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Gangs To Fatherhood

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Reginald & Marquand Buchanan


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00:14 Welcome back, when I got into recovery I thought the best
00:18 I could do was not do drugs anymore.
00:20 I'm sure listening to Reginald the best he could do was
00:24 just not be involved in all that.
00:26 When I had my first child, all of a sudden I looked at
00:29 her and wanted everything for her.
00:31 I wanted her to never to have the same experience that I
00:34 had with drugs and being on the streets and all that stuff,
00:37 it is really different when you start having kids.
00:40 You want the best for them.
00:42 I know for Reginald, when I met his family, and looked at
00:46 his family and they are so amazing and beautiful.
00:49 So I'm going to have you meet them.
00:52 The generational thing that stops when we get into
00:56 recovery is absolutely incredible.
00:59 When everybody starts turning around, I have a daughter
01:02 that is 21 that has never done a drug or drank.
01:05 Sometimes I say whose child is this, because that is not
01:08 my background, but she is amazing.
01:10 When I met you Marquand, I was so excited because I knew
01:14 your dad, I knew that he had been through some pretty
01:18 incredible things, but I also knew that you were such
01:22 a serious man of God already.
01:25 I want to say welcome to the show and thank you for coming.
01:28 I'm glad to be here.
01:30 - you have heard your dad tell a little bit about where
01:34 he came from, what do you think of that?
01:35 Well he had a pretty rough background and he has come
01:39 a long way, but God has led him through it.
01:42 Whenever I hear his testimony I think about Saul when
01:45 he became converted and became Paul.
01:47 Saul he was a rough man, he went around persecuting
01:50 everyone who believed in Jesus, that Jesus was God.
01:54 - angry. - Yeah angry he was bitter.
01:58 Then God converted him on a street called straight,
02:01 while he was going to Damascus to arrest and
02:04 kill some more Christians.
02:05 I know that if He can change a man like my dad,
02:08 if He can change a man like Saul, then certainly He can
02:12 change anyone, anyone so.
02:14 So what is interesting is that you have never known your
02:17 dad to be the guy that he was talking about earlier?
02:20 - No I haven't. - gangster all angry and stuff.
02:23 Your dad is pretty gentle. - yes he is.
02:26 That is so cool, so how old are you?
02:28 I'm 12 years old. - and what grade?
02:30 I'm in seventh grade. - on drugs yet?
02:33 No! - any gangs yet? - no!
02:35 Are you going to do that? - never!
02:38 Because your parents taught you not to? - right!
02:41 My dad is like, you should never do that, never ever.
02:46 When your dad, when you dad starts teach you that,
02:49 you know that he is teaching you from his heart?
02:53 Right, he had the experience and he doesn't want me to go
02:56 through the same thing.
02:57 Does he tell you that sometimes? - yes he does!
02:59 In your life, tell me what your life has been like as far
03:03 as God and home and all that kind of stuff?
03:06 Well to me God is my best, best friend.
03:09 My best friend in the whole entire world.
03:11 I'm glad that I have a great role model of a father
03:15 figure that I can follow now.
03:17 You don't have that emptiness that your dad talked about,
03:21 because your dad's been in your life the whole time?
03:25 - the whole time yeah!
03:26 Could you even imagine your dad not being there?
03:28 Not really, now when I see him and him involved in prison
03:33 ministries, preaching from churches, in some churches.
03:37 You know I can't even imagine him being in a gang or
03:40 prison or anything like that.
03:43 - Nor are not with you.
03:44 So when I met you guys what I thought was the funniest
03:47 thing, somebody said will he just got done with
03:50 a seminar, like a 21 week seminar, I thought they were
03:54 talking about your dad.
03:56 I'm like well that is cool, they said no, no I was
03:59 talking Marquand just got done.
04:01 I'm looking at you and thinking no way.
04:03 I remember even asking you, so tell us a little bit about
04:06 that, you just did a seminar.
04:08 Well actually it was 21 night seminar in Arkansas and what
04:13 we did was 10 nights at the mall, then we went over to
04:17 the church and we did 11 nights there.
04:21 After it all five people came and wanted to join a church,
04:25 or be baptized, or come in by profession of faith.
