Celebrating Life in Recovery

Am I Too Crazy For God?

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dan & Angela Clark


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00:14 Welcome back, I loved what Dan and Angela talked about as
00:17 far as their journey.
00:18 Especially Dan from a little boy having that sense of not
00:21 belonging, not fitting in, everything crazy around him.
00:25 Getting into some crazy stuff, his drinking, his things
00:28 with his job, crazy stuff with his sexual acting out and
00:31 all of a sudden this women comes up a says,
00:33 let me help you.
00:35 When he said that everything in me said, finally someone
00:39 said can I help you.
00:41 We are talking about recovery and maintenance and all
00:44 that stuff, recovery is amazing.
00:45 When we step up and we know we are crazy, and Dan said,
00:48 I knew that, I knew the prostitutes weren't working
00:50 anymore, the sexual addiction wasn't working anymore, the
00:53 drinking didn't work anymore, so he knew he was crazy,
00:56 but the next step is to rejoin someone.
00:59 To get into community, to have somebody to give you some
01:02 reality, somebody to say, you know what?
01:03 Listen to what you are saying.
01:05 Listen to how you are saying it.
01:06 Listen, when he was talking about work, they are going to
01:09 fire me and actually they were telling him he did a good
01:12 job, listen to that.
01:13 Write it down, challenge what you think.
01:15 It seems like a lot of work, the first part of recovery
01:18 I think is a lot of work because everything
01:20 we do is twisted.
01:22 We have to have somebody say, allow God, allow me, allow
01:26 a group, allow people in recovery to help you untwist.
01:30 When someone says I want to do a 12 step group, I want to
01:34 do a 12 step group and get some healing there, the reason
01:37 you do that is not that everybody has the magic answer
01:40 to say to you, but there is a number of people in the
01:43 group that can say, wow, that's crazy.
01:46 That doesn't make sense.
01:48 Then you have to ask yourself, did that make sense?
01:50 What the group does for each other, whether you do that
01:54 in Bible studies, in church, in friendships, in your
01:57 family or whatever, you have to reconnect in community.
02:00 The only way to do recovery to where it is going to be
02:04 lasting recover is that you have to start reversing the
02:08 trend that you just had.
02:09 You have been totally isolated in your craziness and with
02:12 God and each other you are going to step back out of that
02:15 isolation and reconnect.
02:17 A lot of times what people need to do, and I think is
02:20 is really important to do, is start to connect with
02:24 people but also start to connect with God through prayer.
02:27 When I started, I just got a journal out
02:29 and I wrote, God.
02:31 I wanted to find out who God was first.
02:33 Who is He that He created the universe and He is going
02:36 to recreate in me this normal life?
02:39 I want to find out who He is, so find out who He is.
02:41 Write that kind of stuff, confess your stuff if you
02:43 need to, ask for Him to just bless you and fill you
02:46 with the Holy Spirit, but connect with God.
02:48 It is important and when you get that done, your recovery
02:51 becomes so much easier because He knows what He is doing.
02:54 He can restore us to sanity.
02:56 So until next week I want you always to remember that
02:58 God is crazy about you, me too!


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