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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Caleb Coller, Jamie Pottinge, Karina Silva, Jean Jarda


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00:14 Welcome back, now I would like to introduce you to Caleb.
00:18 When I first met you Caleb you are like 5'6 and now you
00:22 are 6'3 and you did that growth within the last year
00:25 and a half it seems.
00:27 Do you notice it, or did all the sudden someone look at
00:32 you like, wow, what happened?
00:33 I noticed it because every time I went into the bathroom
00:36 and I would look in the mirror, I'm like wasn't I able
00:38 to see my forehead before?
00:40 And now I can even see it. That is so funny!
00:45 You have agreed to let me lead you through prayer of
00:49 healing, so tell us a little bit about where you came
00:52 from, how you got to Miracle Meadows, as some of the
00:55 things that have helped you there.
00:59 I was born in Tennessee to my mom and dad.
01:04 My parents were very interactive at first in their
01:08 relationship with each other, they were very godly.
01:12 They prayed and my mom was always there, and my dad was
01:17 always there, except my dad was in the Army.
01:19 Every so often he would off training.
01:22 For like weeks or months at a time?
01:26 Just weeks, just weeks at first, but anyway.
01:30 So our family was very nice and we had a nice family.
01:35 Then we move to North Carolina and our family started
01:39 going downhill in our relationships.
01:42 My mom would, in a way, she'd cheat on my dad.
01:48 - how did you know that? Did you know that or sensed it?
01:51 Really at first I didn't know until I got older and
01:57 I was able to comprehend.
02:02 What is really tough about that, I want to just jump in.
02:04 Sometimes as adults we don't realize how much kids
02:10 actually see, as far as what we do.
02:12 If you are in your mind are taught one thing, this is how
02:15 God is, this our family is, and all of a sudden everything
02:18 is falling apart and you know that everybody is becoming
02:21 very deceptive, then what is true about life?
02:25 What is true about anything? - right!
02:26 And that is what you were feeling? - right!
02:29 So I felt, as you were saying, I felt mixed emotions.
02:33 I didn't know what to think about my mom and my dad.
02:37 I didn't know who I wanted to be with.
02:41 - did they split up? - Right!
02:43 My mom left my dad when I was about seven years old.
02:46 Off and on my mom would leave the house, they were not
02:49 officially divorced but just so they can have a little
02:52 time off because of the nagging and the annoyance
02:55 that was in the house.
02:57 My mom didn't want to leave my dad, because my mom wasn't
02:59 able to support herself and my dad could.
03:04 So it was different, so my mom would leave my dad for
03:07 a week or two at a time, find herself a little apartment.
03:10 She would live in the apartment for maybe a period of
03:13 a month and come back to the house.
03:16 Did she take you?
03:18 I would go see her maybe every other week.
03:23 So there was a lot of issues going on with my mom.
03:27 She started acting out violently toward my dad.
03:32 Issues I wasn't really aware of, my mom would get angry
03:37 and someone would say something to my mom and she would
03:42 come home and let it out on my dad.
03:44 One time my mom even pulled a gun on my dad.
03:47 So you saw a ton of stuff growing up? - right!
03:51 When did you start acting out?
03:53 Because what is interesting is the lot of people are
03:57 seeing whatever kid is acting out and angry, they will
04:00 see that but they don't see the whole family dynamics.
04:03 So when did you start realizing that you are angry?
04:05 Probably when I was growing up, little, maybe 7 years old.
04:11 I would act out in class, there was no one in my
04:14 neighborhood that I could communicate with.
04:16 We were in a little cul-de-sac, so we didn't have anyone
04:20 near us so I didn't have any friends around me.
04:23 That or my age, or however.
04:25 I would go to school and act up in class.
04:29 Since I was in a private school they could spank me.
04:33 So I would get spankings everyday from my principal.
04:37 I was outgoing but in a disrespectful way.
04:44 With your spankings I'm sure you just took that and
04:48 said thank you so much?
04:52 Do you know what I mean? Because when you're angry and
04:54 somebody is spanking you, you want to act out more.
04:58 So I can see you as a kid just saying, everything is
05:01 falling apart, nobody is making sense, nobody is taking
05:04 care of me, and I just want to scream and all
05:07 you're going to do is spank me?
05:09 Are you kidding me? Right!
05:10 I think what is really tough is that the whole world is
05:13 demanding you behave and nobody is behaving around you.
