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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Caleb Coller, Jamie Pottinge, Karina Silva, Jean Jarda


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00:14 Welcome back, I want to thank you for joining us,
00:17 for that prayer with Caleb.
00:18 I know it is a little odd to be doing that on set,
00:21 but those are the things that people need to remember.
00:25 There are layers in people's lives that until
00:29 we actually say them out loud and surrender them to God,
00:31 we carry them.
00:33 We can be manipulated and buttons are pushed for the
00:36 oddest things and we may respond to something that
00:39 happened when we were three.
00:41 We may not realize that this is not a current thing,
00:43 but it happened when I was three.
00:44 I love the fact that God says, just give it to Me because
00:48 I died for that, you don't have to work it out.
00:50 Some of us go to counseling, and I don't mind that
00:52 counseling stuff, but God says, you can bypass that
00:56 because I am willing to take that from you.
00:58 I will fill you up with the knowledge of who
01:00 you are in Me, it's amazing.
01:02 Karina I just want to say thank you for coming back on
01:05 the show, because you have been on the show before.
01:08 You are coming back as staff right now, but you were
01:12 not always staff, so talk about how you first came to
01:16 Miracle Meadows and what brought you back this time.
01:20 Okay, I was enrolled in Miracle Meadows when I was 13-14.
01:26 I just had so much in me at that age, so much struggles,
01:32 so many trials I guess.
01:34 And so my family, - I love the way you say that, and so
01:39 my trials, and I'm thinking you had a ton of stuff.
01:45 Growing up, I grew up in Mexico at the time, I was
01:50 confused for most of my childhood until I was 6 or 7.
01:54 I thought my grandfather was my dad, so when he passed
01:58 away it was a shocker.
01:59 I thought my mom was my sister and my grandmother was my
02:01 mom, it was a very confusing scene for me.
02:03 When my grandfather died everything was told to me how it
02:08 was and I was brought over to the United States.
02:11 It was something totally different for me because I was
02:16 born there and raised over there and then brought over here.
02:18 The language was different, the culture was different,
02:20 I just lost it. - even your parents were different.
02:22 Yes my family setting was different.
02:25 Unfortunately mom was a single mother and she had to work
02:30 to support myself and herself.
02:32 I was from babysitter to babysitter and to babysitter.
02:37 I began to be molested at a young age.
02:41 I think, when I look back at it, I think all that put
02:46 together, all at the age 6, in less than 8 months
02:50 altogether it just overwhelmed me when I was a child.
02:56 From that point I started, not acting out from that point,
02:59 but thinking differently.
03:00 My mother got together with another man and because of
03:06 some of the family issues, as well, we moved around.
03:11 - a lot. - a lot!
03:13 By the time I graduated from high school, this past year,
03:15 I had been to 18 different schools.
03:17 It was crazy. - so when you came to Miracle Meadows,
03:21 you had all that, I don't know who you are, I don't know
03:24 who I am, I just know that nobody's going to hurt me
03:28 again, you were very self protecting and very angry.
03:31 You know watching you go through Miracle Meadows and just
03:34 getting yourself back, getting your sense of that maybe
03:38 the world is not as unsafe as I thought it was.
03:41 Maybe I will have a life, maybe I will graduate.
03:44 Because you didn't think at all that you are going to
03:46 graduate seventh-grade.
03:48 No, but I had to do my eighth grade year twice because
03:51 I got expelled from the county and stuff happened that
03:55 I wasn't going to school.
03:56 So I would like to have you back and just talk about your
03:59 story, but I want to know, you worked through some issues,
04:02 get your high school and graduate from Miracle Meadows,
04:06 but then you came back as staff, are you crazy?
04:10 Because it is a hard group, you were hard, you know what
04:12 I mean, so what would make you come back to face that kind
04:16 of abuse from kids that are going through all this trauma.
04:19 Why did you come back? Why staff here?
04:21 I think it is because I know, I know where you can come
04:26 from, and how hard it is to transition all that to see
04:32 yourself in a different light.
04:33 To wake up every morning and know that you are in a place,
04:36 that you are having struggles, you have to work something,
04:38 and you can't see what you can be.
04:41 There are people telling you constantly that you can be
04:44 something, you don't see it and it's so frustrating.
04:47 I just thought, now I can look back at it and see
04:50 different things, so now I... - you want to tell them.
04:54 The fact that you can forgive the people in your life,
04:58 you can walk out from underneath all that stuff.
05:01 You have been staffed there for how long now?
05:05 Around 5 to 6 months.
05:07 - and you're in college, what are you taking in college?
05:10 Criminal Justice and forensic psychology.
05:13 I can't even stand you saying it, how cool is that?
05:16 I know you didn't even think you were going to finish high
05:18 school and so I want to say I am so proud of you.
05:22 You're beautiful, you have such a spirit about you that
05:26 is so cool, I know that you love God and I know you love
05:30 these kids and I think God has brought you full circle
05:34 in all that. - yeah, thank you.
05:37 How fun, I want to say in closing out this program,
05:41 is that as Christians and were talking about recovery.
05:45 Everybody's recovery is different.
05:47 We have some real serious issues throughout your whole
05:50 life, your recovery is going to be intense.
05:52 You are going to need people around you sometimes in a
05:55 school like Miracle Meadows.
05:56 You're going to need someone that will stay with you
05:58 regardless of your yelling, cussing or whatever.
06:00 They will stay with you to the very end.
06:03 Some of us don't need that, but what we do need is the
06:07 reality that there is a God, I am powerless to do with
06:11 myself and there is a God outside of that that can restore
06:14 me to sanity, can teach me who I am, can teach me how
06:18 to forgive and how to let people in my life go.
06:22 And not go as far as not being in relationship, but go as
06:26 far as what they owe me, or I owe them, or what they have
06:29 done to me, but right or wrong of it and just being able
06:31 to walk out from underneath that and heal.
06:35 If you are listening and you have those struggles, get on
06:38 your knees and say whatever the devil meant to destroy you
06:42 with, whatever the devil meant to twist you with and rob
06:46 you from, and I would say take all that back and all the shame,
06:49 if you feel like a mistake, say God I feel like that.
06:52 I want to forgive everybody in my life and take it back.
06:55 I want to surrender that to God and I want to be free
06:58 for the first time from all that stuff.
07:00 Until we see you next time, always your remember that God
07:02 is crazy about you, us too,
07:05 Bye, God bless!


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