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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Lee & Amy Wellard


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00:14 Welcome back, before the break we were talking about
00:18 your journey Amy, and how you were really wooed by God.
00:21 I mean it sounds like He let you run in all different
00:24 kinds of directions, but He was really after your heart.
00:27 He was and I'm so thankful, He was like a relentless
00:30 lover, He never gives up until He can take that place in
00:33 the heart, that's what He wants.
00:35 You were asking me Cheri, about prayer.
00:37 How I learned to pray, it was totally a new concept for
00:41 me, one day, that first week after I had been to the
00:44 evangelistic series, I walked outside of the house I was
00:47 staying in, and I was asking God to teach me, how do I
00:51 pray? Are You really there?
00:53 I have so much unbelief and doubt and struggles even
00:56 after I had just met Him.
00:57 It was like I did not hear His voice, but I had this deep
01:01 sense of His presence.
01:03 It was like His hands went around me,
01:06 and what was broken came together,
01:08 it was like He just hugged me and said I'm here.
01:11 What a love about that journey for you is that the first
01:17 thing you asked was a prayer, teach me!
01:19 Teach me! It is like being able to say to God, I don't
01:23 know anything, I'm like a little baby.
01:24 I don't know how to walk yet.
01:26 I don't even know how to connect with a God that spoke
01:29 the universe into creation, how do I connect with You?
01:33 And then, do You hear me? That is long before you get
01:37 into the Bible and the Bible says, I knit you together
01:40 in the womb, I've known you your whole life.
01:43 I know how many hairs are on your head, I really do think
01:46 about you, and My thoughts toward you are more numerous
01:49 than the grains of sand.
01:50 When I started finding all that stuff, I was like who is this
01:54 God? Do you know what I mean?
01:55 So when folks are coming into recovery, any group,
02:02 a Bible group, 12-step groups, any place that God brings
02:05 you from, is that you really have to know who He is and
02:09 the fact that His thoughts are numerous towards us.
02:13 He thinks about us, Isaiah 57:17 or 18 it says,
02:17 I delight in your recovery, I know all your garbage
02:20 and I delight in that.
02:21 It doesn't even bother Me because I am God,
02:24 and I want to heal you.
02:26 So Lee you listen to Amy and we know you know her story
02:32 and have listened to her story, so fill us in on your journey
02:35 and how you guys met.
02:37 Well I was born and raised in England the first 10 years
02:41 of my life and then we move to Australia with our family.
02:46 I didn't really have God in mind, I wasn't grown up with
02:50 the Bible and I didn't know many of the Bible stories.
02:54 I heard of Jesus and only used His name irreverently.
02:58 It wasn't until I was in my teens. - Wait! Wait!
03:02 I like the way you just jump in, because you were a wild
03:04 thing. - I was - I know that. Still am!
03:10 Yes I ended up quitting school when I was 15 and I didn't
03:14 really have any ambition.
03:16 I played golf every day and ended up as a dance
03:20 instructor and that is where I really found my need.
03:25 It was at that point. - because you were good?
03:28 I was a professional born dance instructor and I thought
03:33 that was going to fill that need.
03:35 I found out pretty quickly that was not the case.
03:39 So you'd not only got into the whole dance scene, didn't you
03:44 as far as drinking, out partying, that kind of thing?
03:48 Yes, yes we did go out partying and I couldn't understand
03:53 because I would go out with a friend of mine,
03:54 and he would have a wonderful time, and say how wonderful
03:58 it was, but in my heart I knew that was a lie.
04:01 There was no joy in seeing someone vomit up, you know.
04:05 Or get drunk, it just didn't make any sense.
04:10 In your mind you said, this cannot be all there is.
04:14 Yes. - but you got into, your journey led you to some
04:18 New Age things yourself?
04:21 Yes, like Amy I ended up looking for the meaning of life.
04:26 I went from different books, studying 'ology's',
04:31 anything with an 'ology' on the end.
04:32 I was truly seeking and felt my need of starting my whole
04:37 life again, I wish I could just erase it and go back in
04:41 time, but then I had no guidelines.
04:44 How to make my life any better than it was.
04:47 So that is where the Lord met me, is when I felt that
04:52 need of change in my heart.
04:54 Didn't you even teach for a while? Did you teach that
05:00 you can grab it all yourself, and really do...
05:05 Yes, I got involved in the New Age movement.
05:09 - I'm not letting you skip by all this stuff.
05:13 I'm big and I know so much about you, wait a minute.