05:16 Crazy stuff, I just want to adopt you. Go ahead!
05:22 I didn't understand a lot of things either.
05:25 Everything was all good in my life, ever thing was going
05:29 okay and then I would see something happen with my mom
05:34 and then I would be very violent.
05:37 Because you would try to pretend it's all good, then the
05:41 reality would hit you.
05:45 After those things my mom, we moved to Maryland because
05:49 my dad's in the Army, he has to be stationed in different
05:54 places so we moved Maryland.
05:57 Then my parents were getting a divorce.
05:59 So my mom stayed in North Carolina and packed for like
06:04 a week while we left and went to Maryland.
06:06 We lived in Maryland.
06:08 - Were they still at that point trying to get together?
06:12 Did they keep coming together and separating?
06:14 When my dad would leave, at this point my dad was starting
06:19 to leave to go over to Iraq.
06:21 My mom would come and stay with us in the house to provide
06:25 a little support, but it wasn't really supportive it was
06:29 because she needed someplace to stay.
06:30 You kind of knew that? - right!
06:32 So now you mentioned something that people do
06:35 not even take into account, now your dad is going
06:38 to be stationed in Iraq, were you aware of any the
06:41 news stuff at that time?
06:43 Um, I really didn't like watching anything that was
06:47 really going on with my dad, I would always say
06:51 that he might be killed.
06:53 I would always use that as an excuse for my behavior,
06:56 but my behavior was honestly based on how I was feeling
07:00 and wanted everyone around me didn't understand that
07:03 I wanted to give them a little piece of how I was feeling.
07:08 But even for me looking at you as a little kid,
07:11 even if you didn't want that to affect you, that had to
07:14 still be another thing that was added on to the
07:17 smoldering flame stuff, now you are looking at your
07:21 father of being deployed to Iraq.
07:23 So then eventually you get to Miracle Meadows? - right!
07:29 I started fighting in schools, as I said I wanted to give
07:34 someone a little piece of how I was feeling.
07:36 At first it was to get rid of my anger.
07:39 If someone would get my face, get within my boundaries,
07:42 honestly the reason I didn't like that because my dad was
07:45 like, my dad is a very tough man and I'll say that to
07:49 anyone, he was very strong and could take a lot of things.
07:52 He would yell at me, yell at me, and yell at me and
07:55 I would get frustrated and take it in my heart and
07:59 carry it like a backpack and get to school and say,
08:02 dad today and we'll have a good day and make you proud,
08:05 then everything went downhill.
08:08 Then you just blow. - right, exactly!
08:11 I met this one kid one time, tell me what you think of
08:15 this, he said he felt like he had a ball, a metal ball
08:19 in his gut and it was filled with lava.
08:21 The ball kept breaking and the lava would seep out.
08:25 He said he spent his whole day trying to patch those
08:29 areas of up so that it wouldn't seep out.
08:31 But it always did, and he was always blowing up.
08:35 He said that whole time he was this frantic trying to
08:38 be good, trying to patch it up, trying not to lose it.
08:42 The pressure for him was amazing, and it seems like what
08:45 you are saying is that the pressure of trying to do the
08:48 right thing with all this anger,
08:49 and all this craziness, was horrible.
08:52 Actually I think you just hit the nail on the head,
08:55 that was actually a lot of what I was feeling.
08:56 I was trying to be good for my dad, because I honestly
08:59 wanted to make my dad proud.
09:01 He wouldn't believe that today, but I was trying to make
09:03 my dad proud of me.
09:05 That was your hearts cry? Right!
09:07 Because I love my dad with everything I have,
09:10 I just don't show it a lot, I curse my dad out sometimes.
09:12 I still love him with everything I have.
09:15 As I said, what you said honestly was how I was feeling.
09:19 There was a lot of stuff going on in my life and I was
09:24 constantly trying to behave, be good and do these
09:27 good thing so I could get a pat on the back from
09:30 my dad, saying good job.
09:32 I would go on and fight in school and get suspended for
09:37 whatever. - so eventually, let's just jump in,
09:41 eventually everything was so out of control that they
09:44 sent you to Miracle Meadows.
09:46 Did you come willingly? - at first I got a phone call
09:49 from my dad, I got suspended from school, and got a phone
09:53 call from my dad and he said, Caleb what would you think
09:56 if I sent you to a reform school.
