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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Aaron, Gwen and Vonzell Chancy


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00:14 Welcome back, I want to introduce you to Aaron Chancy.
00:17 Aaron you heard your parents talk about the different
00:21 things they were going through as they fell in love,
00:24 as they got married, joining the service and moving
00:27 around, what was that like for you as a kid and
00:30 when did you jump into drugs, drinking, and partying
00:37 and all that stuff?
00:38 Okay let me first start by saying, there is a story in
00:41 the Bible in Luke chapter 15, there are three stories.
00:44 There are two different parables in the story.
00:46 One is lost coin, you have the lost coin and the lost
00:49 sheep and you have the prodigal son.
00:51 Myself, my story represents the prodigal son.
00:55 I grew up in Adventist home but ended up leaving.
00:58 The lost coin, the interesting thing is the coin was lost
01:02 but didn't know it was lost.
01:04 The sheep was lost, but didn't know how to find its way back.
01:07 In my instance I grew up like the prodigal son in the
01:11 home, but ended up leaving.
01:13 Events that took place that brought me to leaving home,
01:17 you heard my parents say they were in the military.
01:21 This moved us around a number of amount of times.
01:24 We lived in Germany a couple years, we lived in Hawaii
01:26 a couple years, now to the average person this is fun.
01:30 This is a good time, you know.
01:33 I enjoyed myself, I did enjoy myself.
01:35 - but you could never have any friends and connect?
01:37 You connect to them for a short amount of time,
01:40 but then you are gone and you never see them again.
01:42 I often find myself today thinking I wonder what this
01:46 friend is up to, and I left 20 years ago.
01:49 What it did was it left me with, who am I?
01:54 Because I've gone to all these different places and meeting
01:57 all these different people, I don't actually identify
01:58 with anybody, I don't identify with the rich, I don't
02:01 identify with the poor, I don't identify with Black,
02:04 White, because I have been around all different types of
02:06 nationalities, who exactly, yeah everybody, everybody.
02:10 So it left me with an identity crisis or whatnot.
02:14 But when I was about the age of 13 or so, 13, 14, when
02:18 I started getting curious to a life outside of the church.
02:23 What kind of lifestyle is going on outside of the church.
02:26 I grew up pretty much in a home that kept the Sabbath and
02:30 had worship together and things of that nature.
02:34 I started looking other ways, at about 15 years I
02:39 started getting curious, how is it that certain people
02:44 are getting money, getting rich quick?
02:47 While I am stuck with a family that is working and things
02:52 of that nature, but we never seem to have any money.
02:54 Never seem to have any fun or whatnot.
02:57 I would go to friends houses and they would be 15 or 16
02:59 years old and they would have cars with rims on it.
03:03 All the little shiny fine nice things that we see.
03:07 - I want all that. - we do want all that.
03:08 But quick money, but fast life.
03:10 So about 15 years old is when I finally ventured out.
03:15 Through with the religion, through with all that,
03:20 through with God basically.
03:21 - so let me just ask you, with your family, did they
03:23 feel or sense you moving out?
03:26 I think they probably did, they would hear me talk about
03:29 how I wanted to play sports, but the problem with the
03:33 sports was games being on Friday nights or whatnot.
03:36 Our games on the Sabbath and I would have to be church.
03:39 It became a burden to me, I can't do anything, I can't
03:42 go anywhere, so all of this began to be a burden.
03:45 So I just came to the point where I didn't want anything
03:48 to do with God sort of because it was just a burden.
03:51 It just seemed to be a burden, a check on my life sort of.
03:53 So at about 15, I started venturing out and I found myself
03:58 at 15 starting drinking alcohol.
04:01 Actually me and my brother, he had snuck out of the house
04:04 one time and went to a party.
04:06 That was my first time drinking, experiencing alcohol and
04:10 I woke up the next morning with a hangover, but it really
04:14 didn't matter, I gravitated to a certain type of lifestyle
04:19 that seemed to intrigue me.
