Celebrating Life in Recovery

Twisted Life, Pt. 1

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Program transcript

Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jeremy & Heidi Summerlin


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Program Code: CLR00082C

00:14 Welcome back! So we are going to find out in this program,
00:17 in this whole season we are talking about maintenance.
00:21 We are talking about the 11th and 12th step of a 12 step
00:25 program, how do you, after you have done your inventories,
00:29 after you turn it over to God, you know that God is bigger
00:33 than your craziness, He can restore you to sanity and all
00:36 that stuff, you have looked at your stuff and say I can't
00:39 even do this, I'm going to hand it to God and after that,
00:42 how do you walk into a life without the drug?
00:46 Jeremy you were talking about this drug was your lover.
00:49 How do you say goodbye to that lover and actually have God
00:52 develop a life of you?
00:53 So I would like you to both speak on
00:55 how that looks for you at the close of this program.
00:58 When I first are going to church, I still to this day
01:02 haven't read the Bible in its entirety, bits and pieces
01:05 here and there, so I don't have a Scripture that
01:07 I miraculously just popped in my head.
01:10 I constantly have this little voice that I talk with God
01:13 when I am struggling, I will start talking to Him in my
01:16 head, I don't talk out loud because I'm afraid people
01:19 will think I am a little crazy.
01:20 Even though at times when I am alone, I do, do that,
01:23 actually cried out to Him, I have yelled at Him.
01:25 When I am struggling I have friends that I can call and say
01:29 I'm having rough time, they may pray with me or just talk
01:34 to me, or we may go have coffee, but that is about the
01:38 extent of what I do right now.
01:39 Like I said I'm still in recovery.
01:41 So you connect with community, pray to God even if it is
01:45 in your head, that small voice, the Holy Spirit comforts
01:49 you and calms you, and you connect with friends?
01:52 That is amazing, because most people disconnect and then
01:56 they get in trouble.
01:57 How about you Jeremy?
01:59 Well at first I know I had to get some research as
02:05 to what I needed to do, like a 12 step program.
02:07 I got myself into that and daily reading, it always helps
02:13 because it helps your thoughts.
02:16 I constantly pray throughout the day, I talk to God in my
02:20 head all the time.
02:21 Just finding people that are in a healthy stance,
02:30 a healthy relationship is really important.
02:35 Knowing your red flags is very important to know.
02:39 - so red flags, what are some a yours?
02:42 Bars yeah, bars are bad, bars are bad.
02:44 Me yelling, - yeah her yelling.
02:47 If you get on him and your yelling you get stressed.
02:51 For you if you allow that to continue too much,
02:53 that is a red flag.
02:54 If we don't sit down and process it, and talk about it,
02:58 yeah, it starts to build and then, yeah.
03:02 He can tell me now, we have been together off and on for
03:05 10 years and he can tell me now, sweetheart I'm starting
03:08 to shut down, so I know, okay I'm ragging now,
03:12 I need to back off a little bit.
03:14 It doesn't always work, but we recognize.
03:17 - you are trying to say it out loud, because red flags
03:20 are huge, if I am never going to use until all these things
03:24 happen first, so you are saying watch these things,
03:26 what ever they are.
03:27 Like whether you get an AA, whether you get too tired,
03:30 too hungry and all that stuff.
03:31 So next week we have to have you back, because I want to
03:33 hear all the healing stuff that God has done in your life.
03:36 I want you to come back next week because there's lots of
03:39 good stuff, that's exactly what God wants us to know.
03:42 He wants us out from underneath all that and it is too
03:44 cool, so come back next week and until then always remember
03:47 that God is crazy about you and me too.


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