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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Reginald & Marquand Buchanan


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00:14 Welcome back I want to hear everything from this family.
00:17 So I'm glad that you guys are joining me to close out
00:20 this program, but Marquand before we get into how
00:24 your dad maintains his recovery and I would like to know
00:27 where you got that cube, that is the coolest thing.
00:30 Well my Pastor gave it to me a long time ago.
00:33 - The Pastor that worked with you at the evangelistic
00:37 series? - no, it was my former Pastor.
00:39 He gave it to me and showed me how to do it,
00:42 gave me directions and everything and now I take
00:45 it everywhere with me.
00:46 I saw hanging on your pants and that's when
00:49 I said what is that? That's when you showed me.
00:51 Someone was telling me I think, one of your sisters,
00:54 told me that Pastor started doing Ministry at
00:57 a really early age too.
00:58 We always thought that I started Ministry at the age of
01:03 eight, he started working with me also.
01:05 He also said do not let anyone tell you, you are too young.
01:08 That was such a biblical thing, there were people in the Bible
01:11 that started Ministry at eight years old.
01:13 - Even Kings. - Even Kings, that's right so you really
01:18 got that in your heart. - right, at a very early age.
01:22 I remember when I was in the Baptist Church, that at the
01:27 age of four I was leading a praise team.
01:32 - How do you do that at four?
01:34 I don't know, it was just the Holy Spirit working
01:36 through me. - That's so funny.
01:39 I wanted to read so bad at an early age, I wanted to read
01:44 so bad and as soon as I learned how to read, I would tell my
01:49 dad I want a Bible, give me the Bible.
01:52 I wanted to read the Bible, when I had my first Bible
01:57 I slept with it like a teddy bear.
01:59 - because you were so excited to have it? - yeah!
02:02 That's so amazing, so you saw him grow right away?
02:05 - Yes! - that's nothing like your life.
02:07 No, totally opposite, yes just waking up that morning
02:13 and see him hugging the Bible, I'm telling you,
02:16 we were touched.
02:18 So knowing where you come from, and the things you know
02:22 about life, things that you know about your own
02:24 sinfulness, your own ability to act out, share with us
02:29 some things you do to make sure that you just stay going
02:34 in the right correction.
02:35 You stay really safe as a father, as a man of God.
02:39 The thing is I'm very active now in prison ministries.
02:42 - how did that come about?
02:44 Actually I met a guy, he is a great friend of mine by the
02:49 the name of Tim Brown, and he has been active for a long
02:54 time, and he just visited our church and then he offered
02:59 me, would you like to help out?
03:01 He knew about my testimony, he just asked me to help out.
03:06 I just told him I would love to come to work with some guys
03:10 that is going through similar situations as I was.
03:13 - to get them encouragement, hope to come out of all that.
03:15 - yes and I'm telling you that is an exciting
03:18 experience to just deal with.
03:21 To go and minister to somebody and see them giving up the
03:27 same things that you gave up, that is just exciting.
03:30 Letting them know, I think for some of us when we give up
03:33 something we are thinking I don't know how to do this.
03:35 I don't know I'm going to survive this, I not going
03:37 to get through this.
03:38 You can say, you'll get through it.
03:39 - and you'll get through it, yeah, I'll tell you I've
03:41 been through it, yeah.
03:43 How long did it take you before you realize that you're
03:46 going to make it, I think I'm going to get on the other
03:49 side of all this?
03:51 How long did it take? Well Cheri the thing is that when
03:57 I saw the experience I had when the Lord showed me that
04:02 if I go back out there that I was going to end up dying
04:08 out there, when I saw that experience right there.
04:13 - the guy jumping out of the car and running at you?
04:17 Yes, after that experience right there I knew right then
04:21 and there that the Lord was with me.
04:23 I knew that whatever thing would get in my way, any
04:27 obstacle that came, I will make it over, He got me past that.
04:32 He saved my life right there.
04:34 - so prison ministries, can you tell me, think of
04:36 a story you have seen in a prison that makes this
04:38 something that you are passionate about?
04:41 Well, the thing is that one time I was up giving my
04:49 testimony, some of the guys in there, a lot of them look
04:53 like they should be in prison, some of them look like
04:57 they're totally innocent.
05:00 I was sitting and looking at these guys that was on the
05:04 front row, actually they had a mad look on their face,
05:09 and stuff like that.
05:10 They were confused and I was giving my testimony,
05:13 and these guys who look like hard core criminals actually
05:18 at the end, they were in tears.
05:21 They were standing up when I made the appeal and they
05:24 came up, there was eight came up and that touched me. Yeah!
05:28 So what is really fun to me is when I look at your family
05:32 and I look at everybody and realize that God not only
05:35 wants to change our lives, when I talked about the
05:39 blessings and cursing for generations, that we can take
05:42 our families in any direction by what our choices are.
05:45 What do you think of that? Because you know it is true.
05:48 Yes you are right, exactly, my choice to follow Jesus
05:51 actually changed my whole everything.
05:54 Now my family is blessed, and he does not have to
05:57 suffer from what I suffered from because of that
06:00 choice to follow Christ.
06:02 So you know you are loved?
06:04 You know that your dad loves you.