05:17 Because what I like about that, I know sometimes people
05:21 want to skip over those things in their lives and want to
05:25 jump in and say I did this and now I'm here.
05:28 But I think all that makes a difference, because you
05:32 really did explore all that to the point where I believed
05:35 it enough, I want to teach you this.
05:37 Yes that is right, I got involved in New Age.
05:40 I started to go into programs that try to make you feel
05:44 better, self-development programs.
05:46 They try to take you back in your past and try to make
05:51 you feel that all the power laid within yourself to
05:55 change, and sometimes it's very emotional.
05:59 You would see yourself where you were, but then you would
06:02 be directed back to yourself to try and get the power
06:06 outside of yourself to change.
06:08 So I really felt that it was like drinking a cup of coffee.
06:13 You get a high and then you go down again.
06:15 So you have to keep going back for more.
06:17 That was at a point where I started to realize that this
06:23 is not going to help, I need something more than this.
06:28 - So just like the partying, like somehow this
06:30 facade is good but it is still not working?
06:33 - that is right. - it is still not working for me.
06:36 You know it is interesting, I feel that way sometimes
06:40 when you drive through Las Vegas and you see these
06:43 casinos, and this is the Taj Mahal, I know it's not the
06:46 Taj Mahal, you know what I mean?
06:48 I know that, so me and emotional sense is what you're
06:51 saying, is that I knew it wasn't it, I knew that was
06:55 a fa÷ade. - yes, I think inside of you, you really want
06:59 to believe that you can do it.
07:01 You want to believe that you can make yourself someone
07:04 that you aren't, but - somebody's got to do it.
07:07 Yes. - do you know what I mean, cause it's not
07:10 happening. - exactly and I got myself into the mess in
07:12 the first place, so I can't get myself out of it.
07:15 Right, because I think you really think when somebody
07:18 does do that journey, and does do those searches, it is
07:20 almost like your heart is crying, something has to work.
07:23 Something has to change this because right now the only
07:26 thing I know, is it's not working.
07:29 I've got to have hope in something.
07:31 What's interesting is if you don't have that spiritual
07:34 background, if you're living, like you said, in a very secular
07:38 place that no one is really speaking to you about God,
07:42 so it is like all I know is that I'm not there
07:45 and something has to work.
07:47 We hold onto everything, anything that goes by you think,
07:51 oh, that might work, and you grab hold of.
07:56 So going through all that, how did you get to a place
08:01 where all of a sudden you start to look at spirituality
08:05 and God becomes what you're looking at?
08:08 Well I turned the TV on one day and I saw an
08:12 advertisement for archaeology seminar.
08:14 It was on the pyramids, so I thought great, I can learn
08:18 more on the mystery of the pyramids.
08:20 So I headed off to town and little did I realize that it
08:24 was a Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic series.
08:28 - that is funny! - that is funny.
08:31 It's great information but it was not what you were
08:34 thinking? - and no, I think if I would have known
08:38 before I got there I would have turned back.
08:39 But the Lord knew I had to be convicted that the Bible
08:44 was true, coming from an atheistic background, being
08:48 raised up with a doubting mind, I really needed to have
08:52 that assurance that the Bible is true to be able to
08:56 understand more about that, and the Lord knew that.
08:59 So I would see night after night, evidence from the Bible
09:04 and what they had said, past time and what it is today.
09:09 That just blew me away, it was like coming out of a dark
09:12 hole, and they start talking about this Hebrew prophets.
09:16 I never even knew a Hebrew prophet.
09:18 I didn't even knew what Hebrew was. - right!
09:21 I thought these guys know more than Nostradamus,
09:24 I have to look into this and the next thing I knew
09:27 I had a Bible in my hand.
09:29 I started asking questions about Jesus, and life after
09:31 death, and it was just unbelievable.
09:36 When the light goes on and you have no previous
09:41 background to that, and someone can present the Bible
09:45 and give you the answers, that blew me away.
09:48 When somebody says, I'm searching, I'm looking at
09:52 all this stuff, and all of a sudden I see God
09:56 and a light goes on.
09:57 Let's say you're talking to someone totally secular,
10:02 has no idea what you just said, why the difference?
10:06 Why does that matter? What was different before that
10:10 happened and after that happened?
10:12 How did you feel physically and mentally, did it matter?
10:18 It did, it did, I felt I had wasted my life.
10:22 I felt emptiness in my soul and nothing else could fill
10:27 that need, and the Lord knew I had to hang onto
10:30 something, I had to have faith in something.