04:21 Though I had a hangover the next morning, I knew that this
04:25 was what I wanted to do.
04:26 I want to live this kind of lifestyle,
04:28 basically rebellious, to what all I want.
04:30 I'm watching the movie videos and things, watching music
04:33 thugs in the streets and things.
04:38 It's like living a lifestyle of don't care, do what you
04:41 want to, when you want to do it, and hang out all manner
04:44 of times at night and things like that.
04:46 - It is crazy to me, because I came from that lifestyle
04:50 looking at somebody that was fairly normal or a Christian
04:53 family that loved each other and I'm thinking, I'm looking
04:56 and saying I want that.
04:57 But lots of time some of the people who are more
05:00 conservative and more Christian are looking at our
05:01 lifestyle and saying, I want that.
05:04 Exactly! - you're saying I want all that,
05:05 I just what I want to do what I want and
05:07 nobody tell me what to do.
05:08 - exactly, and I got intrigued about the fast money.
05:11 Like I said, I would see kids, I would go to school with
05:14 kids that are coming to school with tattoos on,
05:17 gold teeth in their mouth.
05:19 At 15 year old, car with rims, and systems in the trunk and
05:23 I'm like what in the world are you doing?
05:25 So I basically ended up jumping headfirst into it.
05:29 I found myself stealing, robbing and things of that nature.
05:35 With that kind of lifestyle, street life, comes
05:38 consequences, there comes consequences.
05:40 I think the first time I was incarcerated I was 16 years
05:43 old, I went to juvenile facility for a week.
05:47 I was incarcerated for what you call burglary and
05:50 habitation, I did a week.
05:52 - during that time, that's your stuff, during that time
05:56 what were your folks doing?
05:58 I could see your mama just crying and on her knees trying
06:02 to figure out what happened? What did we do right or wrong?
06:05 What is really tough, and I heard them in the first part
06:08 of this interview, what is really tough is that they look
06:11 at what have we done wrong?
06:13 So they must have been doing all that with you right now.
06:16 They pretty much were, they were trying to figure out
06:21 where has Aaron gone wrong?
06:23 My brother would even try to talk to me.
06:25 What is wrong with Aaron?
06:28 For a while we went to a psychiatrist. - counseling.
06:33 Went to counseling and trying to figure out what was wrong with
06:35 me, it seemed like the guy was trying to diagnose me with
06:38 a problem and in my mind I was thinking I don't have
06:41 a problem, I am just interested in fast money.
06:44 I didn't see the point of why going to school for all
06:47 these years to wait for a paycheck every week, or every
06:50 two weeks or month, when I could just sell some drugs,
06:53 steal it or whatnot and get rich quick.
06:55 You know get-rich-quick, I watched those music videos and
06:58 see people flashing money and things like that.
07:00 I want this, this is what I want.
07:03 - it is so seductive! - it is so seductive.
07:05 I found out with that life comes consequences.
07:10 So the next incarceration, actually about that week I got
07:13 out and began seeing a psychiatrist.
07:15 At about 17 years old with my next incarceration which
07:20 was for a home invasion, second-degree home invasion.
07:23 Breaking in houses and trying to get money, trying to
07:26 get rich quick once again or whatnot.
07:28 I found myself incarcerated for about six months,
07:31 about six months incarceration in a prison boot camp,
07:34 in a halfway house, then I was on house arrest for about
07:38 three months, so was a total of about nine months
07:41 altogether in between there.
07:43 After that a proposition came to me for my probation
07:48 officer when I got out.
07:49 I was in Michigan at this time.
07:51 - so at this time, more than likely more than drinking,
07:55 drugs are involved?
07:57 At this time I was drinking alcohol on a regular basis,
08:00 everyday, I was smoking weed everyday.
08:02 We would maybe go through an ounce of weed everyday.
