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Crossing Paths

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Lee & Amy Wellard


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00:14 Welcome back! So you guys have been sharing with us
00:17 your journey and you are both from two different places,
00:20 and your paths have crisscrossed.
00:22 You even had a list of what the woman in your life was
00:25 going to do and part of that was to walk alongside of you
00:28 in Ministry, so I want you to talk about that part of it.
00:31 Now I know you are in Ministry and are passionate about
00:34 what you teach, so tell us a little about what you teach.
00:37 The fact that you guys are standing together
00:41 and how that feels.
00:42 Well we have been involved with teaching people how to
00:47 prevent disease mainly.
00:49 We speak a lot about treating disease today, but we don't
00:53 get to the cause, so part of our work has been in
00:57 health education to try and emphasize to people how
01:00 important it is to not get in that river of suffering.
01:03 But to avoid it. - you know what I love about the way
01:07 you do that Lee too, is that you really get into
01:10 the science of it.
01:11 You don't just say, I think is going to help you.
01:13 You have all kind of research, your passion has really
01:17 benefited the people that God puts in front of you.
01:20 That is right, and at Wildwood we have people coming
01:23 from around the world with headaches to cancer.
01:25 We see success, every two weeks we have a new group.
01:29 You hear their testimonies and it is really powerful.
01:32 When I was there we had this woman who had just buried
01:36 her son, so she had depression plus her diabetes was out
01:40 of control and she was just hopeless with all that.
01:44 Within the first 10 days her life was given back to her.
01:49 She got off insulin, her blood pressure was down,
01:51 she was losing weight, she was dealing with her sadness.
01:55 To me I just stood back and thought what an incredible
01:58 gift that the Ministry there, that you guys offer to the
02:02 people in front of you.
02:04 If somebody was trying to figure out if God has a plan
02:07 for their life, what would you tell them?
02:09 Just from your own experience.
02:11 Well I would tell them that Jeremiah 29 in verse 11,
02:17 God has a plan for us and that He has the best plan.
02:22 Man tries to make his own plan, but God ultimately
02:27 overthrows His plan, if man is willing, and He gives him
02:30 something better in its place.
02:32 The Lord always has a plan, every time, for every person.
02:35 First of all He chooses us, and He calls us to a
02:39 particular line of Ministry that we can develop and
02:43 no one else can fill that place.
02:46 Amen, thank you for being on the program and
02:48 thank you for joining us.
02:49 If you are watching and I have to say that it is amazing
02:53 to me that God says, I don't care where you came from.
02:57 Not that He doesn't care, but where you start is never
03:02 too much for God.
03:04 Where you end up in your search is never too much.
03:06 He says, I will use every part of that and if you trust Me,
03:10 and turn that over, the deeper hurts you have, I will heal.
03:14 Things you need to learn I will do and I will step you to
03:17 a place where you can finally surrender your heart to Me.
03:20 And then I will stand you up and show you what your
03:23 passion is, and our passions are incredible.
03:25 When you finally get that, you get it all.
03:28 I'm telling you, I wouldn't trade my life for anyone and
03:30 I pray the same for you.
03:32 Until next week, always remember that God is crazy
03:35 about you, and me too.


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