is what we are going to talk about today.
09:19 How does God get us to allow Him to come in and do that
09:23 deep healing, and this is the fun part, because God
09:25 actually wants us free, completely free so stay with us.
09:28 We are going to come back, Jeremy and Heidi will come up
09:31 and we will get right into what God did for them.
09:34 Remember as you listen, He wants to do it for you.


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