08:05 I was getting the money from stealing, that's how I got
08:09 the money, I would go to school for an hour, go to someone's
08:13 locker room and take their money.
08:16 I would go back to other friends and go to the weed house.
08:19 - beyond the fact that this was not okay?
08:23 This is not my stuff, the weed and alcohol just numbs that.
08:27 Yes, and I was smoking cigarettes and things of that
08:29 nature, just doing it every day of the week basically.
08:34 That is just what I was doing.
08:35 At that time it was bringing so much problem between me
08:41 and my brother, my mother and father, there were so many
08:44 issues going on and it was like in our home darkness
08:50 and light first of all, can't live together.
08:52 It's like when you walk into a dark room and you flip
08:54 on a light, darkness flees.
08:56 Those two cannot inhabit, so we were having this problem
08:59 in the home where I am basically living the life that
09:02 Satan would have me to live. Just doing whatever I wanted.
09:05 My father and mother trying to live a Christian life and
09:09 it is just a constant knocking heads, constantly.
09:12 - did you finally leave?
09:13 Yes, actually several times I left or would actually get
09:18 put out sometimes and I will go live at my cousin or
09:22 something like that, various different things.
09:24 I was incarcerated for a while so I would be away and then
09:27 come back home for a little while.
09:29 But various things like that, but actually running away.
09:33 I never actually ran away, but I was incarcerated and put
09:36 out the house several times because there was a clashing
09:38 going on in the home.
09:40 So after I left Michigan, I got my GED while I was
09:46 incarcerated, I was 17 at the time.
09:49 I went to Southwestern Adventist University and was
09:53 accepted there, but my mind...
09:55 - I can even imagine that because you're crazy right now.
09:57 See my mind state was not on school, - on partying.
10:01 That's exactly what I wanted to do, but there was the
10:04 thing that my probation officer came up with this
10:06 proposition, if you want to leave Michigan,
10:08 it needs to be two ways.
10:10 Either you go to school full-time or you go to work full
10:12 time, so I had my brother and some my cousins were in
10:16 college and they say will come down to college it's nice
10:18 and things of that nature.
10:19 So I went, but my mind was not on that.
10:22 It was on money, fast money and things of that nature.
10:25 So I found myself getting suspended and I ended up
10:30 getting kicked out of college, I was there for a semester
10:32 and got kicked out.
10:34 A year later when I was 19 years old, I was locked up
10:38 again, I robbed a store and broke into a bank at night
10:43 and tried to rob that.
10:45 I ended up getting sentenced to prison this time,
10:48 it was to juvenile at 16.
10:50 And at 19 I went to jail, at 17, I became an adult at 17.
10:56 19 I am an adult but I have prior felonies also, so now
11:00 it is time for me to go to the big house.
11:02 Like they tried the little things and now they shipped
11:05 me off to the big house at 19 years old.
11:07 They hit me with a five-year sentence back in 2001.
11:11 Praise the Lord, in that five-year sentence I only had
11:15 to do 13 months, one year and one month based upon good
11:19 behavior I ended up getting out on parole.
11:24 - I can't even imagine that good behavior was beside
11:27 your name at any point.
11:29 One thing I learned from old school was being incarcerated
11:32 with young people and then with the older people.
11:34 The young folk like to get in there and fight,
11:38 they pass their time fighting but what I learned is that
11:40 keeps you there longer.
11:42 See I wasn't built to be in a cage, I knew that.
11:44 I'm not built to be in a cage, but I could adapt to it.
11:47 Talking to the older folks, they would say if you want to
11:51 get out sign up for everything on the program.
11:53 Sign up for GED, sign up for AAA, any type of program you
11:58 can in, stay out of trouble to occupy your time so when you
12:01 come before the parole board, they see you are trying to
12:03 do something, whether I am or not I am just trying
12:05 to show them something.
12:06 - just want a certificate.
12:07 That is what would happen and I was able to get out.
12:10 But my mind state when I got out was not changed yet.