10:34 I believe God had to convince me first intellectually,
10:40 in order to have a heart experience, where I can open
10:45 myself to Him and say, yes there is a God.
10:48 I can pray to Him because I know His word is true.
10:52 - so it is almost like Amy, you are saying, I ate.
10:56 I had this eating disorder to fill me up.
10:59 It sounds like emptiness was not about food for you,
11:02 but it was very real emptiness anyway? - yes.
11:06 God all of a sudden said.
11:08 There is these tuggings on your heart.
11:10 I remember the first time I went to church feeling like
11:14 I could have the rocks fall on me because everyone seemed
11:18 so holy and everyone was smiling,
11:21 they had this joy and love and I noticed that instantly
11:25 I just felt so unholy.
11:27 - like I didn't have a right to be there? - exactly.
11:29 I didn't even come back because it was too much.
11:32 You ever had an experience where the world is too much,
11:35 oh this is overwhelming emotionally.
11:39 So that is what I felt at that time.
11:42 I'm glad you came back. - eventually.
11:46 So at this point you guys still don't know each other?
11:50 No. - you are having this spiritual experience.
11:52 You are falling in love with God and turning things over.
11:55 You are having a spiritual experience almost in the
11:58 same place, so how did God finally say,
12:03 I want you guys to now meet?
12:05 Well it was about 11 years after that, the Lord had to
12:10 take us on a different journey.
12:13 - What did you do in those 11 years? That's a long time.
12:17 For some reason I thought you guys met right away,
12:19 but no. - no. - no!
12:21 It wouldn't have worked, you can have the right love at
12:23 the wrong time, and that's what happened.
12:26 - that's an incredible saying,
12:28 the right love at the wrong time.
12:30 I think as you were talking about recovery, I had so
12:33 much emotional damage there was no way I was ready for
12:36 a relationship, I was but 22 years old.
12:38 So I think that's one of the reasons the Lord took
12:40 another 11 years before we met.
12:43 Okay, because now you're recovering from the eating
12:47 disorder and all that stuff, God is just walking you
12:50 into all that? - right, right.
12:52 Okay, so for you what did you do in those 11 years?
12:56 Well I started getting more involved in overseas
13:00 missionary work and so I traveled to the Philippines,
13:04 Japan, and so we ended up going to different countries.
13:09 Sometimes, it wasn't until after met, we found out that we
13:12 actually been to the same places.
13:14 - so criss-crossing each other's paths all along the way.
13:17 - Yes! Exactly.
13:19 That is funny. - yes!
13:20 So there was this one particular case, on the eve
13:23 before I met Amy, one of 8000 islands in the Philippines,
13:27 the very year before she was at the same island, the same
13:30 house, the same church, doing the same thing as I was,
13:34 but we never heard of each other, it is just amazing.
13:38 That is really funny, so I want to go back Amy, you said
13:43 you are a 220 pounds, so God literally walks you into
13:47 a place of health?
13:49 Well! - I like that well.
13:52 He knew I needed a lot of rehab, a lot.
13:55 I look back on those years and consider myself an
13:58 emotional rehab, but it's in disguise because Jesus is so
14:01 kind that other people don't know that's what He's doing with
14:04 you at so He put me in different families, a lot of
14:08 Christian homes, and they were healthy people.
14:10 They taught me how to eat, how to cook, how to live
14:13 healthily for the body and of course that affected me
14:17 emotionally just being nurtured by families filling those
14:21 emotional voids that I had not had as much as I needed.
14:25 So that's what He did with me over those years,
14:28 and there were other things.
14:29 He put me with children, and the children are such a
14:32 healing thing, working with children so I became a home
14:34 school teacher for a number of years, with the little ones.
14:37 I learned how they trusted me, then I learned how to
14:40 trust in Jesus more than it built me emotionally.
14:43 When you say that a lot of folks will not understand
14:47 that, I worked with down syndrome kids and it's the same
14:50 thing, they love me to death, because they love you.
14:53 I told people at the end of my shift, that I had snot
14:56 from head to toe, just from being hugged on and all that
15:00 stuff, but it was like I needed to be loved and to be
15:04 touched and those kids just love you.
15:07 That's what He did for me and I ended up thinking Lord
15:08 why did You could be with children, because I am not
15:10 a teacher and I don't know what I'm doing?
15:11 But the Lord was really healing me, that's what He was
15:13 doing and I realized that later.
