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Keep On Workin'

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jason & Rachael Bickal


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00:14 Welcome back, I loved listening to you guys.
00:17 I could listen to you all day, but I want to cover the
00:20 fact that you stop drinking, that you got into AA,
00:23 and done a lot of recovery but it was still miserable until
00:26 you decided to allow God to bring healing into your
00:30 lives, so I want to talk.
00:32 Have you talked first Jason, to any men that are
00:35 watching, what the value is of doing the rest of the
00:38 work so you can find freedom and then I would like
00:41 you to talk to the women?
00:42 I would say the most important thing is as I got to the
00:46 inventory and getting rid of the meat and potatoes basically.
00:49 I am getting rid of stuff, it is the top layer.
00:51 But then suddenly I realized that there are still things
00:56 in there that were never looked or were addressed.
00:59 I got free, I was able to get free and down to the deeper
01:04 roots and share those things, and with my wife.
01:07 To allow her to see who I am and what is basically who
01:12 I really truly am in God's eyes.
01:16 Not what just the average Joe, or the guy out there
01:21 to see, but what truly is my makeup.
01:27 During that time did you hear God, through the Holy
01:29 Spirit say, you know what Jason, you are good enough!
01:33 I got a you're a good enough and I love you for who you
01:36 are, and it was okay, I was forgiven.
01:40 - isn't that huge? And all those things you thought
01:43 you would never get, I think we walk into recovery and
01:46 we try to do the right thing, to look the right thing,
01:48 but we know we're never going to get that.
01:50 But God says, all you'll get it, and you will get it
01:53 right here and right now and you are free.
01:55 Is there anything to add to that?
01:57 Yeah, I'm when I renounced my moral failures because
02:03 my life had been all full of failures.
02:06 I got rid of that pain and that bitterness, I got led
02:09 into prayer and I got to bathe in this pool in my minds eye,
02:17 I got to bathe in this pool and Jesus was
02:19 sitting next to me.
02:20 I got to bathe in this pool and got to the clean for the
02:23 first time in my life, I felt clean.
02:26 It was the first time, and I'm 25 years old, and I have
02:30 never felt clean before, but I finally feel clean.
02:33 You know when we look at recovery, a lot people think
02:37 about recovery as I just don't want to drink, I just
02:40 don't want to use, or don't want to be online porn,
02:43 or don't want to be spending my money gambling,
02:45 or workaholic, or whatever.
02:47 But God says that is not freedom.
02:49 Freedom is to find out what the very core of who you are
02:52 what has got you all twisted up and to allow God through
02:56 His love, through the Holy Spirit just say,
02:59 I want you free.
03:00 I want you clean, I want you to understand
03:02 how much you are loved.
03:04 When you get that you walk out and you spiritually are
03:08 on a high that is unbelievable.
03:10 So if you haven't tried that, get on your knees and ask
03:13 God to free you up.
03:15 Until next week always remember that God is crazy about
03:17 you and me too.


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