09:59 You would come home every six months and you would get to
10:02 see me, you'd be there for a year and a half to two years.
10:05 What would you think about that?
10:07 He said would you be willing to go? I said yeah, honestly
10:09 anything to get out of the house.
10:11 - the house was so crazy at that time?
10:13 Definitely, I was feeling so much pressure in the house.
10:15 My dad had gotten married to this girl again so
10:20 I wasn't familiar with her.
10:22 I didn't really like her at all because she would always show
10:25 a lot of affection towards her son and a little bit more
10:29 towards my sister, but I would hardly get anything.
10:33 She tried sometimes, but it was like you weren't there
10:36 for me through this, so back off.
10:39 It's hard when you are filled with that much anger
10:41 to allow people in? - right!
10:43 Because that lava is going to get on them and it hurts
10:46 them, they just back off.
10:48 So after I came to Miracle Meadows I started being
10:55 a little, I don't know how to explain it, kind of like
11:03 a candle, a little flame started.
11:06 I came to Miracle Meadows willingly on my own and it got
11:11 a little worse, I came here with issues and in a way they
11:16 got worse and some got better.
11:18 For instance my anger, I came here and can remember
11:22 instances where, as I said before, someone would get in my
11:26 face and it reminded me of things I went through with my
11:29 dad screaming at me how are you doing this? Blah, blah,
11:32 blah, blah and I would strike back.
11:35 And you would strike back. - right!
11:37 You ended up with a lot of times in, not seclusion,
11:41 what is the room? - quarantined. - quarantined.
11:45 They just sent you away from everybody and you will be
11:49 right here, but it's really tough is that did that set
11:52 off, because part of you that no one was seeing or
11:56 hearing you, nobody was doing the right thing by you.
12:00 So when you are in quarantine did that push those buttons?
12:04 How dare you put me over here by myself?
12:08 Yes, and one of the things that honestly, before if I hadn't
12:12 gone through the things I had, it would bother me, but I was
12:16 very emotional too, so besides me fighting I was saying
12:20 I'm going to kill myself.
12:22 It was really just how it was thinking, I just wanted to
12:24 die, and said that I was doing to kill myself.
12:26 But I really wasn't going to.
12:28 I just want someone to pay attention to me. - right!
12:30 I just want someone to respond. - right!
12:31 I want to see how bad this hurts, I am in turmoil and
12:36 being tormented by this stuff.
12:39 So I was being put into a children's hospital,
12:44 for a while, to regain my self-control and put on
12:47 medicines that would make me look like a zombie and
12:51 just walk around like I was crazy.
12:56 I didn't like it, so now that I'm at Miracle Meadows,
13:00 a structured place, when I get put into a room by myself,
13:04 it's like I relive the past again.
13:07 I think about things I went through and just thinking
13:10 about how I was before, it just hurts me.
13:14 - So I have to say this, I love what Miracle Meadows do
13:19 so I understand the room, I understand the need for safety,
13:25 for yourself and for the staff, for everybody.
13:27 But it really does push all those buttons so I would like
13:30 to ask you some questions about those buttons.
13:39 As I'm getting into recovery and I'm healing I a lot of
13:45 what God is telling me to do is to bring some of
13:46 those deeper hurts to Him and ask Him for
13:50 healing in those areas.
13:52 When I bring them to Him a lot of times I realize that
13:55 I have to get forgiveness, or give forgiveness for
13:58 the people around me.
13:59 So I'm going to ask you a few things because you had said
14:02 you will allow us to do a prayer with you to show people
14:05 how to do the prayer.
14:06 So I want to ask you, when you were with your family and
14:10 all that craziness was going on, everybody was being so
14:14 deceptive and you were just sitting there with all this
14:17 anger, and all this feeling inside of you, can you list
14:21 some feeling words that you were stuck with?
14:24 Anger being one.
14:31 Not respecting people who are around me, I had disregard for
14:34 everyone who ever walked the face of the planet.
14:37 At that point I really didn't care, what did the world do
14:40 for me so why should I care about them.
14:45 So the fact of losing faith in people around you.
14:50 That is huge because you were seven when this started.
14:55 So losing faith, how about any shame?
14:58 Were you ever ashamed of yourself and how you acted?
15:01 I was ashamed, not because of how I acted, but probably
15:05 the responses I got from the people I loved.
15:08 I would never really admit it to my dad openly,
15:11 and really emotionally but, like I said before,
15:14 I really do love my dad.