12:14 What I did is, I basically went into prison with no
12:20 education on how to sell drugs, but when I came out
12:24 basically I came out with a degree in how to sell drugs.
12:27 Because you are in there with so many different people
12:30 and I came out and switched from stealing and robbing
12:34 to now it was time to selling weed.
12:36 I began selling drugs for some time and I was actually
12:41 getting my drugs transported from Texas to North Carolina
12:45 where I had moved back to.
12:47 I would be on the block selling weed like that.
12:51 My mind was set on getting out.
12:53 A situation took place where it made me start thinking.
12:57 One night there was a drug deal basically gone bad.
13:00 A particular person wanted the amount of weed I had left,
13:05 which was about 7 and 1/2 ounces that I had left.
13:07 So we were talking and discussing and went to a place
13:11 to make the deal and the next thing I know we are weighing
13:15 the drugs on a scale and things of that nature.
13:17 I gave him about 4 ounces of it, so I said let me see the
13:21 money for those 4 ounces so he started fiddling in his
13:24 pocket in I knew it does not take long to find a roll.
13:28 One thing about it on the streets, you don't carry hundred
13:30 dollar bills, it's ones, fives, small bills like that to
13:34 make change for people.
13:35 So I knew he was taking too long to show me the money for
13:40 those, and next thing comes out is the gun.
13:43 It was a 25 caliber pistol held to my face,
13:46 directly in my face about this close.
13:48 At that time basically my life was no longer in my hands.
13:53 My life is in somebody else's hands at this time.
13:56 I said a quick prayer to the Lord,
13:59 Lord help me basically like that.
14:01 - you know it's funny, don't you think that just cracks
14:04 you up, it's like God is not in your life and then all of
14:08 a sudden I'm calling for mama and God.
14:10 That is what happened, and the thing is you hear some
14:14 people when... - but I have to ask you,
14:17 is there any point where you started at all, even during
14:21 this time, to think maybe this is not the direction?
14:25 Have you gotten to any of that stuff yet?
14:27 Well basically I was still at the point of this is the
14:31 way I want to live till I die.
14:33 But one thing about music, hip-hop music in general,
14:37 that is what I was really on.
14:39 It has so much power to influence the mind.
14:42 I was almost 24/7 with the headphones, in the car,
14:46 some type of way and it hypnotizes, it has a hypnotizing
14:51 affect so it is basically I'm living the life
14:53 ride or die, do what I want, to live this way until I die.
14:58 Somebody was going to kill me eventually, that is
15:01 just what it's going to happen with the life I was living.
15:03 - but that doesn't matter?
15:05 Yes and the thing is I was so hypnotized
15:08 into this lifestyle that I didn't care.
15:10 I had little oddball jobs at the time, fast food jobs.
15:14 Because of my background I would have to go to college,
15:18 I was not interested.
15:20 I couldn't get a good job so was like problems were
15:23 mounting and these little bitty jobs just don't help.
15:26 So the streets was basically what I gravitated to with
15:30 friends and things of that nature.
15:32 Okay hold up Aaron, what about the gun in your face?
15:35 Well like was saying the gun was in my face and I sent
15:38 a quick prayer up to the Lord, and basically I had the
15:43 rest of the weed in a book bag on my shoulder and he say
15:45 give me the rest of it.
15:47 I gave it to him but in my mind thinking I can either run
15:50 with it or we can get into a scuffle, something to that
15:53 effect because I don't want to loose it,
15:55 I'm loosing money at the same time.
15:56 So what ended up happening, where we were at I drove to,
16:00 so he tells me to turn around, so I turn around.
16:03 At this time I don't know what he's going to do.
16:06 Whether he is going to pull the trigger or even if
16:08 he is trying to pull the trigger,
16:09 it's not going off, I don't know.
16:11 So he walks me back to my car and I end up getting in the
16:14 car, when I got in, I leaned the seat all the way back
16:20 because I said if he fires that gun, the bullet will go
16:23 over the seat and out the window.
