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00:15 Welcome back, so the last segment we talked about where
00:19 God has led you, even from being a small boy and that fear
00:23 and how your father wasn't, I just fell in love with you,
00:27 I thought that was incredible.
00:28 I know there are some questions in the café so we are
00:30 going to open it up right now.
00:31 Any questions? Erin!
00:33 Doctor Weber, I would like to ask you a question,
00:35 but first of all but like to say that I really enjoyed
00:38 your testimony and thought it was real interesting.
00:41 But the question I have, which pertains to me also,
00:44 is I heard you mention that you moved around,
00:47 maybe 22 times in your lifetime.
00:50 The reason I'm asking is because when I was younger my
00:53 parents were military and they moved around a lot which
00:55 caused a lot of problems of identification for me.
00:58 Who am I? So I want to know how did you deal with or cope
01:02 with identifying with yourself through moving around that
01:06 constant amount times?
01:08 That's quite a perceptive question to talk about identity
01:14 in the context of moving around.
01:15 For me I realized that when Jesus rose from the dead and
01:21 went up to heaven that He entered into God's presence,
01:25 I find my identity rooted in His presence there with the
01:29 Father, I see myself there with the Father, the Bible puts
01:33 us there so that has really helped anchor me.
01:36 The Bible says it's like an anchor to our soul.
01:39 So I found that to be true.
01:41 So as a child of God literally a child of God, in the holy
01:46 of holies with God Himself. - Yeah, yeah!
01:48 Which really, for someone who has no spiritual background,
01:52 just coming from that myself is that I felt like God
01:55 a little at a time just help me to laugh and realize that
01:59 the laughter was not something I was putting on to con
02:02 someone, or putting on because it was something I was
02:06 supposed to do, but the laughter was truly me laughing at
02:09 something, or when I enjoyed something.
02:12 He just started showing me little by little what was
02:15 actually real, what was flesh in my life.
02:18 So for some folks it is really a simple step-by-step and
02:22 now I feel like I am totally healed, a women of God standing
02:27 in my own right in any kind of environment or conversation.
02:31 It's tiny little steps, I had no idea.
02:35 Sometimes I would even tell somebody I felt like missed,
02:39 if you walk by me too fast that just the mist of who I was
02:43 would just disappear and God said, in My love toward your
02:46 recovery I'm going to help you to see yourself solid.
02:50 It is amazing that He does that because we don't have a
02:54 sense of who we are, we don't have a sense of even how to
02:57 laugh, how to socialize, how to be.
02:59 God says I'm going to teach you all that.
03:02 I don't care if takes one week or thousand years, I'm with
03:07 you and there's something really cool about that.
03:09 On this thing of laughter, for me I learned to laugh as,
03:17 my father never wanted us to laugh about anything.
03:20 I find myself you with the Lord the other day, I was
03:24 praying about something and praying again.
03:26 Lord what do I need to do stand on my head?
03:28 Just humor with the Lord which was unthinkable growing up.
03:33 That is really fun, I think that is what your identity
03:38 for a lot of people is just huge.
03:41 If you're raised with dysfunction, if you then step
03:44 into addictions and you come out of that and your
03:48 maintenance time, especially is who am I?
03:53 What's actually in my pocket and I tell people, get out
03:57 there, take music lessons, learn how to draw, join groups
04:01 were people reflect who are, and start listening up to
04:06 the Holy Spirit and to God.
04:07 I think God delights in showing us that you are incredible
04:14 to Me, your My child and I love you.
04:17 I think He delights in showing us that.
04:19 And all that fear if people really knew me would run because
04:24 I have nothing to offer, God said let that go.
04:26 Let all those fears go because if they really knew you
04:29 they would invite you over everyday.
04:31 Lovability I find, I see it not as something that I have
04:36 to earn with somebody else, or even with God, but rather
04:41 it's a quality in God's heart towards me.
04:45 Amen! That's awesome.
04:47 Any other questions? - yes I have a question.
04:50 Doctor Weber I too enjoyed your testimony,
04:53 it has been a blessing.
04:54 When you spoke about how God has moved in your life,
04:59 I think about your growing up, the fears you mentioned.
05:06 How can the work that God led you into, have you seen how
05:11 that has impacted upon your fears, in overcoming your
05:15 fears, because your life work is now dealing with fears.
05:20 Can you speak about the correlation there?
05:23 Yeah, Vonsel that's a great question.
05:25 I think of Romans 8 where it says you have not been given
05:30 spirit of bondage to fear, but the spirit of son-ship
05:35 whereby we cry out Abba Father.
05:37 So for me, my fears are healed by realizing God is my
05:43 Father and now I can share that and help other people
05:47 realize that this sense of need they have, this fear that
05:52 they have is healed by their Heavenly Father and then we
05:57 can go through life as conquerors.
05:59 I think it is interesting that as God heals, you come in
06:04 boldly to tell someone else, don't be afraid.
06:09 You say that in so many ways over and over and over.
06:12 It is amazing to me, that I have never seen God,
06:16 and I have been doing Ministry for a long time now,
06:19 I have never seen God not go into the very core of who
06:23 someone is and give them such victory that person then
06:26 gladly out and offers that to someone else.
06:29 That is an amazing, amazing thing about God.
06:32 The questions were amazing, thank you so much for asking.
06:37 Thank you so much for being on the program and I am so
06:42 proud of God, the way He has walked you in your life.
06:46 We are going to go ahead and break and come back for our
06:48 close, I would like you to join us for the close.
06:50 I know you have a couple more things that I want you to
06:55 share, one is the story about a funeral that
06:58 you did at the Salvation Army.
07:00 I think that would be a great way to
07:02 close out this segment.
07:03 If you are afraid, if you are in bondage to that thing,
07:10 no identity or whatever, right now just get on your knees
07:15 and ask God who am I, who are you? What plans do you have
07:19 for my life and then just be quiet and let Him answer you.
07:22 It is really cool, we will be right back, stay with us.


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