15:16 And as crazy as my whole family is, I love every one of
15:20 them, my dad died in a crack house and people were saying
15:24 you probably have no feelings for him.
15:26 Absolutely I have feelings for him.
15:28 Your dad was doing things in response to what was
15:32 happening with your mom, so we love the folks,
15:37 our parents, sisters and brothers and all that stuff.
15:42 So like I was saying, my dad like I said I love him,
15:47 I wanted him to be happy, but I wasn't doing the things
15:53 that showed him I wanted him to be happy.
15:55 You know the love languages, his love languages is the
16:00 love language of works.
16:02 By showing you love someone by what you do.
16:04 So when I would go to school, I would fight and pick up
16:08 the people and throw them across the room.
16:11 I would get angry and punch people in the face.
16:13 So in his eyes that meant that you absolutely
16:16 don't love him. - Exactly!
16:17 He would say Caleb, if you love me stop telling me you
16:21 love me and do what you need to do, go on with your life.
16:25 So shame, disappointment, that you were a disappointment?
16:29 Right! - did you ever feel like you were a mistake?
16:33 Yes, I gave the analogy... - not that you made the
16:37 mistake but you are a mistake? - yes!
16:39 I gave the analogy to my psychologists, she was like
16:44 play therapy type person, you would come there and play.
16:49 It was a way to get out your feelings.
16:51 I gave this analogy that I was this concoction of stuff
16:56 God used to whip people up and make them who they are.
17:01 I was like the bottom scraping of everything.
17:05 Like I was just like leftovers put together.
17:08 You didn't even think about this,
17:10 it was just whatever was left. - right!
17:11 So could you imagine like now, that you have done a lot
17:15 healing, could you imagine now what that must have
17:18 felt like at 7, or 5?
17:22 I do think about it sometimes how I was feeling,
17:25 and sometimes I regret the things that I did,
17:28 all the things that I did.
17:30 So I what I would like to do is to think about,
17:33 the Bible says that the devil is like a roaring lion
17:39 looking to see who he can devour, and when people
17:43 start acting out in families, all of a sudden that
17:47 devouring becomes easy. You know what I mean?
17:49 Your mom decides she's going to go over here and start
17:52 playing around, she's look at other guys, she's doing
17:54 whatever and not realizing that you are affected
17:58 by the whole thing.
17:59 They start fighting, your home life is falling apart,
18:02 this normal happy home that you are comfortable in all
18:04 of a sudden starts changing.
18:06 The devil just jumps in there and just has a party.
18:10 He loves that stuff, so at that point in our lives that
18:13 he starts taking all those feelings that you felt and
18:17 starts right in your ear, nah, nah, nah, nah,
18:21 do you know what I mean?
18:22 So I would like to start prayer with the things that he
18:28 decided to do in your life, to destroy you with.
18:31 I would like you to take those back.
18:34 Because in Christ, you are a Christian right? - right!
18:38 Christ says I died for those things, I so died for those
18:42 things, do you believe that? - yeah!
18:44 Tell me where you are spiritually,
18:46 so I know you're are spiritually at?
18:48 I guess you could say I relapsed before and I'm trying to
18:52 get back up, before I was having a good relationship with God
18:56 prayer for the people that I love and I wanted God
18:59 to be with me in my life.
19:01 I realize how bad the world was then, everything I went
19:04 through before it came to Miracle Meadows.
19:05 You know what could have happened to me, I could be dead
19:08 right now because the kids I used to fight with weren't
19:11 little, they were bigger.
19:14 So I honestly think I could've been dead right now.
19:19 Yeah, some of the things.
19:21 So what I believe is that the devil came into your home
19:26 and trashed everybody, and he doesn't wait until you are
19:30 of age, oh wait, can't trash Caleb because he's only 7!
19:33 Do you know what I mean, he loves to get us early.
19:36 The Bible talks in one of the chapters to fight against
19:39 the schemes of the devil, I think the schemes of the devil
19:42 are the things he sets up in our lives.
19:44 To fight against those, and right now the schemes of the
19:48 devil in your life, is you are nothing, they are not
19:51 taking care of you, you were the low of the lowest.
19:55 All of heaven says that is a lie, that is such a lie.
19:59 So with that lie being told to you, that all the
20:04 feelings that happened in your life, anger, bitterness,
20:08 rage, shame, all those kind of things are the things you
20:12 have now got in your pockets and you live with.
