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Recovery As A Family

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Aaron, Gwen and Vonzell Chancy


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00:14 Welcome back, I wanted you to see, we tried to give you
00:18 a lot of information in this short program.
00:20 I want you to see what God does with the family and so
00:23 this is the entire family, not the entire family just
00:26 the immediate family and Aaron I would like you to
00:29 introduce your wife, you said you were divorced so quickly
00:32 tell us about that and then introduce the children.
00:35 Yes we were, we were divorced for about two or three
00:37 months but the Lord ended up bringing us back together.
00:40 We have gotten remarried a couple months after the
00:44 divorce, but this is my lovely wife Suranda Chancy.
00:47 These are our children, this is Aaron the second,
00:51 this is Summer, and this is Samone and this is Andrew
00:55 Chancy our newest member to the household.
00:58 I know they are not going to make it on the set for very
01:01 long so I want to ask Suranda, did you ever think that
01:04 God was going to restore your family?
01:05 I prayed every day that He would and even the times that
01:09 I didn't, I try to pray that even if we didn't get back
01:13 together, my prayer was that he would find God.
01:16 So I never knew it would happen this way and it is better,
01:20 better than I ever imagined.
01:23 - because now you guys are in Ministry and we are going
01:26 to cover that, if you need to at any point grab the kids
01:29 and take them off because it is hard for them to just be
01:32 standing here.
01:33 As Suranda and some of the children are leaving I would
01:35 like to ask you guys, what did you feel when you got that
01:37 text and how did you hang in there for so long?
01:41 Well Vonzell always said, never give up hope, and his hope
01:46 inspired me to continue to hope as well.
01:50 It just was inspiring when we got that text that night,
01:56 we were just, wow praise God!
01:59 Were you celebrating? Yes I felt like that was the time
02:03 he was at his lowest, I think that is when God can reach
02:07 us most effectively is when we are at our lowest.
02:10 Any time he gave the impression that he was coming back,
02:17 that he wanted us to help, we were always there.
02:21 So here is another opportunity and I knew I couldn't miss an
02:24 opportunity, and the Lord gave me those words to say because
02:27 I didn't know what to say, what a friend we have in Jesus.
02:29 I was wondering what Lord what do I say?
02:31 Here it is around 12:30 one o'clock in the morning,
02:33 but He gave me those words and the Lord worked through that.
02:37 - Amen, because I know now and I have talked to Aaron about
02:40 this fact he is in Ministry.
02:42 I met him while he was in Ministry and so I want you to
02:46 look at the camera and talk to a parent out there that is
02:49 maybe hopeless right now, is not sure that there loved
02:53 one is going to come around, is not sure that
02:56 their prayers are being heard, what would you say to them?
03:01 I believe if you let them know that you care, that you are
03:06 not giving up on them, and that you have something to
03:09 offer them that is better than what they have,
03:12 what they are doing.
03:14 I think they need to know if I give up what I'm giving up,
03:17 is there something better than this.
03:19 Because they think what they have is good, there is
03:22 nothing better, show them there is something better.
03:25 Include them in what you are doing and many times we
03:28 would include him in our ministry with the hope that it
03:32 would be an interest to him so we would include him as
03:35 much as we could.
03:37 So eventually the Lord had something to work with him on,
03:40 to bring him back and get him involved.
03:43 Get them involved, you don't have to necessarily preach
03:46 to them and hammer them, but get them involved and let
03:50 them know that I've got something good here and you need
03:54 to have, come and join me and the Lord will bless that.
03:57 And you were saying that you are so a part of this family,
04:01 by sending pictures and those kind of things.
04:03 We don't have a lot of time but Aaron, you are in
04:06 Ministry now at the very place that your father brought
04:09 you to at Wildwood.
04:11 It's really a conservative Ministry, but you're not only
04:15 there teaching, so tell us a little bit how in the world