06:06 You know that when you go home your family is probably
06:10 going to be playing, or doing something, but not yelling
06:13 at each other, or leaving each other, or packing bags,
06:16 and all those kind of things.
06:17 Right, one family for God for ever.
06:20 Amen, that is incredible, that is really incredible.
06:24 With your mom, your mom is still in the picture?
06:28 Yes she is, actually she admits that she had been praying
06:32 for me for a long time, she said and now it seems like
06:37 you're a little stronger than I am.
06:39 You told me that you were giving Bible studies to your mom.
06:42 - yeah, I have been given Bible studies
06:44 to her and she is starting to come around to the truth.
06:50 So what is that like? Going all the way full circle.
06:53 From a little kid coming home from school, with
06:56 something on alcohol, and now you're coming over and
06:58 opening up the word of God for her.
07:01 She knew I always had good things to offer her, now she
07:05 is able to trust me and sit down and do Bible studies.
07:09 So now are you perfect? Is everything dealt with?
07:13 Do you have anything? Where's God with you on that?
07:17 Are we perfect? No! I am so far from being perfect,
07:21 but I'm trying Cheri, I have a desire and I know that we
07:27 can do nothing on our own now.
07:29 You just rely on the truth of God and the Holy Spirit?
07:32 The reason I said that, I didn't mean to catch you off
07:35 guard or be sarcastic with that, but I think it is
07:38 interesting that I turn everything over,
07:42 I'm in recovery, and I fight for my recovery.
07:45 I try to do the right thing, I tried to eat the right things,
07:48 I try to get enough rest, so I try to do the things that
07:50 I know are important for me day in and day out.
07:52 I have hobbies, I go bike riding, I make sure physically
07:57 I'm getting exercise and those things.
07:59 Then I look at my child who is growing up in this stable
08:03 home, I've been married 22 years now, my husband is
08:07 amazing, and she is in this nice home.
08:10 I think that there is a point where I can relax and
08:13 God says don't relax, do the right thing everyday.
08:16 I want you to stay connected to Me.
08:19 Tell me, what I am learning about God is that I need to
08:24 know that I can talk to Him, that I can pray, that I can
08:29 come to Him and really say that I don't feel like I can
08:33 do this without You, so keep that connection going.
08:37 Do you have that same thing?
08:38 Yes, that is right, the Lord a long time ago shared with me,
08:43 some very important Scripture and it is found in
08:47 John chapter 15 where He actually states I am
08:50 the true vine and My Father's the husband.
08:52 He goes on a tells us that we are just branches.
08:56 He really brought out clear to me that a branch cannot
09:00 live without the vine, the vine can live without the
09:05 branch but if you disconnect the branch from that vine,
09:09 it would not live it would die.
09:11 So that is what we have to do daily, we have to stay
09:14 connected to Jesus, we cannot do it by ourselves.
09:17 - I have to say thank you so much for you guys being
09:20 on the program, it has been a blast.
09:22 I'm so glad to get to know you and I think we will see
09:25 you a ton, and I know you will come out and do
09:27 some other things here.
09:28 Reginald I'm proud of you, I'm proud you said okay.
09:33 It seems like surrender is the simplest thing to do,
09:36 but it is really the hardest thing, so it one point
09:39 Reginald when he surrendered was being able to say,
09:43 God I want You to come in.
09:45 Come in, it's amazing, come in and change everything.
09:49 I don't know how to think, I don't know how to be,
09:52 I don't how to do anything different than
09:54 what I've always done.
09:55 Our anger stuff that God comes in, and we have this anger.
09:59 If the anger is not dealt with, if I'm not able to surrender
10:04 that anger, I'm going to bleed out on my family.
10:07 God is saying, not only do I want you to come,
10:11 but I totally want you to surrender that.
10:12 I want you to evaluate, we talked about the rings of
10:17 a tree, if you cut a tree in half you can see the rings
10:20 of damage throughout the years of that tree, the fires,
10:24 the droughts, and all that stuff.
10:25 God says I want you to bring all that damage, whether it
10:29 is hurt, whether it's anger, whether it is that hole you
10:33 have in your heart, for not having a father or not having
10:37 anyone to take care of you.
10:38 I want you to bring it to Me.
10:39 What is fun about bringing it to God is that He does
10:42 those changes in some serious things and not doing drugs,
10:45 but He also helped you to laugh out loud.
10:47 He also helps you to see who I am and how am I connected
10:51 with life, I look at Reginald and I look at his family.
10:55 I just watch them, these kids have been running around
10:58 all day playing, singing songs, going over and meeting
11:02 other people at 3ABN and having a great time.
11:06 So I see this health in them, and it only happened
11:09 because Reginald was brave enough, had enough courage
11:12 to stand up and heal.
11:14 I just want to beg you to have enough courage, I don't
11:17 care where you holding on to, ask God please take it from
11:20 me, please teach me about recovery, teach me about who
11:23 You are, teach me about who I am and give me a life.
11:26 Give my kids a life, let this next generation not suffer
11:30 with the stuff I have suffered with.
11:32 It's amazing, God is so cool.
11:33 Until next time, always remember that God is crazy
11:36 about you and me too!


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