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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Caleb Coller, Jamie Pottinge, Karina Silva, Jean Jarda


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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery, today we are
00:13 actually walk somebody through some of their stuff
00:16 through prayer and you're not going to one to miss this
00:18 or you are not going to want to miss the kids from
00:20 Miracle Meadows, they are an incredible group.
00:22 So come join us in the café.
00:52 Welcome, you know what? It is really amazing to me about
00:55 having this particular group on, from Miracle Meadows
00:58 is that the first time I went I knew they were going to
01:01 have some at risk kids.
01:03 I knew they dealt with some pretty serious stuff.
01:06 It was the first time that I had walked someplace and
01:08 felt like these kids know exactly how I feel.
01:12 They know what it feels like to be ashamed.
01:15 They know it feels like to be full of anger.
01:18 They know what it feels like to have somebody not take
01:21 care of them, in this sense growing up.
01:23 They know what it feels like to walk in and feel from the
01:26 very core of who you are that I have to defend myself.
01:30 The more heard their stories, the more heard different
01:33 parts of what happened in their life, I just wanted to
01:36 hug them and say, you can't hug them because right now
01:40 they are still angry, what are you doing in my face?
01:42 So you can't do any of that and I even know what that
01:46 feels like, so on this particular program I am going to
01:50 introduce you to a number of the residents from
01:52 Miracle Meadows and they will share with you what their
01:56 life is like, what their healing looks like, and what
01:59 they are working on at Miracle Meadows.
02:01 If you see any stuff or junk, I just want you to know it
02:06 is there and God is not afraid of any of it.
02:08 I want to talk a little with the group in the café before
02:11 I bring you up.
02:13 I want to talk about, there are sins that God forgives.
02:19 We can come to Him with any thing, forgive me for my anger.
02:26 Forgive me for the fact that I just beat up someone.
02:31 Forgive me for the fact that I'm acting out online stuff.
02:35 For the crazy thinking in my head, forgive me for all
02:39 that, God is really amazing about the forgiveness of sins.
02:43 There is forgiveness of disease, right?
02:47 Our diseases, I just got diagnosed, not too long ago,
02:51 with Cancer, and by the way I'm doing amazing, so keep praying
02:55 for me, but I just got diagnosed with cancer and
02:57 God heals those things.
02:59 So there sins that He forgives, there's disease that
03:03 He heals, but there is another thing called infirmities.
03:08 Infirmities, the only way that has ever made sense to me
03:11 is a person I talked to one time, is if you go out west
03:15 and you see the big Sequoia trees, there are some big
03:19 trees in some of the places out in California.
03:23 Redwood trees, and some you can literally cut a hole in
03:26 the middle of the tree and drive your car through it,
03:29 it is so huge.
03:30 If you take those trees and cut them in half and get a
03:33 slice of them, there are rings that you can see.
03:36 Those rings are places in the life of the tree that have
03:41 been trashed, a drought, a fire, a disease that almost
03:47 took the tree out.
03:48 A park ranger will say, this year this tree almost totally
03:52 died, this year was a fire, this year was two or three
03:56 years of heavy rains where the tree almost died because
03:59 of that and you can see it in the ring.
04:02 This year there was no water and
04:04 you can see that in the rings.
04:06 Like us, we have things in are very heart, are very soul,
04:12 that are damaged like that.
04:14 There are years of fire, there are years of drought,
04:17 there are years where I was flooded with too much junk.
04:21 Those in the Bible are called infirmities.
04:25 God has the ability to heal our infirmities.
04:28 Like those Redwood trees, they still look great.
04:31 They are standing there all great looking, but when you
04:34 cut into them you can see all that stuff.
04:36 For some of us all that stuff is always there and plagues
04:39 us, someone gets in our face and all of a sudden I'm back
04:43 to that year fire and I don't want you to hurt that.
04:46 That is a wounded area for me and I don't want
04:47 you to hurt that.
