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Working Through Divorce

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Tom & Vicki Mann


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00:11 Welcome back, you know this is one of those topics,
00:13 or subjects that which we never had to cover.
00:16 I wish this was never an issue in any family and that
00:20 the world was perfect, but unfortunately it is not.
00:23 I think that God is not afraid of dealing with these issues
00:26 and when I watch Him with you guys, Tom and Vicki,
00:29 He restored everything and brought you back to a place
00:32 where you're laughing out loud.
00:34 Your children are laughing, your Christmases around the
00:37 tree or in the family setting is just wonderful.
00:40 It makes me proud of who God is.
00:42 It makes me realize that nothing is bigger than He is.
00:46 I know Tom that you have a story about your ex and how
00:50 God brought it full circle so I would like you to tell us
00:53 about that as we close.
00:54 Remember I said being angry and all these other things,
00:57 and in just one point even praying for justice.
01:01 She went through having breast cancer.
01:04 She went through several things, another marriage that
01:09 was abusive and etc.
01:10 There was a side of me go of hmmm you got what you wanted,
01:13 you deserve this. - And that rage in you came up.
01:16 Yea, but then all of a sudden that began to change.
01:19 I remember that I wanted my daughter to get established
01:22 with her mom, because there had been a big divide in that
01:25 relationship over several things.
01:28 So we talked about that and I think, Vicki you were talking
01:31 about that my ex-wife asked to come up to visit her.
01:35 Vicki said fine, have her come up, we have a little
01:39 apartment in the back, and have her stay.
01:40 She can stay at our house, that's Vicki,
01:42 but they get along very well.
01:44 This has been a neat thing so I have to hand that to her.
01:47 It seems a little bit awkward, but after a period of time
01:51 my daughter and her mom re- established their relationship.
01:54 A few months ago, my ex-wife second marriage failed.
01:58 I got a phone call I never thought I would get, ever.
02:01 There was a lady crying on the phone and I knew who it
02:04 was instantly, I thought she said I can't get over it and I
02:07 thought she was talking about her second marriage,
02:08 like no our marriage.
02:10 She basically said, I need your forgiveness to go on and
02:15 she spilled everything out.
02:17 She went through the whole details with it and at that
02:20 time in my heart the Lord was speaking through me because
02:23 it had to come that way.
02:26 Basically I said you are forgiven and don't worry about
02:29 it, just to let you know, do you remember what
02:32 Joseph said to his brothers basically in a nutshell?
02:34 You meant evil against me but God meant it for good.
02:37 I got to say that to her, but then that wasn't the end of it.
02:41 I felt God telling me, so clearly, tell her this and I
02:45 heard this coming out of my mouth, and not having the full
02:48 comprehension of what I was saying.
02:49 It was if anyone ever says to you that there is a problem
02:53 a Pastor, someone in the church, a family member that you
02:56 are not forgiven, or that you can't do something because of
02:59 what took place, have them call me because I will set
03:03 them straight. - no way, Amen!
03:05 It hit me because that truly is what forgiveness is.
03:08 It wasn't that I was so great, but God had taken me to
03:11 the point and just like poured out of me and then I sat
03:14 back and it was an amazing feeling.
03:16 - That is amazing, so if you are listening and you are
03:20 dealing with any of these things, it is so important to
03:23 do the work, like Tom and Vicki did.
03:26 Look at your own stuff, look at your own hurts, look at
03:29 your own rage, anger and all that kind of thing.
03:32 What the devil meant to destroy you with all that.
03:34 Claim full responsibility for it and hand it to God and be free.
03:39 Forgive the people around you, it's huge.
03:42 Thank you for joining us on this program and
03:44 until next week always remember that God is crazy
03:47 about you and me too.


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