Celebrating Life in Recovery

Highlights Of Season 6

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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), Cheri Peters


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00:14 We're back and in thinking about this season in total,
00:18 reminds about an incident I told you about it, one of my members
00:21 sons had a secret drug life.
00:24 Left the church and went home and murdered the downstairs
00:27 neighbor and of course his life was immediately impacted
00:29 and the domino effect on the whole family,
00:33 and the relations of the family, friends of the family.
00:36 It was really devastating for the church.
00:37 It was the families reliance on God that got them through,
00:42 but for a long time they just didn't talk about it.
00:44 They didn't want to say anything about it.
00:46 Everybody knew but it was very hush-hush.
00:47 I have found, as of course you have found, that in talking
00:52 about it there is healing by bringing it to light.
00:54 You find there are others that are struggling with
00:57 the same kind of stuff.
00:58 This season I think, perhaps more than the others,
01:01 really highlights that fact.
01:02 We have to talk, we have to bring light to it so that
01:05 people can talk about it.
01:06 In most of your 12 step groups that is what the healing
01:10 thing about them is that week after week, or day after day,
01:14 people get together and really share all that.
01:18 Sometimes you just get together and listen and I know that
01:21 I'm not so crazy, five other people in the
01:24 group talked about this.
01:25 So you get that reassurance and I think sometimes we are
01:30 not getting that and you have to, because if you don't
01:34 it settles in there and festers.
01:37 You know like a murder situation where is really an
01:41 incredible tragic situation that if you don't get that out it is
01:45 going to reflect on how you treat people, your safety,
01:49 it would be fear-based and all that stuff.
01:51 So in this season just saying it out loud, if you are
01:55 going to avoid relapse, you have got to get these
01:59 things out of your life.
02:02 When we say there is a higher power, when a God that cares
02:06 about us, we really do want to, you really want to make
02:09 amends if you can and really get into that stuff and make
02:13 it right, at one point you have to say God here it is.
02:18 And now the increased steps of 10, 11, 12, of your 12
02:24 steps program, I just want a knowledge of You.
02:26 A knowledge of who I am, I want to stay connected,
02:30 I want to daily come into Your presence, like pressing
02:33 into His presence, I want to daily understand who I am,
02:36 who You are, what's up for today those kind of things.
02:40 Maybe we should have called this 12-step TV, it is more
02:43 than 12-step TV because it's celebrating life in recovery.
02:46 It's the joy of being in recovery, of having victory
02:50 and that is what we have seen very, very strongly
02:52 this particular season.
02:54 - exactly and so this season enjoy everyone's journey
02:58 but don't forget you have your own journey.
03:00 To be successful in that you have to press into His Presence.
03:04 You have to learn to pray and talk to God and learn to
03:06 listen because that is the best thing.
03:08 Until we see you next time, always remember that God is
03:10 crazy about you, and me too, God bless!


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