04:49 I haven't yet understood to give that to God and let Him
04:51 heal me, I don't know that yet.
04:54 We are going to talk in this program about how God heals
04:58 those things, because those things constantly get in our
05:01 way, to do that I want to introduce you to a number of
05:04 the folks that work at Miracle Meadows.
05:07 Some of the folks that are trying to get healing.
05:10 To do that I would like to also do a prayer with one
05:13 of the residence at Miracle Meadows.
05:15 We have already agreed to this and we are going to work
05:18 through an issue, but work through the issue as if it
05:21 was him and I at Miracle Meadows and literally looking
05:24 at how God was going to bring healing.
05:26 I want you to know that when we do that I'm going to try
05:30 and forget that I am here.
05:31 I am hoping that Caleb forgets that too and that we
05:33 literally get to work through this and get to pray.
05:37 Somebody asked me one time, how do you lead someone in
05:40 prayer with these heavy issues?
05:42 So we are going to do that on air,
05:44 so pray for us before we even start.
05:47 Right now I want to introduce you to Jamie.
05:49 Jamie works at Miracle Meadows so go ahead and come on up.
05:53 What cracks me up a lot of times, when somebody is at
05:58 a ministry like this, is I know these kids and they are
06:02 not every day saying, I love Jamie, he so cool.
06:05 They really get on your, they really test all their anger
06:09 on you, they look at you sometimes as the enemy.
06:12 So what leads you to a place like Miracle Meadows and
06:15 where are you from?
06:17 I was born in Jamaica, Miracle Meadows was introduced to me
06:20 by my friend, and we worked in Canada with kids that
06:23 were stuck in drugs and stuff in the past,
06:25 while going to college.
06:26 He said to me come and try it out in West Virginia for
06:29 a couple weeks before graduation from college.
06:30 I said, you know what? I've never heard of West Virginia.
06:33 That sounds like the boondocks, I don't want to be there.
06:37 After I came, I went to Miracle Meadows for about two
06:40 weeks before graduation and I thought you know what?
06:42 These kids remind me so much of myself when I growing up
06:45 as a kid, because I am from a large family of 8 siblings,
06:48 so I was exposed to all different personalities.
06:51 Right away I was able to connect with some of these kids.
06:55 So I went home and had gotten job offers as
06:57 I was a computer major.
06:59 A computer major? That's not even close to working
07:02 behaviorally. - No way close to a computer major.
07:06 I have a minor in communication studies also there
07:10 so I had nothing in my back- round that would attract you.
07:14 So while I was there he said, the director at that time
07:18 say you should come back.
07:19 I went home after graduation and thought should I go back.
07:23 My mother was like, you would make more money in Jamaica
07:26 working in your field, but if that is what God wants you
07:29 to do, you should go ahead and do it.
07:30 I'm like, God doesn't want me to, God wants me to start
07:32 a family and move on and have fun.
07:34 Anyway wrestled with it, I prayed about it and said,
07:37 God if you don't want these things to work, don't let them
07:41 work out and I had two interviews.
07:43 They were almost at the point of working out and then they
07:46 didn't one of them ended working out when I was back in
07:49 West Virginia, and I said you know God this is the plan
07:52 for me and I came back.
07:53 So what, you said that you had a large family so
07:58 you could relate to these kids.
08:00 But sometimes, in our damage, we can be so cruel.
08:03 What keeps you there?
08:05 I think what keeps me there is the vision of what they are
08:09 capable of becoming, because sometimes we look at kids
08:13 and say okay... - I want to kiss you on the face
08:15 when you said that, because for a lot of us
08:17 we can't see that vision.
08:18 When I come in and work with kids, especially from an
08:22 outreach place like Miracle Meadows, I know that they are
08:25 incredible, and some of these kids are so talented.
08:29 You can see that, there is just that injury and edge
08:33 that interferes with them.
08:35 The thing is when you meet a kid for example.
