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Gangs To Fatherhood

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Reginald & Marquand Buchanan


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00:14 Welcome back, we have all the family here and it may not
00:16 last long either, so I want to tell you that you can take
00:19 them anytime you need to take them, but we are going to
00:22 start out with asking you, there has been
00:25 major changes with Reginald.
00:27 Let's talk about when you first were dating and all the
00:30 fussing that was happening in your relationship.
00:33 He was jumping into gangs and acting like a fool,
00:35 and you guys probably broke up and got back together
00:38 a number of times.
00:39 So tell us from your point of view the changes that happened.
00:43 How did this beautiful family come about?
00:46 Well one time when I left for about six months,
00:49 I was pregnant with Reginald Jr. and as I look back I think if
00:54 I would have stayed away, none of this would have happened.
00:57 It was just a blessing to see what God has done because
01:01 I came back, and because he surrendered his life to God.
01:05 Did you believe it was ever going to happen?
01:07 No! - no, because that was a huge change, even in his
01:12 testimony that was a huge change. - yes!
01:15 Did you have a Christian background yourself?
01:19 I called myself a Christian, but I was still in and out.
01:25 I wasn't solid. - because you were attracted to him
01:28 and he wasn't in that life at all. - Right!
01:31 So you saw a lot of changes? - yeah!
01:33 How about now, watching him and your son and the
01:36 other kids, they sing in church and all that stuff.
01:39 How about that?
01:40 - it's amazing, it is absolutely amazing what God has done.
01:43 I would've never thought it would be like this.
01:47 So I'm going to ask now Renia, you were here during
01:51 this whole segment and listened to your brother talk about
01:53 his doing a whole Revelation Seminar, and you listened to
01:57 your dad's testimony, what do you think?
01:59 Well it is very cool, I really didn't think that he could
02:02 really do it because he's just a boy.
02:04 It was incredible how God could work through my brother.
02:08 Did you listen to the Revelation Seminar? - yes!
02:10 Did you go to the mall? - yes, every day I was there.
02:15 It was cool and sometimes I would go and sing, it was so
02:20 cool how God was working through our family and our dad's
02:24 testimony was very cool, and how he was in a gang,
02:31 it's just incredible how God brings a man like
02:37 him out of that.
02:38 - because you never knew him like that?
02:40 Now I never knew him like that, my dad was always gentle
02:44 and kind and all that and I never knew that he was in a
02:48 gang like that, angry and all that so it is cool how
02:52 God brought him out of that.
02:56 - it really makes you believe God can do anything.
02:58 God, can do anything He wants.
03:00 God brought him out so I am glad I have a dad to protect me
03:07 and keep me safe, I'm glad I have family because my dad
03:14 he's a good man and I'm glad he met my mom.
03:22 You guys all sing as a family right? - Yes!
03:25 I know while you were at 3ABN you guys went over and
03:29 some of you got to be on Tiny Tots, you're coming back to
03:33 maybe be young Kids Time, I mean that as to be fun to do
03:37 Ministry as a family.
03:39 - all of us know how to sing and we go around singing in
03:43 places, that's cool.
03:45 I love that and I heard you singing and you guys are so
03:49 good, so now I want to say, dad, as you listen to your son,
03:53 Reginald, talking up here, what did you think?
03:57 You know I can just see how God is using him as well,
04:02 and I think that for my life to be straightened up
04:07 was a path away for them, for them to have a chance.
04:12 When the Lord changed me for them, for all of this.
04:17 I don't know where He is taking it, or where He is going,
04:20 but I know He is going to do some great things.
04:23 - the Bible talks about that your children are like
04:27 quivers, arrows in a bow when you shoot
04:32 them out into the future.
04:33 You may never know where they land, but for you I'm
04:36 looking at all these beautiful children saying it is
04:39 going to be an incredible adventure for
04:42 you to watch them.
04:44 They will never have the life you've had.
04:47 I want you to just talk not only to me or the people at
04:52 the café, but anybody that is watching about having the
04:58 courage to step up and change your life.
05:00 What kinds of things do they need to remember?
05:03 To do and to turn over, those kind of things, what would
05:06 you say to someone, what are the benefits of doing that?
05:10 The thing is that if you will just take a stand where
05:14 ever your at, one thing is God loves you.
05:17 No matter what you are going through,
05:20 or what you have done, the Lord loves you.
05:22 All you have to do is allow Him to work through you.
05:27 Be willing to allow God to mold you, that is what I did.
05:32 Actually allowed Him to work with me and that's why I am
05:37 telling... - gangsters how about all the people that
05:42 are in gangs, or acting out, having this incredible
05:47 struggle and you have to tell them that God is bigger
05:52 than your struggle. - that's right.
05:54 He's bigger than your struggle.
05:57 Do you think about where you've been when you hold on to
06:01 your children, when you get to pray with them at night,
06:04 and when you're doing family worship, do you think about
06:08 what it is really worth this day?
06:10 The fight that you've had?
06:13 This is something, all this I have been wanting for so
06:17 long and now I am starting to get it.
06:19 Just have a family and to have someone to love you and
06:23 stuff like that, and I got it, the Lord gave it to me.
06:26 Amen, I want to thank everybody for being here.
06:30 It was amazing to have you on the program.
06:32 Thank you for saying a few things about your brother and
06:35 your dad, thanks for giving us a little bit of your
06:38 testimony and I know it is really tough for the kids to
06:40 sit so we are going to go ahead and take a break,
06:43 but when we come back I would like Reginald for you to
06:45 join me again and Marquand if you can join me.
06:47 Okay, we'll be right back, stay with us!


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