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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery, I'm Cheri.
00:13 Today we are going to just talk about how incredibly cool
00:15 God is, come join us in the café.
00:45 Welcome to the café, there is a group at the café,
00:48 some friends of mine that have done the program before.
00:51 That is Angela and Dan and I want to say, I'm glad you're
00:54 back, and there is a group from Wildwood.
00:56 The reason I brought them in, is that a lot of you know
00:59 that I have been dealing with cancer.
01:02 What is really interesting, leukemia, and I'm fine,
01:04 I just want to say that, some people have me already
01:07 dead, I am not dead, but I am fine.
01:10 I ended up thinking, in my recovery, this whole program is
01:14 about recovery, in my recovery I used to if I got hit
01:18 with something like this, or not even like this,
01:20 if I got hit with even with it's going to be a bad day,
01:23 I wanted some drugs, if you know what I mean.
01:25 Now in my recovery, I'm getting hit with the major things
01:29 and I am finding out that even that, I can deal with.
01:33 I gathered through the first part of my recovery the
01:36 ability to look at some of these pretty intense things,
01:39 I can say you know what, I am okay.
01:41 I can deal with this, I can get through this.
01:44 So what I did is I started to look at, I've done a lot
01:47 of recovery work and I know if there is a psychological
01:50 problem, if I'm dealing with anger, if I'm dealing with
01:53 depression, if I'm dealing with that kind of stuff I know
01:56 what to do, but I didn't know physically what to do.
02:00 So I called around, and I called around and it was
02:04 terrible because I am in Ministry so I never have a dime.
02:06 Halftime I don't have gas money, so if you have any money
02:09 to send it to me, going to have to tell them I don't have
02:12 that, so called around and asked a number of places,
02:14 can I come and go through your program and learn how to
02:17 take care of myself physically?
02:19 Wildwood, they were so amazing, because they just said
02:23 absolutely, and what I found out when I got there is that
02:27 there is a number of people from all over the world.
02:30 Students from all over the world that really believe that
02:34 health and recovery is more than just figuring out how to
02:38 stop doing drugs more than just figuring out that I'm not
02:41 going to get lost on a computer anymore, I'm not going to
02:45 spend 12 hours with videogames, or Internet porn,
02:49 or I'm not going to drink and slam drugs.
02:52 I'm not going to isolate myself.
02:54 More than just that physical thing, so these students
02:57 from all over the world have their own stories.
03:01 Some of the stories are just like, you look at some
03:03 body that is incredibly healthy, looks like they have
03:05 it all together and they have come from
03:08 some pretty heartbreaking backgrounds.
03:10 So I learned a couple things, I learned you can't
03:14 judge somebody by how you see them and that some people
03:18 are so passionate about telling others, that part of
03:21 maintaining your recovery and your health is
03:24 to learn that everything matters.
03:26 It matters, like I didn't know when you sleep, when you go
03:30 to sleep, I go to sleep when I can't keep my eyes open
03:34 anymore, so it is two clock the morning and I think I can't do
03:37 another thing and it is time to go to sleep.
03:39 But I didn't know that from eight to 12 o'clock at night,
03:43 from eight at night to 12 o'clock at night that if you
03:46 are sleeping only your body produces serotonin levels.
03:49 Well serotonin helps you with depression, it helps you
03:52 feel good, it helps you laugh and all those things.
03:55 But if you are not asleep, your body doesn't get it.
03:58 I'm thinking, oh stop, I don't think I have ever been to
04:01 sleep before midnight, you know.
04:02 So I had to start learning, I'm dealing with health,
04:05 I'm dealing with maintenance stuff, so I need
04:07 to go to sleep earlier.
04:08 I didn't know that the serotonin level that your body builds
04:11 up between eight and 12, when the sunlight hits your
04:15 eye, the morning, that place where your serotonin builds up
04:19 gets released, it says, oh good morning.
04:23 I'm like stop, because I never go to bed on time.
04:27 So I started to actually learn that if in the long run
04:31 I want to be successful in my recovery.
04:33 If the long run I literally want to walk into a life
04:36 that is healthy, I have to start being healthy.
04:40 You know part of it that I learned at Wildwood was
04:45 discipline, stop its killing me.
04:48 You know I'm not disciplined, and I've always said it's
04:53 my personality, but I really have learned that discipline
04:57 is not a bad thing.
04:59 I took up biking as a hobby.
05:02 At first just riding around the block, I thought my
05:04 first ride I was going to ride, our blocks in the country,
05:08 20 miles, so I thought was going to do 20 miles or at
05:11 least 5 miles, and I got a mile and looked up and
05:14 thought, I cannot do this.
05:15 I remember God lovingly saying to me, just like you
05:19 did the first part of your recovery, when you took your
05:22 first step, you realized you were powerless and
05:24 turned it over to Me.
05:25 You allowed Me to show you some of the things you need
05:28 to get rid of, and all that stuff.
05:30 This step and maintenance and recovery, taking care of
05:33 yourself is going to be like that too.
05:35 At first it is going to seem like it's going to
05:37 be a lot of work.
05:38 At first you are going to be really struggling with
05:40 going around the block, or even going a mile,
05:43 but you know what, you will get it.
05:44 I thought at first He was crazy, I don't mean to say
05:48 God is crazy, but He knows what I meant.
05:51 I thought no way, not me!
05:53 Now I'm doing 20 miles without even thinking about it.
05:56 I did 100 miles around Lake Tahoe.
05:58 And we did 100 miles with 3800 cyclists and it was the
06:03 funnest thing, on mile 81, it was a 7 mile incline.
06:07 I almost cried, but you know what, I made it!
06:09 It is an amazing thing, so this part of recovery is more
06:14 than just walking away from the drug.
06:16 It is more than just walking away from your dysfunction.
06:19 It is more than understanding the things that I can't do.
06:22 It's walking into your life, what can you do?
06:26 How do you take care of your body, how do you get your
06:29 energy back, how do you get healthy again?
06:31 Once you get all that, the recovery part of it becomes
06:35 easier, because daily I'm not only staying in my recovery
06:39 program, but I'm actually getting myself healthier.
06:42 I pray that for you, because I never realized
06:46 how unhealthy I was.
06:49 All the stuff that was getting at me and now it is a joy
06:53 to wake up every morning.
06:54 It is a joy to figure out, you know what I'm going to do
06:57 every day, so we are going to break and I will introduce
06:59 you to a woman I met while at Wildwood.
07:01 She has an incredible story, but we are going to hear how
07:05 she maintains her recovery.
07:06 We'll be right back! Stay with us.


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