08:39 When Caleb was fresh, at Miracle Meadows, you would battle
08:43 constantly, because he had a way of life, and I had a different
08:47 idea as to where he should be heading.
08:49 He would be like, why are you so interested in me?
08:52 He would use the meanest words, he would call me all the
08:55 words... - He'd try to push you out of his life.
08:57 He would push me around and sometimes get into my face.
08:59 We would have to do Pastor exchange sometimes because,
09:01 but the thing is working through the kid and watching
09:04 that kid after you have finished saying okay you know
09:06 what Mr. Pottinger, two or three weeks after
09:08 I understood what you were saying.
09:10 Or I get the picture, watching a kid marching at the end
09:13 of graduation, that kid whose parents had no hope for
09:16 them, that kid that was hooked on drugs, in an out of the
09:19 delinquent halls and stuff like that finally making a decision
09:21 to move forward.
09:22 That in itself is a motivating factor to be working with
09:26 kids like those.
09:27 That is huge, one time I was there and it was before you
09:29 were there all but one time I was there and some of the
09:32 kids said they wanted to be baptized before I left.
09:36 We hunted for church that could open their doors up to
09:39 let us be baptized, we found a church.
09:42 Their families came in and I watched as, I don't know how
09:45 many kids like 4 were being baptized.
09:47 I watched their parents just in tears because that is the
09:50 goal of us to get someone to a point where they can walk
09:53 away from all that hurt and all that anger and just allow
09:56 them to live their life now.
09:59 Free of all that damage.
10:01 I think what happens most kids we receive at Miracle
10:04 Meadows, they are coming from a construct where
10:07 they are told that success is nowhere in their frame for
10:13 life. - They can't even dare to dream about it.
10:14 They can't even dare to dream, they been kicked out of
10:16 church or school, they been kicked out of the public
10:19 system and at Miracle Meadows these kids are looking for
10:22 is love, not just the love where I give you everything you
10:25 want, but love that says, you know what?
10:27 I am willing to work through with you, even if it takes
10:30 the tough approach and by doing that they recognize that
10:34 not only do you care, but you are willing to be hard when
10:37 it is needed for you to be hard on them.
10:40 - Caring enough to confront. - definitely.
10:42 On confronting them, what happens is that you develop
10:45 a relationship and that relationship allows them to
10:47 trust you, and by trusting you in the long run it will build
10:51 a relationship with their parents.
10:53 As a result of their delinquent practices they found it
10:56 difficult to bond and trust issues and everything.
10:58 So as a result of your willing to confront, willing to love,
11:02 willing to scold, willing to play around have fun and
11:05 goof off, they understand that this person cares about me even
11:08 though I may not like them.
11:10 There is something about me that I have to recognize that
11:12 somebody is seeing, and that makes a big difference.
11:15 I love that, so how has that changed your spiritually?
11:18 What it has allowed me to do is to look at myself.
11:21 I understand that I'm nothing, I'm nothing until I start
11:26 serving and giving to God.
11:28 Just by recognizing the potential that is trapped in the
11:32 minds of our adverse youth is just like I have been wasting
11:35 so many years just sitting back as if life is all about me
11:39 when it is all about giving.
11:41 Giving time to adverse youth, spending time with adverse
11:44 youth is creating a better future for not only them,
11:47 but for their families.
11:48 And for the world at large. - Amen! I love what you said
11:52 is that it really forces you to get inside yourself and
11:56 look at all that stuff.
11:58 An adverse kid that is crashed in any way, they do not let
12:03 you just play them, you have to be real.
12:05 If you are not real it's like step away from me.
12:07 So for a lot of us we don't know how to be real.
12:11 We have never really discovered who we actually are
12:14 spiritually or in any of those ways.
12:17 Working or any kind of Ministry, God is asking us,
12:21 Will you trust Me so I can show you who you are, so that
12:24 you can bless the person in front of you.
12:27 Jamie, God bless you for doing this.
12:29 Go ahead what were you going to say?
12:31 The other thing is, when working with adverse what it
12:35 does is it takes you away from your comforts zone.