20:16 So are going to surrender of those things.
20:18 I want you in this prayer, I want you to take
20:21 full responsibility for all those things.
20:23 For your own anger and your own stuff.
20:25 What is really interesting to me when I started to look
20:28 at this, is God died for me, Jesus died for me.
20:33 He said let Me have all that stuff, let Me have your
20:36 molest, let Me have your shame, let Me have the fact that
20:39 you feel worthless, let Me have that and let Me pour into
20:42 you how incredible you are.
20:45 Do you believe in a spiritual sense that you were
20:47 never a mistake? - Yes I do believe, I was never a mistake.
20:52 Once you go through certain things you know the picture
20:57 becomes a little bit clearer, at first I believed I was
21:01 a mistake, then I started to get closer to God and He
21:05 would give me revelations, not actual revelations,
21:09 just let me know that I was not mistake and that I am on
21:12 this earth for a purpose.
21:13 All I have to do straighten out my life and I can bring
21:15 a lot of people to Him.
21:17 Amen, because you know there is healing.
21:20 Okay so if I was going to say, name some of the things
21:25 that have stayed in your life, got stuck in your life,
21:28 the rings of your life because of what happened to you
21:32 early on, you said anger was one for sure, shame and
21:35 feeling like you are a mistake, anything else?
21:38 Any depression or any of that stuff?
21:41 Yeah, I have a lot of depression and sometimes even think
21:47 of suicide, but I'm trying to get over that now.
21:50 Because I realize it is like walking in the middle
21:54 of a movie theater you want to see the movie but it's
21:58 getting too intense so you wasted your money and you
22:01 leave, I don't want to do that.
22:03 I want to go through the whole thing and
22:04 see what is happening at the end of my life.
22:06 What is really fun when you say that, is my sense of even
22:09 when I first met you, is that God is going to stand you
22:13 up and you are going to do some powerful things,
22:14 helping other folks heal with their issues.
22:18 So the end of the movie for you, using the same analogy,
22:22 is probably going to be so amazing.
22:24 I think the devil would love to take us out.
22:27 Like we hit this hard time and devil says no, no just take
22:32 yourself out, we never get to see the joy of our
22:35 recovery, for you the joy of your recovery is going to
22:38 be huge, not only for you but for your father and for
22:42 the people that love you. - right!
22:43 We're going to start prayer, I'm going to have you first
22:49 of all look at anybody in your life that you have really
22:55 intense, like are you angry at your mom?
22:58 Or your father, is there any of that left?
23:01 No I forgave my mom a long time ago. - everything?
23:05 Yeah. - are you sure? - yeah. - okay!
23:07 Anybody in your life that you feel like this person,
23:10 for some reason I have some,
23:12 a little bit of stuff still here?
23:25 Maybe my stepmom, I still, even though I triggered her to
23:29 do a lot of the things she did, you know because I didn't
23:33 respect her, I still don't like her for a lot of the things.
23:38 - why couldn't to love me? - right!
23:39 - Why couldn't it be fair? So before we go on to prayer,
23:43 I would like you to start with that prayer and just ask,
23:47 tell God you forgive her, I forgive her and say
23:52 some things that you want to forgive her for.
23:55 The biggest thing is the fact of not loving you.
23:59 You have watched her love the people around you and you
24:02 had such a hole in your heart that wanted to be loved,
24:05 that you knew when she looked at you that you didn't get
24:08 that from her, and so to forgive her for that.
24:10 Once you forgive her for that, then we are going to start
24:13 prayer as far as reclaiming everything the devil meant to
24:17 destroy you with, because he meant to destroy you,
24:19 you know that, this was a battle.
24:21 The battle for you was for your very life, definitely
24:25 your mind and so saying to the devil all that you meant
24:28 to destroy me with I am going to reclaim and take full
24:31 responsibility for that and then I'm going to give it
24:34 to God because He died for me.
24:37 You know I believe this so much that when I did it for
24:41 myself, on certain issues I have never had issues
24:44 with that again, ever.
24:46 So I'm going to ask Miracle Meadows group to come up and
24:49 join us for this prayer.
24:50 If you guys can come up and literally put your hands
24:53 on him, and your hand on me.
24:55 How about everybody, just everybody come up.
25:00 It's really tough because we are onset, but being onset
25:03 doesn't change the fact that this prayer for us,
25:07 and for you, for him, you guys love him right?