15:15 It's interesting to be able to say, no matter where you
15:18 are at in your recovery journey, once you turn it over
15:20 to God, it's trust that He knows what you need.
15:23 We think we can run ahead of Him, He is like this damage
15:28 is so deep that I want to start bringing this damage out
15:32 so you can surrender it.
15:33 It sounds but that's what He was doing with you.
15:36 During the time that was using you Lee for Ministry,
15:39 did you feel that same thing as you are getting a little
15:42 bit of healing, as you were walking with God.
15:46 I felt I was getting to the point where I started to have
15:50 emotional needs for a wife, even though I was involved in
15:54 Ministry and there was still a little emptiness I guess.
15:57 Something that probably Adam felt, when he saw the
16:01 creatures, that they had a pair.
16:04 So even though my heart was in Ministry,
16:07 I still felt that longing for a partner,
16:09 and I prayed for several years.
16:12 If I remember you made a list? - That's right, yes.
16:16 So talk about that, because that was funny to me.
16:20 I thought women did that, but then I started asking men after
16:24 you shared that with me, some men do that?
16:26 Yes they do. - that was cool.
16:28 Well I didn't think there was enough ladies on the planet
16:30 to meet my list, I thought I was asking too much.
16:33 I really want someone that was like Rebecca,
16:38 you know willing to go anywhere, because the Lord kept
16:40 taking me different places, and I did know the next year
16:43 where are was going to go.
16:44 So I needed a lady that was willing, by faith, to just go
16:48 anywhere the Lord had called me.
16:50 - just to pick up whenever you wanted to pick up.
16:53 Yes, exactly. - you wanted her to be what else?
16:55 I wanted her to be a medical missionary, needed to be
17:01 reasonably tall, and someone who could complement my
17:07 Ministry, like music which Amy is very gifted with.
17:12 What is funny and I have to stay with the fact, so your
17:17 prayer ended up being, and I want some people that are
17:21 watching and do not know how to pray yet, so the prayer
17:24 for you was to even trust God with whom you are going spend
17:28 the rest your life with? Those kind of things.
17:30 So you're being able to ask God for that.
17:33 So now I am dying, how did you guys meet?
17:38 I've been saying that, so please.
17:40 Can I fill you in a little on this?
17:42 He just mentioned Rebecca, that's the Bible story,
17:46 Rebecca and Isaac, that you find in Genesis first book
17:49 of the Bible, chapter 24.
17:51 For seven years I loved that story and prayed over that
17:54 story, I said, wouldn't it be wonderful if Jesus could make me
17:57 a Rebecca, because Jesus brought Isaac into her life.
18:01 Before she even met him she knew she was going to marry
18:05 him and I wanted Jesus to arrange a marriage for me
18:08 because I had had so many broken relationships.
18:11 I said the one I'd choose, it is not going to work,
18:14 but if Jesus chooses for me, He'll give me the one I can
18:17 love more than the one I choose for myself.
18:19 So I finally got to that point at 32 years of age were
18:22 I felt, I reconciled and wanted Jesus' will for me.
18:26 So I claimed that I wanted to be like Rebecca, and I have
18:29 learned, if you claim the Bible enough, Jesus will fulfill it
18:32 in your life, He will give you the desire of your heart.
18:35 So I was praying for this for seven years.
18:37 When I was living in new York city after 9/11,
18:39 when the Trade Towers came down, I was up there were
18:42 some of the rescue efforts.
18:44 I have been praying specifically for a husband and I felt
18:47 the strong sense of calling now from Jesus that He was
18:50 going to bring me a husband and here I am in New York.
18:53 Where is he Lord?
18:54 - with millions of people walking around.
18:57 I'm thinking okay Lord, I'm going to trust You.
19:00 I felt like He was saying wait a bit
19:02 longer Amy, just wait.
19:03 Then after coming back from church one day, I have been
19:06 praying with a friend of mine about this particular
19:09 desire and when I got home I had a phone call from my
19:12 friends down at the Wildwood life Center, and they had
19:15 just spent the Sabbath with Lee.
19:17 He had just arrived at the center.
19:18 They said Amy, we're convicted that this is the husband you
19:21 need to come back, he's the one.
19:23 - Not that they wanted to set you up on a date.
19:27 Hey, your husband is here.
19:29 That's right, and the thing of it was this lady was not a
19:33 matchmaker, she was a serious praying Christian lady who
19:37 mentored me and I really took her opinion as being worthy.