12:39 I think most times as Christians,
12:41 - I like him nicely you say that!
12:43 You are out in the stormy seas actually.
12:45 I can remember growing up in the church, being a Christian
12:50 isn't about going to church looking pious, dressing nice,
12:54 and speaking nicely and saying kind things.
12:57 When you are taken away from your comfort zone and it's
13:01 as if you are in Afghanistan, around foreign kids who are
13:05 just at each other and you have to find a place where you can
13:10 allow God to use you and at that point you recognize
13:12 that you are nothing.
13:13 You totally have to depend on Him and you also see
13:17 yourself in these kids.
13:18 By seeing yourself, you know God I have to totally depend
13:21 on You, and I am not much better off than the kids that
13:24 I'm working with so it is time for me to get dirty.
13:26 Right, and I need your Holy Spirit,
13:28 I need You to guide me.
13:30 Jamie thank you so much.
13:32 I am going to go ahead and invite Jean.
13:37 I just have to say I heard your testimony, but not as much
13:42 as what you shared today with things.
13:45 You are surrounded by people that obviously love you.
13:48 They saw you come in to Miracle Meadows from the very
13:52 beginning, so tell us about coming into Miracle Meadows
13:56 and what was your life like then,
13:58 and what is your life like now?
14:00 Well I first came to Miracle Meadows and my parents were
14:04 going through a divorce and my mother was getting abused
14:08 by my father so that was a rough patch.
14:11 - so you saw a lot of the abuse?
14:13 Yeah I saw a law of abuse growing up and at that time
14:16 I was very heavy, so I was like the age of 12,
14:20 weighing about 290.
14:22 So you are like a size 48? - yeah I was wearing size 48.
14:27 I'm like 5'8 and he was very hard for me being a little
14:32 kid, I was a funny kid, I got made fun of a lot so it
14:36 was very hard for me and I had low self-esteem at the
14:39 time, being around people was very hard to talk out loud.
14:43 Everything was really hard.
14:45 - this may be a crazy thing to ask, because you may not
14:47 even be there where you are looking at this yet.
14:49 But do you think that part of your eating and weight
14:52 gain it was because of all the abuse you are hearing
14:54 and seeing at home?
14:56 Well even though I was getting abused, my father was
14:59 abusing my mother, I was thinking what was really going
15:03 on and I put myself through tests, so I would move away
15:06 and go away to my aunt's house and other places.
15:08 They would treat me as if I was at home, but I saw that the
15:13 reason I was eating was because I was usually bored or no one
15:18 was there with me emotionally, so I would eat away.
15:21 - You were by yourself?
15:23 Yeah because my mother worked from 11 in the morning to
15:26 2 and sometimes when I got over there she would see I was
15:30 misbehaving and would work 2 to 11 and she was never home
15:34 when I was home so was very hard for me.
15:36 I was always in the apartment by myself.
15:38 My father had divorced my mom so it was me by myself.
15:42 - So you have the abuse background, you have the weight
15:45 stuff, getting teased, and you used humor to get away
15:48 from all that, then you come to Miracle Meadows.
15:51 Were you acting out at that time too?
15:53 Yeah I was really angry, I was really mad.
15:56 - Look how sweet you look, really no way!
15:59 So coming there you have all this stuff, how much, if you
16:03 were a tree and those rings, where you had all kinds of
16:06 damage on every ring.
16:08 So you come in and the staff did what?
16:12 I'm looking at you the weights gone, you have a gentle
16:16 spirit about you and all that stuff so what did the staff
16:20 and your friends there do to bring you out?
16:23 I'd have to say a lot of things because the staff spoke to
16:26 me, because I wasn't used to having one-on-one basis with
16:29 anyone, the staff talking to me personally.
16:32 - hanging out! - Yeah was different to me having an adult
16:35 figure talk to me, so was very uplifting to me.
16:38 I had a lot of exercises there and healthy diet.