16:26 So as immediately as I drove off, the gun went off.
16:29 So what I don't know it is whether he was trying to shoot
16:32 me the whole time and it just wasn't working,
16:35 I really don't know, but I know that the Lord intervened
16:38 to even spare my life.
16:40 The interesting thing is while I got robbed for 7 and 1/2
16:43 ounces of weed, I wasn't even from this neighborhood
16:47 that I was selling in.
16:48 A few weeks later a person ends up getting killed,
16:51 robbed over some weed, for 5 dollars worth of weed,
16:54 5 dollars where I got robbed for hundreds of dollars
16:57 worth of weed so I pondered for a while,
16:59 Lord you spared me, why did You spare me?
17:03 But even in that it still didn't fully get my attention.
17:06 But the fact that God in our silliness, we are wanting
17:10 to be all that, I want to be this gangster, I want to be the
17:14 person with money and to be out there and God just says,
17:16 you know what hon I love you, I love you.
17:19 I know that you have gotten more and more into addictive
17:23 stuff which stops you from being able to get money.
17:26 I mean you got lost in your addictions, so tell us about
17:29 that, and more important how you recovered.
17:32 Well like I said for about the last six months or so,
17:36 I didn't know that I was about to change my life.
17:40 I didn't know that, there was trouble in the home when
17:44 I got married, me and my wife were constantly bumping
17:48 heads. - was she a druggie?
17:51 No she wasn't she had stopped already.
17:55 She used to smoke marijuana but she had a ready left
17:57 alone, we had some children already.
17:59 She had left it alone was trying to get her life together.
18:02 She was going to church and things of that nature.
18:03 - and you're out there be a fool!
18:05 I'm out there being a fool and the thing is we were
18:08 constantly, constantly going at it.
18:10 So one of my friends, Byron Green, got in contact with
18:14 me from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
18:16 He would say, you can come and live out here with me.
18:19 I was like okay, so I went to visit him and about a month
18:22 later I moved out to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
18:25 At this time I was just fed up with life.
18:29 I'm not getting anywhere in life, I'm steadily getting
18:32 this little rinky-dink jobs that won't really
18:34 provide anything for me.
18:36 I was at the point of wanting to die, I have a gun.
18:41 What kind of drugs were you taking at that time?
18:43 At that time I had begin again on heroine, I periodically
18:47 used heroin but I didn't like the high of it.
18:50 So be every now and again.
18:52 Cocaine use was pretty much everyday.
18:55 Alcohol was pretty much everyday, weed with periodic and
18:58 ecstasy pills every day, well not every day,
19:01 every few days a week.
19:02 - You are pumping yourself with stuff?
19:04 Yeah I was dealing with five or so different drugs.
19:07 But in my mind it was I want to die, but I don't want to
19:11 take the way out of using a gun that I had, and putting
19:15 it to my head and killing myself.
19:16 I just thought I didn't want to go out that way.
19:19 Because what if this doesn't actually kill me?
19:20 Then I would just feel the pain, so what I was trying to
19:23 do was overdose myself and get high and too much stuff
19:27 and just not wake up the next morning.
19:28 That was what was in my mind because I was fed up with
19:31 life, but one particular night, the Lord got my attention.
19:35 It was April 9, 2008 when the Lord got my attention.
19:40 About 11 o'clock that night, that evening I was already
19:45 high, I had popped an ecstasy pill on a Monday,
19:48 this was a Wednesday now.
19:49 On Monday I had popped and ecstasy pill but I was still
19:52 high off that pill come Monday, I mean come Wednesday.
19:55 I was still high on that pill so that night about
19:58 11 o'clock at night I ended up drinking a little alcohol.
20:01 I had gotten a 24 ounce can of beer, and smoke some weed
20:04 with the next-door neighbor, and I had earlier that day
20:08 got a dime bag of cocaine and I was snorting the cocaine
20:11 and I came into the house that night after smoking
20:15 marijuana, I came in.
