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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Brad Peters


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00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery!
00:13 I'm Cheri your host and today we're going to talk about
00:15 recovery, but from my husband's point of view.
00:17 I'm a little bit frightened about this because I don't
00:20 know what he is going to say.
00:21 It's going to be fun, come in and join us at the café.
00:54 You know I love the fact that my husband is here on
00:57 this particular episode, but it is a little scary because
01:00 who knows what he is going to say.
01:01 You may find out stuff about me that I'm not willing to
01:04 share yet, but I want to say for a lot of people that,
01:08 first of all I want to welcome you guys to the café.
01:11 It is really nice to have you and I know that people have
01:13 come from all over the place.
01:15 And Brad, I love having you here.
01:20 In my recovery what was really interesting the is
01:24 I have fought like crazy to deal with drug addiction,
01:27 and that was just a minor one.
01:30 But to deal with relationship things to deal with coming
01:34 out of lifestyle, you know homelessness for 10 years.
01:37 I could manipulate the best of them, and then I marry a
01:40 Boy Scout, and he was so easy.
01:42 God is telling me don't do it, I want you to learn to be
01:46 his wife, so not only in my own recovery but now I am
01:50 married and I have someone else I now need to think about.
01:55 I need to now, in an intimate way, be real enough with
02:00 someone, that we grow as a couple.
02:03 I didn't know how to be real, I didn't know to trust,
02:05 Brad is low keyed, I want some drama.
02:10 I want someone to fight with me, and he would look at me
02:14 at times, and say you know what hon, I think that is your
02:18 issue and I would think, my issue get over here.
02:22 We're fighting, so it was really interesting the first
02:26 few years of our relationship.
02:28 Watching God working with my recovery, watching God work
02:32 with Brad and his new wife, and watching God do all these
02:35 things, but dynamics are different once you're married.
02:40 In saying that I jump into a love relationship with Christ.
02:44 I'm telling you that I love God and I got into Ministry.
02:49 When Brad and I got together I wasn't in the church,
02:52 I hadn't been doing any of that, I had been hurt,
02:55 I had left the church, I met him so when I started to look
02:59 at who I am in Christ, not only who am I in my own recovery,
03:04 but with God in my life, I'm looking at Brad who said,
03:07 I'm just not interested in this stuff.
03:09 Not that he didn't believe in God on some level, but it
03:12 wasn't a part of his life, I would wanting to share that.
03:17 For the first, I would have to say, maybe 14 years of our
03:22 relationship he just wasn't interested.
03:25 So we're going to talk about some of that stuff.
03:29 How difficult that was, and had God kept telling me things
03:34 like, Cheri he will be okay, I love him and he will be
03:39 okay, he's going to stand up.
03:40 I was like when! When is he standing up because
03:44 I want him to stand up right now.
03:45 I would come back a major event, I would watch God almost
03:48 part the sea emotionally for someone.
03:50 I'd watch so many lives change in ways that were
03:53 unbelievable and I would come back and want to share that.
03:55 But if you're not into that, you just don't know.
03:58 It is like it is hard to hang in with someone while they
04:03 are talking so I would basically say when.
04:05 The funniest thing, I started to say I don't think he is
04:08 ever going to change God, I don't think
04:10 he's ever to change.
04:11 You're going to hate me for this but God really nailed me
04:15 on this one, but one time he is late and he was at work,
04:20 working late, and I thought what if he got
04:23 in a car accident?
04:24 If he got in a car accident and something happened
04:26 horribly, maybe I just could marry a Christian.
04:29 Do you know what I mean?
04:30 God said, Cheri what are you thinking? Stop!
04:33 It got to the point where I am growing in my recovery and
04:37 we are married now and dealing with each other.
04:39 We are dealing with each others stuff, each other's
04:42 spiritual growth, and I can't wait to share what God
04:45 did with that.
04:46 If you are living with a non- Christian, if you are married
04:49 to somebody that is not in the same place as you in your
04:52 recovery, in your growth.
04:54 I want you to known to hang in there, asked the Holy Spirit
04:58 to give you some patience and insight because what He does
05:01 with us is absolutely amazing.
05:04 What He does when we do hang in there and stay with
05:07 somebody through their journey.
05:08 God stays with us in our journey and we stay was someone in
05:11 their journey and it is absolutely the coolest thing.
05:14 So I'm going to cut this short, I want you to meet Brad
05:18 and I want you to share with us what happened and how
05:21 God stood this man up and eventually taught me
05:26 how to love and trust.
05:27 It was absolutely amazing so we will be right back and I'll
05:31 introduce you to my husband, it's too fun.


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