04:28 So how did you set up for that?
04:33 Tell me how you learned how to do that?
04:36 Did someone instruct you, and I want to hear everything.
04:40 And then I want to hear that, what you thought about teaching.
04:42 Because when someone looks at your age they think he is
04:45 too young to even know what he is teaching.
04:47 I don't believe that about you anymore, I think you know
04:49 exactly what you are teaching.
04:51 Well it began by my dad talking to the Pastor Travis.
04:56 They was talking and said we need a revival or something.
05:00 They my dad was like let my son preach, he can preach a
05:04 revival, with God's help he can do anything.
05:07 I was like yeah, he asked if I wanted to do it?
05:10 I was like sure, that's more souls coming to Christ.
05:14 The more people that can learn the truth and learn how
05:17 to become followers of Jesus, so I was like it
05:20 would be a blessing to do this.
05:23 So the Pastor started working with me, he showed me how
05:27 to do the PowerPoint.
05:29 Right, how to actually do the Scripture and whatever you
05:32 are teaching, give me an example of one of the nights
05:36 teachings and what kind of things you talked about?
05:40 I talked about Revelation and Daniel and how to unlock
05:44 the keys to prophecy so people can better understand.
05:48 They think that Revelation is just a book full of
05:52 monsters and just a scary book.
05:55 Revelation is the book of insights, like what will happen
06:00 in the end time. - it's huge.
06:03 And once you open that, the Bible talks about there is
06:06 a special blessing for someone who gets into this book.
06:09 So the Pastor taught you how to teach that?
06:12 Yeah! - how incredible.
06:14 Are you like a normal kid at school?
06:18 Do you know what I mean, it's like I feel like I'm
06:21 talking to a Pastor, but at school you are just
06:23 a normal kid, right?
06:25 Yeah, I try to mingle with the kids and befriend them
06:29 and I tell them about Christ as we go along and become
06:34 best friends and then I can tell them about Jesus.
06:38 One of my friends, his name is Doug Scharlin,
06:43 he was a Muslim and every day on the school bus or
06:46 playground, he would come to me and say can you tell me
06:50 more stories about Jesus?
06:52 Can you tell me because I want to learn more.
06:54 He told me that in his religion that they respect all the
07:00 other churches and they know that Jesus, He is a prophet.
07:05 They do not know Him as the Son of God, but I just started
07:09 talking to him and he told me stories of the Koran.
07:12 I was like wow, they are so identical.
07:17 - they are so similar, other than one is saying that
07:20 Jesus is the Son of God, and one is saying
07:23 Jesus is a prophet, did he ever come around to that?
07:25 Well! - or are you guys still talking?
07:28 We are just talking and actually his mom was working in
07:33 the mall where we did the seminar at,
07:36 and she heard me speak.
07:38 One night he was up there and he got a chance
07:41 to hear me speak.
07:42 - so you did some of the prophecy seminar in the mall?
07:46 That is incredible, that is an unusual place
07:49 to do a seminar.
07:53 Most people they go to the mall, some people go to
07:56 the mall just to walk around and when they come up
07:58 and see a little short guy up there on the stage teaching
08:02 people, they stopped there at the front of the
08:05 door and just listen.
08:07 Show me something about what you do as far as when you
08:12 want to change someone's life.
08:13 To introduce the gospel to someone who may not even know
08:16 anything, so I would like you to show us that.
08:19 And you will have to do a little bit slower because
08:21 the camera has to pick that up, but it is amazing to me
08:24 what you showed me.
08:25 So imagine that you are talking to someone that just
08:28 doesn't know anything about God.
08:37 Imagine this as you full of sin, sinful, into gangs, drunk,
08:44 alcohol, strung out, everything you're just in
08:47 your mess and your messed up.
08:49 This is heaven, this is the goal that everyone wants to
08:52 reach, no one wants to go to hell.
08:54 Everyone wants to go to heaven to that beautiful light.
08:57 But you cannot go to heaven because of your sin.
09:00 God doesn't allow sin into heaven, so He sent His only Son
09:06 Jesus, to come and die on the cross for you.
09:08 So that you may have life and have it more abundantly.
09:12 So you can go to heaven and have eternal life.