04:18 God did that?
04:20 Will actually my parents, like I said earlier,
04:23 my dad he had to the six months Health Evangelism
04:25 Course at Wildwood.
04:27 I knew a little information about Medical Missionary Work.
04:31 I wasn't really interested in the medical field in
04:34 anything, doctoring, nursing, I wasn't really interested.
04:38 But as I read about medical missionary work and saw that
04:42 it was a means of reaching people, getting into people's
04:45 hearts and lives and helping them physically as well
04:49 spiritually, I was interested, that was all I needed.
04:52 - For addicts our livers are shutting down, we have
04:55 neurochemistry issues, we're getting diseases, especially
04:58 if we are in our addictions for any length of time.
05:00 Then you look at a country that is obese and has blood
05:03 pressure issues, diabetes, so you're saying you can stay
05:05 in that and you can help.
05:07 You can help, so I ended up getting accepted to Wildwood
05:10 to take the six-month Health Evangelistic Course, and the
05:13 Lord blessed in that even though all the damage I've done to
05:16 my frontal lobe, the front portion of my brain through
05:18 all the drugs and alcohol and things of that nature.
05:22 The Lord was able to repair my brain to be able to sit
05:25 in class and actually focus, you see I've never been a
05:29 school person, to actually be able to focus and to excel
05:33 in the class work, all praise has to go to God.
05:36 To be able to do that well, even my classmates voted me
05:39 to be one of the class speakers when we graduated.
05:42 So it was a blessing to be able to take that program,
05:46 but the school asked me, would you be interested in
05:49 teaching at the college of Health Evangelism?
05:53 I think that's insane, you must be so happy.
05:56 Yes so happy, and I was praying, Lord if the teaching job
06:00 opens up let it either be Ministry of Healing or Christian
06:03 Living, it so happened that the assistant director of
06:06 the school contacted me and asked would you be interested
06:08 in teaching Ministry of healing?
06:10 It so happened the very class I wanted to do, and praise
06:13 the Lord I'm a teacher at Wildwood and I also have a
06:17 Ministry called Recalling the Lost Ministries.
06:19 In which I do radio productions and health productions,
06:23 and I reach out to young adults, males and females,
06:27 that are going through the same problems I did.
06:30 Being incarcerated and various things and parents need
06:33 somebody to go after them, someone to care.
06:36 I have to thank you guys for being on the program and
06:38 we are so running out of time but I want you to know that
06:40 even the books of these teachings come 'Ministry of
06:42 Healing', in chapter 4, there is a chapter called
06:44 'Saved to Serve' that God saves us in order to reach out.
06:48 There is a cool part in that chapter that says there are
06:51 angels around the throne of God, and they are looking at
06:54 someone like Aaron that is standing up and falling down,
06:57 standing up and falling down, parents are praying for
07:00 them and Angels is saying, let me have that one!
07:03 Because that one is going to need so much encouragement each
07:06 time they stumble, each time they fall down and God
07:09 sends that Angel specifically to be an encouragement
07:12 to the one that is stumbling around like crazy.
07:14 The rest of the world may be walking by and only their
07:18 mama is praying, but God says that Angel requested for
07:21 them, and in Aaron's case you can see with his whole
07:25 family, that God has restored this whole family and
07:28 restored them for a purpose.
07:30 You have this young man now standing up and saying,
07:34 what can I do for you?
07:35 I want to do something, I want to give back what You
07:38 have given to me, I want to restore in someone else's
07:41 life what You have restored in my life.
07:43 When you see these children up here, they are amazing,
07:46 they are beautiful, his wife is incredible, and you can
07:49 tell they love each other and they love their kids.
07:52 This generational stuff with addictions is done, it's
07:55 done in his life and God just says, thank you for letting Me
08:00 be God and I'm just going to brag on you for a while
08:02 and your family don't give up, don't lose hope, don't stop
08:05 praying and until we see you next time always remember
08:08 that God is crazy about you, me too.
08:11 Trust in Him!


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