19:40 You know what, like Sarah when she heard should was going
19:43 to have a baby, I just laughed, because Sarah was 90 years
19:46 old to have a baby.
19:48 I felt wow, is this really happening?
19:50 I knew deep in my heart Jesus was calling me to go and marry
19:53 him, so she gave me all the statistics that she had found
19:56 out about him and it turned out that his life was very
19:59 similar to mine, all the places we have been crossing for
20:02 years and I was convicted I needed to leave New York and go
20:04 back to Georgia and meet this man.
20:07 - so you ended up going to Wildwood, what did you guys
20:10 think when you met each other?
20:12 Because when God arranges that, it's not like the world and
20:16 you get fireworks that go off, and all of a sudden!
20:21 It is not all that and that is where I think we get so
20:25 tripped up, is that love is more real than that.
20:29 - Yes, when I first saw Lee I was sitting at the nurses
20:32 station there at the hospital and I knew this was the man
20:36 that my friend had told me about.
20:38 I got very nervous, and when I looked at him I thought
20:41 ought oh! I think God made a mistake.
20:46 Because he is not my type, that was my initial reaction and
20:49 I'm sorry about that, but like you say there were no fireworks,
20:52 there is no chemistry, nothing like that.
20:55 And he felt the same. - plus I had an interest for
20:57 another lady at the time.
21:00 But I do remember that morning, dressing up and cleaning my
21:03 fingernails knowing that she was going to come, even though
21:07 I had an interest for someone else.
21:09 As soon as I saw her I knew this was a lady that my friend
21:14 had told me about, but there was no interest, there was no
21:18 chemistry, sparks or anything like that.
21:21 The Lord had to change my heart.
21:24 - right, did you say to God, I hear what You are saying,
21:29 but I don't get it because I don't get it.
21:33 You are going to have to change something.
21:36 Did you guys say that out loud?
21:38 - I did, yes and to back up a little bit.
21:42 I had asked the Lord to help me with courtship and the
21:45 Lord said He was going to help me and I assumed it was for
21:48 the other lady and did not realize it at the time.
21:52 When I started to get more interested and started talking
21:57 to Amy, I realized that she had all the qualities plus more
22:00 and that I needed. - your list. - exactly! The only thing
22:04 missing was my heart, engaged. I knew that had to be there
22:08 for me to go forward.
22:10 I remember that I went down to Texas to do a health program.
22:13 I was watching 3ABN.
22:15 Funny enough! I was convicted at that time to pray that
22:19 God would change my heart and I prayed that prayer.
22:22 I said Lord, if this is the one You have chosen,
22:25 please change my heart.
22:27 As soon as I prayed that prayer, before I even saw her
22:31 again, He had changed my heart.
22:34 He put those feelings in my heart for her.
22:37 - when you saw him again, did you know that was there?
22:41 I did,.
22:43 - it's just you can feel it.
22:45 It's funny you asked me because before he went to Texas
22:48 I could see he was not interested in me and that he was
22:51 interested someone else, and I'm not interested in him.
22:54 So I said Lord, there's three miracles we need here to
22:57 change me, to change him, and the other lady.
22:59 The funny thing was that the Lord spoke to me while I was
23:02 in my kitchen, sometimes He would just give me a clear
23:05 word, and it was in Romans chapter 4, it says, Abraham
23:09 was fully persuaded that what God had promised,
23:11 He was able to perform and the Lord showed me it was
23:15 about Him and not about me, it wasn't about me attracting
23:18 him or pulling him like the old methods of the world,
23:21 but it was about God's glory and what He wanted to do.
23:23 So He would do it, it was like He was saying,
23:25 stand still Amy, just watch Me!
23:27 Then he came back from Texas, and I could see the way
23:30 he looked at me, and the way he related to me,
23:32 that there was a change.
23:34 When he looked at the other lady it was gone.
23:36 God, as you say, has a sense of humor.
23:39 I remember, He put me in charge of doing a little concert.
23:42 There was Amy and the other lady that I had the interest
23:45 for right at the same time.
23:47 She was playing a violin and the other lady was playing
23:50 a flute, and I thought God what are you doing by putting
23:54 these two ladies up in front of me?
23:56 I knew, the Lord was hitting me on the head,
24:01 saying this is the one.
24:04 So what was really incredible, and I'm so proud about God,
24:11 is the fact that He knows us so much.
24:15 He says I know that even in your healing where you would
24:19 choose this, you have always chose that and it always has
24:22 gotten you in trouble.