16:41 I heard Jamie, Jamie said he was one of your staff
16:45 there, he would not let you isolate, he would let you hide,
16:48 come on out I want you to exercise.
16:51 If weight is your problem let's get off, because you had
16:54 shared with him that people teased you.
16:57 Let's get it off your going to have to work and he never
16:59 let up. - never let up at all.
17:02 Did you hate him for that or love him for that?
17:04 I actually hated him for a long time.
17:06 - of course you did.
17:07 But could you look at him and know that this guy is not
17:11 going to back off?
17:13 Yeah I found that out after while that he was going to
17:15 back off. - so how much weight did you lose?
17:17 Well I was 300 when I first came to Miracle Meadows,
17:21 right now I'm at 215.
17:24 Wow, how fun is that?
17:26 does it feel-good, do you have that sense, you know what?
17:30 Not only is my life coming together and I'm learning to
17:34 connect with people, I'm learning to let people minister
17:38 to me, communicate with me, but I'm also dropping the
17:42 weight, are you doing school at Miracle Meadows?
17:45 I'm doing school at Miracle Meadows, I'm doing great.
17:50 I came there I had a reading problem.
17:51 I was partly illiterate from my house to mom's I would
17:55 never do my homework or anything.
17:57 Then me come in to Miracle Meadows I had a lot of people
17:59 help me with that, to learn to read.
18:01 You know I was illiterate at 23, and it is really
18:04 tough because we don't want to admit that to anybody.
18:07 We don't want to be teased so somebody obviously found out
18:12 and decided to help you to get up to grade level.
18:15 How about spiritually, where are you at?
18:22 I was really forced spiritually because even though at home
18:25 I went to church and stuff like that, I was just there
18:29 because I was forced to so go to church and just sit down
18:33 and do nothing, or are played with something or
18:35 talk on the phone or something.
18:37 But when I came to Miracle Meadows they didn't
18:40 have those things so I was stuck there.
18:42 A lot of people when they started see me coming out
18:44 of my shell they saw I was really outgoing so they put
18:46 me in a lot of opportunities will like preaching and
18:49 things like that and trying to do outreach.
18:52 So you presented as far as the week of prayer or
18:55 any of that stuff?
18:57 No week of prayers were like Sabbath I would present
18:59 something on a PowerPoint.
19:01 So now let's go back because that is where somebody shows
19:03 you how to do that and you get a good sense of doing that,
19:06 but how about you personally with God?
19:09 Have you ever had God just say to you, man I'm crazy about
19:15 you? I have a plan for you.
19:17 A lot of times because at home I saw I was doing a lot of
19:21 bad things, I was part of gangs and stuff like that.
19:24 There was a lot of times that I did some stupid stuff
19:28 and I felt like I was comforted some of the stuff I was
19:31 with the people I was with I was supposed to be dead,
19:35 not dead but was supposed to get hurt or caught but
19:38 I always had a safe feeling around me.
19:41 I thought was just luck but later on I found out it was
19:44 someone... -God is saying no, no, no I have my hand on you.
19:47 That is incredible, thank you for sharing with us and
19:50 I just want to say, are you close to graduating
19:54 from Miracle Meadows?
19:55 Yeah I moved to another school, Mountain State Academy,
19:58 a stepping school to being out of Miracle Meadows.
20:01 Before going to the real world.
20:03 So what is really funny is when people they talk about
20:07 you, I see your friends talk about you now and they
20:11 really do enjoy your humor, they like hanging out with
20:14 you, and it looks like they are as excited about your
20:18 recovery as you are excited about your recovery
20:21 and that is so cool.
20:23 I'm going to go ahead, and even right now we're going
20:26 to break and when we come back I want to introduce you
20:30 to Caleb and we are going to have the prayer and at the
20:33 end, I would like to bring up another staff,
20:36 Karina and talk about her journey and why she is at
20:41 Miracle Meadows right now, it's amazing you have to hang
20:44 out with us on this program.


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