20:17 Now mind you I'm on about 4 different things that night.
20:19 I walk in the room and it's dark in the room and
20:23 immediately as I came in, a fear came upon me.
20:26 Not like a spook from a high or anything, but it was a
20:30 fear that I had never felt before, I was scared out of my
20:33 mind, so immediately a close the blinds in the room.
20:36 It's 11:30 at night and I had closed the blinds,
20:40 I didn't turn on a light, I laid down on the mattress
20:42 on the floor and I got under the cover.
20:45 I looked up at the ceiling as I laid down and it was like
20:47 demons were floating all around the ceiling.
20:50 It was like the whole room, the whole atmosphere was
20:52 filled with demons, it felt like.
20:54 I was scared out of my mind.
20:56 I took the cover and covered my head thinking that might
21:02 protect me something or whatnot.
21:04 - so inside of all of this you are still this little boy.
21:09 Yeah, somewhere inside of that.
21:11 About that maybe a cover, or a blanket, or something was
21:14 going to protect me.
21:16 Back to the cover and covered my head and I was still
21:19 scared at the time, but at that point I heard the Holy
21:23 Spirit voice tell me something.
21:25 See for a period of time I was actually pulling a Jonah.
21:28 I would hear the Holy Spirit and I would run, I would go
21:30 and hide, I was trying to fry Him completely out of my
21:33 mind, but at that point I heard the Holy Spirit say,
21:37 Aaron you either get your life together now or that is it.
21:40 That is a horrible place to be.
21:42 - yes it is and thinking have I gone too far, not really
21:47 sure, but have I gone too far?
21:49 The thing is I got on the phone, I had my phone beside me,
21:53 I sent my dad a text message.
21:55 Basically in my mind trying to send out a lifeline,
21:58 hoping that somebody would grab hold of it basically.
22:02 I was throwing it out hoping that somebody would get it.
22:05 - and they had been trying to.
22:07 Basically while I was in Louisiana I remember that they
22:12 sent me pictures of my childhood when I was younger and
22:15 things and of that nature.
22:16 They would send me CDs to listen to and things like that.
22:19 Tapes or whatnots, stories and different things.
22:22 They tried to bring my mind back to different period
22:25 In my life, but I was so bent on going wrong that these
22:30 things were only making little impressions upon me
22:33 at the time, I was so far out there that they weren't
22:36 impacting me enough.
22:38 Like said that particular night, it was about 11:30
22:41 at night and where my dad was and mom in Georgia it
22:46 was 12:30, they are an hour ahead.
22:49 Like I said I wanted someone to grab hold of this
22:53 lifeline, I need somebody to talk to.
22:56 I grab my phone and I wrote in a text message,
23:00 I feel lost and friendless.
23:02 I put those very words, I feel lost and friendless.
23:04 I sent the message and 11:30 at night not really
23:09 thinking that my dad was going to respond,
23:12 but hoping that he would respond.
23:15 One thing that is amazing about that, is normally my
23:19 parents don't have text messaging on their phone,
23:22 but they happen to have text messaging at that time.
23:25 Normally they do not.
23:26 So I set my dad a text message, I feel lost and
23:30 friendless and about two or three minutes later
23:33 a reply comes back.
23:35 I saw the phone light up and immediately it was like joy
23:37 back into my heart, like the prodigal son when he thought
23:41 of home, joy sprung up in him, I want to go home.
23:45 It's time to go home.
23:46 I looked at the phone and grabbed the phone and its said,
23:50 what a friend we have in Jesus, what a friend we have in
23:53 Jesus and I knew the song, what a friend we have in Jesus.
23:57 It just brought so much joy to me that I immediately
24:00 called my dad and we began talking.
24:03 At the time I was high on several different things,
24:06 I was probably going through some hallucinations due to
24:10 the demons and things I was seeing the room.
