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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Martin Weber


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00:12 Welcome back, I really have enjoyed our time together.
00:16 Martin Weber, you wrote a book and you talked about all
00:20 this stuff in your book and I am grateful that you put
00:24 it down, but I know you have a story that you told about
00:28 a funeral you did at the Salvation Army so I would like
00:31 you to share that with us.
00:32 You know the Salvation Army is there for people when they are
00:36 hurting and a fellow chaplain and I were involved with
00:41 a number of other pastors in the daily Ministry
00:44 to homeless people.
00:48 One of them died prematurely and we were having his
00:53 funeral and I was talking about how precious Scotty was.
00:57 Suddenly in the middle of hearing all this, somebody
01:02 jumped up in the audience and said precious, he is nothing
01:07 but a blankety-blank. - yeah cat litter.
01:10 - so he was angry? - yes, yeah!
01:12 He was disgusted that I would be talking about
01:14 preciousness in relation to this guy whom
01:16 he had roomed with.
01:18 Or he slept under a bridge with actually.
01:21 So it very disruptive to the service if you can imagine.
01:26 I had an intern there whose eyes were real big,
01:29 what do you do with this?
01:31 I couldn't just ignore it, so I walked on down the middle
01:35 row to where he was standing and I said, praying all the
01:39 while, I said why would you say something like that
01:42 about Scotty?
01:44 He said well he was nothing but a drunken son blankety-
01:46 blank, and he was getting worse.
01:49 I thought dear Lord this thing is getting out of hand.
01:52 What now, please make it in a teaching moment.
01:54 You know I like when you told me this earlier, it was like
01:59 everybody around this guy was almost smiling at the fact
02:04 that he was getting to the preacher.
02:05 Yes getting to the preacher, putting me on the spot.
02:08 It was amusing for them, even though it was a funeral.
02:12 So here he is nothing but a drunk, so then I asked him.
02:17 I said, did the fact that Scotty had a drinking problem
02:21 make him any less valuable to God?
02:24 All of a sudden everybody was quiet because they all did
02:28 too, so this was about them suddenly.
02:31 So thank you for that, I really wanted to end with that.
02:35 It is that our addictions don't make us any less valuable
02:39 to God, our craziness, our hormonal imbalances, our
02:45 biochemistry out of whack, anger issues, we're fearful and
02:51 all those things God says, you are so valuable to Me.
02:55 I'm just asking you, and especially this season is if you
02:59 are going to maintain and avoid relapse, if you are going
03:02 to get out of addiction and into recovery you have to
03:05 start doing this maintenance thing.
03:07 Let people around you, let God, let the Holy Spirit just
03:12 show you who you are.
03:13 How to heal from these things, fears like what Martin
03:16 Webber was talking about, he had to heal from those,
03:18 but more than that then how to step out and offer healing
03:23 to someone else, and I do that every day.
03:26 Every single time I talk to another addict and I see the
03:29 hope wake up in them, you see the fact that they get it,
03:32 I heal a little bit more so it is the way it works.
03:35 It is huge and it is the way God has always planned it.
03:38 He says I will teach you who you are and then please
03:41 stand up and really get a hold of that.
03:44 Let your life unfold like that and teach someone else.
03:48 It is amazing, I'm so glad you joined us.
03:51 I'll see you next time and until then always remember
03:55 that God is crazy about you and me too.
03:58 God bless!


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