24:23 So I am going to actually try to get you to trust Me
24:26 even in making those choices.
24:28 When we do, because you guys have been married how long?
24:32 Seven years. - you have a child and a Ministry that you
24:37 do together and all those things.
24:39 I'm going to break and just ask a question, but then when
24:42 we come back for the close, I want you to come with us
24:45 and share a little about the Ministry.
24:47 So let me find out, first of all we have some questions in
24:51 the café, Heidi you had a question.
24:54 I did, yeah Amy, I was wondering about your eating
24:57 disorder, when you were talking about living with families
25:01 that was helping you healing, how did you really do that?
25:05 I mean I struggled sometimes with eating things to fill my
25:09 heart up, how was it that you still work with that?
25:14 I think basic for recovery from eating disorders is that we have
25:19 to know that Jesus fills that void and allow Him to fill it.
25:24 Really not trying to fix ourselves because
25:27 we can't fix ourselves.
25:29 Just a Bible text I would like to share with you is from
25:33 Colossians 2:10 where it says, ye are complete in Him.
25:36 We really are, and what that is saying is that we are
25:39 accepted, God accepts us and He receives us so that He might
25:43 help us, change us, clean us up, take away our addictions.
25:47 We do not have to take them away before He will accept us.
25:50 I think a lot of the root eating disorder problems is
25:54 issues of acceptance and are we really loved.
25:57 That is why we are doing it.
25:58 - Are we really good enough?
26:00 Right, are we good enough for God to receive us.
26:02 The fact is He says, I already receive you and love you.
26:05 Really understanding that is the basis, and that is what
26:08 those families were able to teach me, practically by their
26:10 love for me that they showed me I was a accepted as I am.
26:13 You know I was overweight and messed up and emotionally
26:16 a wreck, they accepted me and that was the basis.
26:20 I have to even go further, because I think we make
26:24 a statement but it sound so easy.
26:27 You are saying, that their day in and day out acceptance
26:31 was what got to you.
26:32 I remember there was are woman Heidi, who had an eating
26:35 disorder, she was a girl 19 years old they came to work at
26:37 our Ministry and I was trying to do that for her just
26:42 acceptance, but she become in and she had eaten and taken
26:47 laxatives and she was throwing up.
26:49 The bathroom was by the office, so sometimes there was some
26:51 intense stuff going on, at one point she came out and
26:56 I said, if Jesus came back right now would you be accepted?
27:01 She started crying, she had this horrible morning,
27:06 she's in the middle of all her addictions and she said no.
27:09 She cried and cried and cried.
27:11 I said, then, you don't know who God is.
27:14 It's really simple to say that, really asking the
27:19 Holy Spirit to show you how loved am I?
27:22 How accepted am I? It is not just that I know what verse
27:26 to go to, but I know that I beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am
27:30 loved by God, that His heart is for me, that in the middle
27:34 of my worse acting out, God says my heart
27:38 has not changed to you.
27:39 I think that as soon as we start to get that in a fuller
27:42 sense, then I can recover.
27:45 Because I am not recovering for any other reason then that
27:48 I am recovering in His love, because of His love,
27:51 not to get His love.
27:53 - Exactly, - exactly - it is a huge difference.
27:56 It is hard to say that to the depth that it is, it's like
28:00 everything sounds trite almost, but I wanted to say it
28:03 really is about understanding that God says, in My love
28:07 you will heal and I will actually give you the skill
28:11 to do that, or the tools you need to do that.
28:14 I just need you to learn how to rest in it.
28:17 Right, exactly.
28:19 Eating disorders are huge, is just huge because it is like
28:23 what I know and sets my endorphins off.
28:26 It is what gives me peace and all that stuff.
28:28 I'm going to go ahead and break now, because I want to come
28:33 back and I want you to talk about who you are in Ministry,
28:38 what does that look like?
28:40 I know that your prayer Lee was to find somebody to be in
28:43 Ministry with, and I know you guys are doing incredible
28:45 things because you have done incredible things in my life
28:48 with just what you have done over at Wildwood.
28:50 So we are going to go ahead and take a break because again
28:53 I have to say, God doesn't just clean us up to clean us up.
28:56 That would be incredible, if He said, how clean you up and
28:59 you can sit happy in a pew somewhere and just be smiling.
29:03 He says no, I actually want to give you a life.
29:05 I have seen almost every country, it is fun His plans for
29:10 us and I know for Lee and Amy He had incredible plans for
29:15 us, so we will be right back, stay with us.


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