24:12 But I was talking to him and I was explaining to him,
24:15 I see that you are all in Ministry work, but the Lord is
24:19 providing and I'm out here writing to and fro and just
24:22 struggling, trying to make a dollar while the Lord is
24:26 providing for you all.
24:28 No actual full-time job or anything at this point because
24:31 they had gone into full-time ministry and it was like how
24:34 in the world are you so happy about this?
24:37 So my dad began talking to me, and we were talking
24:39 about 15 minutes or so.
24:42 We prayed and got off the phone.
24:44 Immediately I got on my knees and began praying, and as
24:48 I began praying it was like weights were coming off.
24:52 I mean literally I can feel stuff coming off my back.
24:55 It was like the world was on my back and it was coming
24:59 off while I was praying.
25:01 Immediately after I finished praying I began reading
25:04 a book I had, 'The Great Controversy'.
25:07 Which is a fantastic book, a fantastic book.
25:09 There was a chapter in there entitled 'Snares of Satan'.
25:13 You see I knew that I was about to make a change in my
25:16 life because I had decided it was time to start making
25:19 a change, and I knew that Satan was going to start
25:21 attacking me. - you know what's hysterical to me?
25:23 When you see demons it is easy to decide then.
25:27 Because a lot of people don't know how crazy that moment
25:30 is, but that moment is all of a sudden it feels like God
25:33 in His mercy, let Me just show you what is actually
25:35 happening here, let Me show you your liver, let Me show
25:38 you what you're getting faced with what I've done in
25:42 my life and we start to run back to God.
25:45 You are right He is standing right there saying, come on.
25:49 As I began reading, I read that night and a little the
25:53 next day, but before I got off the phone with my dad, he
25:56 said, I will come and get you.
25:57 This was a Wednesday, and on that Friday he came and got
26:01 me, he was teaching at Wildwood at the time.
26:03 He said I can leave Thursday evening and get you Friday
26:07 morning, so he came and picked me up.
26:09 One thing about my parents, you often hear stories of a
26:12 loving, praying grandmother or grandfather or something.
26:15 While I was out there I always had parents,
26:19 or somebody praying for me.
26:21 - could you feel it? - at times it yes.
26:24 It was certain situations, certain situations I'm not
26:26 really supposed to be here.
26:28 The Lord worked it out to where I still am, because
26:31 there are times where I could not have been here.
26:33 Even times when incarcerated where I could have been
26:37 there longer, so I know from the power of prayer can get
26:43 us out of situations and there is a benefit
26:46 in being in situations sometimes.
26:48 Sometimes the Lord leads us into situations
26:50 for our benefit.
26:51 My dad, he came and got me that Friday.
26:54 - it takes you to Wildwood! - it takes me to Wildwood.
26:56 For people who don't know that, that is a conservative
26:58 Ministry, they are incredible, but they are really
27:01 conservative so I can't see this little drug addict
27:04 okay I'm not Wildwood.
27:06 You see I knew about Wildwood because my parents had been
27:09 there for some time, my day to six month health evangelism
27:13 course there and was teaching there now.
27:14 But in 2005, my parents sent me to the Wildwood Health
27:20 Retreat, so I really knew how this life style was.
27:23 Like it was a rehab place, a 30 day rehab that I was in.
27:26 I did good and when I left I got on track.
27:29 It was short lived, a few months and I was back at what
27:34 I was doing, but it did set some roots in me.
27:38 I gained some things that never left me.
27:41 Anyway I knew how Wildwood was even before, I knew what
27:46 was to be expected.
27:47 So I left all my, guess you as a worldly or street clothes
27:51 behind because I knew at Wildwood it is different.
27:54 I was trying to make a change anyhow.
27:57 So what I did is, my dad picked me up and we went to
28:01 Wildwood, I was there a good month.