25:10 So we really are praying for your total recovery,
25:13 that you understand for the first time who you are and
25:17 the fact that it matters that you are here.
25:19 The people around you weren't able to do that because of
25:23 their own stuff, but God says if you trust Me I'll do
25:26 for you, I will do that for you.
25:28 Okay give me your hands.
25:29 I want you to start up with forgiving your stepmom,
25:34 and really just talk about what it is
25:36 you are forgiving her for.
25:38 Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to you my feelings towards
25:44 my stepmother, I want You to take away all harsh feelings
25:50 that I still have towards her.
25:51 Even though I pushed her away, she tried loving me,
25:55 she tried caring but I pushed her away and I feel
25:59 like there is something she could have done to make me
26:02 not feel, or not push her away Father.
26:04 Please help me to forgive her for that and please help
26:08 me to forgive all the other harsh feelings that may not
26:11 be visible my life right now.
26:13 Father help them come to the surface so I can see them
26:17 so I can forgive them.
26:18 I come along side Caleb and just say fill him with
26:22 forgiveness for his mom and his dad and what ever is left
26:26 for school and principle and people that looked at his
26:30 anger and ran, because what he was screaming was please
26:34 don't run from me, please come up and hold me.
26:36 So I just pray Father for forgiveness, whatever is left
26:40 in his heart I just pray Father for complete forgiveness.
26:43 I also ask You for all the things the devil meant to
26:47 destroy him with, all the junk, all the hurts in his
26:49 life, all the shame and the fact that he felt like
26:52 a mistake, that he wasn't and he didn't belong anywhere.
26:55 The fact nobody was seeing him and all those things I pray
26:59 for Caleb that he takes full responsibility of that,
27:02 his bitterness and his anger, that he takes it right back
27:06 from the devil and takes it right into his own hands and
27:09 he surrenders that to you because I know that You died for
27:13 him and I pray that You take all that rage and all that
27:16 anger and all that sadness and depression and suicidal
27:20 stuff, the things that had just plagued him and tormented
27:23 him through these young years, I pray that You take that
27:26 and that he knows that You have taken that.
27:29 He knows that You died for that and that he knows that You
27:32 want to fill him up with love and joy and peace and
27:34 patience and self-control and that you want
27:37 to fill him with the Holy Spirit.
27:39 I pray Father for this man of God, this person that will
27:42 stand up in his life and bring hope to those around him.
27:45 I pray that what he feels in his life right now is love,
27:49 peace, joy, self-control, what he feels in his life is
27:53 that You are his Father and that You are so proud of him.
27:56 I also pray for his favor in his father's eyes, that his
28:00 father looks at him and sees such a change that he will
28:04 feel so proud that this is my son and I am well pleased.
28:07 I know that you know Father what that is like and I just
28:10 ask You for that to be true in Caleb's life.
28:13 I pray for all these people that are around Caleb
28:15 with their hands on him.
28:17 Their hearts just longs for him to feel that freedom from
28:19 all this junk, of all these emotional things.
28:21 So we are praying right now for the Holy Spirit to fill him up,
28:24 for him to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually for
28:29 every single thing that has stayed and his pockets and for
28:32 those to be emptied out that he stands free and able to
28:36 look at his life and ask God what is my next step.
28:39 Let him take that step with ease.
28:41 I thank You for that and that You love us.
28:43 I thank You that with all this junk, these hurts, all this
28:47 stuff that is put into our minds and our lives from early
28:50 on, that You are bigger than all of that and You can bring
28:53 healing and so were asking for healing in Caleb's life.
28:56 I am privileged to be his friend, I'm privileged to be a
28:59 part of his life, and I'm privileged to be in this prayer.
29:02 In Jesus name, Amen! - Amen!
29:06 Thank you for joining us on this and I ask you to remember
29:09 Caleb in prayer, remember all of us because when you run
29:13 across people, these are the layers people walk around
29:16 with, so just remember that in your prayer.
29:19 Remember that God says I want to free you from that.
29:22 I don't want you to be manipulated for the rest of
29:25 your life with feeling like you are a mistake and all that junk.
29:28 I want you to surrender that, and He so freely waits
29:30 for us to do that.
29:31 We are going to be right back, stay with us because
29:35 I'm going to introduce you to another staff person and
29:38 she has an incredible testimony.


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