09:15 Whenever someone dies, you go to their funeral and then
09:19 you go to the graveyard and they put them in the grave.
09:22 Now when Jesus died, they put Him inside of the tomb,
09:28 but on early Sunday morning He rose up from the grave.
09:33 He got up out of that tomb and now because of what Jesus
09:38 has done, you have a way to that light, because of what
09:43 Jesus did on the cross.
09:45 Now there is a pathway that you can go on to go to heaven.
09:51 You have a choice, you can decide right today, right now.
09:55 Do you want to hold onto God's hand and go to heaven,
10:00 or do you want to let go and perish in hell?
10:03 If you want Jesus to come to your heart, all you have to do
10:08 is pray, read the Bible, have Bible studies and share your
10:13 testimony all around the world.
10:15 - that is incredible.
10:17 You know I asked you one time if you memorized that
10:19 or do you believe that? I believe it with all my heart.
10:22 - you believe that, and it is interesting to me in one
10:26 generation your dad making a choice to come around and
10:31 change his life, that gives you the opportunity
10:34 to change your life
10:36 Could you imagine if you were born with him when he was
10:39 out running gangs and doing all that stuff?
10:41 You would be a whole different person.
10:43 Right, and I'm glad you mentioned when I was born
10:47 because when I was born my grandmother told me the story.
10:51 I was born in Florida, not Florida but Atlanta, Georgia.
10:55 When I was born I wasn't breathing, so my grandma was
11:00 afraid because it was her first grandson.
11:03 So she went outside and prayed for me.
11:06 When she came back in she saw that my heart was beating
11:11 and that I was breathing again.
11:13 So I'm a living testimony, I'm a living witness that God,
11:17 He is a mighty God, and I love Him with all my heart.
11:20 Exactly and even your grandmother said that you could
11:22 not have been here, but we prayed for you.
11:25 When you think about your life and what you want to do as
11:31 far as in your future, what do you want to do?
11:34 What kind of dreams do you have?
11:35 Well, I told myself that when I grow up this is my Marquand
11:40 Ministry and I enjoy doing this.
11:42 I do not want to be a Pastor and just Pastor a church.
11:48 I want to go around.
11:49 - your calling isn't a Pastoral calling?
11:52 No it isn't, I want to go around the world and share with
11:57 other countries and be like in an evangelist.
12:00 Go round and tell other people about the love of God,
12:04 and how they can receive it.
12:05 You had five baptisms, there are sometimes I've heard
12:09 Mark Finley or Billy Graham there are all kinds of people
12:13 that go out there and have hundreds of thousands of
12:16 baptisms, so you are saying that is what you want?
12:19 I could tell by your eyes just lit up when I said
12:22 that, so you want to change the world? - yes I do.
12:25 That is incredible, we are going to go ahead and take a
12:29 break but I am overwhelmed by the ability of God to come
12:32 into someone's life, not only come into someone's life but
12:35 change everything, change everything for generations,
12:39 change everything for the future of Reginald's children
12:43 are going to be some pastors, some evangelist, doctors,
12:48 all that kind of stuff.
12:49 When you come back I want you to meet this whole family
12:52 because his entire family has been changed because this
12:55 man stood up and decided not only to do recovery,
12:58 because recovery when I talk about celebrating life in
13:03 recovery, or stepping out of your addictions,
13:05 none of that is easy.
13:07 When Reginald talked about I want a drink, I'm not sure
13:11 I can do this, it is like you make decisions over and over
13:14 and over and over again.
13:16 Sometimes they are hard and you really have to fight
13:17 through that initial life change fight through learning how
13:21 not to lie and manipulate and dealing with anger, dealing with
13:24 your alcohol, drugs and all that kind of stuff.
13:26 But as soon as you start doing that, as soon as you
13:29 maintain your recovery, as soon as you start really
13:31 looking at and developing your life, everything changes.
13:34 Your children, your home, everything changes.
13:38 That is amazing to me so we are going take a break and come
13:41 back and I will have you meet the rest of the family.
13:44 And his wife because he has talked about his wife and I
13:47 want you to meet everybody and then we're going to close out
13:50 with that, so stay with us because it is amazing.


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