28:03 I ended up making a mess of it because I was still
28:06 battling with cigarettes, nicotine is by far out of all
28:09 the drugs, the heroine, the cocaine, the ecstasy,
28:12 the weed, the alcohol, cigarettes were by far the
28:16 hardest for me to get off of, as it is for most people,
28:19 it is difficult, very difficult.
28:20 But that particular night in April I had made up my mind
28:25 it's time to get on track.
28:28 Though I was battling with the cigarettes, and I messed up
28:31 at Wildwood, I ended up going to North Carolina.
28:33 At this time me and my wife had divorced, we had gone
28:38 through a divorce about two or three months before.
28:42 I went back, I stayed away from my friends for a good week
28:46 or so, but I found myself back with my friends and still
28:50 smoking, drinking, doing the cocaine again.
28:54 But at this time I was still reading, I was still reading.
28:58 - reading the Bible. - reading the Bible, I knew
29:03 that I am coming to the Lord, coming to the cross,
29:06 and as I was coming to the cross I saw that this habit
29:10 stop, that this habit stop, and that had to stop.
29:12 Cigarettes were the last thing to go.
29:14 - don't you want to say to someone, don't judge the
29:17 journey, because every step really was even though
29:21 you were relapsing, and people were seeing all this up and down
29:24 stuff is that God was wooing you.
29:27 - yeah He was wooing me.
29:28 One thing I had to do was continue to come to the cross.
29:31 Even though I was still doing what I was doing,
29:35 I stilled tried to read the Bible in the morning and
29:38 go smoke a cigarette or get high or something like that.
29:42 I knew I had to continue to just come forward.
29:45 As I did I saw these habits just go away.
29:50 - family is still praying? - my family's praying
29:52 and at the same time my parents were doing some called
29:54 hydrotherapy on me at various different times.
29:57 They were trying to do these different things,
30:00 one being a Russian steam bath and what it would do
30:04 was detoxify me to get the alcohol and nicotine and
30:06 all these, it with sweat these things out of me.
30:09 They had me drink in a lot of lemon water and things of
30:11 that nature to help with the addiction.
30:13 About two months of this it took about two or three months
30:17 till I was actually done with everything.
30:20 Actually June... - you could actually start feeling
30:22 your body? - yes I could feel my body start feeling
30:24 better and things like that.
30:30 It was about June 8, 2008 when I had my last cigarette.
30:34 I was actually done with them for about a week and I said,
30:37 let me just smoke a cigarette to see the desire is still
30:41 there, I've smoked about half of it and couldn't take it.
30:43 I didn't like it and I was going through the thing of
30:46 buying a pack of smoking two or three and throw the pack
30:48 away, things like that and I went through that battle for
30:52 awhile but June 8, 2008 was it, and one thing about when
30:56 you are recovering from all these things, it's like on one
31:00 whole day without this, which is good because I was use
31:04 to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
31:06 - it's a celebration! - it's a celebration.
31:07 I'm use to getting high everyday, I am use to these
31:10 things every day for a day, for one day let me see if
31:13 I can do it two days, let me see if I can do three days.
31:15 Maybe three weeks, let's him see if I can do it two
31:18 months now and that is what it has been.
31:20 So now I has been almost 2 years that I have actually
31:23 touched it, I don't like it, I can't stand being around
31:27 it, but to all the mothers and all the fathers out there
31:31 that are struggling with their children and their loved
31:34 out there, understand that there is hope.
31:37 There is hope. - we are going ahead and break because
31:40 I want to come back and bring the entire family up because
31:43 we have your whole family here and then I want you to say
31:46 some things to parents.
31:47 I'm going to have even your parents speak to parents and
31:51 say things about recovery and then I want you to tell them
31:54 what you are doing now, because it cracks me up.
31:57 Because you are now in Ministry.
31:59 I am in Ministry.
32:01 It is amazing so we will be right back and know that when
32:04 we come back you are going to be amazed at what you see
32:07 because when God restores family, He restores a family.
32:11 Stay with us!


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