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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Raven White


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00:13 Welcome back! We have talked about a lot.
00:16 We have talked about a lot in your testimony, even the
00:19 questions, what Angela was saying about not
00:22 even in the right place yet to deal with that
00:25 emotionally, so I would like you to talk for Angela's
00:28 question of not being in the place, but somebody that
00:31 is going to take that journey.
00:33 What is it about the journey that is worth it?
00:38 What do they need to know? Is it worth the fight?
00:42 It is, it is, it is worth the fight.
00:45 And I want to encourage you, if you're going to take the
00:48 opportunity to believe in God, stay there, stay there.
00:52 Bite into it, fight with it.
00:56 If you have to holler, fuss, slam things, don't stop
01:02 talking to Him because that is what I did.
01:05 I believe He brought me through this journey because
01:07 I didn't stop talking to Him.
01:09 A lot of time we're in pain, when we have hurt
01:11 feelings, we walk away from God.
01:13 Someone hurts you in the church, and our family, we walk
01:16 away from God, but He was the reason you started to
01:19 believe in Him, He was the reason that led you to Him
01:23 stay there, fight with Him, go to the Scriptures and
01:26 start saying, You said this.
01:28 You said this, why am I begging for bread?
01:30 Your family, people don't beg for bread, I'm begging
01:33 for bread, fight with it.
01:35 Why did you let me get molested? I want to know!
01:36 Tell me now, open up my mind, you said come
01:39 let us reason together.
01:40 God wants to know your heart, He wants to hear it from
01:45 you, so you can create a bond, but if you leave, it won't
01:48 work, and so I have learned to just keep talking to Him
01:52 and there is a scripture that says 2 Corinthians 1:9,
01:55 do not trust yourself. - I love that one!
01:57 I believe it's a verbatim Scripture,
02:00 do not trust yourself.
02:02 I've learned that, so when you are in the stage of your life
02:05 that you're feeling I'm not there yet, I'm not there yet.
02:09 Say Lord, You get me there.
02:11 You told me and John, I can do nothing without You,
02:14 so You get me there.
02:15 I can't get to heaven without You, You get me there.
02:18 However it may be, this is what I'm going to do,
02:20 I'm going to believe in You and because of that you're
02:23 going to save me.
02:24 Keep working on me because I'm going to stay with You.
02:27 That is the thing I teach people, don't trust yourself.
02:29 - Amen, I want to thank you for coming on the program.
02:32 I want to say to anybody that is at any stage of
02:36 recovery, is that it is not only stopping the drugs,
02:40 stopping addiction, is not only walking away from that
02:44 stuff, it is not only reevaluating all your family
02:47 junk, what you have been taught, what you have seen,
02:50 it is not only looking at the behavior acting out.
02:53 Like some of us have acted out in crazy ways.
02:56 It is not only that, it is stepping in to take care of
02:58 ourselves, to learn not to disassociate, like Raven was
03:02 saying, stay present to figure out from God who I am.
03:06 When He starts to do all that, with getting me healthy,
03:10 healing my family dynamics stuff, bringing friends into
03:13 my life, helping me to connect with someone, helping me to
03:16 get physically healthy, is that I realized,
03:20 God, this is pretty cool!
03:23 I woke up one day feeling like that I am having a great
03:26 day, and God said this is health.
03:28 I'm like shut up, how fun is that.
03:30 How fun is that, so I want you to know that staying with
03:33 it, like Raven was saying, stay with God.
03:35 Let Him walk with you on every one of those steps and
03:38 there will be a day you are going to stand up and say,
03:41 this was all worth it.
03:42 Especially on the other side.
03:44 I want to say thank you for joining us on the program.
03:47 Thank you for hanging in there with us.
03:48 Thank you for hanging in with your own recovery.
03:51 See you next time and until then remember that God is
03:54 crazy about you and me too.
03:56 God bless!


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