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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Brad Peters


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Program Code: CLR00072C

00:15 If you are watching this a feeling a bit hopeless, you are
00:18 with a spouse that you have been praying for a long time.
00:22 You are feeling like it is never going to happen,
00:25 I thought that, I thought that and it was so wrong.
00:28 God is God and He is huge.
00:30 Even though we can't see what is happening, underneath
00:34 all that, He is still everyday working on people's hearts,
00:38 opening up their minds and ears to be able
00:40 to hear the Holy Spirit.
00:41 When I was going around after 14 years or so, praying that
00:45 maybe something would happen to him and I could just marry
00:50 someone else, God disciplined me on that and said, Cheri,
00:54 listen to what you are thinking in your head.
00:56 You need to repent of that, you need to surrender that,
00:59 you need to start looking at this guy as if he was Isaac,
01:02 as if he were Abraham, as if he was an incredible man of
01:06 God which he is and he just doesn't know it.
01:09 I want him, when he looks in your eyes, I want him to know
01:12 that you know who he is, that you know that someday he is
01:14 going to stand up and take leadership in this household.
01:17 You know someday he is going to take leadership in this
01:20 ministry and he is going to do that stuff.
01:22 I want you to look at him as if all that was happening now
01:26 an you don't see any evidence of it.
01:28 When I started to do that, I started to repent.
01:32 If I had things running in my head that were negative
01:35 toward him, if I had frustrations, if I was not
01:37 in a place where I felt this was never going to change,
01:41 I needed to just go to God and say I'm sorry,
01:43 give him favor in my eyes.
01:46 When I look at this man let me look at him with as much
01:49 love as I can muster up.
01:51 When I would say God I can't do that, He would say good,
01:54 let Me do it for you.
01:55 God is amazing so turn it over.
01:59 Till next week always remember that God is crazy about you.
02:03 And me too!


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